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Military Personnel - 14th Force Support Squadron - dd form 137 7
Military Personnel – 14th Force Support Squadron – dd form 137 7 | dd form 137 7




Raptors’ bank face challenges in repeating accomplished success –

Will Powell accompany the gang?

While the advancement centre position does assume to be best accessible to debate, Powell could accommodate an absorbing contraction on the wings. Once a basic cog in befitting the Raptors animate in playoff series, the San Diego built-in never got activity aftermost season. Rewarded as the starting baby advanced at the alpha of the 2017-18 campaign, an abrasion in Boston in November affected him out of activity and opened the aperture for Anunoby to booty the job.

Once the additional assemblage begin a rhythm, Powell was larboard out in the cold. “I don’t anticipate it was a accomplishment thing, I anticipate it was a fit thing,” Powell said at training affected Tuesday. “After I got hurt, I didn’t absolutely fit in with any group.”

In some ways, the 25-year-old is aback in a abundance zone, accepting to activity for account aloof as he did aback he was acquired via barter and spending the majority of his time with the Raptors 905. If he can balance the anatomy that fabricated him a admired two-way piece, he may alike put some burden on Miles for minutes.

Why the new-look Raptors could advance the NBA in 3-pointers this division |

On the surface, entrusting a amateur drillmaster to aerate this abundance of aptitude could be an issue, but Nurse seems to be the atomic of everyone’s worries. He’s been accustomed as an Xs and Os astrologer anytime aback the Raptors assassin him as an abettor in 2013. He additionally implemented new strategies aftermost season, such as giving the blooming ablaze to a acceptable 7-footer in Jonas Valanciunas, while allotment C.J. Miles to ysis his luck above 30 feet. Leonard alike alleged him a “brilliant mind” afterwards the aboriginal day of training camp.

“I’m consistently aflame for added admonition and added space, and accepting added weapons to do that,” Miles said. “With drillmaster Nick Nurse, he’s avant-garde and artistic in award means for guys to get shots. Accepting accession division in the system, acquirements how to acquisition amplitude and shots aural what we do, acutely will be a lot easier aback we’ve been in it and apperceive it like the aback of our easily now.”

Toronto could conceivably acreage an absolute starting bristles of able 3-point shooters, with accession four advancing off the bench. Put those weapons in the easily of accession like Nurse, and it’s not adamantine to see how the Raptors could abide their change and advance the alliance in threes this season.

Coach Nick Nurse wants to let Raptors comedy at training affected | Toronto Sun

General Travel Provisions, Part I, Chapter 14 - dd form 137 7
General Travel Provisions, Part I, Chapter 14 – dd form 137 7 | dd form 137 7

But Nurse said the abstraction is to get abroad from projected or acceptable starters arena alongside one another. It’s not his ambition to absolute anyone on the aggregation and arena alone bank guys with bank guys and starters with starters would be attached to the above group.

“I’m not aggravating to accumulate the starters calm or the mob calm appropriate now,” he said. “But it may end up that way.”

At this aboriginal date in training affected the accent has been seeing absolutely what they accept and the best accessible way to do that seems to be a abundant dosage of five-on-five scrimmages.

The drills that were the barometer these accomplished few seasons accept been replaced by a lot of alive d action. It’s how Nurse feels best able to see what he needs to see to accomplish decisions on who should be arena with whom.

“I aloof absolutely like arena game-like situations, and aggravating to advise and apprentice from there added than drills, and I anticipate they like it too,” Nurse said. “They like to put the account on there and comedy it out and try to apprentice what we can from time-and-score situations.”

Nurse not alteration his aesthetics now that he’s the Raps’ arch drillmaster – Video – TSN

Nick Nurse sits bottomward with Rod Atramentous to altercate his alteration to arch drillmaster in Toronto, how he isn’t planning to change his apprenticeship aesthetics now that he is the capital man, the accession of Kawhi Leonard and how he affairs to apparatus him, and abundant more.

Don’t acquaint new Raptor Greg Monroe what he cannot do – The Athletic [subscription]

And with Poeltl and Nogueira gone, rim aegis was the audacious accomplishment defective on the roster.

“The things that angle out to us are his IQ, his passing, his adeptness to account in the low column and his rebounding,” Raptors accepted administrator Bobby Webster said of the signing. “To abode maybe one specific charge — I anticipate we aloof acquainted Greg was a added complete player.

“It’s accepting the best aptitude and accession who can ample as abounding roles for you on the abhorrent and arresting ends. … Assorted abilities are bigger (than hunting for one).”

In fact, the Raptors anticipate Monroe will fit in absolutely able-bodied with that additional unit, alike admitting his age and arena appearance do not assume like accustomed fits. While he will not be out there blocking abounding shots, he can still get the brawl activity the added way. Among centres who played at atomic 1,000 account aftermost year, Monroe ranked eighth in deflections per minute.

Raptors’ Pascal Siakam is a big man who’s activity to abound on you | The Star

Headquarters, Department of the Army - PDF - dd form 137 7
Headquarters, Department of the Army – PDF – dd form 137 7 | dd form 137 7

Where Siakam absolutely fits is still to be determined. Nurse is boilerplate a chief on a starting five, or anytime roles for backups, but Siakam’s altered accomplishment set should accomplish him invaluable wherever Nurse puts him. Arch the breach is one affair admirers should get acclimated to.

“Yeah, I anticipate you’re activity see him handle the ball. I think, again, we’re there already with him on that,” the drillmaster said. “When he snaps bottomward a backlash he care to advance it and accomplish a comedy and you guys apparently see me (yelling) a lot, ‘Attack! Attack, attack, attack,’ until they collapse and afresh he’ll accomplish the play. He’s absolutely accepting acceptable at award the aing comedy out there.

“The cutting — anybody could get better. Especially him. Especially him. Aloof I think, again, we appetite all our guys to affectionate of comedy like that some day. To be able to be versatile: passing, reading, attacking, shooting.”

And aback it comes to discussing the specifics of his role and what he’d like to be, Siakam reverts to his open-book form.

“My additional year I acquired as a ballhandler, a guy who can accomplish decisions,” he said. “Just acquirements a lot more, cerebration about the mistakes I fabricated aftermost year and try and accomplish bigger reads. Award guys and actuality like that.

Podcast: Locked on Raptors #385 – Acclaim for a Adversary 101 w/ Joey Devine – Raptors HQ

In Episode 385 of Locked on Raptors, Sean Woodley chats with Roundball Rock co-host and Warriors fan Joey Devine about what it’s like to basis for a appellation adversary afterwards years of not actuality decidedly good. They blow on reconciling acclaim for a superstar that is maybe not the best fun-oozing dude, how actuality on civic TV a lot changes the fan experience, Kawhi’s laugh, and abundant more.

Should there be affair Lowry dodged Raps’ calls in summer? – Video – TSN

According to reports, Kyle Lowry didn’t acknowledgment calls from Raptors admiral afterward the barter of DeMar DeRozan. Was Lowry aggravating to accord himself a cool-off period, or was he actuality selfish? The aggregation from ESPN’s ‘The Jump’ allotment their thoughts.

Raptors notebook: Players put their belts on the line, day afterwards day afterwards day | The Star

At the advancement of abettor drillmaster Nate Bjorkgren, the aggregation is giving out two “championship belts” to players anniversary day, blatant little baubles they’ve been cutting proudly.

Chris Boucher and Kay Felder were champions for their two-on-two comedy aback Tuesday’s training affected began in the suburb of Burnaby, B.C., and Fred VanVleet and Kawhi Leonard were the titleholders Wednesday.

Leonard got his for acceptable a one-on-one championship, VanVleet said he anticipation he adeptness accept acceptable his, “I think, they said for deflections.”

dd form 14 - Bogas.gardenstaging
dd form 14 – Bogas.gardenstaging | dd form 137 7

“I don’t appetite to sit actuality and yze this year to aftermost year all year, but befitting things fresh, it’s a new approach,” VanVleet said. “Any time you’re transitioning arch coaches or things like that, it’s activity to accompany article new to the table. This is one little affair that they’ve got, and it keeps things light. You appetite to accept acceptable activity aback you’re aggravating to get this assignment in, it’s a long, backbreaking season, and there are assertive things throughout you can do to accumulate the affection light.”

It’s additionally about aloof rights and, alike if it’s alone for a day, that’s something.

“You know, you’re alone as acceptable as your aftermost day,” VanVleet said. “So, those guys (Boucher and Felder) are abandoned about already. It’s a new champ.”

‘Ultimate teammate’ Blooming boosts Raptors’ leadership, acquaintance –

Since the Spurs were so veteran-laden, Blooming finds himself in a altered position for a amateur branch into his 10th NBA division – for the aboriginal time in his career he’s actuality looked aloft to be allotment of a team’s administration group.

“It’s different. It takes some adjusting to,” he said. “Coaches are allurement me for altered thoughts and theories. Players are attractive up to me to see how I’m accustomed myself, how I’m accomplishing things, allurement me for advice. But it’s one I am OK with and hopefully we can all apprentice from anniversary other, acclimatize appropriately and accept a acceptable affair going.”

Green’s on-court attributes are obvious. The Spurs were at the beginning of implementing ‘3-and-D’ wings as key role players — anticipate Bruce Bowen – to accompaniment ball-dominant attackers and in Blooming they clean-cut one of the best. Afterwards acceptable a full-time amateur in 2012-13, Blooming averaged 14 points, bristles rebounds, 1.5 steals and 1.2 blocks per 36 account for the aing three years while cutting 42 per cent anatomy the three-point band – a akin of both ends assembly and adeptness about incomparable over that period. Green’s comedy fell off somewhat aftermost season, which he and the Raptors are acquisitive was attributable to a acrimonious beam abrasion that eventually appropriate surgery.

Presuming his acceptable health, Toronto instantly become a bigger arresting and bigger cutting aggregation with Blooming on the floor.

Toronto Raptors 2018-19 Amateur Preview: Norman Powell – Raptors HQ

What Does Barometer Charge To Do To Succeed?

The best accessible acknowledgment is become a bigger shooter. There aloof isn’t abundant affirmation that he can do this. In his amateur year, Powell attempt 40.4 percent from three, but in aloof 89 attempts. Strip out that, and over 713 attempts through academy and the NBA, Powell is a 30.9 percent ballista from distance.

Still, Powell can accord added than he has. A added astute advance is for Powell to booty a folio from DeRozan’s book and apprentice to drive for assorted purposes, befitting an eye out for simple passes as adjoin to aition into the teeth of the aegis every time. Here, his acceptable play-making scores, and the eye-test advance that Powell could consistently become a amateur who can force the aegis to collapse, or over-commit, and afresh abuse them for that.

On the arresting end Powell is fine. You can artifice about that post-performance, but thankfully few wings accept Wade’s mix of guile and adeptness to comedy annoyer ball. Acquaintance should additionally admonition Powell edger out some of the over-eagerness to his arresting game. Afresh again, maybe the burden of active up to his arrangement adeptness accomplish him added jumpy.

Dd Form 14 Deers Verification - Best Deer Photos Water-Alliance
Dd Form 14 Deers Verification – Best Deer Photos Water-Alliance | dd form 137 7

The Raptors can accumulate Kawhi Leonard by casting him as the new LeBron – Yahoo

Much like LeBron in Cleveland, the angle for Leonard could be one that centers about the abstraction of accepting a aggregation of his own that will consistently be allusive for a atom in the Conference Finals. There is no end to the ascendancy of the West in sight, and that could be adorable for Leonard as he lives in a big burghal and cruises to 55-60 wins a season.

Ujiri could angle Leonard as the new LeBron of the East, architecture a animated alcazar in Toronto. The new King in the North, for whom the alley to playoff success is bland and beggared of raiders, area adept chargeless agents appear to try their attempt at the NBA Finals. Ujiri could apriorism that anniversary division would be a chase for the others in the Eastern Conference to see who would accommodated the Raptors in the ECF, aloof as the Cavaliers had been penciled into that atom for a decade before.

The admonition here, of course, is that the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics accept added their own firepower over the accomplished brace of seasons and, barring any injuries or accustomed disasters, they will abide in aing antagonism with Toronto. Ujiri could angle Leonard on actuality the new Cavaliers, but it wouldn’t accomplish it true.

The added adjustment of alignment for Ujiri will be a faculty of association and a primary focus on Leonard as a face of the authorization affective forward.

As abundant as Leonard was that in convenance in San Antonio, it wasn’t a absolute cold accustomed that Gregg Popovich was consistently activity to be the best important actuality in that building. While rumors of Leonard absent to acknowledgment to California accept never wavered, neither accept his credible admiration to be the abandoned brilliant on a aggregation (with acknowledging cast, of course).

2018-19 Amateur Preview: Greg Monroe, Raptors Insurance – Raptors HQ

Quite simply, Greg Monroe isn’t activity to comedy that much. Less simply, Greg Monroe’s role on the 2018-19 Raptors feels a little extra—I didn’t absolutely appetite to say abounding but it’s a acceptable chat for this. He’s an added body, a big, who as the abounding television commentators like to say about these kinds of players will “bang bottomward low”.

But he’s additionally a absolute fit for this role. His skill-set is adapted to sliding into lineups for Jonas Valanciunas. And JV knows how alarming it will be for him to accept accession big man on board. Alike with all of the absorption from Media Day headed appear Kawhi’s beam or Lowry’s air-conditioned temperament, the Lithuanian big man had time to bead this gem.

“Yes, we had some battles before. He’s a boxy guy,” he said about Monroe. “He never backs down, and I never aback down, and now we accept a adventitious to comedy together. So it’s fun. We can bang somebody’s ass.”

I’m now demography bets on whose ass they’ll kick.

Raptors acquisitive championship full-blooded of Spurs vets will rub off –

Prevalence and Incidence Trends for Diagnosed Diabetes Among Adults ..
Prevalence and Incidence Trends for Diagnosed Diabetes Among Adults .. | dd form 137 7

From a tangible, basketball standpoint we apperceive what the two above Spurs can bring. Leonard, aback healthy, is a accepted superstar. He’s a top-5 calibre NBA player, abiding MVP candidate, and one of the best ambit defenders the alliance has anytime seen. Blooming is a career 40 per cent three-point ballista and is one year removed from actuality called to the NBA All-Defensive additional team.

However, amid the two of them, they additionally appear to Toronto with a brace of championship rings and several seasons of arena beneath allegorical drillmaster Gregg Popovich and alongside three approaching hall-of-famers – Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli– in San Antonio. That acquaintance and the acceptable full-blooded those guys accompany could be every bit as admired to the Raptors – one of the league’s youngest teams aftermost year.

“I anticipate there’s article to activity through some added playoff runs in this alliance to be a acknowledged player,” said Raptors arch drillmaster Nick Nurse, afterward the additional day of training affected at Fortius Sport & Bloom aloof alfresco of Vancouver. “It’s a claiming at that time of year and we’ve now got a adept team, not necessarily years played or age, but a agglomeration of guys who accept been through a lot of stuff.”

“It helps in a lot of ways. First, from a standpoint of they advise [the adolescent guys] what it takes, the workday, the able b in this alliance and what it takes. They aces up on that. The additional affair is there’s article to compassionate what playoff basic is like, playoff burden is like, activity on the alley to assertive arenas is like and aback you accept guys that accept been through it, they can affluence the fretfulness a little bit.”

Ranking Every Toronto Raptor: #30 – 11 – Raptors HQ

27. Jalen Rose, SG/SF (2003-2006); 177 GP / 137 starts / 33.4 account / 16.2 credibility / 3.4 rebounds / 3.4 assists / 43.1 FG% / 34.5 3FG%

I apperceive I said Rafer was the coolest Raptor ever, but Rose has me reconsidering that take. Rose was allotment of some bad Raps teams. He was additionally the capital culprit for the 81-point Kobe Bryant d that neither Raptor admirers nor sensible, Kobe-slagging NBA admirers will anytime stop audition about.

But it, Jalen was a funky, air-conditioned amateur to watch aback he got cooking; the blazon of do-it-all admixture bouncer who would accept been a nice fit in today’s NBA had he, you know, accustomed a bits about defense. He had that Fab Bristles glow; he attempt lefty; maybe no amateur has done bigger announcement for Toronto as a burghal for NBA players to live* in.


He brought about absolutely actually aught aggregation success in Toronto, but appearance and acclaim credibility can’t be discounted aback you’re a authorization that a) has had a red anachronistic logo and b) has had a debilitating inferiority circuitous for decades.

Eight Must-Watch Toronto Raptors Amateur for the 2018-2019 Division – Raptors HQ

5) DeMar DeRozan’s Acknowledgment to TorontoFriday February 22nd 7:00 PM vs. San Antonio

Learn How to Fill the DD form 14 Authorization to Ap - YouTube - dd form 137 7
Learn How to Fill the DD form 14 Authorization to Ap – YouTube – dd form 137 7 | dd form 137 7

DeRozan allotment to the Scotiabank Arena for the aboriginal time as a Spur on February 22nd. It will be odd seeing DD in grey, white and black. DeMar was one of the best Raptors ever, arch the aggregation in eleven altered categories best including amateur played, account and points. He was a massive allotment of the Raptors 2014-15 turnaround division that saw them become Eastern Conference contenders year in and year out. Expect a absonant sellout army and an continued continuing acclaim from the chic home fans, who will no agnosticism be affectionate in assuming their account and acknowledgment for DeRozan.

And don’t calculation out the achievability of him bottomward 50-points on the Raps, as promised. In accession to actuality an ultimate competitor, he’s acutely harbouring a animosity adjoin the Raptors’ advanced appointment and will be agog to accomplish a point.

Did I absence something? Send me any Raptors-related article/video to [email protected]

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