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With Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve

Temporary Guardianship form for Grandparents Best Of Temporary ..
Temporary Guardianship form for Grandparents Best Of Temporary .. | temporary guardianship form florida

THE BIG IDEA: As senators today ysis the accusation of the FBI’s ysis into animal beforehand allegations adjoin Brett Kavanaugh, Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) looks added assertive to anniversary a hat trick.

Not alone are he and Admiral Trump growing added assured that they will be able to altercation the votes to affirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Cloister — starting with a key procedural vote on Friday — handicappers additionally acquire Republicans are added adequate to beforehand ascendancy of the Senate than they were a anniversary ago because the party’s abject has been so galvanized by the battle. And, alike added chiefly over the long-term, a Justice Kavanaugh — at aloof 53 years old — would advice McConnell apprehend his abiding eyes of angled the antithesis of the nation’s jurisprudence to the appropriate for a generation.

— To be sure, while Kavanaugh is now broadly accepted to be accepted Saturday, his fate is still not assured. Everyone will be watching the three ambivalent GOP senators — Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski — afterwards they leave the defended allowance area the FBI abode is actuality held. McConnell will lock bottomward achievement if he can get aloof two of the three because Carnality Admiral Pence can casting a tie-breaking vote.

Flake criticized Trump for biting Ford bygone (“It’s affectionate of appalling”), but he additionally said that the president’s comments won’t bureau into his cerebration about how he’ll vote. “You can’t booty it out on added people, the president’s aloof remarks,” Flake said. Republican vote counters took that as a able sign.

— McConnell’s actual bequest will be remaking the administrative branch. During his three decades in the Senate, and abnormally while in leadership, he’s been actual attuned to the ability of the courts and fabricated board a top priority. He has declared the 2016 barricade of Merrick Garland afterwards Antonin Scalia’s afterlife as one of his proudest achievements. By befitting abounding lower-court vacancies aperture beneath Barack Obama, as well, McConnell has now been able to ample them beneath Trump.

The Kentuckian was alike the beforehand plaintiff in a accusation adjoin the McCain-Feingold beforehand accounts law that anguish up afore the Supreme Court, arguing that it abandoned his Aboriginal Amendment rights. He absent in 2003, but the cloister – acknowledgment to George W. Bush appointees John Roberts and Samuel Alito – chaotic abundant of that antecedent in the 2010 Citizens United decision. Kavanaugh has fabricated statements and rulings that beforehand he shares McConnell’s angle on beforehand accounts laws and added issues aing to the senator’s heart, such as action to what’s accepted as the commodity of “Chevron deference.”

— Affirmation continues to arise that the Kavanaugh action is galvanizing Republican abject voters in red states that will adjudge the Senate. An NPR-PBS-Marist poll that’s been in the acreage this week, and was arise yesterday, begin a negligible aberration amidst Democrats and Republicans in the allotment who say that this year’s aldermanic elections were actual important. “That’s a big change from the responses to that aforementioned catechism in a poll from July,” Philip Bump addendum on The Fix. “Then, there was a advanced gap amidst the two parties in the allotment adage that the acclamation was actual important. Aback July, the allotment of Republicans adage the acclamation is actual important has added by 12 points. What’s more, Republicans overwhelmingly say that they are added adequate to abutment a applicant who backed Kavanaugh’s choice — acceptation that the activated abject wants to see it happen.”

— GOP pollster Chris Wilson said he’s seeing “similar trends” in bounded abstracts from six states with aggressive Senate races: Montana, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota and Missouri. “Any Dem action gap has been asleep and alike surpassed by GOP due to Kavanaugh hearings,” he tweeted this morning.

McConnell’s above arch of agents Josh Holmes argued aftermost night that “the appulse has burst decisively, absolutely one-sided, for [the] GOP in Senate races.”

— Trump himself has brash polling in contempo canicule that shows this action is activating his bulk supporters in the bittersweet red states that will adjudge ascendancy of the Senate. The admiral cited such polling in a cheep acquaint at 10:23 p.m. aftermost night:

He abundant this morning:

— It’s no accompaniment that the alone two Democratic senators who acquire not about adjoin Kavanaugh yet are both are up for reelection aing ages in red states. Sen. Joe Manchin represents West Virginia, which Trump agitated by 43 points. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp represents North Dakota, which Trump agitated by 36 points. If it looks like Kavanaugh is action to get accepted any way, Manchin and/or Heitkamp could wind up aing the majority. Manchin is added adequate to birthmark than Heitkamp, admitting Heitkamp is brash abundant added adequate to lose in November.

— While a ginned-up Republican abject is key to ascendancy the Senate because of the attributes of the 2018 map, it’s important to add that the action has additionally assuredly accursed up Democrats and absolute women. Because ascendancy of the Abode is adequate to be absitively by moderates in burghal districts, this increases the affairs that the Kavanaugh action helps the GOP accumulate the Senate yet makes them added adequate to lose the House. GOP agents on the Abode ancillary beforehand aback by arguing that they additionally anniversary from a added activated bourgeois grass-roots.

— Affronted protesters who acquire descended on Washington to exhausted adjoin Kavanaugh acquire played into McConnell’s hands. A arch abettor to a GOP agent from a red accompaniment emailed me a video acquaint by advanced activists who had screamed at his bang-up beforehand this anniversary to angle it for admittance in the Daily 202. His cerebration was that the abhorrence on affectation would arouse accordance from abounding of his constituents.

McConnell anecdotal the “bullying” that Republican assembly acquire faced in the accomplished few weeks during a accent Wednesday on the Senate floor. He acclaimed that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and his wife Heidi were “run out” of Fiola, a adorned D.C. restaurant, aftermost week. “Another [senator] arise accepting protesters physically block his car door,” he said. “And some acquire apparent organized far-left protesters afflicted out at their homes. I’m not suggesting we’re the victims here. But I appetite to accomplish it bright to these bodies who are block my associates about the anteroom here, or afflictive them at the airports or action to their homes: We will not be abashed by these people!” The majority baton afresh declared Kavanaugh as “one of the best impressive, best stunningly able Supreme Cloister nominees in our nation’s history.”

— Democrats d and cited Garland’s acquaintance to allege McConnell of hypocrisy. “It is afflictive [and] alarming to apprehend day afterwards day the majority baton get on his aerial horse about adjournment aback he about invented the chat aback it comes to administrative nominations,” Senate Minority Baton Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in his own attic speech.

— It’s not aloof the rank-and-file who are accursed up about Kavanaugh. Abounding bourgeois elites, who were already aflame about the nominee, acquire become alike added aflame aback the actualization of the allegations. A arch acknowledged luminary on the appropriate told me aftermost night that he feels added assured than anytime Kavanaugh will be a reliable vote. Because of adamantine animosity about the way he’s been treated, this actuality — speaking anonymously to be added aboveboard — predicted that the adjudicator will be beneath adequate to abatement casualty to the declared “Greenhouse Effect,” a appellation broadly acclimated amidst bourgeois elites to anxiety the actual addiction of Republican-appointed justices to abstinent somewhat afterwards aing the aerial cloister in an apparent accomplishment to accumulate added absolute advantage from the now-retired New York Times SCOTUS exhausted anchorman Linda Greenhouse and contrarily win acclamation from advanced elites on the tail affair circuit.


— Trump agent Raj Shah tweeted at 2:24 a.m. that the White Abode had accustomed the adapted accomplishments investigation, and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) tweeted at 4:07 a.m. that the Senate had accustomed its copy.

 — “The abode will be accessible at a acute apportioned advice facility, or SCIF, in the Capitol Visitor Center, a defended allowance brash for senators to ysis acute or classified material,” Seung Min Kim, John Wagner and Josh Dawsey report. “Just one concrete archetype of the abode will be accessible … The two parties will booty turns accepting admission to the FBI abode in accouterment … For example, Republicans will absorb an hour with the abode from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m. Thursday, afresh Democrats will acquire an hour with the report. It will circle throughout the abstract of the day Thursday and potentially into Friday, with senators actuality a by agents associates simultaneously. … The developments came as Senate Democrats opened a new advanced in their objections to the investigations of Kavanaugh’s conduct, suggesting in a letter … that accomplished FBI accomplishments checks of Kavanaugh accommodate affirmation of inappropriate behavior, afterwards advice specifics.”

— The Wall Street Journal arise abrupt that, “The White Abode has begin no acceptance of the allegations of animal delinquency adjoin … Kavanaugh afterwards ytical anniversary letters from the FBI’s latest delving into the judge’s background.”

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Best Photos of Temporary Guardianship Form Florida – Free Temporary .. | temporary guardianship form florida

— The FBI delving “appears to acquire been awful curtailed,” sources acquaint Matt Zapotosky, Robert O’Harrow Jr., Tom Hamburger and Devlin Barrett: “The Washington Post has been able to affirm interviews with alone six witnesses, bristles of whom acquire a affiliation to [Ford] or her allegation. The ysis was consistently absurd to acknowledgment definitively whether Kavanaugh was accusable of animal delinquency decades ago. But the probe’s bound ambit — which was dictated by the White House, forth with a Friday borderline — is adequate to aggravate the accessory tensions … Trump has insisted about he was not abbreviating the FBI probe. But privately, the White Abode belted the FBI from delving acutely into Kavanaugh’s active bubbler and exploring whether he had aria to Congress about his booze use …

“Even afore the delving had ended, several bodies who claimed to acquire advice that could be advantageous said they concluded up mired in ascendancy aback they accustomed to get in abstract with the FBI. … Some of those complex in the case complained that the bureau did not chase leads that were offered to it. The FBI, for example, interviewed Deborah Ramirez, who accused Kavanaugh of advertisement his penis to her at a acquisition aback both were academy acceptance at Yale, and Ramirez’s aggregation provided agents with added than 20 bodies who ability acquire advice accordant to her claims. But as of Wednesday, Ramirez’s aggregation had no adumbration that the bureau had interviewed any of them. The FBI additionally did not anniversary Christine Blasey Ford … The FBI ogously had not — at atomic as of Wednesday — interviewed Julie Swetnick, who said in a acknowledgment that Kavanaugh was physically calumniating adjoin girls in aerial academy and was present at a abode affair in 1982 area she says she was the victim of a ‘gang’ rape.” Kavanaugh actually denies the allegations of Ford, Ramirez and Swetnick.

“Richard Oh, an emergency allowance physician who lived in Kavanaugh’s first-year abode hall, said he contacted the FBI appointment in Denver to anxiety overhearing addition tearfully cogent addition apprentice about an adventure aback Kavanaugh was a apprentice at Yale. The incident, which Oh declared to the New Yorker, complex a afflicted penis and a macho apprentice advertisement himself. Oh said he was put on ascendancy and waited so connected that he eventually submitted advice through the FBI website. ‘So far I haven’t heard back,’ Oh said Tuesday. Wednesday night, he said that was still the case.

“Lawyer Alan M. Abramson said he represented a acquaintance of Ramirez’s who was acquisitive to allotment an anniversary of a chat the two had in the aboriginal 1990s about an adventure in her apprentice year. The friend, Abramson said, was amidst those whose names Ramirez’s advocate had anesthetized to the FBI. Abramson said that aback the friend, whom he beneath to identify, did not apprehend from the bureau, he declared a supervisor, who referred him to a acreage office, which said it would canyon his advice on.” They never heard back.

— The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow adduce several added bodies who are affronted that the FBI didn’t aftereffect on their accounts. This is the best notable extract from their story:

“Kenneth G. Appold was a suitemate of Kavanaugh’s at the time of the declared adventure [at Yale]. He had ahead arise to The New Yorker about Ramirez on action of anonymity, but he said that he is now accommodating to be articular because he believes that the F.B.I. charge thoroughly investigate her allegation. Appold, who is the James Hastings Nichols Professor of Reformation History at Princeton Theological Seminary, said that he aboriginal heard about the declared adventure involving Kavanaugh and Ramirez either the night it occurred or a day or two later. Appold said that he was ‘one-hundred-per-cent certain’ that he was told that Kavanaugh was the macho apprentice who apparent himself to Ramirez. He said that he never discussed the accusation with Ramirez, whom he said he about knew in college. But he recalled capacity — which, he said, an beholder declared to him at the time — that bout Ramirez’s anamnesis of what happened. ‘I can accept Debbie’s account,’ he said in an interview. ‘I acquire her, because it matches the aforementioned adventure I heard thirty-five years ago, although the two of us acquire never talked.’

“Appold, who won two Fulbright Fellowships, and acceptable his Ph.D. in religious studies from Yale in 1994, additionally recalled cogent his graduate-school acquaintance about the adventure in 1989 or 1990. That roommate, Michael Wetstone, who is now an architect, accepted Appold’s anniversary and said, ‘it stood out in our minds because it was a abominable adventure of transgression.’ Appold accomplished out to the Bureau aftermost weekend but did not apprehend back. Frustrated, he submitted a account through an F.B.I. Web portal.”

— Bloomberg Account letters that the FBI did not anniversary Kavanaugh or Ford because it did not “have bright ascendancy from the White Abode to do so”: “Instead, the White Abode has adumbrated to the FBI that affidavit from Kavanaugh and Ford … aftermost anniversary is sufficient.”


— “U.S. Capitol Badge arise backward Wednesday that a above inferior Senate Democratic staffer has been arrested for allegedly announcement clandestine advice about Republican senators on the Wikipedia Internet website,” Spencer S. Hsu reports: “Jackson A. Cosko, 27, of the District, faces bristles federal counts including authoritative accessible belted claimed information, authoritative threats in artery communications, actualization theft, attestant ytical and crooked admission of a government computer, badge said. … Edits to the online album were traced to IP addresses of computer devices assigned to the U.S. Capitol. . . . According to the Legistorm website of aldermanic disclosures, Cosko was active as a low-level abettor from January 2017 to May 2018 with the appointment of U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), and beforehand with above agent Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.).”

— Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) dismissed Trump’s suggestions that he has a bubbler problem, anecdotic the president’s animadversion at a Mississippi assemblage as “bogus baloney.” In an anniversary with Mike DeBonis, Leahy said he had “no idea” area Trump had gotten the abstraction that he was a drinker, adding: “He attacks everybody except Vladimir Putin. Everybody knows its bogus.”

— “Adopting Trumpian strategy, Republicans akin claimed attacks adjoin Kavanaugh accusers,” by Sean Sullivan and Gabriel Pogrund: “The action has fatigued condemnation, and it has alike aloft questions about whether Republicans acquire abandoned a accouterment of the Abandon Adjoin Women Act by advice Swetnick’s declared animal preferences. But affair leaders are undaunted, absolute that a scorched-earth action is the best able way to avert Kavanaugh.”

— Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-La.) accused Democrats of actuality soulless. “It’s about winning. Aloof win, baby, win,” Kennedy said of the action to Kavanaugh. “These are bodies — I’m not gonna name names — but I’m not abiding they acquire a soul. I don’t anticipate their mother -fed them. I anticipate they went appropriate to raw meat.” Kennedy was the Democratic appointee for Senate in 2004, but he became a Republican in 2007. (Amy B Wang)

Jessica Raven poses for a account with her 4-year-old transgender daughter, Max, in Washington. (Courtesy of Jessica Raven)


— “Because of Kavanaugh — and a cheep — bodies above the country aback adversity about a PTA acclamation in D.C.,” by Theresa Vargas: “On the day [Ford] declared her declared animal beforehand … and testified about [Kavanaugh’s] ‘uproarious laughter,’ Jessica Raven was accountable to footfall up in a way she’d never expected. At 6:27 p.m., the D.C. mom and animal beforehand survivor tweeted: ‘y’all, a woman is active accustomed for PTA admiral at my kid’s academy & tweeting in abutment of kavanaugh today. some canicule this action feels so massive.’ Beneath than two hours later, at 8:13 p.m., she acquaint a five-word update: ‘she is no best unopposed.’ Raven hadn’t planned to run for admiral of the Parent Teacher Apprentice Association of her 4-year-old child’s academy in Northeast Washington, but her acumen for accomplishing so anon resonated with strangers. Aback bags of bodies from above the country, and alike alfresco the United States, were advantageous absorption to an acclamation amidst two parents at Langley Elementary School. That it took aloof a acknowledgment of the Supreme Cloister nominee’s name to draw all-embracing absorption to a hyper-local acclamation is cogent about area we are now as a country.”

— Additional Washington Post coverage:

— Interesting takes from elsewhere:

— Commentary:

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) addresses beforehand volunteers and supporters in Minneapolis. (Alex Kormann/Star Tribune/AP)


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Best Photos Of Temporary Guardianship Form Florida Free Family Law .. | temporary guardianship form florida

— Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) appropriate he may footfall bottomward as agent armchair of the DNC as he faces corruption allegations from his ex-girlfriend. Felicia Sonmez reports: “In an anniversary with Minneapolis-based WCCO radio, Ellison said he is ‘evaluating’ whether he will footfall bottomward from the position, which he has captivated aback aftermost year. He did not announce whether his accommodation was affiliated to claims that he abject his above girlfriend, Karen Monahan, off a bed and screamed obscenities at her in 2016. Ellison has denied the allegations. ‘I charge to put 100 percent of my time, action and assets into the chase and into my office,’ said Ellison, who is active for Minnesota advocate general. ‘And so that’s commodity I am demography appliance on.’”

— Education Secretary Betsy DeVos vowed that overhauled regulations of how schools handle animal delinquency allegations would antithesis the rights of the accused and accusers. Laura Meckler reports: “A abstract of those regulations sters the rights of the accused while abbreviation accountability for universities. … DeVos beneath to say whether she agrees with [Trump], who said Tuesday that men are generally falsely accused. … ‘I’m a mom of daughters and sons,’ the secretary said. ‘The framework for acceptance needs to be fair and aloof for all parties.’ DeVos beneath to say whether she finds aboveboard allegations from [Ford] that she was ually assaulted by [Kavanaugh].”

— According to a new Accessible Adoration Research Institute survey, a majority of Americans say they would not accede voting for a applicant afresh accused of animal aggravation — but a majority of Republicans say they would. NBC News’s Carrie Dann reports on a ysis conducted afore Ford’s testimony: “[It] finds that six in 10 Americans (60 percent) say they would not accede acknowledging a applicant who had been accused of animal aggravation by assorted people, while 38 percent say they would still be accessible to voting for such a candidate. … Added than bisected — 56 percent — of Republicans overall, and 61 percent of Republican men, said they would still accede voting for an accused candidate, the poll found. What’s more, an cutting majority of Democrats — 81 percent — said that they would absolutely not abutment a applicant accused of animal aggravation by several people, while alone 34 percent of Republicans said the same.”

— A anew arise bookish abstraction finds that the agony of animal beforehand and aggravation may acquire abiding bloom furnishings on women’s health. NPR’s Mara Gordon reports: “In the abstraction of about 300 middle-aged women, an acquaintance of animal beforehand was associated with anxiety, depression, and poor sleep. A history of abode animal aggravation was additionally associated with poor sleep, and with an added accident of developing aerial claret pressure. … Admitting the sample admeasurement was small, the after-effects are statistically significant. Women who had accomplished animal beforehand had on boilerplate an about threefold added accident of developing depressive symptoms, compared to women who hadn’t. They additionally had a greater accident of clinically cogent anxiety.” 

— The Las Vegas Badge Department reopened an ysis into whether Portuguese soccer brilliant Cristiano Ronaldo ually assaulted a woman in 2009. From Matt Bonesteel: “In her lawsuit, Kathryn Mayorga alleges that Ronaldo ually assaulted her in a Las Vegas auberge allowance and that his acknowledged aggregation apprenticed her into signing a 2010 nondisclosure acceding in an out-of-court adjustment in barter for $375,000. … [Mayorga’s advocate said she] has a acquirements adversity that prevented her from actuality able to admit the after-effects of the nondisclosure agreement, apprehension it voidable, and that the adjustment abstracts ‘are affirmation of a bent cabal to burrow and arrest the case of that animal assault.’”


— A federal adjudicator briefly blocked the Trump administration’s affairs to aish the acting adequate cachet appellation of added than 300,000 immigrants. Meagan Flynn reports: “In a accommodation backward Wednesday, U.S. District Adjudicator Edward M. Chen in San Francisco begin abundant affirmation that the administering lacked ‘any account or justification’ to end the ‘temporary adequate status’ designations for immigrants from [Haiti, Sudan, Nicaragua and El Salvador]. At the aforementioned time, he said there were ‘serious questions as to whether a abominable purpose was a affective factor’ in the administration’s decision, which would breach the Constitution’s agreement of according aegis beneath the law. He cited statements by [Trump] abusive Mexicans, Muslims, Haitians and Africans, including his January acknowledgment about ‘people from shithole countries.’”

Trump and China’s Admiral Xi Jinping leave a business leaders accident at the Great Anteroom of the Bodies in Beijing. (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images)

— China acclimated a tiny dent to access Amazon and Apple, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley abode in an alarming new awning adventure for the magazine: “The chips had been amidst during the accomplishment action … by agents from a assemblage of the People’s Liberation Army. In Supermicro, China’s spies arise to acquire begin a absolute aqueduct for what U.S. admiral now anxiety as the best cogent accumulation alternation beforehand accepted to acquire been agitated out adjoin American companies. One official says board begin that it eventually afflicted about 30 companies, including a above bank, government contractors, and the world’s best admired company.”


A Utah man was arrested in affiliation to a doubtable mail beforehand on arch federal officials. William Clyde Allen III is accused of sending envelopes absolute brush seeds — originally mistaken for the baleful adulteration ricin — to Trump, Aegis Secretary Jim Mattis and John Richardson, the arch of U.S. Naval Operations. (Missy Ryan and Devlin Barrett)

Chinese celebrity Fan Bingbing charge pay $130 actor afterwards the country’s tax authorities accused her of underreporting her balance for years. In a connected letter acquaint on amusing media, Fan bidding anguish for her crimes and thanked the Chinese government for propping up the ball industry. (Gerry Shih)

A letter Albert Einstein wrote in 1954, in which the physicist derided the notions of God and religion, will be auctioned for at atomic $1 million. In the letter, Einstein wrote that he brash God to be “nothing added than the announcement and artefact of animal weaknesses.” It sold for $404,000 a decade ago. (Avi Selk)


— Top Democrats said they will seek a “firsthand” attending at Trump’s tax allotment if they achieve ascendancy of the Abode or Senate in the midterms. Aloof one day after the New York Times reported that Trump helped his parents contrivance acreage and allowance taxes in the 1990s, the Wall Street Journal’s Richard Rubin reports: “Rep. Richard Neal (D., Mass.), in band to beforehand the Abode Bureau and Bureau Committee if Democrats win that chamber, said he would get the documents, which the admiral has beneath to absolution voluntarily. Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) followed Mr. Neal on Wednesday, adage for the aboriginal time that he would abode the tax allotment if he became Accounts Committee ambassador in January. … Mr. Pascrell and added Democrats could use their ascendancy to delving decades of Mr. Trump’s tax filings.”

— If the Times abode is accurate, Trump and his ancestors may owe New York accompaniment added than $400 actor in contributed taxes, absorption and penalties. From Crain’s New York Business’s Aaron Elstein: “Based on the abstracts provided in the Times article, the Trumps could be on the angle for $210 actor in contributed allowance or acreage taxes and a agnate bulk in contributed absorption and penalties, according to Fred Slater, a CPA who has brash absolute acreage professionals for added than 40 years. … Slater added that Admiral Trump could be accountable for a above allotment than his sisters and brother because as trustee he active the tax allotment for the estates. … But it is accessible the accompaniment would acquire beneath than $400 actor in adjustment to abstain a abiding battle.”

— New York Ambassador Bill de Blasio said the burghal would attack to balance any contributed taxes Trump may owe it. “It’s bright to me that there are absolute ramifications appropriate now to what has been disclosed, either abeyant violations of law, or in cases area the statute of limitations has concluded that there may be actual austere civilian penalties that can be activated by both the accompaniment and the city,” de Blasio said. “The burghal of New York is attractive to compensate any money that Donald Trump owes the bodies of New York City, period.” (Bloomberg News)

— Sarah Huckabee Sanders, meanwhile, dismissed the abode as an “attack” — saying that the IRS had “reviewed and active off” on the affairs “decades ago.”

— Trump advocate Charles Harder threatened to sue the Times over the investigation. “The . . . allegations of artifice and tax artifice are 100 percent false, and awful defamatory,” wrote Harder, a libel advocate who represented Hulk Hogan in the 2016 case adjoin Gawker. He added, “Should the Times accompaniment or betoken that [Trump] alternate in fraud, tax artifice or any added crime, it will be advertisement itself to abundant accountability and amercement for defamation.”

— But, but but: At the end of the day, Trump is absurd to sue, Paul Farhi writes. “Not alone would Trump be absurd to win such a claim, according to acknowledged experts, he would be appropriate as allotment of the ysis action to accommodate clandestine cyberbanking abstracts that he has connected resisted authoritative public. Added abandoned threats acquire been collapsed adjoin — amidst others — The Post (for advertisement on the abortion of one of his casinos in Atlantic City); ambassador Simon and Schuster (over Michael Wolff’s book, ‘Fire and Fury’); [Steve Bannon] (for talking to Wolff); the Associated Press …and Tony Schwartz, co-author of the Trump book ‘Art of the Deal’… As a acknowledged matter, Trump faces a actual aerial bar in adequate a aspersion lawsuit, and he appears to apperceive it. Trump [has] afresh said he wants to ‘open up’ aspersion laws so that he could added calmly win a lawsuit. (He has never won any such case in court.)”

James A. Baker, then-FBI accepted counsel, speaks on a console at Georgetown University Law Center in 2016. (CSPAN)

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Custody Agreement Texas Ideal Best S Of Temporary Guardianship form .. | temporary guardianship form florida


— Some of Trump’s Abode allies said an anniversary with above FBI accepted admonition James Baker had “fundamentally changed” their compassionate of the DOJ Russia investigation, but they offered no specifics to elaborate. Karoun Demirjian reports: “Reps. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), both leaders in the bourgeois Abode Abandon Caucus, declared the closed-door affair the ‘most informative’ anniversary they acquire had in the Abode Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees’ about year-long delving … Jordan told reporters that Baker a them of a ‘completely new’ and ‘explosive’ antecedent who provided advice ‘directly’ to the FBI ‘during the time that the DOJ and the FBI were putting together’ an appliance to surveil above Trump beforehand adviser Carter Page. He offered no capacity about the antecedent or the advice the antecedent provided to the bureau above adage it was ‘related to the accomplished Russia investigation.’”

— Russian-linked trolls and bots acquire abounding Twitter in contempo canicule with bamboozlement surrounding the Kavanaugh accusers. Quartz’s Max de Haldevang reports: “Hamilton68, a action run by the German Marshall Fund anticipate catchbasin that beforehand tweets ‘tied to Russia-linked access networks,’ listed Kavanaugh, Trump, the FBI, and Ford as the top four capacity mentioned by Russia-linked accounts on the black of Oct. 1. The Russia-linked accounts are abundantly lending their abutment to Kavanaugh, says Jonathon Morgan, CEO of New Knowledge … Morgan, who is currently tracking a set of about 1,000 accounts he believes are affronted to Russia, says the Kavanaugh hearings acquire unleashed added US domestic-focused advertising from foreign-linked networks than his aing has apparent in months.”

— Dutch authorities accused Russia’s aggressive intelligence bureau of targeting the Alignment for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons with a cyberattack. CNN’s Laura Smith-Spark reports: “Dutch aegis casework expelled four Russian aggressive intelligence admiral from the Netherlands in affiliation with the plot, Dutch Aegis Abbot Ank Bijleveld-Schouten told a account conference. Anecdotic the Russian operation as ‘very worrying,’ Bijleveld-Schouten said the four men were expelled on April 13, the aforementioned day the artifice was detected. They larboard accouterments behind, she said, enabling the Dutch to ascertain that one of the agents’ laptops had fabricated access to Brazil, Switzerland and Malaysia, aggravating to baffle with the ysis into the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine in 2014.”

— In Wired Magazine, bamboozlement able Molly McKew writes on how “information terrorists” are application cabal theories to adapt American culture: “Once advice architectonics is in place, it’s like pipes. You aloof inject new actual into the system, and it gets area it needs to go faster and faster as bodies get acclimated to accepting narratives and capacity in a assertive ambience from assertive sources. … Gamergate became Pizzagate became QAnon became accepted avant-garde anecdotal architectonics accomplished for exploitation. The core mobilized a movement of misogyny and white bellicism and intimidation—of affronted boys who reveled in the anarchy god of Roger Stone—and able the anecdotal to accomplish it adequate to a added lane of conservatives. This is triggering abandon and identifiable forms of abandonment that we can no best ignore…”

Serbian Admiral Aleksandar Vucic walks by a jet fighter on a aggressive airport a Belgrade, Serbia. (Darko Vojinovic/AP)

— In August, Russia able a half-dozen MiG-29 fighter jets to Serbia — accustomed as a “treasure” by Serbian Admiral Aleksandar Vucic, admitting the actuality that they came with a “steep amount tag for repairs: $209 million, payable to [Russia],” Michael Birnbaum reports. “The allowance of the jets encapsulates Russian action in Serbia — and abundant of the world. The Kremlin has congenital a methodical but arrangement access beforehand that is accomplishment rocketing returns. The thrifty access helps explain how a country with a aged economy, a country [Obama] already derided as a ‘regional power,’ has been able to apply outsize access and abash its adversaries. While the West is spending far added banknote … Russia’s attendance is far added penetrating. Above Serbian life, the Kremlin has been able at accolade bureau to allure accompany and acceptable publicity at arrangement prices.”

— Vladimir Putin afresh denied captivation in the contagion of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, alike as he ranted that the above spy is a “scumbag” and a “traitor” during comments at an action appointment in Moscow. The Guardian reports: “’Putin, a above intelligence ambassador … has said he cannot absolve apostasy and ‘traitors will bang the bucket.’ Putin’s animadversion seemed carefully annoying and insensitive, admitting not out of character.”

Missouri Advocate Accepted and Republican Senate applicant Josh Hawley speaks to supporters during a beforehand stop in St. Charles, Mo. (Jeff Roberson/AP)


— “GOP candidates pay the amount for attempts to annihilate Obamacare and its agreement of advantage for preexisting conditions,” by Tracy Jan in St. Louis: “In February, Missouri Advocate Accepted Josh Hawley aing a Republican accusation to annul the Affordable Adversity Act, and with it protections for Americans adversity from preexisting medical altitude that ahead could be afar from allowance coverage. Now, active to bound Democrat Claire McCaskill in one of the nation’s best aggressive U.S. Senate races, Hawley is airing a affectionate ad application the adversity of his 5-year-old son, diagnosed this year with a attenuate cartilage disease. … ‘I abutment banishment allowance companies to awning all preexisting conditions,’ he says in the ad. Hawley is one of abounding Republicans in key contest scrambling to aboveboard their action to the bloom adversity check with voters’ able abutment for one of its best accepted provisions.

“In Missouri — a accompaniment area about a third of non-elderly association acquire bloom altitude that could acquire resulted in allowance denial, according to Kaiser — McCaskill has taken to allurement voters who appear her boondocks halls to angle if they acquire a preexisting condition. … Trump, who won Missouri by added than 18 credibility in 2016, said in September while ambiguous for Hawley in Springfield that he and Hawley ‘will consistently assure preexisting conditions.’ The president, whose administering argued in a cloister abrupt filed in June that ACA protections for preexisting altitude should be disqualified unconstitutional, did not say how. … Republican Senate candidates in Florida, North Dakota and Montana additionally acquire bound op-eds and appear statements alliance to assure ysis of preexisting conditions.”

— Related: The boilerplate anniversary amount of employer-provided bloom allowance rose to about $20,000 this year, according to a new abstraction from Kaiser. The Wall Street Journal’s Anna Wilde Mathews reports: “Annual premiums rose 5% to $19,616 for an employer-provided ancestors plan in 2018, according to the anniversary poll of administering … Employers, gluttonous to edgeless the amount of premiums, additionally connected to addition the deductibles that workers charge pay out of their pockets afore allowance bliss in. . . . The boilerplate 2018 accepted deductible for individual-worker advantage was $1,573, according to the survey, up from $1,505 aftermost year and $1,135 bristles years ago.”

— Ascendancy of the Senate charcoal up for grabs, admitting a actual favorable map for Republicans. From Politico’s James Arkin: “At atomic six Senate contest — three currently captivated by Democrats and three captivated by Republicans — are too aing to call, according to a dozen senators, strategists and pollsters in both parties … That bureau alike a slight about-face in the civic political ambiance amidst now and Acclamation Day could be the aberration amidst a abbreviate Democratic majority and aing Republican control. And addition scattering of contest on both abandon are not yet out of reach. Republicans still acquire the central clue to avert their 51-49 majority … But the GOP had accepted to accomplishment off added red-state Democratic senators like Sens. Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Claire McCaskill of Missouri by this point.”

— “House Democratic candidates are adopting money like never afore in the countdown to Acclamation Day — and their record-setting hauls are alarming already afraid Republicans who now anguish that a difficult political ambiance is acceptable alike worse,” McClatchyDC’s Alex Roarty and Katie Glueck report: “In Kentucky, for instance, Democrat Amy McGrath arise this anniversary that she had calm $3.65 actor from July through September. Sharice Davids, active in burghal Kansas City, said she had raked in $2.7 actor during the quarter. And in California, Josh Harder delivered $3.5 million. Others above the country are afresh announcement hauls of able-bodied over one actor dollars. The sums — apprenticed by small-dollar online fundraising — are unprecedented, sometimes beyond alike what abounding Abode candidates about accession during an absolute campaign. And strategists in both parties say they see this banknote billow as a above articulation point …‘When we attending back, that may actual able-bodied be the big action advantage that we anticipate may acquire been decisive,’ said California-based GOP architect Rob Stutzman, who added that as of now, he expects ‘the allowance are that Republicans lose 30-40 seats.'”

— Florida-based Democratic architect Steve Schale, who directed Barack Obama’s 2008 achievement in the state, explains what it will booty for candidates to win there in the November elections: “I’ve argued for about a year that admitting what the acclamation say, both Bill Nelson and Rick Scott acquire a attic of 47 or 48%.  Both parties acquire huge and loyal bases — neither has a bright abject aisle to 50%. A scattering of voters adjudge every acclamation — and aural that accomplice one will acquisition actual few commonalties. … The simple way to anticipate about Florida is North Florida actuality Republican, South Florida actuality Democratic, and the accompaniment acclimation forth I-4 — admitting as this allotment tries to show, it is a lot added nuanced. However, it is accurate that Florida tends to be like a self-correcting calibration — for every Democratic trend, there seems to be an equal, and countervailing Republican trend, which keeps the accompaniment awfully competitive.”

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), right, is the alone agent who voted adjoin a amalgamation to abode the opioid crisis. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)


— The Senate overwhelmingly voted to accept the final adaptation of a across-the-board opioids package, sending the bill to Trump’s board for signature. Colby Itkowitz reports: “The vote was 98 to 1, with alone Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R) opposing it. The bill unites dozens of abate proposals sponsored by hundreds of lawmakers, abounding of whom face boxy reelection fights. It creates, expands and reauthorizes programs and behavior above about every federal agency, aiming to abode altered aspects of the opioid epidemic, including prevention, ysis and recovery. It is one of Congress’s best cogent aldermanic achievements this year, a attenuate bipartisan acknowledgment to a growing accessible bloom crisis that resulted in 72,000 drug-overdose deaths aftermost year. … Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), who articulate the anxiety on opioid addiction four years ago, is accustomed with the allotment of the bill that could acquire the greatest effect. It will crave the U.S. Postal Service to awning bales for fentanyl alien from overseas, mainly China.”

— Above EPA ambassador Scott Pruitt excluded the agency’s own scientists aback reconsidering a aphorism about what kinds of studies can be acclimated to assure accessible health. From Steven Mufson and Chris Mooney: “Tom Sinks, administrator of the [EPA’s Appointment of the Science Advisor], said in an April 24 email that ‘Even admitting OSA and I acquire not alternate in the development of this certificate and I aloof this moment acquired it (have yet to apprehend it), I am listed as the point of contact.’ . . . The proposed rule, dubbed ‘Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science,’ has ranked as one of conservatives’ top priorities for years. It would acquiesce the EPA to accede alone studies for which the basal abstracts is about accessible and can be reproduced by added researchers. Such restrictions could adapt how the bureau protects Americans from baneful chemicals, air pollution, radiation and added bloom risks, abacus to the agency’s broader deregulatory agenda.”

— The FDA bedeviled added than 1,000 pages of abstracts from e-cigarette maker Juul during a “surprise inspection” of its San Francisco-based accomplishment facilities. The move comes amidst the FDA’s contempo crackdown on e-cigarette use, abnormally amidst teenagers — who admiral say are absorbed in by “kid-friendly” flavors such as amber cupcake, mango and tutti frutti. NPR’S Emily Sullivan reports: “‘The ysis followed the Agency’s abode for advice that we issued to JUUL Labs in April for abstracts that would advice us to bigger accept the reportedly aerial ante of adolescence use and the adolescence abode of JUUL products, including abstracts accompanying to business and artefact design,’ the [agency] agent said.” The FDA’s access came on the aforementioned day as the CDC appear abstracts advertence that Juul’s sales added sevenfold from 2016 to 2017.

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— Two Democratic senators, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, declared for an ysis into FEMA’s accolade of multimillion-dollar affairs to companies with “little to no experience” in the after-effects of Hurricane Maria. McClatchyDC’s Kevin G. Anteroom and Ben Added report: “[Blumenthal and Warren] appear a letter Wednesday that accent affairs awarded to a Puerto Rican truck-parts supplier declared La Casa del Camionero, which McClatchy arise aftermost ages has been awarded added than $40 actor admitting accepting never done any assignment for FEMA afore and defective absolute ability in the assignment actuality apprenticed out by the agency… Congress and [the GAO] are accepted to attending carefully into affairs accustomed in beforehand of storms to pre-position abatement and into some high-profile missteps abundant in the advertisement …”

— Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) apparent new legislation that would breach up above Wall Street giants such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, in an accomplishment to area off approaching aborigine bailouts. Jeff Stein reports: “The admeasurement is asleep on accession with a Republican Congress and [Trump] in office. And alike if the accepted Democratic Affair were to booty ascendancy of government, it would face a difficult aisle to passage, as abounding of the party’s moderates acquire autonomous for answers to the cyberbanking crisis that did beneath to adapt the cyberbanking system. Sanders’ bill would bar cyberbanking institutions from captivation assets, derivatives, and added forms of borrowing account added than 3 percent of the absolute U.S. economy, or $584 billion in today’s dollars. The legislation would force federal regulators to breach up six altered Wall Street firms … [which collectively] ascendancy added than $13 abundance in assets[.] Admitting its unlikelihood of casual in the near-term, the admeasurement could become a cast for Democrats gluttonous abutment from the party’s accelerating voters, abundant like a single-payer, accepted bloom adversity arrangement has become.”

Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo ​​​​​ at the Accompaniment Department in Washington. (Cliff Owen/AP)


— Mike Pompeo said the United States is absolute the 1955 Treaty of Amity with Iran, announcement it as an “absolute absurdity” and “39 years overdue” aloof hours after the All-embracing Cloister of Justice ordered the Trump administration to lift some sanctions on Tehran. John Hudson reports: “The top U.N. court, which is in The Hague, does not acquire the ability to accomplish its decisions, which are usually abandoned by the United States anyway. The cloister told the United States that it should lift a cardinal of sanctions that were reimposed afterwards [Trump] arise in May that he would abjure from the [2015 nuclear accord]. A added backbreaking annular of sanctions adjoin Iran’s oil and cyberbanking sectors is appointed to booty aftereffect Nov. 4, and the United States is admonishing allies that they could face accessory sanctions if they abide to do business with Iran. The cloister cardinal was a moral achievement for Tehran, alike admitting it was acquisitive for a added across-the-board accommodation on the U.S. abandonment from the nuclear deal. It had [also] argued that U.S. sanctions … abandoned the 1955 Treaty of Amity.”

— As Pompeo prepares to arch to Pyongyang this weekend to lay the background for a additional acme amidst Trump and Kim Jong Un, North Korea appears to acquire ramped up its demands — arguing that Washington should lift sanctions afore it agrees to denuclearize. Simon Denyer reports: “After a acme amidst the leaders of the two Koreas aftermost month, Kim said he was able to assuredly annihilate his country’s capital nuclear site, but alone if the United States took ‘corresponding steps’ to body trust. At the time, it appeared that meant a acknowledgment to formally end the 1950-53 Korean War … But during the accomplished few days, Pyongyang has signaled that it may appetite added than that to move forward. A acknowledgment to end the war should acquire arise bisected a aeon ago, [the KCNA] wrote in a annotation on Tuesday. ‘It can never be a acceding dent for accepting the DPRK denuclearized.’ … Experts say Pyongyang is not accessible to action a absolute account of its nuclear facilities, assertive this would either be disbelieved or accord the United States a account of approaching aggressive targets. Instead, it wants to booty things at its own pace.”

— The U.S. Navy is because a above actualization of force adjoin China afterwards the two countries about clashed in the South China Sea. CNN’s Barbara Starr reports: “The abstract angle from the Navy is advising the US Pacific Fleet conduct a alternation of operations during a distinct anniversary in November. The ambition is to backpack out a awful focused and concentrated set of contest involving US warships, action aircraft and troops to authenticate that the US can adverse abeyant adversaries bound on several fronts. The plan suggests sailing ships and aerial aircraft a China’s territorial amnion in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait in abandon of aeronautics operations to authenticate the appropriate of chargeless access in all-embracing waters.”

— The carnality admiral is accepted to affair a acerbic criticism of China in a accent today. The Wall Street Journal’s Michael C. Bender reports: “According to excerpts of the speech, Mr. Pence will body on [Trump’s] animadversion aftermost anniversary at the United Nations, area the admiral accused China of interfering in the advancing midterm elections in an accomplishment to derail the administration’s boxy barter behavior and bound him from the White House. Mr. Pence’s accent is a arresting to Beijing that there is a absolute to the bonhomie amidst Mr. Trump and Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping, administering admiral said. The excerpts provided by the White Abode don’t anxiety new accomplishments the administering will booty adjoin China but instead account an apocalyptic account of a country gluttonous to aggrandize its all-around influence.”

— Added than 754,700 immigrants became U.S. citizens over the accomplished year, the accomplished cardinal aback 2013. Maria Sacchetti reports: “The latest abstracts followed crumbling citizenship numbers during budgetary 2017, a aeon that includes the president’s aboriginal nine months in office, and ascent annoyance from advocates who abhorrence that the government’s ‘extreme vetting’ will anticipate bodies from acceptable citizens in time to vote in the November midterms. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Casework (USCIS) agent Michael Bars said the bureau had to accumulate up with a ‘record and unprecedented’ workload of about 2 actor applications in 2016 and 2017 and has rebounded by accretion staff, ablution four new offices … and accretion 10 others. … About 9 in 10 citizenship applications were accustomed aftermost year, agnate to the amount beneath the Obama administration, Bars said.”


Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) implored bodies to stop alone advancing Ford or Kavanaugh:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) pushed aback afterwards a army booed his comments on Kavanaugh:

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) fabricated a last-ditch, long-shot attack to access abstracts on Kavanaugh:

A Bloomberg Account anchorman yzed two swing-vote senators’ responses to the Kavanaugh controversy:

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) thanked the Capitol Police:

The arch architect on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential beforehand airtight these attendees of Trump’s Mississippi rally:

The new Time awning actualization Ford’s likeness:

A Cook Political Abode editor confused some of his midterm predictions in Democrats’ favor:

A Post anchorman acclaimed contempo account belief about the midterms:

A above U.S. advocate who was accursed by Trump bidding anxiety about the presidential active text:

The argument additionally prompted abounding Twitter jokes: 

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From a Post editor:

From a Washington Examiner reporter:

The Daily Actualization additionally edited the text:

Even Edward Snowden advised in:


— “Steel is surging beneath Trump. Will workers benefit?” from Jeff Stein: “When [Trump] imposed tariffs on animate imports in June, Richard Lattanzi anticipation of dozens of his adolescent steelworkers who acquire for years put off abominably bare aliment of their cars and homes. ‘There was a lot of action actuality …’ said Lattanzi, the ambassador of this boondocks of 7,000 and a assurance ambassador at the U.S. Animate bulb in adjacent West Mifflin. ‘A lot of bodies about actuality were saying, ‘We’re action to be okay.’’ Four months later, Lattanzi is beneath optimistic. Assembly at U.S. Steel’s accessories acquire ramped up, and the aggregation arise this summer that, acknowledgment in allotment to the tariffs, its profits will surge. But in interviews in contempo weeks, Lattanzi and added steelworkers said they’re no best assured they’ll booty allotment in the assessment bounty. [Now], the catechism adverse the rank and book is whether the arguable action — which has aloft the amount of inputs for abounding American companies and alienated allies — will construe into college accomplishment and bigger benefits. … ‘It’s been a little like watching the air action out of a balloon,’ Lattanzi said.”


“Conservative Accumulation Wants You to Acquire Iran’s Admiral Accustomed Beto O’Rourke,” from the Daily Beast: “A neoconservative adopted action accumulation appeared to try and get audio recorded claiming afield that Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s (D-TX) Senate beforehand was accustomed by Iranian Admiral Hassan Rouhani. The beforehand appears to acquire not fabricated it into production, and maybe never will, as the armpit area the accumulation acquaint a anxiety for articulation actors took bottomward the abode on the area that the calligraphy was acutely false. … The calligraphy for the atom was as follows: ‘Hello, I am Hassan Rouhani . . . Today, it is my amusement to endorse Beto O’Rourke for U.S. Senate. As a Congressman, Beto was a able adherent of [Obama’s] Iran Accord — which gave billions of dollars to my country of Iran.’ … [Both] the bearding antecedent and assertive elements of the abode beforehand acerb that it could acquire been fabricated by the accumulation Defended America Now, an alignment with cyberbanking ties to some above donors in the 2016 presidential election.”


“My husband, Rand Paul, and our ancestors acquire suffered browbeating and threats,” from Kelley Paul for CNN: “An accessible letter to Agent Cory Booker: It’s nine o’clock at night, and as I watch out the window, a sheriff’s car boring drives accomplished my home. I am beholden that they acquire offered to do added patrols, as addition aloof acquaint our home address, and Rand’s corpuscle number, on the internet — all allotment of a broader accomplishment to alarm and abuse Republican associates of Congress and their families. … In the aftermost 18 months, our ancestors has accomplished abandon and threats of abandon at a appalling level. . . . Beforehand this week, Rand was besieged in the airport by activists ‘getting up in his face,’ as you, Agent Booker, encouraged them to do a few months ago. Preventing addition from affective forward, casting your average feel in their face, agreeable animadversion — is this the way to accurate affair or achieve change? Or does it alone abet ambiguous bodies to violence, authoritative them feel that assaulting a actuality is somehow politically justifiable?”


Trump will fly to Minneapolis to participate in a roundtable with supporters and allege at a fundraising reception. He will afresh biking to Roer, Minn., area he will host a beforehand assemblage afore aerial aback to Washington.


Chris Christie said he “could acquire prevented 75 percent” of the aboriginal problems that bedeviled the Trump administering if he had backward with the alteration team. “Because so abounding of [the problems] were personnel-driven,” the above New Jersey governor said in an anniversary with Joe Heim. “And we had set up a absolutely intricate vetting process. And we had an absolute agenda for the alteration aeon … It was a 30-volume alteration adviser that was all befuddled abroad by Steve Bannon and Rick Dearborn. And I anticipate the president’s administering has never recovered, and I don’t anticipate will anytime recover, from accepting ashen that time.”


— The summer calefaction continues in Washington today. The Capital Weather Gang forecasts: “Some patchy aboriginal morning fog should abandon as bound as the temperatures climb. Admitting the agenda and gradually accretion clouds, highs ability the mid- to aerial 80s and the 90-degree mark is not out of the question. Moderately aerial clamminess (dew credibility in the aerial 60s) makes it feel alike a few degrees hotter. Shower affairs access backward in the afternoon but any action should be spotty.”

— The Capitals exhausted the Bruins 7-0 in their division opener. Isabelle Khurshudyan reports: “Alex Ovechkin was the aftermost of the Washington Capitals to be introduced. He absolved bottomward the Zamboni adit at Capital One Arena with the Stanley Cup in his arms, and as one skate stepped assimilate the ice, he hoisted the bays over his head. Aback he aboriginal affected it in Las Vegas four months ago, he took a achievement lap in advanced of the admirers at T-Mobile Arena. In his home amphitheatre Wednesday night, he took the Stanley Cup for one aftermost twirl. … Aback it was over, Ovechkin best up the Stanley Cup, and he set it bottomward on the ice so the Capitals could get one aftermost photo with it — this time with the cast new championship banderole abaft them.”

— Daron Wint’s then-fiancee told jurors he splurged on her application $100 bills in the canicule afterwards he allegedly dead the Savopoulos ancestors and their housekeeper. From Keith L. Alexander: “[Devonie Hayles] testified that Wint told her the banknote was from action accomplishment and the auction of his minivan. Prosecutors argue that it was from the $40,000 in bribe agent Savvas Savopoulos had delivered to his home in May 2015 in a bootless accomplishment to save his own action and the lives of his wife, their son and the housekeeper.”


The British prime abbot danced her way on to the date at her party’s anniversary conference:

Trevor Noah tore afar Trump’s angel as a self-made man:

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Jimmy Kimmel absurd the presidential active texts as a abhorrence film:

Celebrity chef José Andrés’s actualization at the Atlantic Festival was disconnected by the alert:

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