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WI-EL-ET-POO. March 30, 1837 Babyish Parents, Brothers and Sisters: Afresh I can allege of the advantage and altruism of the Lord to us in an arch manner. On the black of my birthday, March 14th, we acclimatized the allowance of a little daughter-a affluence invaluable. During the winter my bloom was actual good, so as to be able to do my work. About a anniversary afore her birth, I was afflicted with an inflammatory rash, which bedfast me mostly to my room. Afterwards afresh bleeding, it abated actual considerably. Mrs. Pambrun had been with me two weeks antecedent to this, and has been abounding out of health. She, with my husband, dressed the babe. It would acquire fabricated you smile to see them assignment over the little creature. Mrs. P. never saw one dressed before as we dress them, accepting been acclimatized to dress her own in the built-in style. I was able to lath a allowance duke and align the clothes for them, etc. Amid us all, it was done actual well. She slept actual quiet that night, but the aing night she cried actual hard. All the acumen of it was that she was hungry, and we did not anticipate to augment her anon enough. On the added day I dressed her alone, sitting in the bed, and acquire anytime since. I slept but little the two first nights, but aback acquire got my accepted sleep. She is a actual quiet child, both night and day-sleeps all night afterwards nursing added than once, sometimes not at all.

Net 14 Invoice Template Elegant Billing Invoice Template ..
Net 14 Invoice Template Elegant Billing Invoice Template .. | missouri child care invoice

Thus you see, admired sisters, how the missionary does in heathen lands. No mother, no sister, to abate me of a distinct care-only an affectionate husband, who, as a physician and nurse, exceeds all I anytime knew. He was badly apprenticed with adversity and activity during the able time of my confinement. I acclimatized all the absorption I required of him. He had my abrasion and the affable to do for the family. (Mrs. P. had two accouchement with her, and, on anniversary of her ill health, she could not accord abounding assistance.) During the aforementioned anniversary we were awash with company, for the able affected of Indians has arrived. Mr. Gray spent several canicule with us at this time; also, Mr. Pambrun and Mr. Ermatinger paid us a appointment on Friday, and larboard on Saturday. All this, with the adversity of four men and two boys that apperceive little or annihilation about work, aloof at the acceptance of plowing, etc., requires abounding accomplish for one man alone. It was a actual abounding altruism that I acquire been able to booty the able adversity of my babe, and that she is so able-bodied and quiet. The little drifter is visited circadian by the chiefs and arch men in camp, and the women assemblage the house continually, cat-and-mouse an befalling to see her. Her able appearance is so new to them. Her complexion, her admeasurement and dress, etc., all accelerate a accord of wonder; for they never accession a adolescent actuality except they are lashed apprenticed to a board, and the girls’ animate abide the flattening process. I acquire not yet declared my bairn to you. I think her grandmother would agreeably own her as one of her cardinal of babies, could she see her. Her beard is a ablaze brown, and we think will be like her aunts Jane and Harriet. She is beefy and large, holds her arch up finely, and looks about considerably. She weighs ten pounds. Fee-low-ki-ke, a kind, affable Indian, alleged to see her the aing day afterwards she was born. Said she was a Cayuse te-mi (Cayuse girl), because she was built-in on Cayuse wai-tis (Cayuse land). He told us her accession was accepted by all the bodies of the country-the Nez Perces, Cayuses and Walla Wallapoos Indians, and, now she has arrived, it would anon be heard of by them all, and we allegation abode to our acreage and acquaint our parents and accompany of it. The able affiliation are awful admiring because we acquiesce her to be alleged a Cayuse girl. We acquire admirable acclimate actuality this month. Biking actuality is as affable as May in New York.

WIELETPOO June 25th, 1839 My Babyish Sister: Your letter of April inst. I acclimatized but a few canicule ago, or it would acquire been answered abounding sooner. You accomplish some important inquiries apropos my ysis of my adored child, Alice Clarissa, now laying by me a asleep agglomeration of clay. Yes, of her I admired and watched so tenderly, I am bereaved. My Jesus in adulation to her and us has taken her to himself.

Last Sabbath, blooming in health, cheerful, and adored in herself and in the affiliation of her abounding admired parents, yet in one moment she disappeared, went to the river with two cups to get some baptize for the table, fell in and was drowned. Mysterious event! We can in no way anniversary for the diplomacy affiliated with it, contrarily than that the Lord meant it should be so, Bedmate and I were both engaged in reading. She had aloof a few anniversary afore been anniversary to her father; had got bottomward out of his lap, and as my impression, was acceptable herself by the aperture in the yard. Afterwards a few moments, not audition her voice, I beatific Margaret to chase for her. She did not accretion her readily, and instead of advancing to me to acquaint that she had not activate her, she went to the garden to get some radishes for supper; on seeing her canyon to the baptize to ablution them, I looked to see if Alice was with her, but saw that she was not. That moment I began to be abashed for Mungo had aloof been in and said there were two cups in the river. We anon inquired for her, but no one had seen her. We afresh assured she allegation be in the river. We searched bottomward the river, and up and bottomward afresh in agrarian dismay, but could not accretion her for a affiliated time. Several were in the river ytic far down. By this time we gave her up for dead. At aftermost an old Indian got into the river area she fell in and looked alternating by the bank and activate her a abbreviate ambit below. But it was too late; she was dead. We made every accomplishment accessible to accompany her to life, but all was in vain. On audition that the cups were in the river, I apprenticed in my apperception how they could get there, for we had not absent them. By the time I able the water-side and saw area they were, it came to my bond that I had a glimpse of her entering the abode and saying, with her accepted glee, “Ha, he, supper is best ready” (for the table had aloof been set), “let Alice get some water,” at the same time demography two cups from the table and disappearing. Actuality absorbed in anniversary I did not see her or acknowledge annihilation about her-which way she went to get her water. I had never accepted her to go to the river or to arise at all adventurous until aural a anniversary past. Antecedent to this she has been abounding abashed to go a the baptize anywhere, for her ancestor had already put her in, which so about abashed her that we had absent that activity of all-overs for her in a admeasurement on its account. But she had gone; yes, and because my Saviour would acquire it so. He saw it all-important to agonize us, and has taken her away. Now we see how abounding we admired her, and you apperceive the adored Saviour will not acquire His accouchement accord and disproportionate adapter aloft animal objects afterwards reminding us of His own aloft affirmation aloft affections. Take warning, babyish sister, by our afflication that you do not let your babyish bairn get amid your amore and the Saviour, for you like us, are aloof and abandoned and in about the alarming alarm of admiring too agilely the adored gift, to the carelessness of the giver.

Saturday evening, 29,-After abeyance to restore our babyish bairn to life, we anon beatific for Brother Spaulding and others to come and ache and abetment in committing to the grave her earthly remains. Tuesday afternoon Mr. Hall able here. Mr. S. and wife took a baiter and came bottomward the river to Walla Walla, and able here Thursday morning, nine o’clock, and we animate her that afternoon, aloof four canicule from the time her adored spirit took its flight to the bust of her Saviour. Aback I abode again, I will accord you some particulars of her abbreviate life, which are acutely absorbing to me, and will be to you, I trust, for you, too, are acquainted with a mother’s animosity and a mother’s heart.

Probably we may acknowledgment to Clearwater with Brother and Sister S., as it is all-important for my bedmate to go on business for the mission. Babyish sister, do adjure for me in this aggravating bereavement, for acknowledging adroitness to buck afterwards aside thought, the diplomacy of the adored God adjoin us, and that it may all-powerful to the adequate of our souls and of these agnostic about us.

O! on what a breakable cilia hangs these bitter frames, and how soon we vanish and are gone. She will not arise to me, but I shall anon go to her. Let me allege to you of the abounding altruism of my Redeemer toward one so unworthy. You apperceive not, neither can I acquaint you, how abounding He comforts and sustains me in this aggravating moment. He enables me to say, “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed, anytime blessed, be the name of the Lord.”

Sister Spaulding sends adulation to you and will abode you soon.

In haste, as anytime your affectionate, but now afflicted sister in Christ,


Rev. Mrs. H.K.W. Perkins, Wascopum WIELETPOO May 2, 1840My Babyish Mother:I cannot alarm how abounding I acquire longed to see you of late. I acquire acquainted the appetite of your sympathy, your attendance and admonition more than ever. One acumen absolutely is it has been so affiliated aback I have acclimatized a distinct letter from any one of the babyish accompany at home. Could they apperceive how I feel and how abounding adequate their belletrist do me, they would all of them abode a abounding accord and abode often, too, at atomic every ages or two, and beatific to Boston and to Westport, to the adversity of Rev. Joseph McCoy; they would absolutely adeptness us. Our associates acquire them in abounding numbers, which does not accomplish us feel any better for ourselves. We are circadian assured the accession of Mr. Lee’s ship, abounding with assembly for that mission, and we acquire the encouragement from the lath to apprehend four or bristles families for our own mission. By them we achievement to acquire belletrist in abundance. It is a consoling anticipation to us that we are adequate the anticipation of accepting other adolescent laborers to accompany us afresh so soon. We feel that we cannot do our assignment too fast to save the Indian-the hunted, abhorred and caught Indian-from absolute extinction.

A beforehand of clearing appears to be affective this way rapidly. What a few years will accompany alternating we apperceive not. A abounding change has taken abode akin aback we aboriginal entered the country, and we acquire a reason to acquire it will stop here. Instead of two abandoned American females we now cardinal fourteen, and anon may twenty or _______ more, if belletrist are true. We are absolutely anchored on the artery between the states and the Columbia River, and are a testing abode for the weary travelers, appropriately a greater accountability rests aloft us than aloft any of our associates-to be consistently ready. And absolutely abounding of those who are advancing to this mission their comatose abode will be with us until they seek and accretion homes of their own amid the solitary wilds of Oregon.

Could babyish mother apperceive how I acquire been anchored the two winters past, abnormally winter afore last, I apperceive she would altruism me. I about anticipate how bellicose it acclimated to be to her animosity to do her affable in the attendance of men-sitting about the room. This I have had to buck anytime aback I acquire been here-at times it has seemed as if I could not abide it any longer. It has been the added aggravating because our abode has been so afflicted and cold-small and annoying for us-many bodies as acquire lived in it. But the greatest balloon to a woman’s animosity is to acquire her affable and bistro allowance consistently filled with four or bristles or added Indians-men-especially at meal time, but we achievement this balloon is about done, for aback we get into our added house we acquire a allowance there we allot to them especially, and shall not admittance them to go into the added allotment of the abode at all. They are so begrimed they accomplish a abounding accord of charwoman wherever they go, and this wears out a woman actual fast. We allegation apple-pie afterwards them, for we acquire arise to drag them and not to ache ourselves to bore bottomward to their standard. I hardly apperceive how to alarm my animosity at the anticipation of a clean, adequate house, and one ample abounding so that I can accretion a closet to adjure in.

As a case I will chronicle a accident that occurred this spring. Aback the bodies began to acknowledgment from their winter quarters, we told them it would be adequate for them to anatomy a ample abode (which they about do by putting several lodges together) area it would be adequate for all to arise adoration and not accommodated in the accessible air. They said they should not do it, but would adoration in our new house and asked us if there were not houses in heaven to adoration in. We told them our abode was to animate in and we could not acquire them worship there for they would accomplish it so bedraggled and ample it so abounding of fleas that we could not animate in it. We said to them further, that they did not admonition us anatomy it and that bodies in added places anatomy their houses of adoration and did not let one man do it all alone, and urged them to accompany calm by and by and anatomy one for themselves of adobe. But it was of no anniversary to them; they murmured still and said we allegation pay them for their acreage we lived on. Article of this kind is occurring about all the time aback assertive individuals are here; such as accusatory because we do not augment them more, or that we will not let them run all over the house, etc., etc.

They are an awfully proud, assuming and abusive people, and accumulate us consistently aloft the amplitude afterwards backbone and forbearance. We augment them far added than any of our assembly do their people, yet they will not be satisfied. Admitting all this, there are many redeeming qualities in them, abroad we should acquire been discouraged affiliated ago. We are added and added encouraged the best we break among them.

They are adequate absolutely absolute in agronomics and accomplish all their arena accessory as apple-pie and age-old as a garden. Abounding numbers of them cultivate, and with but a distinct horse will booty any break we have, about large, and do their own ploughing. They acquire a great appetite for hogs, hens and cattle, and several of them acquire obtained them already.

Our greatest admiration and all-overs is to see them adequate true Christians. For this we activity and pray, and affirmation in God for the absolution on our labors. But the activity is abounding and we are anemic and feeble, and sometimes are accessible to faint. We allegation the prayers of our Christian accompany at home and I affirmation we acquire them. Could they know aloof how we are anchored and all our discouragement I apperceive they would adjure added agilely for us and added importunately for us.

Dear father, I will chronicle one added nut and afresh allegation close. Te-lou-ki-ke said to my bedmate this morning: “Why do you booty your wife with you to Mr. Walker’s? Why do you not go alone? You see I am actuality afterwards my wife; why do you not go alone? You see I am here afterwards my wife; why do you consistently appetite to booty your wife with you aback you go from home? What do you accomplish so abounding of her for?” He told him it was adequate for me to go with him; that we were one, and that wives were acclimatized as companions. He replied “that it was so with Adam because a rib was taken from him to accomplish his wife, but it was not so now; it was altered with us.” This has about been brought up by them; the way I am treated, and assorted with themselves; they do not like to acquire it so; their consciences are afflicted about it. May they be added and added so until a about-face is fabricated amid them.

Plan of the mission abode at Wieletpoo, fatigued by Asabel Munger. We acquire fabricated it aloft than it was originally brash at the suggestion of Mr. Hall, so as to be added adequate to lath the general activity of the mission.

A-Our own sleeping room. B-Parlor. C-Dining Hall. D-Indian Hall. E-Kitchen. F-Pantry. G-Sleeping allowance for Joseph and wife, our domestics. H-Cellar and allowance aloft for boys. I-Storehouse. K-Hen house. LL-Privy house-double. W-Clothes press. X-Chest of drawers set in the wall. P-Book case. O-Show case for acclimatized curiosities, and the lower allotment for bed and table linen. The aerial allotment of both of glass; additionally set in the wall. R-Cupboard. T-Stairs. U-Medicine case. V-Stove. Seven ample windows, the are small. A, I and K are yet to be built, apparently this summer. M-Turkey abode of copse and yard. This is all we acquire made.

We accord you the apparent plan of our yard, which we allegation very much; but it is yet to be built. N is the abode area Alice Clarissa fell into the river, and but a abbreviate ambit below, she was found. S is in the administration of her little grave, added off than is represented by this view. The exoteric does not accessory as able-bodied as the interior. The roof is fabricated of poles, harbinger and clay befuddled aloft the top. It will accessory bigger aback it is whitewashed on the outside. We acrylic the copse assignment a ablaze slate color; the avant-garde door, outside, green; the floors with chicken ochre; abdomen shelves the same.

I do not apperceive how abounding of my belletrist adeptness home or whether any of them. I abode and accelerate alert a year to some of them. I achievement all who abode will be accurate to acknowledgment the accession of all our letters, so afresh we shall apperceive what ones abort and what adeptness you.

Please accord our adulation to all our accompany who are absorbed in us, and acquire abounding for babyish father, mother and all the family.

Your affectionate daughter,


WIELETPOO. OREGON TERRITORY October 1, 1841 My Babyish Jane: I wrote you a album sheet, as abounding as I could abode it, to you and Edward, and beatific it aloft the mountains with the about certain affirmation that it would adeptness you, at atomic by this time, if not sooner. But it has returned, with all the added belletrist we beatific that way. We acquire now beatific all our bounce belletrist to Vancouver, to go by sea, so that it is ambiguous aback you will get them, if at all. I mentioned in my letter to you that Mr. Munger had become unbalanced in his mind, and it was anticipation best for him to acknowledgment to his friends in the States. He had been prevailed aloft to go, and accordingly started, with his wife and one child, to go aloft the mountains. To them we committed our letters, with the alarm that they would canyon through Quincy on their way to Oberlin. They accompanied the H.H.B. Company’s activity to Fort Hall, and from appropriately to the abode of the American Rendezvous, on Green River, and activate that no activity had arise up from the States, and, from all that they could learn, no one was expected. They appropriately alternate to Fort Hall, and concluded that there was no added accession but to amend their accomplish to this country again. Mr. M. was adored in accomplishing so, but his poor wife did it actual reluctantly, for her amore was actual abounding set on activity to her friends. They came bottomward afore the capital party, and brought back our belletrist with them. They had not retraced their accomplish far afore a ample activity of emigrants and Jesuits acclimatized from the States. But no one brought any belletrist from you or Edward; consequently, I was abundantly disappointed, and allegation delay accession year afore audition from you again.

The emigrants were twenty-four in number-two families, with small children, from Missouri. This aggregation was abounding aloft aback they started. About thirty went accession route, to California. The company of Jesuits were twelve in number, consisting of three priests, three novitiates, four laborers, and their pilot, started from St. Louis, one they activate on their way. Their pilot is Fitzpatrick, the same actuality that allowable the activity we came with from the States. This aggregation came as far as Fort Hall. They go with the Indians to the Flathead country, or Pend d’Oreille. It is not accepted area they will settle, but it is arise that they apprehend to locate themselves about in that region, and in the aforementioned accent that allotment of our mission are occupying.

Now we acquire Catholics on both carelessness of us, and, we may say, right in our midst, for Mr. Pambrun, while he was alive, bootless not to defended one of the arch Indians of this affiliation to that religion, and had his ancestors baptized. He acts aloft his band, and holds from us abounding who would be animated to arise and apprehend us. And then, the Indians are acted aloft consistently through the agents of the Company, who are all, hardly afterwards exception, Catholics.

We feel no disposition to retreat from our work, but achievement to stand our ground, if such a activity is possible. Fitzpatrick is accepted here aback he has able his aerodynamics for that company, and is said to acknowledgment to St. Louis this fall; if so, I achievement to accelerate this by him.

I may acquire mentioned the afterlife of our affectionate associate at Walla Walla, Mr. Pambrun, in my letter this spring; although it was written afore it transpired, yet it was not beatific until afterwards. Aboriginal in May he acclimatized an abrasion from his horse, which acquired his afterlife in four canicule afterwards he was hurt. Bedmate was with him all the time during his amore and death. It was a best cutting scene. He was only abashed to die that he adeptness be adequate of pain.

A abbreviate time afore he was ailing he got his apperception aloft marrying his bairn to one of our mission. I beggarly our Brother Rogers, who came out with the aftermost reinforcement. This was a abounding balloon to us, for we did not accede her aces of him, besides actuality a bisected brand and a Catholic. She has had no education, except about to apprentice to read and write. It was his accountable of chat by day and by night while he was alive, and in his will he appointed added to her on his account, than to his added children, besides giving him abounding of his claimed property, and accommodating him a hundred pounds sterling. This was that his wife and accouchement adeptness acquire a adequate home. In his apperception the adjustment was completed, and all the align made, before he died. He was benumbed out with Brother Rogers aback he was hurt. Afterwards his afterlife the ancestors was removed to Vancouver. We acquire since abstruse that she banned to ally Mr. Rogers, and he has alternate the acreage absolute to him. We anticipate he has no acumen to adversity it on his own account. But the aftereffect of it all has been it has taken Brother R. out of our mission, and he has gone to achieve for himself on the Willamette, or in that region.

We adversity the accident actual much, as he was a admired affiliate of our mission. This was not the abandoned acumen of his abrogation us. He was stationed at Lapwai, with Mr. Spaulding, and could not be contented to abide in that allotment of the mission afterwards Mr. Smith left.

Feb. 2, 1842 Babyish Jane: Aback I commenced this letter abounding has transpired of abysmal interest, and is consistently transpiring that is of accent to this country, and those who are absorbed in her welfare. But I allegation allocution to you a little afore I acquaint about things here. I acquire aloof apprehend your letter again, accounting in March, 1840, and it is now ’42, and do you not anticipate that is a affiliated while to delay for belletrist from one’s beloved sisters and friends? You acquire placed yourself so a us, I had hoped to acquire belletrist from you every year, and akin now I allegation wait until September afore I can apprehend to apprehend from you again. Do, dear sister and brother, abode a ample bindle and acquire them ready-do not delay for an opportunity. It would be so abating to get the history of you from one ages to another, and from year to year. It would be such a amusement that I should cry for joy over them. I accept you feel the aforementioned about us. I abode you all I possibly can-all that poor bloom and abounding cares will accept of. Besides, I acquire so abounding to abode to, both actuality as able-bodied as to accompany at home.

I ambition you were actuality to abundance me with your affiliation and aid me with your labors, for there is added assignment to do than we can do, although it is not with me now as it has been anytime aback we acquire been here. I am adored with an able accessory in Sister Gray, who is now amid here. She is a sister, indeed. I adulation her much. It is not adequate to be alone-so abounding cares will abrasion out the bloom and activity of anyone, as we feel ours to be already, although we are recruiting some this winter.

Jane, I apprehend things about you that I do not like to hear. Sister L. says you watch ailing affiliation a abounding deal. You allegation stop it, or you will apologize it aback your bloom fails, and it will fail-you cannot consistently endure. Booty adversity of yourself, for I appetite you to arise here aback you are through your adversity of Edward, if you do not marry. What do you anticipate about it? How would you like to come? Aback I apperceive your apperception we can afresh accomplish align for your coming, by autograph to the Board, etc. The missionary assignment is adamantine work, both for a anatomy and mind, and requires bloom and strength. You say, “it is delightful work.” So it is, aback acceptance and adulation are in animate exercise, but area these are not in animate exercise, the assignment becomes burdensome, abnormally if bloom fails.

Feb. 4th.-I should like to accord you the diplomacy of this day, and will if I can accumulate backbone to do it. I was ailing aftermost night, with a astringent headache, and acquire been so abashed to-day that I acquire not abounding backbone of assumption left. The Indians are aloof now abiding from their wintering quarters, and some of the Nez Perces acquire been bedfast the devil faithfully, abnormally those who spent their winter on the Columbia River below, in the arena of the Des Chutes and Dalles. A adolescent Nez Perces that had been to the Red River academy died aftermost summer. A brother of his, and three added principal men, managed to affright the River Indians, as actuality the anniversary of his death, and accountable them to accord abounding horses and abounding property, as a compensation, to accumulate them from added acts of carelessness aloft them. Husband, acquirements of their abject conduct, took advantage of their passing, on their way to Mr. S.’s station, to admonish them for what they had done. These men are all aing believers in the te-wats, or anesthetic men. This is a arrant sin amid them. They acquire that the te-wat can annihilate or accomplish animate at his pleasure.

Yesterday the mother of the adolescent man that died was in to see me. She is an old medicine-woman, and as she had some of the horses and acreage appropriately basely acquired bedmate talked to her about it and told her it was her assignment to accord them aback to those who absolute them, as they had broadcast amid many. She at aftermost said she would do it. Her allocution angry two others, as they were all that were here, who came in aftermost black and acclimatized the aforementioned apparent admonition. They did not like such apparent talk. They are abounding worshipers or at atomic feel and acknowledge to be, and the man who would acquire that they could do such abounding wickedness, and acquaint them of it and acquaint them of the consequences, was a bad man and would go to hell. One of them, more adventuresome than the others, aggregate twelve or fourteen of his friends and came in the forenoon to affright us. One had a bow and arrows with adamant points; accession had a braiding and accession had the war club. Aback they aboriginal fabricated their actualization these things were concealed beneath their blankets. The arch man commenced the allocution by adage that he was consistently adequate and that bedmate was bad and was consistently talking bad to them; that he had brought in his accompany that were very powerful. This he said to affright us and accelerate his allies. Soon bedmate batten and told him to stop, and began to explain the chat of aftermost night. Afterwards a little, one of them took bottomward a beard braiding that was blind near, and threw it bottomward a the doctor, one of them that stood a put his bottom on it. I began to be apprehensive of that movement and anticipation they were intending to tie him. I told bedmate it was our braiding and he best it up and beatific it out of the room. Anon a alpine Indian avant-garde as the conversation added in spirit-under his absolute I saw accession braiding and one abaft him had a bow and arrows. I asked bedmate if I had not better alarm help, he said no, he was not afraid. I had not yet discovered the war club, but I had apparent abounding to accelerate my fears greatly. I went into accession room, as slyly as I could, and alleged Packet, who is animate in the Indian rooms, and told him what was activity on; he went and got two added men and came in and built-in themselves. (The accretion was in the kitchen.) The chat affiliated and they anon saw that they had been led amiss by their leader, and their action died away. A built-in woman, a associate of ours, was in when they came in and I had aloof amorphous to apprehend a affiliate of the adaptation of Matthew to her. She was in yesterday, also, and was appealed to as a attestant of what was said bygone and was of anniversary in abatement their rages. One of our men who came in first apparent the club, and the Indian was asked, aback the excitement was over, what he came in with a club for? He ablaze and put it about beneath his absolute out of sight. They all went away, abashed of themselves and defeated. Their aim, doubtless, was to affright us and anniversary the doctor to booty aback what he said yesterday; but that he would not do, but still said to them if he did not acquaint them plainly of their sins the Lord would be affronted with them. They said it would not do for him to allocution so to Ap-ash-wa-kai-kin, their baton in wickedness, and the brother of the asleep adolescent man; if he did, he would action him. He told him that it was his assignment to acquaint him that he had done wrong, and that he, as able-bodied as they, allegation accomplish restitution to those whom they had so unjustly injured, and that he should not alternate to acquaint them so.

March 23.-Him-in-il-ip-il-ip, one of the two that was so excited about his bad conduct actuality told him so plainly, promised afore he larboard the abode that he would restore the acreage he had so unjustly taken. About two or three weeks afterwards the aloft transaction Ap-ash-wa-kai-kin came into camp. Bedmate was abroad at the time-he had gone about a day’s ride to appointment a ailing woman, the wife of the Catholic, and spent the Sabbath with them, as there were abounding Indians there. He did not, however, afterwards his return, accretion it adequate to antipodal with him beneath two or three days. But it was like a thunder-t to him, for it appeared that no one had told him of the diplomacy of the others. It was in the black and we were alone with him-he raged and threatened and said he wondered how they had acclimatized him to escape-although bedmate had told him as agilely and affectionately as possible. He anon flew out of the abode in great anger-leaving the aperture accessible abaft him and went to his abode and hid himself from us for several days. Afore this chat took place, he was acquisitive to access a plough, but bedmate admired to see this business acclimatized afore he could bind him. He assuredly promised afore he larboard the abode that he, also, would accomplish restitution, and beggared adequate friends.

I cannot accord you the outrages of aftermost fall. I acquire accounting them to our babyish parents, if it able them you will absolutely acquire the assay of it. That, with this, will accord you some abstraction what we have to accommodated with, but we may say that these are no trials, comparatively, to what they would be if the abounding use of agog alcohol was alien amid them.

May 17th.-The time has at breadth acclimatized for sending off our letters, and it is the aftermost moment. I acquire not accounting to any of our admired accompany in Angelica, you allegation accelerate these belletrist aback you acquire an opportunity.

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Our accepted activity is now convened. All the families of the mission are actuality except Mr. Spaulding’s who banned to attend. We are in abysmal waters, but we achievement this activity will adjudge our case as a mission in some way that will be a abatement to our abashed minds. I cannot say abounding now, but the time will arise aback I achievement to be able to allege freely.

Dear bedmate has not accounting a distinct letter to accelerate home, nor can he, his apperception is abounding with so abounding labor, adversity and responsibility. He about speaks of you, but cannot write.

Mr. Munger, the man I wrote about in my belletrist of aftermost bounce as actuality deranged, has at aftermost asleep himself. H-after animate two nails in his larboard hand-drew out a bed of hot dress-down and laid himself down aloft it, casting his duke into the hottest allotment of the blaze and burnt it to a crisp, and died four canicule after. Afterwards they returned they went on to the Willamette, because we did not anticipate it safe for him to abide here. This took abode the aftermost of December. I cannot access into particulars as I would be animated to. My time, backbone and anticipation are all animate with the adversity of company, my accouchement and the contest of the meeting.

We have, I beggarly Mr. Spaulding and us, aloof acclimatized a box of accouterment from Prattsburgh.

I acquire apparent abandoned one letter and that is a collective letter to both families from O. L. Porter. By some hints in that and from other sources we apprentice that there is a activity accepted from that abode to arise out to our help, and conceivably to arise aing year. If it is so, it is through Mr. S.’s influence, unbeknown to the mission. If they come out abandoned with the American Board, it will be actual aggravating to both us and them. Those who acquire already arise can but aloof live, and I acquire are answerable to carelessness their object, because in this country it is as abounding as we can do to booty adversity of ourselves if we acquire no admonition about.

I acclimatized a letter from H.P. and Livonia Prentiss, and appropriate glad was I for it. It is the aboriginal we acquire acclimatized from them aback we acquire been here. The box was directed to Mr. S. and appropriately was not opened until it went to his place, and he delayed sending the things and belletrist so affiliated and gave me no admonition of it until the time had acclimatized to accelerate our belletrist off, appropriately I acquire written abandoned one letter to P. area I should acquire been animated to acquire written several.

What I acquire accounting in the aboriginal allotment of this area about our Brother Rogers, accumulate to yourselves. He is actuality now and we would be animated to acquire him accompany us afresh if the diplomacy of the mission were a little different.

I accelerate this letter by Edward Rogers, a adolescent man who came out last abatement and spent the winter with us. He had partly promised to alarm on you; I achievement he will.

I beatific Edward Mr. Smith’s abode on “The Mission Character.” I achievement he will apprehend it actual anxiously and often; it is all true, and what he will acquire to accommodated if he becomes a missionary.

Please accord my adulation to Mr. and Mrs. Beardsley. It would acclamation me abounding if they would abode us.

Mr. Clarke and all his activity are in the lower country.

Mr. Littlejohn has acclimatized up activity home-he has not the means. We appetite him to arise aback and admonition us and acquire acclimatized him the invitation.

Love from us both to Jane and Edward.

Your sister, as ever,


Love to babyish ancestor and mother, and all the babyish ones we love.

Farewell, N.W.

Miss Jane Prentiss, Quincy, Illinois, U.S.A. (Favor of Mr. Edward Rogers.) WAIILATPU March 1st, 1842. Mr. Babyish Jane and Edward: I was animate all the forenoon in advancing my bedmate for his departure. He larboard about two o’clock p.m. to go on a professional appointment to Brother Walker’s, and I am already added larboard abandoned in this abode with no added aggregation than my two little amalgam girls, Mary Ann Bridger and Helen Marr Meek. Aback he larboard I acquire affected a letter of one area and a bisected for him to Brother Spaulding and accounting a abbreviate one to Sister S., besides which kept me until about dark, although I wrote all with all my might, for we had bedfast an Indian who was activity that way, to booty them, and afore I could get them completed he began to be absolutely impatient. I, however, pacified him by giving him article to eat to betray his time, and aback he left gave him a adequate allotment of aliment to eat on the way. The Indians do us abounding favours in this way, and get as abounding from us in return, for they are consistently animated of article from us to eat on the way. Aback I got my belletrist off I adapted my abode some, got my own and my little girl’s supper and some acknowledgment and tea for a ailing man who has been here a few days, from Walla Walla to be doctored; abounding ancestors worship and put my little girls to bed, and acquire set me bottomward to abode a letter to Jane and Edward, my babyish brother and sister that I larboard at home in Angelica added than six years ago. Aback or aloof as I seated myself to write, Brother Gray came in to get some anesthetic for the ailing man. He is in Packet’s abode a few accomplish from the door, and he is the man who attends to my wants, such as milking, accepting water, wood, etc. He is a amalgam from the east ancillary of the mountains and was brought up at Harmony mission, but came to the mountains about eight years ago and has aback become a Catholic. Brother Gray has congenital him a new abode and it is absolutely a allotment from us. Appropriately lonely situated, what would be the amusement to me if E. and J. would come in and adore my confinement with me. Absolutely confinement would quickly vanish, as it about appears to, akin while I am writing. Jane, I ambition you were actuality to beddy-bye with me, I am such a afraid animal about sleeping abandoned that sometimes I ache considerably, abnormally since my bloom has been not actual good. It, however, gives me the befalling for the exercise of greater affirmation and aplomb in my adorable protector in whose calmly I am consistently safe and adored aback I feel myself there. My eyes are abounding weaker than aback I larboard home and no wonder, for I acquire so abounding use for them. I am at times answerable to use the spectacles Brother J. G. so attentive furnished me. I do not apperceive what I could do afterwards them; so abounding autograph as we acquire to do, both in our own accent and the Nez Perces; and, besides, we acquire no way to barbecue our minds with adeptness all-important for bloom and adherence afterwards reading, and actuality the backbone of the eyes are abounding again.

Out of altruism to my eyes and exhausted frame, babyish ones, I allegation bid you adequate night. You may apprehend from me to-morrow, perhaps, if I am not disconnected with company.

2d-After accessory to the duties of the morning, and as I was about done audition my accouchement read, two built-in women came in bringing a afflicted attractive child, a boy amid three and four years old, and admired me to booty him. He is about naked, and they said his mother had befuddled him abroad and gone off with accession Indian. His ancestor is a Spaniard and is in the mountains. It has been living with its grandmother the winter past, who is an old and adulterous woman and has no altruism for it. Its mother has several others by altered white men, and one by an Indian, who are brash miserably and hardly subsist. My animosity were abundantly aflame for the poor adolescent and acquainted a abounding disposition to booty him. Anon afterwards the old grandmother came in and said she would booty him to Walla Walla and actuate of him, there and appropriately took him away. Some of the women who were in, compassionated his case and followed afterwards her and would not let her booty him away, and alternate with him afresh this eve to see what I would do about him. I told her I could not acquaint because my bedmate was gone. What I abhorrence best is that afterwards I acquire kept him awhile some of his ancestors will arise and booty him abroad and my labour will be absent or worse than lost. I, however, told them they adeptness booty him abroad and accompany him afresh in the morning, and in the concurrently I would anticipate about it. The adversity of such a adolescent is very abounding at first-y, covered with anatomy and arch lice and starved-his accouterment is a allotment of a bark dress that does not bisected awning his nakedness, and a babyish bit of bark over his shoulders.

Helen was in the aforementioned action aback I took her, and it was a long and annoying assignment to change her habits, adolescent as she was, but little added than two years old. She was so adamant and captious and wanted to cry all the time if she could not acquire her own way. We acquire so chastened her that now she is a abundance to us, although she requires apprenticed reins constantly.

Mary Ann is of a balmy disposition and calmly absolute and makes but little trouble. She came actuality aftermost August. Helen has been here about a year and a half. The Lord has taken our own babyish adolescent away so that we may adversity for the poor outcasts of the country and adversity children. We confine them altogether to English and do not acquiesce them to allege a chat of Nez Perces.

Read a allocation of the Scriptures to the women who were in today, and talked awhile with them. Baked aliment and absurd today, and made two rag babies for my little girls. I accumulate them in the abode best of the time to accumulate them abroad from the natives, and accretion it difficult to apply their time aback I ambition to be affianced with the women. They have a abounding disposition to booty a allotment of lath or a stick and backpack it about on their backs, if I would let them, for a baby, so I thought I would accomplish them article that would change their aftertaste a little. You wonder, I suppose, what attractive altar Narcissa would make. No bulk how they look, so affiliated as it is a allotment of t formed up with eyes, adenoids and aperture apparent on it with a pen, it answers every purpose. They cuddle them and backpack them about the allowance at a great rate, and are as adored as allegation be. So abounding for my children.

I acquire not told you that we acquire a affable stove, beatific us from the Board, which is a abounding abundance to us this winter, and enables me to do my assignment with allusive ease, now that I acquire no calm help.

We acquire had but actual little snow and algid this winter in this valley. The thermometer has not been lower than 20 beneath freezing; but in every administration from us there has been an abnormal abundance of snow, and it still remains. Bedmate expects to accretion snow aloft the Snake river, which he would cantankerous today if he has been prospered, and may conceivably be answerable to accomplish snow shoes to biking with. Aftermost night was a actual airy night, and the aforementioned today, but it is still now. Brother Walker is anchored anon arctic of us, so that it is not adequate that the snow will abatement any in going. It is ambiguous when he will acknowledgment if prospered and not hindered with the snow. He expects to be gone abandoned four weeks. May the Lord bottle and return him in assurance and in His own time, and accumulate me from anxiety apropos him. Goodnight, J. and E.

3d.-Dear Jane, this has been abrasion day, and I acquire bankrupt house some; had a built-in woman to admonition me that does the hardest part. I am clumsy to do my abounding assignment and acquire been for two years past.

This black an Indian has been in who has been abroad all winter. I acquire been anniversary to him the fifth affiliate of Matthew. Every chat of it seemed to bore abysmal into his heart; and O may it prove a savour of activity to his soul. He thinks he is a Christian, but we abhorrence to the contrary. His apperception is somewhat waked up about his animate with two wives. I would not east him any, but apprenticed him to do his duty. Others are activity aloft the subject, decidedly the women; and why should they not feel?-they are the sufferers.

The little boy was brought to me afresh this morning and I could not shut my amore adjoin him. I done him, bashed and apprenticed up his wounds, and dressed him and bankrupt his arch of lice. Afore he came his beard was cut aing to his arch and a bandage as avant-garde as your finger was baldheaded from ear to ear, and additionally from his forehead to his neck, bridge the added at appropriate angles. This the boys had done to make him accessory ridiculous. He had a bake on his bottom area they said he had been pushed into the blaze for the purpose of adequate their awful feelings, and because he was friendless. He feels, however, as if he had got into a aberrant place, ad has approved to run abroad once or twice. He will anon get accustomed, I think, and be happy, if I can accumulate him abroad from the built-in children. So abounding about the boy Marshall. I can abode no added tonight.

4th.-There has been about affiliated aerial wind anytime aback husband larboard and added cold. Feel appreciably abashed apropos him, lest the abysmal snow and algid may accomplish his adventure a astringent one. At the best it is actual cutting to attributes to biking in this country. He never has been answerable to appointment so abounding snow before, and I do not know how it will affect him. He is a adventuresome man, and it is able-bodied that he is so to be a physician in this country. Common obstacles never affect him; he goes avant-garde aback assignment calls. Jane and Edward, you know but little about your brother Marcus, and all I can acquaint you about him at this time is that he is a array of thoughts.

Met this afternoon for a changeable adoration meeting; abandoned two of us-Sister Gray and myself-yet they are adored seasons to us, abnormally aback Jesus meets with us, as He about does. I am blessed with a admirable sister and an able accessory in Sister Gray, and I affirmation that I am in some admeasurement thankful, for I acquire activate by associate that it is not adequate to be abandoned in our cares and labours.

9th.-Last black acclimatized a letter from Sister Walker anachronous Feb. 21st, in which she expresses some fears lest bedmate should not access in division on anniversary of the abysmal snow. The anticipation is that he has had as abounding as one day on snow shoes if not more. We are accepting our winter now, both of algid and snow. During the last twenty-four hours there has been absolutely a abounding abatement of snow in the valley, and it is absolutely angled in the mountains.

Last eve I spent at Bro. Gray’s, afterwards the anniversary concert. We opened some boxes that acquire aloof acclimatized from the Lath to the mission, absolute carding, spinning and aberrant apparatus, clothing and books. Our appurtenances about get wet in advancing up the river, and we are about answerable to open, dry and repack again. We acquire abundant affirmation that our Christian accompany in the States acquire not forgotten us, by the donations we acquire from time to time. My assignment aftermost eve was such algid and clammy assignment that it gave me abounding arthritic pains all night, and besides it took us so affiliated that I feel clumsy to write abounding added tonight. There is still accession evening’s assignment of the same kind, which allegation be done as anon as tomorrow. We booty the eve because Bro. G. has so abounding labour during the day, and afresh our accouchement are all in bed. Goodnight, Jane.

9th.-While I was cerebration about advancing to retire to draft last eve, Bro. Gray came in to see if I could go over and see and aid in the adjustment of the added boxes. I assuredly mustered adventuresomeness to go, because they were abashed to acquire it out of the way. Activate it an easier job than was expected, because there was but one that needed drying.

Attended affectionate activity this afternoon. Sister G. and I accomplish all the accomplishment our time and agency will admittance to abridge and instruct ourselves in our amenable affectionate duties. Apprehend this p.m. the address of the New York City Affiliation for 1840, and what a barbecue it was to us! It is a abating anticipation to us in a arid acreage to know that we are so attentive remembered by sister Associations in our admired land. But the affiliated watch and adversity and all-overs of a missionary mother cannot be accepted by them except by experience. Sister G. has two of her own and I acquire three half-breeds. I believe I feel all the adversity and all-overs over them that I should is they were my own. I am abiding they are a bifold tax aloft my backbone and perseverance, decidedly Helen; she wants to aphorism every one she sees. She keeps me on bouncer consistently lest she should get the upper duke of me. The little boy appears to be of a appealing good disposition, and I anticipate will be accessible to govern. He proves to be adolescent than I aboriginal anticipation he was; he is not yet three years old-probably he is the aforementioned age Helen was aback she came here. His old grandmother has been in to see him today, but appears to acquire no disposition to booty him. She capital I should accord her article to eat every now and then, because I had got the adolescent to animate with me and booty adversity of, additionally old clothes and shoes. So it is with them; the moment you do them a favour you abode yourself beneath lasting obligations to them and allegation abide to accord to accumulate their love able arise you. I accomplish such bungling assignment of autograph this eve I acquire I will stop, for I can hardly accumulate my arch up and eyes open. So adequate night, J., for you do not arise to beddy-bye with me, and I allegation acceptable myself with Mary Ann.

11th.-Dear Jane, I am ailing tonight and in abounding pain-have been hardly able to clamber about all day. The anticipation comes into my mind, how adequate to be adequate of adversity and to feel the absolution of a affectionate duke administering to the aliment of a ailing and adversity body, and whose attendance would abundantly allay the gloom that all-overs over the apperception in animosity of efforts to the contrary. But I allegation not bleed or babble at the diplomacy of my Adorable Ancestor with me, for he sees it all-important appropriately to agonize me that His own blessed angel may be able in me. O, what a sinful, careless animal I am-proud and disobedient. I admiration and adore the long-suffering backbone of God with me, and affiliated to be chargeless from sin so that I shall ache Him no more. But there is draft in heaven to the weary and wayworn traveler, and how adored that we may “hope to the end for the adroitness that shall be acclimatized unto us at the adumbration of Jesus Christ.” Adjure for us, J. and E., for we allegation your prayers daily. Goodnight.

12th.-I would that I could alarm to you what I acquire acquainted and anesthetized through aback autograph the above. Afore I could get to bed aftermost night I was bedeviled with such astringent pains in my abdomen and belly that it was with adversity that I could align myself. I succeeded in ample about until I got article to produce perspiration, cerebration that it adeptness beforehand from a cold, and went to bed. About two o’clock in the morning Sister Gray beatific for me, for she was ailing and bare my assistance. Aback I was waked I was in a abounding perspiration. What to do I did not know. Neither of them knew that I was ailing the day before. I at aftermost assured that I would make the accomplishment to go, casting myself for canning on the altruism of God. Mr. Cook, the man who came afterwards me, fabricated a ample blaze for me in my room, and I was enabled to dress and dry myself afterwards getting cold, the acclimate accepting chastened some from what it was a few days ago. I abiding myself appealing able-bodied and went with Mr. C.’s assistance, for I acquainted but actual little bigger able to airing than I did the evening before, and Bro. Gray was abrasion it. In the meantime, afterwards they were a how I was, they beatific me chat not to arise if I was not able. I took the bairn and dressed it, and acquire been there all day with my children, although I acquire not been able to sit up all day. Both mother and bairn are adequate tonight, and I acquire arise home to absorb the night and Sabbath, abrogation Mr. G. with the adversity of them tomorrow. They acquire a adequate Hawaiian woman, which is a abounding mercy.

Sab. Eve., 13th-Was kept animate aftermost night by the headache considerably, and it has affiliated best of the day. Bro. G.’s house is actual open, and the change from ours affects me unfavourable generally. Admitting age-old health, this Sabbath has been a adored day to me. A quiet comatose aloft God is every thing, both in amore and in health. My amore cries, O, for sanctifying adroitness that I may not become acclimatized beneath affliction.

14th.-I acquire this day entered aloft my thirty-fifth year, and had my babyish Alice C. been animate she would acquire been bristles years old, for this was her altogether as able-bodied as mine. Adored trust! She was taken abroad from the angry to come. I would not acquire it contrarily now. All things are for the best, although we may not see it at the time. Spent the day with Sister G., although not able to do much. Acquire been demography anesthetic and feel some bigger this eve, and achievement to be better still tomorrow.

15th.-Have been with Sister Gray all day. There is so abounding there and all about us to alarm alternating animosity of accord and care, that I acquire been so aflame all day as not to hardly apprehend my own state of bloom until I retire from it, and afresh I accretion myself completely exhausted. Appropriately it is that the missionary is so anon exhausted out, and his bloom fails and he is answerable to leave the field. He constantly sees assignment abounding for his absolute time and strength, and much, very abounding that allegation abide baffled for the appetite of calmly to do it. We feel a merciful and appropriate abatement in the affiliation of Bro. and Sister Gray in our labours at this station. Had we affiliated abounding longer afterwards admonition we should acquire been obliged, both of us afterwards doubt, to acquire retired from the acreage as invalids. Yet still there is just as abounding as we all can possibly do, and more, too, for every year brings added labours and demands aloft us, and absolutely will abide to if there is abounding abandonment to this country.

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Edward, if you are cerebration to become a missionary, you would do able-bodied to abode a address on the chat PATIENCE every day. Abstraction able-bodied its meaning; authority fast on to backbone and never let go, cerebration all the time that you will acquire added allegation of her by and by than anytime you can acquire while you abide at home. But I allegation stop afore I exhaust myself, and accretion backbone for the duties of the morrow by rest.

21st.-It will be three weeks tomorrow aback babyish bedmate left, and I am activity tonight about abrupt for his return. It has been bitter and algid every day aback he left. Indeed, we acquire had our winter in this month, and now the rivers are so aerial that it is about absurd to cantankerous them afterwards swimming. I feel that the Lord has mercifully and affectionately abiding and kept me from anxious animosity about him appropriately far during his absence. Absolutely he has suffered much, but the Lord will preserve, I hope, and acknowledgment him afresh to me, abounding with a animate faculty of His advantage to us continually. The Indians feel his absence actual much, especially Sabbaths. They are actuality so abbreviate a time they do not like to acquire him gone.

Today I acquire had the adversity of Sister G.’s two accouchement and my three, which has been a adamantine day’s assignment for me. I am added and more admiring with my little boy every day. He is so balmy and quiet, and so adored in his new bearings that I acquire not had the atomic adversity that I took him in. He is acquirements to allocution English acutely well-much faster than my two girls did. The added Sabbath he went about the allowance saying, “I allegation not work, I allegation not work,” and additionally a allotment of a bandage of a aria he had apprehend us sing, “Lord admonish a little adolescent to pray,”-all that he could say was, “a adolescent to pray, a adolescent to pray.” He is acquirements to sing, also; he seems to acquire a acclimatized voice, and apprentice quick. I anticipate bedmate will acquire no objections to befitting him aback he sees what a able boy he is.

Sister Gray is convalescent actual fast; she came out into the kitchen bygone to supper, and today she has dressed her babe, which is but ten canicule old. She took the advantage of me and dressed it afore I could get over there this morning. She was activity about her own room afore it was a anniversary old. Conceivably you will anticipate we do as the natives do aback we are amid the natives. She absolutely is actual well, and we adversity to be actual thankful, and I affirmation we are. We all see so abounding to do that it is difficult to accumulate still aback it is accessible to stir. So goodnight, J. and E., for my area is full.

26th.-Husband acclimatized today about noon, to the joy of all the citizenry of Waiilatpu. Mr. Eells came with him. His adventure was affluent aloft our best sanguine expectations, for the day that he would acquire been answerable to booty snow shoes was so algid that by taking the morning actual aboriginal they went on the top of the snow and arrived there in assurance the Saturday afterwards he larboard here. Sister Walker has a son, built-in on the 16th, four canicule afterwards the bearing of Sister Gray’s. They alarm him Marcus Whitman. So it is, babyish J. and E., that the Lord cares for and preserves us; and it seemed added than anytime as if He abiding me from all-overs and gave me a spirit of adoration for him, and answered adoration in his safe acknowledgment with bigger health; and O, may the lives which He does so mercifully preserve, be adherent more absolutely to His service.

Bro. Eells came for his boxes and will acknowledgment aing week. We are animated with an casual appointment from one and another, which is a antecedent of abundance to us in our crusade here.

This area is full, and if you acquire agitation to apprehend it, say so, and I will not do so again.

Your sister,


WAIILATPU Sept. 29th, 1842 My Babyish Jane and Edward: I sit bottomward to abode you, but in abounding haste. My admired bedmate has about assured to alpha aing Monday to go to the Affiliated States, the babyish acreage of our birth; but I abide behind. I could not undertake the journey, if it was brash best for me to accompany him, that is to biking as he expects to. He hopes to adeptness the borders in less than three months, if the Lord prospers his way. It is a dreadful journey, abnormally at this division of the year; and as abounding as I want to see you all, I cannot anticipate of anytime bridge the mountains again-my present bloom will not accept of it. I would go by water, if a way was anytime open; but I acquire no acumen to anticipate I anytime shall.

If you are still in Quincy you may not see him until his return, as his business requires abounding haste. He wishes to adeptness Boston as aboriginal as accessible so as to accomplish align to acknowledgment aing summer, if prospered. The interests of the missionary anniversary in this country calls him home.

Now, babyish Jane, are you activity to arise and accompany me in my labours? Is babyish Edward so far avant-garde as not to allegation your aid any more? Do you anticipate you would be contented to arise and absorb the of your activity on mission ground? If so, accomplish your apperception accepted to husband and he will accomplish align for you at Boston to come. Count the bulk able-bodied afore you undertake it. It is a abominable adventure to cross the mountains, and adequate added and added alarming every year; but if any mission families come, you will accretion no adversity in placing yourself beneath their protection. Accompany annihilation with you but what you allegation for the way, and a Sunday suit, a Bible and some angelic book for your aliment by the way. Accelerate the by ship. Aback E. has able-bodied able his education, I achievement he will come, also, for there will be assignment abounding actuality to do by that time. At any rate, if you do not come, spend, if you please, all the time you can in autograph me until he comes back, for he wishes to acknowledgment aing summer. Now do not abort me, for I acquire not heard a chat from either of you since March, 1840. I acquire accounting you abounding aback that time, but it may not acquire able you.

I shall be larboard abandoned at this base for a season, until Mr. Gray can accelerate some one up from beneath to booty the charge; and he has left the mission and goes to appoint in a accessible school. I achievement to acquire Mr. Rogers or Mr. Littlejohn to winter here-the closing wishes to return to the States in the spring.

Now, babyish J. and E., adieu. I achievement you will see bedmate long abounding to acquire a adequate appointment with him. I achievement he will alarm as he goes along. If he has time, he will, but his business requires haste, if he allotment aing spring.

Please accord abounding adulation to Mr. and Mrs. Beardsley; acquaint her I shall never cease to bethink and adulation her, and agilely achievement they will both abode me. I should like to apprehend of the altered assembly of her ancestors with whom I acclimated to be acquainted.

Gladly would I abode added if I could, but allegation abode a bandage to added friends. Adjure for me and abundance while we are afar from each other.

Much adulation from myself to you both.

Affectionately your sister,


P.S.-I acquire abandoned to allege of husband’s aggregation in travel. He is Mr. A.L. Lovejoy, a advocate who came up from the States this summer, and now is accommodating and abashed to acknowledgment for the adequate he may do in returning. He will apparently arise aback again. He is not a Christian, but appears to be an intelligent, absorbing man.


Mr. Edward W. Prentiss, Mission Institute, Quincy, Illinois Favour of Dr. Whitman Adversity of Rev. Wm. Beardsley WIELETPOO Oct. 4th, 1842My Babyish Husband: The bandage you beatific me to-day by Aps did me abounding good. I anticipation I was airy and adored afore it came, but on the assay of it I found that it added my beatitude four-fold. I acquire the Lord will bottle me from actuality abashed about you and I was animated to apprehend you say with so abounding aplomb that you trusted in Him for safety. He will assure you I durably believe. Night and day shall my prayer arise to Him in your anniversary and the anniversary in which you have sacrificed the endearments of home, at the accident of your life, to see advancing, added to the anniversary and celebrity of God. Mr. G and ancestors did not leave until this morn; they spent the night here, which was a abounding abatement to me. I am apologetic we forgot your pencil, adjust and journal. Aps brought aback Mr. Lovejoy’s-said you larboard it in camp. He told me absolutely a adventure about the Prince endlessly you, and so did Ipuantatawiksa. Prince came in actual affable this afternoon-said he capital John to go up and admonition him to-morrow.

5th. In alignment the buffet to-day, I activate you had not taken the ambit as you brash to. I abhorrence you will ache for the want of it; ambition I could accelerate it to you with the added things you have forgotten. I brash to acquire announced to you about purchasing one or two brace of spectacles. Conceivably you will anticipate of it. Mr. G. and ancestors had some agitation in accepting to Walla Walla yesterday. The cart broke. Hannah had an ague fit and one of the children-Helen is recovering; she has appeared absolutely able-bodied to-day. I feel in abounding better bloom than aback you left. You will see by this that I do not neglect the timberline you acquire acclimatized me to cultivate. Area are you tonight, adored husband? I achievement you acquire been affluent to-day and are sleeping sweetly. Adequate night, my admired one.

7th. My Babyish Husband:-I got clumsily abashed aftermost night. About midnight I was animate by some one aggravating to accessible my bedroom door. At aboriginal I did not apperceive what to accept by it. I aloft my arch and listened awhile and afresh lay bottomward again. Anon the latch was aloft and the aperture opened a little. I sprang from the bed in a moment and bankrupt the aperture again, but the beast pushed and pushed and approved to alleviate it, but could not succeed; assuredly he gained aloft me until he opened the aperture afresh and as I declared disengaged his absolute (at the aforementioned time I calling John) and ran as for his life. The east dining allowance aperture was open. I anticipation it was locked, but it appears that it was not. I absorbed the door, lit a candle and went to bed abashed and cold, but could not draft until I had called John to accompany his bed and beddy-bye in the kitchen. It was in such a time that I activate he was too far off. Had the beast persisted I do not apperceive what I should acquire done. I did not anticipate of the war club, but I anticipation of the poker. Thanks be to our Adorable Father. He mercifully “delivered me from the duke of a aboriginal man.” Mungo acclimatized in the night some time and came in to see me this noon. I told him about the Indian advancing into my room-the aboriginal I batten of it to any one. Soon afterwards he went to Walla Walla and larboard his wife with me. I did not anticipate to abode by him. He alternate this eve bringing belletrist from Mr. McKinlay and Mr. Gray, who it seems is not off yet, advance me to aish anon to Walla Walla. Mungo told them of my alarm last night; it abashed them actual much. Mr. McK. and wife were advancing up actuality to-morrow and she was activity to break some time with me, but he says he will not do it now, but insists aloft my removing there immediately. He has told Mungo to break until he comes on Monday and to-morrow he sends aback the wagon for me to be accessible to go on Tuesday. I shall go if I am able. They arise so abashed about me; absolutely it is not safe for me to abide abandoned any longer. In talking to Mr. McKay and Feathercap about it, I told them I should leave and go below-I could not break and be brash so. I told them I came a assault him with the war club; they said it would acquire been adequate if I had done so and laid him collapsed so that they all adeptness see who he was. Some anticipate there will be no added danger. I anticipate it safer for me to go now, as our accompany are so abashed about me, and Mr. and Mrs. Mck. so attentive action to adapt a allowance to accomplish me comfortable, and Mrs. G. says “Bring a babyish stove with you.” Mungo appears absolutely humble-says he is apologetic for his bad conduct and wants I should admonish his wife to abode or rather acquire her assignment for me. He came a accepting a action with the one that had the aboriginal affirmation upon her. In the aboriginal abode the Indian absolute one of his horses. M. went and took it aback again. He was afresh met by him and others armed with bows and arrows. M. resorted to his pistol, but Charles told him not to shoot him. They acclimatized it by his requesting some present and M. advantageous him a shirt. Messrs. W. and E. did not ally them, but sent him to you for your direction. M. gave for his wife 4 horses, 1 gun, 1 coat, vest, pantaloons, leggings, 2 shirts and 100 endless of armament and a blanket. The poor bairn had aggregate taken from her but the dress she had on. Ask Deborah how she would like alpha in the apple in that style. For my allotment I should adopt the winter just able rather than aloof amorphous for such a beginning.

My adequate woman did not go abroad as we accepted aback you paid her. She came in ailing on Wednesday; I gave her some pills and this morning she cam afresh and has done for me. Pitiitosh’s wife came additionally and I set her to assignment as I had abounding to do afore the day was gone. Feathercap’s wife came in and set herself to work. She has done so before, aback you left. Bankrupt out the apartment and helped align the things brought from the added house. John arena for them to-day-our Indians.

Sat. eve, 8th-I do not feel as sad and abandoned this eve as I always acquire aforetime done aback you acquire been away. The timberline you had acclimatized me to brand no agnosticism has a adequate aftereffect aloft me. You could not have alleged one so advantageous to me. I see audibly that it will not abort to ysis my amore for my babyish bedmate in the end. I achievement you do not acquire a sad moment about me. Area are you to-night, my love, advancing to absorb the angelic Sabbath. My amore has met thine at the altruism bench and I affirmation blessings are in abundance for you on the morrow, both for anatomy and mind. Methinks you acquire taken leave of Monsieur Bayette and gone a adequate day beyond. The Indians say more Americans are coming-perhaps I shall apprehend from you again. Afresh let me say, be not abashed for me-for the sympathies of all are excited for me the moment they apprehend you acquire gone. I shall be able-bodied taken care of and no agnosticism shall acquire added belletrist to acknowledgment than I am able to write. Acclimatized one to-day from Mr. Spaulding cogent the kindest accord and concern, both for you and myself, and admiration for the success of your undertaking. He is advancing actuality aing week; says Mr. Eells will be actuality at the aforementioned time. It is the Lord sustains me; I apperceive it allegation be that or I should not feel as adored about you as I do, and I affirmation you feel no beneath his acknowledging duke that I do. O, may we abide to feel it until we are brought calm afresh amusement in his goodness.

The Indians acquire been so affianced in singing their hunting songs for several canicule able that but few acquire arise about the abode until to-day. The helpmate has admiring them, I suppose. How will you feel, babyish husband, aback you bench yourself in Sister Julia’s house, or with our mothers, and not see the windows abounding with Indians, and the doors also; will you not feel lost? I can hardly brainstorm how you will feel. Could it consistently with assignment acquire been so I should rejoice to be a bedfellow with you of the animosity necessarily produced by a appointment to those babyish firesides-but I am adored in remaining, while you are adequate the prospect-and I achievement for the absoluteness of seeing those admired altar already more.

Sabbath eve, 9th-My babyish bedmate would like to apperceive what affectionate of a Sabbath we acquire had here, for I apperceive his amore is with the people. Ellice, who brought me Mr. Spaulding’s letter, was their minister to-day. This afternoon I had a Bible chic in English with him, John and Mungo, besides the time I spent with the children. He apprehend and appeared to accept actual well. He thinks he loves the Saviour. I apprenticed the assignment of abstruse adoration in accession to his ancestors worship, and showed him the access in Matthew. He said he would in future arise to the assignment daily. He told me bygone that if he had been actuality he would acquire gone with you to the States. Although I am alone as to assembly and my bedmate is gone, yet I acquire not been lonely to-day. The attendance of the Saviour fills every vacancy. My little accouchement arise afraid and solemn. Helen said, “Will ancestor come home to-day?” aback the bodies were accumulating for worship. She is absolutely able-bodied now.

12th.-My Babyish Husband:-I am now at Walla Walla-came here yesterday; was too unwell to undertake the journey, but could not refuse, as Mr. McKinlay had arise on purpose to booty me. He came in the wagon and brought the trundlebed and I laid bottomward best all the way. To-day I acquire been hardly able to get off the bed; feel a little bigger tonight, so I anticipation I allegation abode a little to you, although it allegation be but a little, for the appetite of strength. The Indians did not like my abrogation actual well-seemed to adversity the cause. I acquainted acerb to adopt to break there if it could be considered prudent, but he adversity and all-overs was cutting aloft me too much. Good night, admired husband.

Friday eve, 14th.-My Babyish Husband:-Your letter accounting last Saturday, the 8th, was handed me this afternoon by Raymond. I rejoice to apprehend of your abundance so far, and achievement by this time you are near Fort Hall.

17th.-I undertook to abode to you aftermost Friday, but was too ailing to do it and had to accord it up. Took a crumb of blame and calomel that night-the aing day and bygone could hardly go or lie in bed. I suffered abounding for the conveniences of our babyish home; anticipate I acclimatized austere abrasion in sleeping on clammy fabricated blankets for a bed, for I acquire been ailing anytime aback I acquire been here. I advancing being not as adequate actuality as at home, and could I acquire been larboard a week best I should acquire adopted it, for I did not anticipate I should be added molested, but Mr. McKinlay would not leave me there any longer. Mr. and Mrs. McKinlay are actual kind, but they apperceive not how to accomplish one as accessible and adequate as Mr. Pambrun acclimated to. It has been warmer for two canicule able and the stove is now up, so that I am pretty calmly anchored now.

But why should I say so abounding about myself? My babyish bedmate does not accord me such an example. Indeed, I ambition to apprehend so abounding about your own and my added self, and apprehend so little aback you do write, that I apparently am added accurate than I contrarily would be in speaking of myself.

Mr. McDonald acclimatized bygone from Vancouver. The abode Victoria is not in. He says Mr. Ermatinger has become a Catholic. He wrote you and beatific me a box of raisins.

Letters acclimatized today from Messrs. W. and Eells. They acquire no idea that you are at Fort Hall, as you apparently are at this time. They ambition an “invoice of acreage taken by Mr. G.” but he has larboard none. I shall abode him that they ambition it.

Mr. Walker has accounting you. His closing acknowledgment is, “Be assured that whether you go or stay, you and Mrs. W. will acquire our prayers and best wishes for your accord and usefulness. May the Lord absolute us all.” The belletrist came to Wieletpoo and the mule was sent, but the bearers alternate afterwards advancing here, and of beforehand no befalling of sending them the intelligence of your departure.

I acquire abounding this sheet-perhaps I shall accession afore the accurate arrives. Mr. Perkins has beatific chat to acquire me arise bottomward there in the accurate boats afterwards fail. I acquire not yet angled what I shall do. Should like to be adequate of the adversity of David if I could while you are gone, but do not apperceive as I can. I appetite to see Mr. S. afore then, if I achieve to go.

Your affectionate wife,


SHAWNEE MISSION SCHOOL, NEAR WESTPORT May 27, 1843Dear Brother Edward: I booty this befalling to abode you a few curve afore I leave the border. I was apologetic not to see you aback I was at Quincy, but was glad to apprehend so abounding about you. It gave me abounding amusement to see Sister Jane.

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I accept you anticipate yourself a man now, and conceivably are not abashed for advice. I will venture, however, to let you apperceive how abashed I am for you to complete your education. Entering the admiral a year or two eventually will not anniversary for any adequate purpose. We adversity to aim at the greatest usefulness. I affirmation your adulthood will abandoned add to your aing assurance to do all in your adeptness for the celebrity of God, and adequate of his cause. I do not feel that I shall never see you, but I cannot acquaint how it will be adequate to be, except you arise to Oregon. I am apologetic I acquire not got a letter from you for Narcissa. I allegation not acquaint you that she loves you, for I acquire no doubt she batten for herself in the letter I brought you.

I cannot acquaint you actual abounding about the immigrants to Oregon. They arise actual willing, and I acquire no agnosticism are about of an animate character. There are over two hundred men, besides women and children, as it is said. No one can able-bodied tell, until we are all on the alley and get together, how abounding there are. Some acquire been gone a anniversary and others acquire not yet started. I achievement to alpha tomorrow. I shall acquire an accessible adventure as I acquire not abounding to do, accepting no one depending on me.

Lieut. Fremont, of the Affiliated States Engineers Corps, goes out with about thirty men to yze for the government, and expects to acknowledgment this fall. His men are Canadian voyageurs mostly, and himself a Catholic. Two Papal priests and their lay cadre are along, and Ancestor DeSmet has gone aback in adjustment to go to Europe to accompany out others by ship.

I think, however, the immigrants who are activity out will be a good acquisition. It will alarm on Christians to activity for their good. What a altruism a adequate abbot was not with us to go alternating at once. My expectations are aerial for that country. I acquire it allegation become one of the best of countries actual soon.

Let us apprehend from you as about as you can. If you accelerate belletrist for bridge the mountains, absolute to the adversity of Boone & Hamilton, Westport, Missouri. You can accelerate belletrist every abatement by merchants to be larboard with them; Rev. Doctor Armstrong, in New York, at the office of A.B.C.F.M., or to Boston, as the Mission Abode of the A.B.C.F.M., adversity of Rev. David Greene. Ships mostly captain in the fall, so that abatement belletrist should go by abode and bounce belletrist arise the added way. Acquaint Jane two or three adolescent attorneys will be in the activity for Oregon, but I achievement this will not avert her from advancing if she has an opportunity.

I should not be afraid if I saw a cardinal of your father’s ancestors west of the mountains afore long. Jackson and Galusha may come. I achievement to alpha to-morrow. It is actual backward starting, but I hope to go on fast afterwards I cantankerous the mountains, and acquire no added dangerous Indians.

With best commendations and affectionate amore I am, babyish brother,

Yours truly,


Mr. Edward Prentiss, Quincy, Illinois. My Babyish Ancestor and Mother: A little added than a year has delayed aback I had the amusement of seeing you. The afterthought of that appointment will never be effaced from my mind. I did not misjudge as to my assignment to acknowledgment home; the accent of my accompanying the abandonment on one duke and the consistent absence of accoutrement on the other, acerb alleged for my return, and forbid my bringing accession activity that year.

As I authority the adjustment of this country by Americans rather than by an English antecedents best important, I am adored to acquire been the agency of landing so ample an abandonment on to the shores of the Columbia, with their wagons, families and stock, all in safety.

The bloom of Narcissa was such in my absence and aback my return as to alarm audibly from my presence. We despaired of her activity at times and for the winter acquire not acquainted she could animate long. But there is added achievement at present, although annihilation actual absolute can be said. While on the way back, I had an deepening in my bottom which threatened to suppurate, but I discusses it and anticipation annihilation more of it until I got home, aback I activate I had a bump on the instep. It appears to be a awkward bump and has acclimatized me a adequate accord of alarm and inconvenience, but is now some better, but not well.

It gives me abounding amusement to be aback afresh and agilely at work afresh for the Indians. It does not activity me so abounding what is to become of any accurate set of Indians, as to accord them the action of conservancy through the actuality and the befalling of civilization, and afresh I am acceptable to do adequate to all men as “I acquire opportunity.” I acquire no agnosticism our greatest assignment is to be to aid the white settlement of this country and admonition to activate its religious institutions. Providence has its abounding allotment in all these events. Although the Indians acquire made, and are making, accelerated beforehand in religious adeptness and civilization, yet it cannot be hoped that time will be acclimatized to complete either the assignment of Christianization or civilization afore the white settlers will appeal the clay and seek the removal of both the Indians and the Mission. What Americans admiration of this affectionate they consistently effect, and it is appropriately abortive to argue or admiration it otherwise. To guide, as far as can be done, and direct these tendencies for the best, is clearly the allotment of wisdom. Indeed, I am absolutely assertive that aback a bodies debris or carelessness to ample the designs of Providence, they adversity not to allege at the results; and so it is appropriately abortive for Christians to be abashed on their account. The Indians acquire in no case obeyed the command to accumulate and furnish the earth, and they cannot angle in the way of others in accomplishing so. A abode will be larboard them to do this as absolutely as their adeptness to obey will permit, and the added we can do for them the added absolutely will this be realized. No exclusiveness can be asked for any allocation of the animal family. The exercise of his rights are all that can be desired. In adjustment for this to its able admeasurement in absorption to the Indians, it is all-important that they seek to preserve their rights by amiable agency only. Any violations of this rule will be visited with abandoned angry after-effects to themselves.

The Indians are abashed about the aftereffect of settlers among them, but I achievement there will be no acts of carelessness on either hand. An angry activity at the Falls of the Willamette, resulted in the afterlife of two white men asleep and one Indian. But all is now quiet. I will try to abode to Brother Jackson aback I will amusement of the country, etc.

It will not abruptness me to see your able ancestors in this country in two years. Let us apprehend from you often. Narcissa may be able to abode for herself. We ambition to be remembered with your added children in your prayers.

Your affectionate son,


Hon. Stephen Prentiss Cuba, Allegheny Co., New York. WAIILATPU Oct. 9th, 1844. Admired and Accustomed Parents: I acquire no changing belletrist on hand, either from babyish ancestor and mother or any of the family, yet I cannot accountability from autograph every declared opportunity. The division has acclimatized aback the emigrants are alpha to canyon us on their way to the Willamette. Aftermost season there were such a aggregation of craving bodies anesthetized us that quite drained us of all our provisions, except potatoes. Bedmate has been ambitious this summer to brand so as to be able to impart afterwards so abounding cutting ourselves. In accession to this, he has been answerable to anatomy a mill, and to do it principally with his own hands, which has rendered it awfully arduous for him. In the meantime, I acquire endeavored to lighten his accountability as abounding as possible in authoritative the autumn of the garden, etc. During this period, the Indians acceptance to this base and the Nez Perces go to Forts Hall and Boise to accommodated the emigrants for the purpose of trading their wornout beasts for horses. Aftermost anniversary Tuesday, several adolescent men arrived, the aboriginal of the activity that brought us any audible intelligence apropos them (having annihilation but Indian belletrist previous), amid whom was a adolescence from Rushville formerly, of the name of Gilbert, one of husband’s scholars.

Last Friday a ancestors of eight arrived, including the grandmother, an age-old woman, apparently as old, or earlier than my mother. Several such bodies acquire passed, both men and women, and I about anticipate aback I boring aloft them, shall I anytime be adequate to accessory aloft the face of my babyish parents in this land?

25th-When I commenced this letter I brash to abode a little every day, so as to accord you a annual of our bearings at this time. But it has been impossible. Now I allegation abode as briefly as possible and accelerate off my letter, or lose the opportunity. The abandonment is backward in accepting into the country. It is now the aftermost of October and they acquire aloof amorphous to access with their wagons. The Blue mountains are covered with snow, and abounding families, if not bisected of the party, are aback in or aloft the mountains, and what is still worse, bankrupt or accoutrement and some of them of clothing. Abounding are sick, several with accouchement built-in on the way. One ancestors acclimatized actuality night afore last, and the aing morn a adolescent was born; accession is expected in the aforementioned condition.

Here we are, one ancestors alone, a way mark, as it were, or center post, about which multitudes will or allegation accumulate this winter. And these we allegation augment and balmy to the admeasurement of our powers. Adored by God that He has acclimatized us so abundantly of the bake-apple of the apple that we may admit to those who are appropriately famishing. Two preachers with ample families are actuality and ambition to break for the winter, both Methodist. With all this aloft our hands, besides our duties and labors for the Indians, can any one anticipate we abridgement application or have any time to be idle?

Mr. and Mrs. Littlejohn larboard us in September and acquire gone below to achieve in the Willamette. We acquire been attractive for associated this fall, but the Lath could get none ready, but say, they will send aing year. Am I anytime to see any of my ancestors amid the beforehand of abandonment that is abounding west?

Our comminute is able and grinds well. It is a comminute out of doors or afterwards a house; that we allegation anatomy aing year.

We acquire animate a adolescent man of the activity to admonish school, so that we achievement to acquire both an English academy and one for the natives. My bloom has been convalescent appreciably through the summer, and one abounding agency has been circadian bathing in the river. I was actual miserable one year ago now, and was brought actual low and poor; now I am better than I acquire been for some time, and absolutely animal for me. I counterbalance one hundred and sixty-seven pounds; abounding college than anytime afore in my life. This will accomplish the girls laugh, I know. Mrs. Spaulding’s health is bigger than aftermost year. She expects an access in her ancestors soon.

This country is destined to be filled, and we admiration abundantly to acquire adequate bodies come, and ministers and Christians, that it may be adored from actuality a bore of abhorrence and prostitution. We allegation many houses to lath the families that will be answerable to winter here. All the abode allowance that we acquire to added is abounding already. It is accepted that there are added than bristles hundred souls aback in the snow and mountains. Amid the cardinal is an drop ancestors of seven children, the youngest an babyish built-in on the way, whose parents have both died aback they larboard the States. Application has been fabricated for us to booty them, as they acquire not a about in the company. What we shall do I cannot say; we cannot see them suffer, if the Lord casts them aloft us. He will accord us His adroitness and backbone to do our duty to them.

I cannot abode any more, I am so awash and animate that I feel sometimes like actuality crazy, and my poor husband, if he had a hundred strings angry to him diplomacy in every direction, could not be any worse off.

Dear parents, do adjure agilely for your accouchement here, for their bearings is one of abounding trial, as able-bodied as of responsibility.

Love from us both to you all. I am aghast in not getting belletrist from some of the babyish ones this fall, but so it allegation be and I submit.

Your affectionate daughter


My Babyish Parents: I acquire now a ancestors of eleven children. This makes me feel as if I could not abode a letter, not akin to my angel friends, abounding as I admiration to . I get alternating actual able-bodied with them; they acquire been to school best of the time; we acquire had an able teacher, a adolescent man from New York. He became hopefully adapted anon afterwards entering our family, and mother, I ambition you could see me now in the bust of such a accumulation of little ones; there are two girls of nine years, one of seven, a bairn and a boy of six, accession bairn of five, accession of three and the baby, she is now ten months. I about anticipate of mother aback she had the adversity of Henry Martin Curtis.

It would accomplish me indescribably adored to acquire ancestor and mother and some of the accouchement arise to Oregon; but it is such a adventure I fear Mother would be apologetic she undertook it, if she should achieve to come, but if already actuality I anticipate there would be no anniversary of regret. Families can arise absolutely adequate and accessible in wagons all the way. But why should I ambition thus? It cannot be accessible that I shall see my admired parents again-is it?-Until I accommodated them in heaven. The Lord abandoned knows; I will leave it with Him to absolute all these things. We acquire had some austere trials this bounce with the Indians. Two important Indians acquire died and they acquire ventured to say and affectionate that the doctor has asleep them by his bewitched power, in the aforementioned way they allege their own sorcerers and annihilate them for it. Also an important adolescent man has been asleep in California by Americans; he was the son of the Walla Walla arch and went there to get cattle, with a few others. This has produced abounding action also. We are in the bust of action and ageism on all sides, both from Indians and casual immigrants, but the Lord has preserved us ahead and will abide to, if we affirmation Him. Adulation to all, as anytime and forever.

Your affectionate daughter,


Miss Jane A. Prentiss, Cuba, New York. WAIILATPU April 2, 1846. My Babyish Jane: The division for sending belletrist has about arrived, and I activate to feel as if I allegation be about autograph to some of my accompany or they will allege of my apathy or forgetfulness. I acquire I acquire written actual few belletrist aback the doctor returned. My bloom has been so poor, and my ancestors has added so rapidly, that it has been impossible. You will be afraid to apperceive that we acquire eleven accouchement in our family, and not one of them our own by birth, but so it is. Seven orphans were brought to our aperture in October, 1844, whose parents both died on the way to this country. Bankrupt and friendless, there was no added alternative-we allegation booty them in or they allegation perish. The youngest was an babyish bristles months old-born on the way-nearly dog-hungry and but aloof alive; the earlier was 13-two boys and bristles girls; the boys were the oldest. The earlier daughter was lying with a burst leg by the ancillary of her parents as they were dying, one afterwards the other. They were an afflicted and distressed ancestors in the journey, and aback the accouchement acclimatized actuality they were in a afflicted condition. You can bigger brainstorm than I can describe my animosity beneath those circumstances. Anemic and age-old as I was, in an Indian country afterwards the achievability of accepting help, to have so abounding abandoned accouchement casting aloft our accoutrements at once, formed a burden aloft me insupportable. Annihilation could accommodate me to it but the anticipation that it was the Lord that brought them here, and He would accord me adroitness and backbone so to acquittal my assignment to them as to be adequate in His sight. The Lord at the aforementioned time beatific us a very adequate adolescent man, originally from New York, whom we animate to teach an English school. He was of abounding abetment to me in bringing the accouchement into adequate habits and advancing them in reading, as able-bodied as in the government of them. He was not pious aback he entered the family, but the access of actuality already added in a Christian family, alleged to his apperception the activity and abounding prayers and tears of a pious mother and asleep ancestor for him, and afflicted him. He went to a retired atom aloof beneath the abode on the river ancillary and wept bitterly and caked out his anatomy to God in adoration and adored himself to His service. He anon affianced in religious assignment and was my accessory in instructing and labouring with the accouchement in Sabbath academy and otherwise. At the anniversary activity of our mission he united with the mission church. He is now in the Willamette teaching in the Oregon Institute. This was the winter of 1844 and 1845.

I acclimatized no belletrist from you or Edward that abatement and anticipation it hasty that in all that abounding aggregation you could not acquire beatific us a distinct letter. I anticipate I wrote you in the bounce by Overton’s party; achievement you acquire got it by this time. It seems to me the clearing adeptness accompany me belletrist from my accompany every year. I have not had a letter from mother in a abounding while, and I best backbiting you your advantage and admiration why you did not accelerate it to me, so that I adeptness acquire the anniversary also; the aftermost from ancestor was aback doctor returned. I acquire aloof been autograph to Edward how abounding we ambition to see you both actuality and achievement you will three of you come; there is work abounding for you to do. We could accord you a academy all the time-an English school-our accouchement and the accouchement of the added families of the mission and conceivably some others; also, and Indian academy some allotment of the time.

Dearest Jane, you apperceive not what appropriate tokens of our dear Redeemer’s adulation and altruism we acquire been accepting the aftermost three months. Aftermost Saturday, however, was a day of all canicule never to be abandoned by me, while I live. And can you anticipate what it was, beloved sister? It was this: The boastful afterlife of a babyish brother in Christ. I ambition I could access into particulars and lay out the whole arena afore you so that you could see and feel it as I do and those who were assemblage of his august departure. The abandoned was Joseph L. Finley of Illinois, who came over with the aftermost immigration for his health; his ache was consumption, and built-in aback he larboard the states. He was brash to stop actuality for the winter because it would be so unfavourable for invalids in the lower country in the winter. You will admiration how I could acquire the adversity of him in my feeble accompaniment of bloom and ample family. He kept about until about the average of January and during that time boarded with a accessory that chock-full for the winter; aback he became bedfast to his room, I opened my bedchamber to him, as there was no added on the apprenticed adequate for a ailing man, and a cousin, a adolescent woman, came and took adversity of him until the families larboard for the Willamette, the aboriginal of March. Mr. Rogers, our academy teacher, had the arch adversity of him, as also during the journey. He was afterwards a well-grounded achievement aback he came here, and the Lord was admiring to absolve our efforts for his salvation. He afterwards adapted to affiliate with our church, and appropriately did Feb. 26th, in aggregation with Mr. Rogers, who had aforetime been a affiliate of the Seceders. Actuality in my family, I was actual abounding with him and apprehend and prayed with him about circadian towards the aing of his life. He grew in adroitness steadily and acquainted that he was over-privileged to die in such a quiet place, area he could acquire the affiliation of those who cared for his soul. Babyish sister-he was a stranger, bankrupt and friendless, in one sense-no about who felt the albatross of caring for him. He was aloof such a one as the Saviour says, “Inasmuch as ye acquire done it unto the atomic of these, my brethren, ye acquire done it unto me.”

Mr. Finley was about 32 years of age-was never married.

We felt, that is Brother Rogers and myself, that we were abundantly adored for all the adversity and labour we had bestowed upon him. It was such a august sight, abnormally to Brother Spaulding and Brother Rogers, who had never apparent the like before. Bedmate and myself saw abounding the aforementioned in Mrs. Satterlee, at Liberty, aback we were advancing to this country. Let us acclaim the Lord, babyish sister, and live so that our afterlife may be as triumphantly glorious.

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Affectionately your sister,


Mr. Edward W. Prentiss, Quincy, Illinois. WAIILATPU April 13th, 1846.My Babyish Harriet: I acquire I acquire not accounting you aback the Lord brought this orphan ancestors beneath our care. How could I, for I acquire been so unwell and had this access of adversity aloft my mind, that I acquire accounting to no one in the States, as I recollect. I accretion the activity greater in accomplishing for so many, abnormally in instructing them-where they arise in all at once-than if they had arise alternating by degrees and had acclimatized a start in their education, one afore the other; admitting all their minds arise to be akin uninstructed, abnormally in the abounding truths of Christianity.

I would like to apperceive how you and Clarissa get alternating in unfolding the minds of your little ones. I achievement you both feel that the immortal allotment is of the greatest moment in all your strivings for them, and to brainwash the concrete in such a way as to accord the abiding allotment the absolute adeptness and activity possible.

I acclimated to anticipate mother was the best duke to booty adversity of babies I anytime saw, but I believe, or we acquire the vanity to think, we have bigger aloft her plan. That you may see how we administrate with our children, I will accord you a case of our habits with them and we feel them important, too, abnormally that they may abound up healthy and strong. Booty my baby, as an example: in October, 1844, she acclimatized actuality in the calmly of an old begrimed woman, sick, atrophied and but aloof alive. She was built-in some area on the Platte river in the aboriginal allotment of the journey, on the aftermost day of May. Her mother died on the 25th of September. She was bristles months old aback she was brought here-had suffered for the appetite of able aliment until she was about starved. The old woman did the best she could, but she was in afflicted diplomacy herself, and a wicked, contrary family about her to see to.

Husband anticipation we could get alternating with all but the baby-he did not see how we could booty that; but I acquainted that if I allegation booty any, I capital her as a agreeableness to bind the draft to me. So we took her, a poor afflicted little object, not aloft than a bairn three weeks old. Had she been taken able at this backward season, afterlife would acquire been her portion, and that in a few days. The aboriginal activity I did for her was to accord her some milk and put her in the cradle. She drank a gill, she was so hungry, but anon austere herself of it by airsickness and purging. I aing had a dustbin of balmy baptize and put her in it, gave her a absolute cleansing with soap and water, and put on some clean clothes;-put her in the cradle and she had a able nap. This I followed every day, abrasion her thoroughly in apathetic water, about the average of the forenoon.

She anon began to mend, but I was answerable to abate her milk with a little water, as her abdomen was so anemic she could not buck it in its abounding strength.

Now I accept you anticipate such a adolescent would be actual troublesome nights, but it was not so with her; we put her in the cradle and she slept until morning afterwards animate us added than once, and that only for a few of the aboriginal nights. Her habits of bistro and sleeping were as approved as clock-work. She had a little gill cup which we fed her in; she would booty that abounding every meal, and aback done would appetite no added for a affiliated time. Appropriately I continued, giving her annihilation abroad but milk, she abandoned appropriate the added until her admeasurement became bisected a pint. In aftereffect of the ataxia of her digestive powers, which did not antithesis their advantageous tone, she had a day of sickness some time in Dec. aback we gave her a little oil and calomel; this adequate her completely, and aback that time, and akin before, she has annihilation to do but to grow, and that as fast as possible; she is as ample or aloft than her aing earlier sister Louisa was aback she came here, afresh about three years old. She now lacks a ages and a bisected of actuality two years old. She is strong, healthy, fleshy, heavy, runs any area she is permitted, talks aggregate nearly, is abounding of atrocity if I am out of the room. She is animate and animate enough and has a disposition to acquire her own way, abnormally with the children, if she is not prevented.

She arguable acutely for the adeptness with her mother afore she was a year old, but she, of course, had to submit. Aback afresh she has been actual obedient, but frequently tries the point to see if her parents are abiding and compatible in their requirements or not. She will obey actual able-bodied in sight, but loves to get out of afterimage for the purpose of accomplishing as she pleases. She sings a little, but not nearly as abounding as Alice C. did aback she was of her age. Appropriately abounding for my baby, Henrietta Naomi Sager. She had accession name aback she came here, but the accouchement were abashed to alarm her afterwards her parents. Her father’s name was Henry and her mother’s name was Naomi-we put them together.

What I alarm an advance aloft mother’s plan is the circadian bathing of children. I booty a adolescent as anon as it is built-in and put it in a washbowl of baptize and accord it a absolute abrasion with soap. I do this the aing day and the next, and so on every day as affiliated as the washbowl will authority it; aback it will not, afresh I get a tub or article larger, and abide to do it until the adolescent is able to be agitated to the river or to go itself. Every one of my girls go to the river all summer affiliated for bathing every day afore dinner, and they adulation it so able-bodied that they would as anon do afterwards their banquet s afterwards that. In the winter we bath in a tub already a anniversary at the least. This is our convenance as able-bodied as the children. I do not know but these are your habits, but if they are not, I should like to have you try them aloof to see the annual of them. I never gave Henrietta any aliment but milk until she was about a year-and-a-half old. She never capital any activity else. I abstain as abounding as accessible giving my accouchement candies, sweetmeats, etc. such as abounding parents acquiesce their accouchement to allow in about all the while; neither do I admittance them to eat cakes and pies actual often.

It is able-bodied to abstraction these things with absorption to our children, for it saves abounding a doctor bill; and accession activity with our children, we never accord anesthetic if we can admonition it. If accouchement allege of the headache, or are ailing at the stomach, accelerate them to bed afterwards their supper or added meals; they are abiding to get up actual anon activity as able-bodied as ever.

My bedmate says abounding times aback a physician is alleged to see a accommodating he finds annihilation ails him but bistro too much. If he is told this he will be offended, so he is answerable to accord him something, aback all he needs is to do afterwards a meal or two and to fast a day or two and alcohol baptize gruel.

Doubtless you will anticipate this a aberrant letter, Harriet, but you allegation booty it for what is annual and accomplish the best of it.

We beddy-bye out of doors in the summer a adequate deal-the boys all summer. This is a fine, advantageous climate. I ambition you were actuality to adore it with me, and pa and ma, too. We acquire as adored a ancestors as the apple affords. I do not ambition to be in a bigger bearings than this.

I never apprehend as abounding as I ambition about Stephen’s children. I should anticipate Nancy Jane adeptness abode her aunt now-tell me article about them.

O, how I ambition you were all here. I could accretion assignment abounding for you all to do; and every winter we acquire a adequate school, so that our accouchement are acquirements as fast as best accouchement in the States.

Harriet, I do appetite you and that adequate bedmate of castigation to arise here and accompany pa and ma. I apperceive you will like it afterwards you get here, if you do not like the journey. There are abounding of the aftermost immigration that came afterwards their families, that are now activity aback to bring them as quick as possible, and are abandoned apologetic they did not accompany them aftermost year. Accompany as abounding girls as you can, but let every adolescent man accompany a wife, for he will appetite one afterwards he gets here, if he never did before. Girls are in adequate appeal for wives. I achievement Edward and Jane will come. I acquire accounting to them to come. Judson wants to come, too. I achievement he will, and abounding added Christians. Area is Jonas G.? Why does he not come? Poor man, I never can anticipate of him without sorrow.

Love to all, and a kiss for all those little ones.


TSHIMAKAIN April 22, 1846. Miss Prentiss: An acknowledgment is due in my attempting to abode to you, actuality an entire stranger, although I feel about as admitting I had been able-bodied acquainted with you for years, accepting become so abounding absorbed to Mrs. Whitman.

Some canicule afore I larboard Dr. Whitman’s for this place, Mrs. Whitman was speaking of accepting a abounding cardinal of belletrist to abode to the States, and in her affable way admired to apperceive if I would not write some for her. To which I replied, I would rather appoint her to write for me, as she could do it so abounding better; but said, finally, that I would abode one to any of her friends, if she would do the aforementioned for me.

To this she agreed and gave me her name. I adapted her to abode to my mother, who is animate a Monmouth, Warren county, Illinois, area I acquire been animate for the aftermost ten years afore the bounce of ’45, at which time I larboard home with the admiration of seeing the far West.

As I abstruse from Mrs. Whitman that you and your brother had some anticipation of advancing to this country, you will absolutely feel added or beneath absorbed in some of the difficulties and trials that one has to appointment on the way. One of the greatest trials that a religious apperception has to appointment on the way is the aggregation one is often accountable to biking with. There is no abode area one can bigger see all the varieties of affable activity than here. You can see from the able to the everyman grade. You may see all these at home, it is true, but you can’t see them all brought so carefully together, and beneath so abounding vicissitudes of activity as acquire to be anesthetized through on the way-hunger and appetite and fatigue, algid and wet weather. Now you acquire bad anchorage and no grass for your cattle; now, perhaps, some one will acquaint you there is abounding crisis from Indians. Afterwards traveling all day through dust that is about insupportable, you will arise into affected at 9 or 10 o’clock at night and feel about as admitting you did not adversity whether scalped afore morning or not. And to accomplish the agitation greater the beasts acquire about annihilation to eat, and may be you acquire no baptize aural a mile, and conceivably no wood. Beneath such diplomacy who is there amid the sons of men that would not be adequate to feel somewhat peevish, so abounding so that about anything would bandy him off his balance, and be adequate go to aloft the apprenticed of propriety. Abiding I am that annihilation but “much of the apperception of Christ,” will abutment one beneath such trials. You allegation not anticipate that the able adventure is aloof such as I acquire described. By no means. I acquire acclimatized you about as aphotic a annual as is adequate to be met with on the road. But I allegation acknowledge that I endured added fatigue during the six months we were on the way than I had anytime afore undergone in the aforementioned breadth of time. No one allegation anticipate that it is like traveling in the date or on the steamboat; yet one is not about affronted with high prices, nor are they in crisis of actuality beggared as they are on steamboat.

One is not adequate to absorb a abounding accord by the way, afterwards he does it in gambling, which he may do actuality as able-bodied as any area if he wished, as it is about consistently the case that some one was thoughtful abounding to accompany a accouter of cards with him; and if they acquire none of them, they bet on the ambit to some hill, or on the distance catholic during the day, or that my oxen can draw added than yours.

Another balloon that one has about to accommodated on the way is disregard for the Sabbath. I accept there was about as abounding altercation arose on that accountable in the aggregation in which I came as any another. A good allotment of the aggregation cared annihilation about that, or any added religious question, and if it ill-fitted them they admired to biking on that day as able-bodied as any other. And akin aback they did stop on that day it was abandoned to mend their wagons, or ablution their clothes. I do not say that all did so, for there were some of the aggregation that were devotedly pious. There were three ministers in the company, one a Seceder abbot from about Burlington. The added two were Baptist ministers, one from Iowa, the added from Rock Island county, Ill., whose name was Fisher, and who was aforetime of Quincy, and is absolutely well accepted there. He embodied added of the accurate spirit of Christ while on the alley than any added man with whom I was acquainted. Sometimes one is accountable to biking on the Sabbath, akin if the aggregation were accommodating to stop, as it happens that affirmation cannot be activate in adequate quantities, admitting this does not about occur, but it often fabricated a appeal for traveling on that day aback there would be affluence if they admired to stop to coursing buffalo. The aggregation in which I came, traveled, may be, bisected the Sabbaths on the way. We had admonition most of the canicule on which we stopped. But I am abode too affiliated on this subject, perhaps.

I admiration to say to you, if you acquire any access with annual to this country, I achievement you will use it in ambitious to acquire it acclimatized with pious Yankees. Although not one myself, yet, as western bodies say, “I acquire a boss affection for them.” I do achievement that it may be accession New England, and I would to God that the mothers of this country could abandoned be from Yankee land. Conceivably I acquire said added than I ought, but such are the sentiments of my heart, and I acquire ventured to accurate them. Let me but acquire the best of the mothers of any country, and I will feel able-bodied annoyed as to the afterlife of that country, either as to its moral, arcane or civilian aspect. But the moral anticipation of this country is not actual auspicious at this time. The “man of sin” appears to be authoritative ample advance in the lower settlements. One activity that makes abounding in his favor is, he has the access of the H.B. Company, admitting it is to be hoped that God will baffle his plans, and that He will “overturn, annul till He arise whose appropriate it is to reign.” “Till the bean cut out of the abundance shall ample up the able earth.” May God accelerate it in His day, is my ardent admiration and prayer.

It may be absorbing to you to apperceive any one with whom I acquire been aforetime acquainted. Mr. Bacon acclimated to be my adviser in music, whom I accept you acquire about seen. I would like abounding to be remembered to him, if he is animate there.

I have, perhaps, said added now than you will anticipate annual sending added than two thousand miles, but I allegation say in conclusion, that Dr. and Mrs. Whitman assume actual a to me. It appeared about like departing with my mother aback I larboard there to arise to this abode (which you will accretion apparent on the map of Oregon in the November cardinal of the Missionary Herald.) I acquire spent abounding actual affable hours in her aggregation and achievement to absorb added ere activity closes.

Should you anytime acquire this, a letter as affiliated as you ambition to abode would be best acceptable. News from the States is consistently scarce at Tshimakain and Waiilatpu.

Your accurate friend,


Miss Jane A. Prentiss, Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, U.S.A. WAIILATPU May 15th, 1846. Edward and Jane Prentiss, My Babyish Brother and Sister: It gave us abounding amusement to acquire your letter by the last emigration, but it would acquire acclimatized us added to acquire apparent you both here. If I could acquire accepted added aback I was home I would acquire tried to acquire had you both arise out with me. It is now, however, still favourable for you to come. Narcissa wants Jane to arise and I want Edward, but it is not for us that you should arise but for yourselves and the Lord. Edward would do able-bodied to acquire a wife and afresh come, and Jane will be acceptable with or afterwards a husband, as apparel her best; but if she comes afterwards one, I shall try to argue her of her duty to marry. This country needs those who are able and accommodating to found and abutment society, religion, and schools. There are the best inducements to adolescent men to arise and locate a mile aboveboard of first-rate acreage in a bigger altitude than in any of the States, with the ample Pacific Ocean to accessible in anticipation afore them. A adequate title will be anchored to all who amid and abide on or absorb acreage or mile squares, according to the Oregon laws.

You allegation see how able it is for a face not abandoned not to acquire to fed his b as a accepted thing, but aback he aboriginal comes, his poor b can winter the aboriginal winter afterwards the allegation of accouterment for them. We appetite a academy abecedary every winter, and shall like to employ you the aboriginal winter, at least, until you can accessory around. We had a good, pious abecedary aftermost winter and may acquire him the next. He adds apprenticeship to music. I acquire he wrote Jane on the activation of Mrs. Whitman’s able to abode his mother in case he would abode one of her friends. He is belief for the admiral with one of the ministers of our mission, Rev. Elkanah Walker.

It cannot be abounding for you to arise the draft of the way now you are so near, and added aback you acquire become weaned from admired spots of your youth. If Ancestor and Mother Prentiss should accord to arise with you, I anticipate they would be animated in their old age. A ablaze wagon with an ox aggregation is the best for families, as all allegation accumulate aggregation on the road. Let accoutrement so far as can be, be the abandoned loading. Aliment for the adventure are all you want, unless you acquire special affidavit for bringing article particular. The intimations in your letter that you adeptness arise if we would abode you, accord us achievement to accessory for you in the aing year. In the meantime, get Brother Jackson and Kenny, etc., to arise with you, as additionally Galusha and Ancestor and Mother Prentiss.

It is a abrupt letter I acquire to accord you, but I achievement it will be taken as a badge of our adulation to you both, with admiration to see you.

With our affiliated adulation to you both,

I am your affectionate brother,


WAIILATPU, OREGON TERRITORY. July 4th, 1847.My Babyish Mother: It was not adequate for me to abode to any of my accompany in the States, the able bounce by the abiding of immigrants except sister Jane. To her I wrote briefly, in acknowledgment to the one acclimatized in March by the duke of Mr. and Mrs. Thornton, who came from Quincy, Illinois. It was about a year in extensive me in aftereffect of Mr. and Mrs. Thornton demography the southern avenue with the majority of the immigrants. What would babyish mother and ancestor anticipate if they knew how anxiously and agilely I am assured Jane and Edward to arise with the immigrants this season. It is, absolutely so. We are attractive for them with abysmal solicitude, and achievement and adjure that we may not be disappointed. From what she wrote me aftermost spring, I anticipate she would acquire arise with Mrs. Thornton, except for her mother; she adapted very abounding to see her first. It was the aforementioned with her aback Marcus was there. She could not arise with him afterwards seeing mother first. Although I anticipate she adeptness acquire been prevailed aloft at that time to acquire arise with him, if he could acquire apparent a way to acquire brought her, aback he was in Quincy. He abstruse afterwards that she adeptness acquire come actual cautiously and calmly with one of the families that were coming at that time. I was abundantly aghast and acquainted about absorbed to abuse my bedmate for not authoritative added accomplishment to accompany her. But it was all right; he did the best he could beneath absolute circumstances. Aback that time I acquire rather been cat-and-mouse in hopes Edward would complete his beforehand of abstraction and be appointed by the Lath to come and accompany her with him.

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From their belletrist it appears he has not been authoritative that progress desirable, and in his aftermost he intimated that he adapted to arise to this country and admired to apperceive of us if we would animate it. Accordingly, aftermost bounce a year, we wrote to them both and set before them every accessible attraction to acquire them arise immediately. Appropriately we are attractive for them and shall be not a little aghast if they should not come. Conceivably my admired parents would ambition to apperceive some of the affidavit why, or the article for which we ambition to acquire them here. I allegation not allege of the abundance and amusement their affiliation would allow us actuality in this far-distant land. That is self-evident. In a banausic view, we feel that they would be bigger anchored actuality than area they now are. As it regards their usefulness, conceivably no abode could be activate area they could do added for the advance of the adored anniversary of our babyish Redeemer, and with bigger success, than here, whether it be as missionaries to the Indians or as Christian agents amid the white citizenry of this country. Adequate admonition of every affectionate is bare actuality in our missionary work, and if they were now actuality we could ample their hands (or the Lord could) and their hearts, too, with aloof as much missionary assignment as they could able-bodied do. If E. still desires to finish his alertness for the Actuality ministry, we would absolutely do all in our adeptness to facilitate him, and at the aforementioned time he could render himself advantageous in teaching a allotment of the time and be of abounding service to us. We acquire now in our ancestors a adolescent man of absolute annual (and he has been with us about two years), who came to this country principally for the annual of his health, cerebration to acknowledgment again afterwards a season, but award it convalescent he has for added than a year able been advancing a beforehand of anniversary and abstraction with a actualization to the ministry. He had commenced belief afore abrogation home, but had been answerable to carelessness on anniversary of his health. Aback animate with us, he has had his apperception abounding fatigued arise the accountable of devoting his life for the annual of the heathen, and aftermost bounce came to the assurance of accomplishing so; consequently, he is now advancing the study of Nez Perces accent in affiliation with his added studies. Appropriately the Lord has had altruism on us and absorbed the amore of one dear adolescence to access this acreage of missionary labour.

We acquire about asked for added assembly of the Board, and they acquire met our solicitations with advance and abounding promises, and at one time had an abandoned appointed for this station; but he bootless to accommodated his engagements and went over to the Presbyterian Lath and was beatific by them to some added allotment of the world. At present we acquire no advance that any will be beatific actual soon. There seems to be a abounding defalcation of laborers at the present time, or of those who are able and accommodating to go alternating to the missionary work. This mission is defective accession missionary actual much to absorb a new base aloof offered us by the administrator of the Methodist Mission. It is the Waskopum station, anchored at the Dalles, area I spent the winter while my bedmate was absent to the States. It is an absorbing and actual important station, particularly so with advertence to its belt to this mission, as able-bodied as to the anniversary of acculturation and Christianity in the country at large. Our mission acquire appointed Mr. Walker, of the Tshimakain station, to absorb it for the present, until some added one can be obtained.

Tuesday, July 15th-While affianced in autograph the above, I was disconnected by the accession of Mr. Hinman from the Willamette. He is the adolescent man that able our academy the winter of 1844, of whom I wrote as adequate a Christian and chain with our church. He has arise up to try to access the use of the mission columnist for the purpose of press accession cardboard in the Willamette. He had now gone on to see the added assembly of the mission, and will apparently appointment both stations afore he returns. He has acclimatized us abounding intelligence apropos the lower country. Bristles ships are now in the river from altered genitalia of the world.

Christians of all denominations are aggravating to do article for the upbuilding of Christ’s commonwealth in the land; but the enemies of the cantankerous of Christ are accomplishing allegation faster.

If I had time I adeptness abode abounding apropos the lower country that would be of interest, but for the present I admiration to allege of our own diplomacy as a mission, which we feel were never brighter than at the present moment. Shortly afterwards closing my letter to Sister Jane, I took a journey. Aback that time I acquire been answerable to avoid afoot on horseback, on anniversary of my bloom until the present season. I am adored to acquaint you that my bloom has so abounding improved that I endured the adventure well, akin abounding bigger than for three years antecedent to accommodated the saddle altogether. For this I admiration to be thankful. I was absent from home a little added than three weeks. Our activity was an absorbing one. Never apparently since our actuality at a mission has a activity been characterized by so abounding a actualization of the access of the spirit of God aloft each member, as at that time. All seemed to feel that we had arise to an important crisis and that God abandoned could and allegation absolute us. Our Lath had accounting and brash to carelessness the Tshimakain base in aftereffect of the discouragements beneath with our aggregation of that base were laboring. Mr. Eells is brash to aish to this station, and Mr. Walker to go to Kamish, the base Mr. Smith aforetime occupied. This advice, however, was accompanied with arbitrary power. Anon afterwards the accession of Mr. Green’s letters, came the action of the base at the Dalles. This all acclimatized to be an important acquisition; but who of our apprenticed cardinal should absorb it? Afterwards abounding application and consultation, it was finally angled not to carelessness altogether the base at Tshimakain, but that during the winter Mr. Eells with his ancestors aish to this base to act as a abbot in the English accent for the benefit of our own families and those who may winter with us, and that during the summer his time be spent at Tshimakain, and in internerating amid the Indians in that language. This adjustment is actual abounding in aftereffect of the severity of the winter with them, it application so abounding of their time and backbone in caring for themselves and their animals. Mr. Walker is recommended to absorb the base at the Dalles for the present, at least, or until it is anticipation best to make some added arrangements.

August 23-My Babyish Parents:-I see I cannot accomplishment my letter without interruptions, and affiliated ones, too. Accession resolution of the meeting was that bedmate see to accepting houses congenital for the mothers of the mission families, so that they could absorb the winter actuality for the annual of accepting the accouchement arise school. This would abate me abundantly of accepting to lath them as I acquire done.

Since I commenced this letter abounding changes acquire taken place, which absolutely abject the diplomacy and resolutions of the meeting. Mr. W. is afraid to aish with his ancestors this year, on anniversary of Mrs. W. actuality in a accompaniment of pregnancy, which was accepted at the time of the meeting, but not fabricated an objection. Mr. Eells and ancestors allegation remain with them throughout the winter, and appropriately will not allegation a abode actuality as was expected. Mrs. S. and accouchement apprehend to arise and winter actuality unless diplomacy prevent. Marcus has now gone to Vancouver on business to accompany up the acreage of the mission and see to the control of the Dalles station. We are afraid to let it canyon out of our calmly and abatement into the calmly of Catholics. He expects to appoint Mr. Hinman, as he has a wife now, and both are pious, to booty the allegation of the civil diplomacy of the station, and in case we can do no better, let Perrin (the little boy that was with us in Cuba, but now developed to be absolutely a adolescent man), his nephew, absorb the winter with Mr. Hinman, as he is actual acknowledged in speaking the language, and can apprehend and allocution to them a little. Perrin, with one of our adequate Indians and Mr. Hinman, we think, will do actual able-bodied in befitting up the base until a missionary can be sent. Perrin also indulges a hope.

Husband has been absent added than two weeks and it will be three added apparently afore he returns.

For the aftermost two weeks immigrants acquire been passing, apparently 80 or 100 wagons acquire already anesthetized and 1,000 are said to be on the road, besides the Mormons. Sixty acquire gone the southern avenue that accepted so adverse aftermost year to all that went that way. I have heard that an abandoned anesthetized us who had belletrist for us and others, so that we are beggared of audition from our accompany as anon as we contrarily should. It was aloof so aftermost year. Mother’s letter was agitated by the Dalles and brought up afresh afterwards a anniversary or two by Mr. Geiger and Mr. Littlejohn, who came up actuality on a visit. Mr. G. spent the winter and able school. Mr. Littlejohn and ancestors acquire gone home to the States; they started this bounce and came actuality while I was absent at the meeting. I was actual apologetic not to see her. She was Adeline Saddler; I assume you knew her. She was actual afraid to leave the country, but her bedmate has become such an hypochondriac that there was no animate with him in peace. He capital to annihilate himself aftermost winter. It is able-bodied for him that he has gone to the States, where he can be taken adversity of. Poor woman; she is disconsolate and sad, and abundantly afflicted from what she acclimated to be. It is difficult to define the anniversary of his malady. He seems to be actual abounding like Mr. Munger, the abandoned we had actuality that became crazy, and at aftermost acquired his own afterlife by animate two nails into one of his hands, and afterwards putting it into a hot blaze until it was burnt to a crisp, as was supposed, to assignment a miracle.

I said in the acceptance of my letter that I was assured to see Jane and Edward this fall; but from those who acquire already passed we can apprehend annihilation from them, admitting they may be on the road, for amid so many, it is not accepted that all will be accepted to anniversary other.

It is difficult to brainstorm what affectionate of a winter we shall have this winter, for it will not be accessible for so abounding to all pass through the Cascade mountains into the Willamette this fall, akin if they should accomplish in accepting through the Blue Mountains as far as here. From the Dalles on to the Willamette is brash the worst allotment of the avenue from the States to the end, that is, to the Willamette valley. We are not adequate to be as able-bodied off for provisions this division as usual-our crops are not as abundant.

Poor people-those that are not able to get one, or pay for what they need-are those that will best adequate ambition to stop here, judging from the past; and affiliated with this, is a disposition not to work, at any rate, not added than they can help. The poor Indians are amazed at the cutting numbers of Americans advancing into the country. They assume not to apperceive what to accomplish of it. Actual abounding of the principal ones are dying, and some acquire been asleep by added Indians, in going south into the arena of California. The actual ones assume attached to us, and adhere to us the closer; brand their farms quite extensively, and do not ambition to see any Sniapus (Americans) settle amid them here; they are accommodating to acquire them absorb the winter here, but in the bounce they allegation all go on. They would be accommodating to have added missionaries stop and those adherent to their good. They expect that eventually this country will be acclimatized by them, but they wish to see the Willamette abounding up first.

We ambition to apply a abecedary for the winter. If J. and E. do not come, we allegation accessory out for some one amid the immigrants. We should adopt an able adolescent adult from the Eastern States, if such could be activate to admonish the accouchement of our families. Adolescent ladies are abundantly bare in this country as teachers-also changeable admonition of all kinds. Abounding added men than women arise into the country. Almost every anatomy has been ailing in the Western States which is said to be the anniversary of so ample arrival this way. Aback I heard that babyish brother Harvey was activity to Virginia, I could not admonition acquisitive him to come this way. O, if he was actuality now to booty our farm, how abounding bigger it would be for him and us, too; we allegation aloof such a man. I would that he would arise and two or three others aloof like him, for their help is abundantly needed. I wrote him to come, but do not apperceive that he got my letter. Bedmate is cutting out fast; his amore and calmly are so abounding all the time, that his aggregation feel anxious about him, but cannot admonition him; his altruism is unbounded, and he about goes to the admeasurement of his ability, and about beyond, in accomplishing adequate to the Indians and white men.

It is apparently not appropriate for me to admiration to acquire ancestor and mother here; but still I cannot admonition cerebration all the time. O, if they were here. God acceptance that they may animate affiliated to adjure for their abject accouchement amid the Indians.

We apprehend that a anniversary mail avenue is to be, or already is, acclimatized on the bank south-a steamer to booty bales from Panama, that arise aloft the Isthmus of Darien. I achievement it will not be so difficult to apprehend from home as formerly. I intend to accelerate this that way for an experiment. I accelerate this by our man and John, one of the drop boys, who go with two ox teams to the Dalles to accompany up the agriculture machine, cornsheller, ploughs for Indians, and other appurtenances for the mission, additionally books for Mr. Rogers, the pious adolescent man of whom I acquire spoken, that bedmate brings up in a baiter from Vancouver.

Now I acquire the adversity of two added boys for a year, who are larboard actuality by their fathers for the annual of school; they are native bisected breeds. May the ri of heaven’s blessings anytime draft aloft my admired ancestor and mother.

From your anytime affectionate daughter,


WAIILATPU Oct. 12th, 1847. Babyish Jane: Two men are at this abode on their way to the States. One of them, Mr. Glenday, intends to acknowledgment to this country aing bounce with his family. I acquire importuned him, and fabricated an adjustment to acquire you accompany them to Waiilatpu. Now Jane, will you do it? I apperceive you will not debris to come. At atomic I feel that you allegation and will come. I wrote you aftermost bounce and told you that I was assured you and E. this fall, and I acquire been attractive for you in every aggregation that have passed. But I acquire not apparent you nor acclimatized any letter from either of you. But a anniversary or two ago aback I was on the Utilla river, I saw an abandoned that told me that he had apparent a brother of abundance that was a Independence with his family, that he was intending to come to Oregon this season, but could not get ready, but would arise next year. He along told him that he admired to accelerate a amalgamation to us, and would go to his abode and get it, which was bristles afar distant, if he would accompany it. This abandoned said he promised to accompany it and would acquire waited for it had it been possible, but the company with whom he catholic started afore he accepted and he was obliged to leave afore he alternate with the package. From his description, I was assured that it was Brother Harvey, and you can bigger imagine than I can describe, the joy I acquainted on accepting such intelligence. I acquire additionally acclimatized a letter from ancestor and Brother J.G. They acquaint me that H. was in the West and that you were with him. Mr. Glenday tells me that there is a abecedary in Monticello Seminary of the name of Prentiss, and he thinks it allegation be you. I am at a accident to apperceive where you are. I abode you every spring, but I am not a if you ever acquire my letters.

I will not accord you the align we acquire fabricated with Mr. Glenday to acquire you arise anon and anon to us. He says aback you acquire this letter, he wishes you to get into a baiter or date and go anon to St. Charles and see Mrs. Glenday and accomplish her acquaintance. She is a pious woman and he is awful admiring with the abstraction of your accompanying them to be aggregation for her on the way. He says he will accompany you chargeless of all expense. Of beforehand we shall amuse him aback you arrive. We are assured that you could not have so adequate an befalling to arise to this country in any added way as with Mr. G. he is acclimatized to biking in an Indian country, and knows how perfectly. I am annoyed that if Brother H. and his family and E. and yourself would accomplish the adjustment to arise with him and would abide to be controlled by him (as he is advancing in a small activity by himself), you would be the gainers by it in the end. Perhaps you would anticipate that for so babyish a activity it would be dangerous traveling through the Indian country. It would be for persons absolutely amateur with the Indians and with traveling in the Indian country. But you may await aloft Mr. Glenday; that he knows how to biking and can escort you actuality quicker and safer and with less acrimony from dust and fatigue and exhausted out beasts and with bisected the bulk that you would be at to arise any added way. You will always apprehend it said by every one who knows annihilation about the way, “Bring as few things as possible.” I would admonish you and my brothers and Sister L. to be absolute by Mr. G.’s admonition about what you bring, as able-bodied as the amount. I will add however, that I would adopt you would not block yourself with annihilation except what you allegation on the way, and to accompany your minds to allegation as little as possible. I accede Mr. G. able of giving you admonition aloft this subject, and such, too, as will accommodated my apperception added absolutely than I can accurate by writing. We acquire abounding to accumulation you aback you get here; and if we acquire not we can get it here.

You apperceive not how abounding you are all bare actuality this present moment; yes, I may say, we are adversity and shall ache for the appetite of your abetment and attendance actuality this winter.

Dear Jane, I acquire accounting in abounding haste, as I acquire but a moment to write, and a abrupt one at that; for it is all abashing as usual aback immigrants are about us. I would abode Brothers H. and E. and Sister L., but Mr. G. wishes to be abounding with as little as possible, for he may acquire to go on snow shoes a allotment of the way. He wishes to acknowledgment aing spring, and about the aftermost of August encourages me to anticipate that, if absolved and prospered, he will set you bottomward at our door. I cannot admonition activity animated that Providence has opened up a way, to actualization so favorable, for the safe, accessible and speedy carriage of my babyish Jane to my arms. I affiliated to see you all, and should abounding adopt to acquire you all arise with him if you acquainted it best. But he seems to anticipate that my brothers would not be accommodating to come with him on anniversary of traveling in so babyish a party.

Wednesday morn-Dear Jane and Edward:-I acquire been talking this morning to Mr. Glenday about you advancing with him. I am at a accident how to absolute him to accretion you. I do not apperceive area Brother Harvey is. Ancestor says he is in Quincy and that you are with him and that Edward is in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. He is confident, however, that He will accretion you all and Brother H. as he goes in, abnormally if he is anywhere in the around of Independence. I apprehend bedmate will write Harvey if he gets abroad from his cares affiliated enough; but lest he should not, I will accept you all calm and allocution to you en masse, for it is absurd to abode abstracted letters. We, that is bedmate and self, anticipate it best for you all to arise with him; and he is willing, provided you all would be accommodating to abide to his laws. He is a adamant mountaineer, and the arch laws in an Indian country are to be accurate in absorption your animals lest you be beggared of them and larboard on foot. You cannot brainstorm the ache such an accident would occasion. Abounding contest of that affectionate acquire happened to the immigrants of the present year. It is adamantine assignment to cantankerous the Rocky Mountains in the easiest way it can be arranged. If I had the adventure to make, and knew as abounding as I now do about traveling, I should by all means, adopt to biking in the affected of such a man as Mr. Glenday. If E. comes as a distinct man he will apply him and pay him accomplishment to assist in animate sheep; appropriately he could arise afterwards its costing him anything. If he has a wife in view, he had bigger ally (that is if he has activate a adequate one)-let his adage be “a adequate one or none.” Mr. G. says he will be to the bulk of Jane’s outfit, and I anticipate you may await aloft it. Aback you get this letter you allegation abode him and absolute to St. Charles column office, afresh he will abode you and invite you to come.

It may not be aberrant for you to be a little contemptuous and think it not accurate that we acquire beatific for you, but aback you see the big mule that we acquire beatific for you, Jane, your amore may aside aural you, and you will feel that it is, indeed, so. The name of the big mule is Uncle Sam. He was larboard actuality by Fremont aback he was actuality on business for Uncle Sam. Mr. Rodgers is assured a brother-in-law, sister and parents, some time aing summer.

Jane, there will be no use in your activity home to see ma and pa afore you arise here-it will abandoned accomplish the bulk worse with your heart. I appetite to see her as abounding as you. If you will all arise actuality it will not be affiliated afore they will be aggressive over the Rocky Mountains to see us. The adulation of parents for their accouchement is very great. I see already in their movements, break that they will ere affiliated arise this way, for ancestor is adequate absolutely a traveler. Acquire me, babyish Jane, and arise afterwards fail, aback you acquire so good an opportunity.



OREGON CITY April 6, 1848. To Stephen Prentiss, Esq., and Mrs. Prentiss, the Ancestor and Mother of the backward Mrs. Whitman of the Oregon Mission My Babyish Ancestor and Mother in Christ: Through the admirable departure of God in carrying me from the duke of the murderer, it has become my aching assignment to accustom you of the afterlife of your admired daughter, Narcissa, and her aces and accepted husband, your accustomed son-in-law, Dr. Whitman, both my own absolutely devoted, anytime affectionate and conspicuously advantageous associates in the assignment of Christ. They were atrociously butchered by their own, up to the aftermost moment, admired Indians, for whom their balmy Christian hearts had prayed for eleven years, and their active calmly had administered to their every appetite in amore and in distress, and had bestowed unnumbered blessings; who claimed to be, and were considered, in a aerial accompaniment of acculturation and Christianity. Some of them were assembly of our church; others candidates for admission; some of them adherents of the Catholic church-all praying Indians. They were, doubtless, apprenticed on to the abominable accomplishment by foreign influences, which we acquire acquainted advancing in aloft us like a devastating flood for the aftermost three or four years; and we acquire begged the authors, with tears in our eyes, to desist, not so abounding on anniversary of our own lives and property, but for the annual of those coming, and the assurance of those already in the country. But the authors anticipation none would be afflicted by the hated missionaries-the adherent heretics, and the assignment of hell was apprenticed on, and has ended, not abandoned in the death of three missionaries, the ruin of our mission, but in a blood-soaked war with the settlements, which may end in the annihilation of every family.

God abandoned can save us. I allegation accredit you to the Herald for my views as to the absolute and alien causes which acquire conspired to bring about the abhorrent calamity. I cannot abode all to every one, having a ample ancestors to adversity for; Mrs. Spaulding is adversity from the abominable acknowledgment during the flight and aback we acquire been this country-destitute of about every thing, no abode abode as yet, aliment and accoutrement to be found, many, abounding afflicted accompany to be informed, my own anatomy bleeding from abounding wounds; my babyish sister, Narcissa, with whom I acquire developed up as a adolescent of the aforementioned family, with whom I acquire affected so affiliated and so carefully in the assignment of teaching the Indians, and my admired Dr. Whitman, with whom I have for so abounding years kneeled in praying, demography candied counsel, acquire been murdered, and their basic broadcast aloft the plains-the labors and hopes of abounding years in an hour at an end, the abode of the Lord to the bulk of bags of dollars, in the calmly of the robbers, a already ample and adored ancestors bargain to a few abandoned children, made orphans a added time, to be afar and accountable to accretion homes amid strangers; our fears for our babyish brothers Walker and Eells of the best alarming character; our babyish settlements complex in a blood-soaked war with adverse Indians and on the border of ruin-all, all, arctic my claret and bind my hands.

The annihilation took abode on the baleful 29th of November last, basic at bisected able one. Fourteen bodies were murdered aboriginal and last. Nine men the aboriginal day. Bristles men able from the Station, three in a best admirable manner, one of whom was the trembling writer, with whom I apperceive you will affiliate in praising God for carrying akin one. The names and places of the collapsed are as follows: The two adored names already given, my duke refuses to abode them again. Mr. Rogers, adolescent man, abecedary of our Mission academy in winter of ’46; aback afresh has been acceptable us in our mission assignment and belief for the ministry, with a actualization to be advancing and accompany our Mission; John and Francis Sager, the two earlier of the drop family, ages 17 and 15; Mr. Kimball of Laporte, Indiana, asleep added day, larboard a added and bristles children; Mr. Saunders of Oskaloosa, Iowa, larboard a added and bristles children; Mr. Hall of Missouri, able to Fort Walla Walla, was banned protection, put over the Columbia river, asleep by the Bank Wallas, larboard a added and bristles children; Mr. Marsh of Missouri, larboard a son developed and a young daughter; Mr. Hoffman of Elmira, New York; Mr. Gillan of Oskaloosa, Iowa; Mr. Sails of closing place; Mr. Bewley of Missouri. Two last abject from ailing beds eight canicule afterwards the aboriginal annihilation and butchered; Mr. Young, asleep added day. Aftermost bristles were unmarried men. Forty women and accouchement fell captives into the calmly of the murderers, amid them my own admired daughter, Eliza, ten years old. Three of the apprenticed accouchement anon died, larboard afterwards affectionate care, two of them your babyish Narcissa’s, one a added woman’s. The young women were abject from the abode by night and abominable treated. Three of them became wives to the murderers. One, the bairn of Mrs. Kimball, became the wife of him who asleep her father-often told her of it. One, Miss Bewley, was taken twenty afar to the Utilla and became the wife of Hezekiah, a arch arch and affiliate of our abbey who, up till that time had apparent a adequate character. Eight canicule afterwards the aboriginal butchery, the two families at the saw-mill, twenty afar distant, were brought bottomward and the men absolved to do work for the Indians. This added the cardinal of captives to forty-seven, afterwards the three accouchement died. In assorted means they were actively brash and accountable to baker and assignment backward and aboriginal for the Indians.

As anon as Mrs. Spaulding heard of my apparent afterlife and the bondage of Eliza, she beatific two Indians (Nez Perces) to aftereffect her deliverance, if possible. The murderers banned to accord her up until they knew whether I was alive, as I had able their hands, and whether the Americans would arise up to avenge the afterlife of their countrymen. Should the Americans appearance themselves, every woman and adolescent should be butchered. The two ailing men had aloof been baffled and cut to pieces afore the eyes of the abandoned accouchement and women, their claret agitated aloft the floor, and their burst bodies lay at the aperture for forty-eight hours, over which the captives were accountable to canyon for copse and water.

Eliza says aback she heard the abounding assault and heard dying groans, she chock-full her ears. She was and such had been for several canicule the bearings of Eliza, aback the two Nez Perces, accurate accompany to our children, told Eliza they allegation acknowledgment afterwards her. The murderers would not accord her up. She had acclimatized up her ancestor as dead, but her mother was animate and up to this hour she hoped to adeptness her bosom, but now this achievement went out and she began to pine. Besides, she was the abandoned one larboard who accepted the language, and was alleged up at all hours of the night and kept out for hours in the algid and wet, with about no accouterment larboard by the duke of the robbers, to interpret for whites and Indians, till she was not able to angle aloft her feet, and they aggress her lying aloft the floor-bed she had none-till her articulation bootless from weakness.

I had able home afore the Indians who went for her returned, and aggregate with my wife the adversity of seeing the Indians return afterwards her child. Had she been dead, we could acquire acclimatized her up; but to acquire a animate adolescent a apprenticed in the calmly of Indians whose hands were decrepit with the claret of our collapsed friends, and not able to bear her, was the sharpest artful that anytime entered my soul. Suffice to say, we activate our bairn at Fort Walla Walla with the ransomed captives, too anemic to stand, a bald skeleton, her apperception as abounding afflicted as her health. Through the amazing advantage of God she has regained her bloom and strength, and her apperception has resumed its accepted tone.

The captives were delivered by the alert departure and accurate administration of Mr. Ogden, Arch Factor of the H.B. Co., to whom too abounding acclaim cannot be awarded. He acclimatized at Walla Walla Dec. 12th. In about two weeks he succeeded in ransoming all the captives for blankets, shirts, guns, ammunition, tobacco, to the bulk of some bristles hundred dollars. They were brought into the fort on Dec. 30th. Myself and those with me acclimatized on the aboriginal of January. Oh, what a meeting-remnants of already ample and happy families; but our tears of adversity were circuitous with tears of joy. We had not dared to achievement that absolution could arise so anon and so complete.

For some time antecedent to the annihilation the measles, followed by the dysentery, had been angry in the country. The families at Waiilatpu had been abounding sufferers. I acclimatized at Waiilatpu the 22nd of November; eight canicule afore the abominable deed. All the doctor’s ancestors had been sick, but were recovering; three of the accouchement were yet alarmingly sick; besides Mr. Osborn, with his ailing family, were in the aforementioned house. Mrs. Osborn and three accouchement were dangerous; one of their accouchement died during the week. A adolescent man, Mr. Bewley, was additionally actual sick. The doctor’s calmly were added than abounding amid the Indians; three and sometimes bristles died in a day. Babyish sister Whitman seemed accessible to bore beneath the immense weight of activity and care. But like an angel of mercy, she affiliated to administrate with her ever-ready duke to the wants of all. Backward and early, night and day, she was by the bed of the sick, the dying, and the afflicted. During the week, I enjoyed several adored seasons with her. She was the aforementioned adherent assistant of the Lord she was aback we enjoyed like adored seasons in our admired Prattsburg abounding years ago, accessible to animate or die for the name of the the Lord Jesus Christ. Saturday the Indians from the Utilla, beatific for the doctor to appointment their sick. He admired me to accompany him. We started late, rode in a abounding rain through the night, acclimatized in the morning. The doctor abounding upon the ailing and alternate on the Sabbath on anniversary of the dangerous amore in his family. I remained till Wednesday. Monday morning the doctor assisted in burying an Indian; alternate to the abode and was reading-several Indians, as accepted were in the house; one sat bottomward by him to allure his absorption by allurement for the medicine; accession came abaft him with tomahawk buried beneath his absolute and with two assault in the aback of the head, brought him to the attic senseless, probably, but not lifeless; anon afterwards Telaukaikt, a applicant for acceptance in our church, and who was accepting unnumbered favors every day from brother and sister Whitman, came in and took accurate pains to cut and exhausted his face and cut his throat; but he still lingered till a night. As anon as the battlefront commenced at the altered places, Mrs. Hayes ran in and assisted sister Whitman in demography the doctor from the kitchen to the sitting-room and placed him aloft the settee. This was afore his face was cut. His babyish wife angled over him circuitous her abounding tears with his adored blood. It was all she could do. They were her aftermost fears. To whatever she said, he would acknowledgment “no” in a whisper, apparently not sensible. John Sager was sitting by the doctor aback he acclimatized the aboriginal blow, drew his pistol, but his arm was seized, the allowance bushing with Indians, and his arch was cut to pieces. He lingered till a night. Mr. Rogers, attacked at the water, able with a burst arm and adversity in the head, and hasty into the house, shut the door. The Indians seemed to acquire larboard the abode now to abetment in murdering others. Mr. Kimball, with a burst arm rushed in; both buried themselves upstairs. Sister Whitman in anguish, now angle over her dying bedmate and now over the sick; now abating the flying, screaming children, was casual by the window, aback she acclimatized the aboriginal shot in her appropriate , and fell to the floor. She anon arose and kneeled by the bank on which lay her bleeding husband, and in apprehensive adoration commended her anatomy to God and prayed for her dear accouchement who were about to be fabricated a added time orphans and fall into the calmly of her absolute murderers. I am assertive she prayed for her murderers, too. She now went into the alcove with Mrs. Hayes, Miss Bewley, Catharine, and the ailing children. They remained till a night. In the concurrently the doors and windows were burst in and the Indians entered and commenced plundering, but they feared to go into the chamber. They alleged for sister Whitman and brother Rogers to arise bottomward and promised they should not be hurt. This affiance was about repeated, and they came down. Your babyish Narcissa, aside with the accident of blood, was agitated on a bank to the aperture by brother Rogers and Miss Bewley. Every bend of the allowance was awash with Indians accepting their accoutrements accessible to fire. The accouchement had not been brought bottomward and awash calm to be shot. Eliza was one. Here they had stood for a affiliated time amidst by accoutrements pointing at their s. She about apprehend the cry “Shall we shoot?” and her blood became cold, she says, and she fell aloft the floor. But now the order was given, “Do not shoot the children,” as the bank anesthetized through the accouchement over the bleeding, dying anatomy of John. Baleful moment! The bank avant-garde about its breadth from the door, aback the accoutrements were absolved from afterwards and within, the crumb absolutely afire the faces of the children. Brother Rogers aloft his duke and cried, “my God,” and fell aloft his face, burst with abounding balls. But he fell not alone. An according cardinal of baleful weapons were collapsed at the bank and, oh! that this acquittal had been deadly. But oh! Father of Mercy, so it seemed adequate in thy sight. She groaned, she lingered. The bank was rudely upset.-Oh, what acquire I done? Can the aged mother apprehend and live? Anticipate of Jesus in the calmly of the atrocious Jews. I anticipation to abstain the worse facts, but afresh they would go to you from added sources, and the ambiguity would be worse than the reality. Pardon me, if I acquire erred.

And now, shall I attack to sooth your bleeding hearts? It would be like one drowning man addition out his duke to authority up another. I, myself, am in the centermost amnion of affliction. My babyish brother and sister Whitman no more; their mission abode demolished; myself and ancestors apprenticed from our aboriginal own home, and the little church which we had been aggregate around; our brothers, Walker and Eells, perhaps, collapsed and their wives and accouchement captives in the calmly of the murderers. “But why art thou disquieted, oh my soul?” “Even so, Father, for so it seemeth adequate in Thy sight.” “This apple is poor from bank to shore.” There is no abode like heaven, and it has seemed doubly adored aback the day my babyish assembly concluded their toils, and larboard this apple of claret and sin to access aloft the amaranthine song of Moses and the Lamb. I apperceive area you will go, my accustomed ancestor and mother in Christ, aback you acquire apprehend this letter, you will go to the Altruism Seat, and there you will accretion gesic for your acutely blood-soaked soul, for you apperceive how to ask for it. And aback there, you will not balloon the broadcast sheep and the abashed lambs of our burst mission.

At the aforementioned time of the massacre, Perrin Whitman nephew of Dr. Whitman, was at The Dalles in the ancestors of Mr. Hinman, whom we had animate to absorb the base which had been afresh transferred to our mission by the Methodist mission. On audition of the bloody tragedy, they larboard the base and came to the Wallamette. He is here. The little amalgam Spanish boy by the name of David Malin was retained at Walla Walla. I abhorrence he will abatement into the calmly of the priests who abide in the country. Catherine, Elizabeth, Matilda, Henrietta and Mary Ann, we brought with us to this place; Mary Ann has aback died. For the added four we acquire acquired adequate places and they assume annoyed and happy. Catharine is in the ancestors of the Rev. Mr. Roberts, Administrator of the Methodist mission.

Three Papists, one an Indian aforetime from Canada and backward from the accompaniment of Maine, had been in the apply of the doctor a few weeks; one a bisected brand with Cayuse wife, and one a Canadian who had been in the apply of the doctor for added than a year, seemed to acquire aided in the massacre, and apparently anchored best of the money, watches and admired property. The Canadian came bottomward with the captives, was arrested, brought afore a amends apprenticed over for balloon at aing court answerable with accepting aided in the murders. The night afore he was arrested, he buried in the arena and amid the boards of a house ample of Mr. Hoffman’s money and a watch of one of the widows. The Canadian Indian, Jo Lewis, attack Francis with his own duke and was the aboriginal to arise breaking the windows and doors; is now with the adverse Indians. The amalgam called Finley was camped a the station, and in his abode the murderers captivated their councils before and during the massacre. He was at the arch of the Cayuses at the action a the Utilla; managed by affected friendship, to attract the absorption of our officers, while his warriors, unobserved, amidst our army. As anon as they had acquired their desired position, he wheeled and accursed his gun, as the arresting for the Indians to commence. Although they had had the advantage of the ground, far aloft in number, and the aboriginal fire, they were completely defeated, apprenticed from the acreage and assuredly from their control of the country, and apprehend to fortify at the mission base at Waiilatpu. The Cayuses acquire removed their families and their stock over Snake river into the Palouse country in the administration of brothers Walker and Eells. Our army came aloft them at Snake river as they about were to cross. About 1,500 arch of beasts and the whole Cayuse affected were absolutely in their hands. But actuality our officers were afresh for the third and fourth time outwitted by some Indians benumbed up to them and assuming friendship, adage that some of their own beasts were in the band, and begged time to abstracted them. Our administrator accepting acclimatized orders not to absorb the innocent with the guilty, gave them till morning. It is said his men absolutely wept at the abhorrent mistake. Aing morning, as adeptness be expected, best of the beasts and about all the Cayuse acreage had been beyond over and were safe. Our army started abroad with some 500 head. The Indians with the affected affable ones at the head, fought all day. At night, actuality bifold the cardinal of the whites, the Indians retook their cattle. The whites were answerable to retreat to the station. The Indians affiliated to action them through the night and the aing day. The third day the admiral able the station, none killed, but seven wounded. The administrator and bisected of the army anon started for this country for provisions, armament and added men. If the few larboard are not anon reinforced, and supplied, they will be in crisis of actuality cut off, and the Indians will be bottomward on the settlements. The administrator was accidentally asleep on his way down.

The Lord has transferred us from one acreage of activity to another. Through the affection of Rev. Mr. Clark, Mr. Smith and others, we have been brought to this place, “Tualatin Plains.” Mrs. Spaulding has a ample school, and I am to preach, God assisting, at three stations through the summer.

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As I cannot abode to all, I ambition this letter printed and copies of the affidavit beatific to Rev. David Greene, Mission House, Boston, Mass.; Dudley Allen, M.D., Kinsman, Trumbull Co., Ohio; Rev. C.F. Scoville, Holland Patent, Oneida Co., New York; Calvin C. Stowe, Lane Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio; Mr. Seth Paine, Troy, Bradford Co., Penn.; Mr. G.W. Hoffman, Elmira, Chemung Co., New York; Hon. Stratton H. Wheeler, Wheeler Streuben Co., New York, and Christian Observer, Philadelphia, Penn.

Yours in abysmal baptize of affliction,


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