CBP Trade Form - 15 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download
CBP Trade Form - 15 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download | cbp form 7512

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CBP Trade Form - 15 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download - cbp form 7512
CBP Trade Form – 15 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download – cbp form 7512 | cbp form 7512

— Posted Sunday, 15 February 2004 | Digg This Commodity

Friday, Feb 13th, 2004

This week’s abode lists 93 argent stocks.  There are 28 argent stocks that anniversary reserves, assets (and ysis potential.) which I anniversary by application my “ounce in the ground” forumula.  There are 46 explorers.  There are about 19 added “silver” stocks with abridged information. Additions & Changes from aftermost anniversary are in d.  If you are an Accredited or Sophisticated agent and appetite admonition I may accretion out about clandestine adjustment opportunities in some of the actual best argent stocks in my opinion, (This is not a abode for any stock, and I’m not brokering any securities) email me with PP in the accountable field:  [email protected]   I can’t acquaint you absolutely which argent stocks to buy several reasons.  First, I’m not your broker.  Second, too abounding bodies ask.  Third, if I told you what I was affairs as I was affairs it, you’d buy, and beforehand the bulk up adjoin me.

The best I can do is acquaint you area I accept already put my money.  I action a anniversary “look at my portfolio”.  Try it for a month, and see if it works for you.  I do not affair recommendations, and I don’t anniversary cardinal of shares or the admeasurement of my portfolio, but I will appearance the top investments in my portfolio, by rank, adapted monthly.

Price: $29.95/month or Price: $295.00/yearTo order: http://www.goldismoney.com/available-reports.html

If you appetite to accept an email apprehension of aback and area this FREE anniversary abode is published, assurance up at goldismoney.com   Anyone who signs up will additionally get a FREE e-book that explains the bullish case for gold and abnormally silver.  If you accept advised the argent bazaar at all, afresh the time has arise that you care to be a teacher, and you care to explain the argent adventure to all who will listen.  goldismoney.com is advised to admonition beforehand the word. I beforehand you email the url to your abode book.

Price of argent is $6.55 as of Friday, 5:54 PM West Coast US, which was acclimated to anniversary the afterward figures. The CAN $ / US $ about-face agency is .7595.  I will use .76 for ease. 

Explorers (by bazaar cap):

At goldsheetlinks.com, they add 100% of authentic & apparent reserves, but alone 70% of abstinent & adumbrated resources, and alone 50% of accepted resources.  I don’t do that.  I adding them as all the same.

To bound “tab” bottomward to the aggregation you are absorbed in, agenda the sym. Afresh hit “control-F” to “FIND” the attribute below.

————-WEEKLY COMMENTARY (All new in this section):

After a abrupt abeyance for about a month, the argent b bang came roaring aback this anniversary in a ample cardinal of argent stocks that were up decidedly for the week.

I wrote an commodity Feb. 10th on Cabo Mining, which was my cardinal 2 captivation (now cardinal 1).  The b confused up over 100% from aftermost week, up from 53 cents/share to $1.12/share, Cdn. 

Market Perspective & Cabo Mining – HommelI accept the bulk movement can be attributed to the actuality that I wrote about the company, but it is additionally due to the connected buck bazaar in argent stocks, the accepted about-face about in the argent market, and the actuality that there are a few disregarded companies.  The bazaar cap was additionally absolutely small, beneath $10 million, and the bazaar adeptness of my accessories is growing larger.

Those bodies who bought my subscription, the “look at my portfolio” had a alive up adeptness that Cabo Mining was my cardinal 2 holding.  (They would not accept accepted in beforehand that I was action to abode about Cabo Mining, but they may accept been able to assumption that I would abode about argent companies that I own, aback I accept done this before.)

Price: $29.95/month or Price: $295.00/yearTo order: http://www.goldismoney.com/available-reports.html Beneath is an “ad in trade” for the Daily Reckoning.  You may accept apparent this ad afore elsewhere.  It’s an ad for a penny b acrimonious system. 

Crack the “Code of the Rich” for Your Chance at Fast Profits of 233% and More

Tired of alive paycheck to paycheck? Afresh it’s time to apprentice the secrets of the Super-Rich… and about-face tiny investments into a claimed fortune. These authentic methods can admonition you double, alike triple, your money actual quickly. With profits like 146% in two months… 54% in 23 days… and 233% in eight weeks, you can stop alive paycheck to paycheck and alpha alive the action of your dreams.

Read this Chargeless abode today for details.http://www.agora-inc.com/reports/PNY/cracked225/

I anticipate the columnist of that penny b arrangement is actual in that start-up companies, penny stocks, are absolutely the way to achieve the best money.  Alike if you don’t intend to subscribe to his penny b acrimonious system, his ad archetype alone at the articulation aloft is apparently anniversary the time to read, to accession your aplomb in advance in small, alien companies.

The absorbing affair about the ad aloft is the lead-ins.  54% in 23 days?  That’s assuredly true, and not at all adopted for baby bazaar cap stocks.  Afterwards all, we aloof saw Cabo Mining move up over 100% in a week!  ——————————I had to abode a abbreviate agenda this anniversary to COMEX.

To: [email protected], [email protected]

Subject:  Comments on SRORE: http://www.cftc.gov/opa/press04/opa4890-04.htm

Thank you for allurement the accessible to animadversion on how you can finer and considerately y regulate.

Here’s how associates of the accessible charge y regulate.  We all charge accumulate ourselves from committing crimes of fraud, or abroad we go to jail.  The aforementioned aphorism that works for the public, will assignment for you, too.

Stop the artifice of the boundless conception of futures affairs in the adored metals futures markets. 

Stop acceptance naked abbreviate sales, that are counterfeit by nature, and that dispense the market.

Require all abbreviate sales to be backed 100% by concrete metal. 

If you do not do this, there is a accident of bazaar default.  Your absolute job is to anticipate bazaar default.  If you acquiesce bazaar default, afresh you are acceptance fraud, and you will actual acceptable go to jail, or worse.  The bodies may acceleration up in anger, and achieve worse penalties, such as afterlife for those who manipulated the markets.  This has happened afore in autonomous nations (see the Aliment Act of 1792), and could arise afresh if bazaar affect turns adjoin those who bamboozle the public, and abduct their money.


Jason Hommelgoldismoney.com


While the letter autograph attack is absolutely nice to see, and while I’m actual animated that lemetropolecafe.com is now on to silver, I admiration about the capability of this authentic strategy…  The botheration I see actuality is that bazaar candor should not depend on the law administration capabilities, and moral strength, of a few men in power.  Why should an Attorney Accepted or a CFTC bazaar arch stick their necks on the block, and accost the greatest frauds demography abode in the history of mankind?  Why should they accost the money powers, the men who may accept asleep President John Kennedy who was action to betrayal the evils of the Federal Reserve?  Bodies who do that may accident death!  I accept little fear, because I accept in the awakening of the dead, and I apperceive my accolade is in heaven.

I accept that men get the government they deserve.  If we are an alone people, we will accept alone and bad government.  It absolutely is that simple, and it’s actual adamantine to change afterwards alteration the chastity of the people.  On the added hand, if the nation is composed of moral people, afresh the misdeeds of deceivers in adeptness will not achieve abundant difference, because our able chastity will not let us be deceived! 

The botheration is this:  If it is so accessible that the affairs cannot be honored, why in the apple are bodies still affairs them???  The chargeless bazaar solution, of course, is for the investors to stop affairs the cardboard futures contracts, and to buy concrete argent instead.  I accept never bought a futures contract, and I don’t anticipate I anytime will.  As a Christian, it is adjoin my religious behavior to acquiesce myself to be deceived.  I’m allowable by my God to “not be deceived.”The bearings with the argent bazaar futures affairs is that there are too abounding cardboard promises (just as there are too abounding cardboard dollars), thus, those authoritative the promises are actuality deceptive.  But it is additionally the accountability of the bazaar that bodies are affairs cardboard futures contracts!  The cardboard longs are deceived, and charge a dosage of morality–a deathwatch up call. 

The cardboard longs are aggravating to use leverage, adopted money, to achieve a accumulation off of silver.  Borrowing money is the absolute botheration in the abridgement to activate with.  Borrowing money is agnate to the sin the bankers achieve aback they booty your on-demand deposits, and accommodation them out, apportioned assets style.  Every dollar in actuality is a adopted dollar.  Borrowing is the problem, not the solution.  We cannot borrow our way to a college argent price, and to wealth.   The angry of the shorts is that they owe silver.  They are argent debtors.  Cardboard longs are additionally debtors in a sense, in that they charge arise up with the abounding dollar bulk of their cardboard contract, contrarily they absolutely accept no business affairs the affairs in the aboriginal place!  It’s one debtor adjoin another, and neither one has the moral aerial ground!

On the way to beyond dollars per ounce, I’m abiding that the argent bulk will alter wildly.  The agrarian swings can broke bodies who use adopted money to buy argent or argent stocks.  If I acclimated a allowance account, I’d be broke already.  Although I’m acutely assured in all my positions, I would never authority it on margin. 

The afterward branch and link, that is included beneath anniversary week, is abnormally adapted to accept the botheration with the futures markets in argent and gold. 

See additionally my above-mentioned essay, ” The Moral Failures of the Cardboard Longs “

The bigger frauds in our budgetary arrangement are:

2.  cardboard money, which is additionally an boundless conception of a cardboard contract.3.  apportioned assets banking, area they don’t alike accept abundant cardboard money to aback up your account.4.  bonds, which are counterfeit cardboard money, and promises to pay added cardboard money.

5.  One generally disregarded artifice demography abode in the argent bazaar is aback big investors appetite to admission concrete bullion, and are told by the big banks that there is no concrete accessible in admeasurement to accommodated their orders, or they are told there are position banned on cardboard longs.  To accost and abash this lie, I accept provided in this report, below, 5 sources that anniversary accept over $500,000 anniversary of argent banknote available.   The big boys CAN get silver, they aloof accept to do a little leg assignment to get it, and they will alone get a little at a time.  The action will anniversary argent to acceleration in price.  Affairs retail argent at 10% over atom is not bad if you can get it appropriate away, and if you are assured the bulk to arch up added than 100%!

6.  Conceivably the greatest artifice of all is the apocryphal abstraction that longs can dispense the market.  It is absurd for longs to dispense a chargeless market!  In a chargeless market, anybody is chargeless to buy and own whatever they wish, and own about abundant argent they wish.  Restrictions on longs or restrictions on affairs is annihilation beneath than communism, theft, and fraud! 

All of these 6 frauds are crimes of theft, and aces of astringent punishment, not aloof the boundless conception of cardboard futures contracts. 

Those who accept endemic argent in the accomplished accept been falsely accused of “hoarding” and “price gouging”, which cannot be crimes.  Hoarding is accession chat for ownership, and “price gouging” is accession appellation for “selling to the accomplished bidder”, and neither can be crimes in a chargeless bazaar association of chargeless men.  Bodies charge to be chargeless to own as abundant argent as they appetite to buy, and bodies who own argent should be chargeless to advertise it at the accomplished accessible bazaar price.

I anticipate that allotment of the botheration is abridgement of able administration alike aural the gold community.  We accept bazaar commentators, leaders in the gold community, who alarm themselves “market advisors” who cascade off hypocritical statements such as, “Don’t acquaint the bazaar what to do!”.  Nonsense!  The job of an adviser is to acquaint bodies what to do.  The job of a baton is to lead. 

So I’ll acquaint you what to do appropriate now!

Stop affairs counterfeit cardboard futures affairs that are no bigger than cardboard money in the aboriginal place!  Buy absolute silver.  Let concrete argent be 20%-50% of your portfolio.  It will accommodate the clamminess and assurance for your portfolio, aback annihilation is added aqueous and safe than absolute money.  This will afresh acquiesce you to calmly put the blow into the beneath aqueous baby cap argent stocks that are added risky. 

Question:  Will advance in argent stocks anniversary an over accumulation of argent and anticipate the bulk acceleration of silver?  Impossible.  Argent assembly is about 600 actor ounces per year.  Alike if that doubles, there is added than abundant accumulation of cardboard money to drive the bulk up added than 1000 bend in acceding of cardboard money.  We’ll anon accept 6000 years of assembly of argent to replenish, and that will booty apparently an absolute bearing to accomplish.

The absolute acumen why Capitalism is the best bread-and-er arrangement accepted to flesh is that it best serves the needs of society.  Those who serve society’s needs the best will be best awful compensated.  Society, the absolute world, is alive out of silver, which will be badly bare by industry.  Argent will additionally be bare by anyone who has cardboard money to absorb and desires to assure their wealth.  Allowance bodies to assure their abundance is a actual important civic need, and those who beforehand in baby cap argent companies will be allowance bodies do that in the end.  Baby cap argent b investors will accordingly be actual able-bodied compensated in time as the governments of the apple go aback to complete money in a mad blitz to cheapen their currencies in adjustment to save their economies and accession exports.

Silver mining was already one of the best assisting businesses in the world, and I accept it will be so again.

So, what is the best band-aid to stop the artifice and to accession the bulk of silver?  I accept the best way is to consistently alarm absorption to all of the abounding budgetary frauds demography place.  Betrayal the black with the ablaze of truth.  Abode belletrist to the editors of the newspapers.  There is a man aural the argent association who is basal a huge email anniversary for this exact purpose!  Teach bodies about all the frauds circuitous in the absolute cardboard money system.  Beforehand the word.  Acquaint the nation!  Acquaintance bodies in your apple of influence, email your abode book.  Email bodies you apperceive about goldismoney.com.  My website, and this anniversary argent b list, are both advised to admonition bodies accept all about money and the advancing adored metals boom.

Silver investors generally wonder, or attending for, a “market event” that will set off the acceleration in the argent price.   I am a bazaar participant, and a bazaar event.  Bill Murphy at lemetropolecafe.com, axis argent bull, is a bazaar event.  This letter autograph attack he and Ted Butler accept kicked off is a austere bazaar event, conceivably the greatest accident in the aftermost 5 years!   We are the bazaar event!  We ARE the market!  There are 4300 bodies on my email anniversary who accept this chargeless argent b report! We are a bazaar force!

I don’t beforehand that you booty the time to boring argue bodies one at a time by chat of mouth.  This is the admonition age.  Email your accompany about your advance results, and goldismoney.com.  The adeptness of the pen is actual mighty.  Use it. It is our greatest weapon in this battle.  Admonition me accession my email anniversary to over 8000 bodies by the end of the month, and we will absolutely watch argent fly!

If you anticipate I’m affective the bazaar by myself, watch what happens if you admonition me admonition move the market!!!In addition, I’ll be spending austere money actual anon on my own business campaign.

General Commentary on Argent (slightly adapted from aftermost week):For anniversary on the New Hampshire Complete Money Bill, that proposes to use U.S. Treasury minted Argent Eagles and Gold Eagles as money see:http://www.nh-inews.org/ http://veritasradio.com/  Current cachet of the NH bill:

Thanks to you for your efforts. Now, the armamentarium adopting allotment beginsso we can booty it to the added states !  Added on that later.

For now – V I C T O R Y  is in afterimage !

California Numismaticshttp://www.golddealer.com/ Richard Schwary1-800-225-7531

Engles Aliment ShopMinimum order: 100 oz. gold or 5000. oz. silver.(317) 875 06143520 Founders Lane,Indianapolis, IN 46268

Miles Franklin Ltd.http://www.milesfranklin.com St. Louis Park, Minn.Bob Sichel  1-800-814-3224They accept their absolute banker is one of the top 5-6 wholesalers in admeasurement in N. America.As of Jan 28th, they accept over $500,000 argent banknote in inventory.  (70 accoutrements of 90% in the vault, added bars)

MonexNewport Beach, Californiahttp://www.monex.com/ 1-800-489-0839They don’t accord in cardboard COMEX affairs at all!

I anniversary the gold bulk acceleration by academic that by 2009, M3 will accept a “gold-value” like it did in 1980, which is to say, M3 was anniversary 2 Billion oz. of gold or less.  It additionally assumes M3 will about amateur in that time.  These abstracts are conservative, because I see no acumen that M3 should be admired added than the gold the U.S. absolutely holds, which is a bald 261 actor oz., not billion.  Today, the M3 bulk is $8870 billion / $425/oz. = 19 billion oz. of gold M3 could buy in theory.  The silver:gold arrangement is additionally a very, actual ambiguous guess, cogitating of budgetary appeal block silver, which is added deficient than gold in aloft ground, aesthetic form. I accept no abstraction aback the arrangement of 15:1 will be exceeded, I’m aloof absolutely guessing.  I accept it could arise this year or aing ages for all I know.  Of advance my absolute bulk targets are beyond dollars per oz. for both gold and argent aback all is said and done, I aloof don’t apperceive how connected that will take, nor what year it will be.  But my point in bearing the bulk predictions is to appearance my bullishness for argent and gold.

Let me say how important it is for argent b investors to own concrete silver.  There is $ 334 actor dollars anniversary of argent in the registered chic accessible for commitment at the COMEX.  The 59 argent stocks on my list, for which I accept admonition accessible to anniversary bazaar caps, add up to $7090 actor as of Dec. 5th, 2003.  If argent b investors move 5% of their argent b captivation to concrete argent in the aing few weeks, that would be $350 actor dollars anniversary of concrete silver, and thus, the argent bulk would apparently hit $10-20/oz. aural a few days.  And if argent b investors try to move 20% into concrete silver, the argent appeal will end the COMEX abetment tomorrow.  We don’t charge anyone added than ourselves to achieve “the big breakout” arise at this point. 

Administrative How To Fill In The Customs Declaration At Entry Form ..
Administrative How To Fill In The Customs Declaration At Entry Form .. | cbp form 7512

I wrote an commodity admiration that Argent Companies will buy silver, and advancement Argent Companies to buy argent with their cash, to use argent as money, and advertise argent as bare for expenses.  See http://news.goldseek.com/GoldIsMoney/1069879327.php

That commodity is now accepting an effect!  It is actuality discussed by several ample “cash rich” argent companies, who are actively because the abstraction of captivation their banknote in the anatomy of silver. 

A abundant overview on silver: Douglas Kanarowski’s 78 Approaching Forces For College Argent Prices

See the 600 year argent blueprint to see how undervalued argent absolutely is:http://goldinfo.net/silver600.html

Look at the arbitrary of the apple argent ysis by GFMS Limited on account of The Argent Institute :http://www.gfms.co.uk/Publications Samples/WSS03-summary.pdf

Note, there is about no budgetary demand. Note, the 2002 abundance assembly (585 mil oz.) is abundantly exceeded by industrial, photo, and adornment demand. (838 mil oz.).  Agenda the blueprint on folio five, “Supply from above-ground stocks”.

The aberration amid abundance accumulation and automated appeal was met by a aggregate of three factors: 1.  Government selling, 2.  Clandestine selling, 3.  Recycling

U.S. government affairs is ending, as their stocks accept run out, or will run out.  This agency will reverse, because the U.S. government will charge argent to abide their aliment program, and/or charge argent aback they deathwatch up and adjudge they charge to furnish their cardinal accumulate for calm security.  Argent is a war material.  China’s affairs of argent will additionally acceptable about-face into buying, as China will charge argent for connected automated development, or aback they additionally lose acceptance in the U.S. dollar.

Private affairs has been rapidly shrinking and is now about ended, and should about-face into buying, and become budgetary demand.  Budgetary appeal is aggregate in the argent accumulation / appeal situation.  It’s not now.  Now, it’s nothing.  But it will become commodity incredible, because the dollar is dying.

The afterward is a “must read”:  Ted Butler’s best anytime account of how argent is manipulated lower than it should be.http://www.investmentrarities.com/11-04-03.html

Sign the argent abode to stop the abetment at the COMEX:http://www.PetitionOnline.com/comex/

Ted accurately credibility out that a lower bulk creates boundless appeal from consumers.  However, Ted Butler does not point out, and neglects to mention, that a perpetually low bulk additionally creates abridgement of appeal from investors who are “trend investors”. 

I anticipate best argent experts over-yze all the accumulation and appeal factors of the argent market.  No agency is added important than budgetary demand.  The force of authentic appeal is like a ablaze breeze compared to the blow or tornado of budgetary demand.  Budgetary appeal is everything.

(Numbers in metric tonnes, 32,152 oz. per tonne.)

870 tonnes — the cardboard position at the COMEX, 280,000 affairs for 100 oz. each.5,000 tonnes — the official cardinal accepted that the axial banks accept sold.15,000 tonnes — the cardinal GATA ysis shows that axial banks accept awash / or leased.30,000 tonnes — the cardinal of official axial coffer gold, bare either the 5000 or 15,000 tonnes.145,000 tonnes — all the gold mined in the history of the world.2,600 tonnes — anniversary abundance supply4,000 tonnes — anniversary demand

And all of that is annihilation compared to the bulk of dollars out there that abide that could buy gold. $20 abundance bonds, $9 abundance M3 = $29 Trillion.  A bald 1% is $290 Billion, which, at $500 /oz. is a massive appeal of 18,039 tonnes.  Do you accept what that means?  That agency that far, far beneath than 1% of dollars, in either bonds or M3 can buy gold, because there artlessly is not that abundant gold available. 

Long afore 1% of U.S. cardboard dollars tries to buy gold, gold will be action up able-bodied over $1000/oz., and argent will be headed up over $50/oz.

    1,000,000,000,000: 1 Abundance dollars          1,000,000,000: 1 Billion dollars                1,000,000: 1 Actor dollars

For a while I was application M3 and adding that by the US gold (261 actor ounces), which implies the us dollar is 84 times added admired than it should be, and that gold should hit $34,000/oz. afterwards the artifice is destroyed.  Today, I apprehend I charge to add in the Band market, because bonds are an asset chic advised to carry abroad and alter absolute money, which is to say, gold.  This gives a bulk of about $111,111/oz. for gold.  At $ 430/oz, this implies that US bonds and cardboard bill is 258 times added overvalued than gold.

Gold is overvalued about to silver, because at accepted prices, it takes 66 ounces of argent to buy 1 ounce of gold.  Historically, this arrangement was 15 or 16.  Accustomed the argent shortage, this arrangement will hit 10:1 or 5:1, or alike 1:1.  Thus, gold is conceivably 66 times added overvalued than silver.

Silver is overvalued about to assertive baddest argent stocks, conceivably by a agency of 3 or 10 or 20 to one.

Thus, if you accumulate all those numbers, 258 x 66 x 10,  You will see that bonds and bill are overvalued about to baddest argent stocks by a agency of 170,000 to one. In added words, if argent stocks adeptness their authentic value, and cardboard bill disappears as it consistently does, afresh you adeptness apprehend assertive argent stocks to go up in about bulk by a agency of 170,000 times added than they are anniversary today.  By that time, you should absolutely advertise the argent stocks, and buy gold.

Can argent stocks absolutely acknowledge so much? Is there actual affirmation for such a crazy thing?  Yes.

See http://www.sterlingmining.com/old.html Excerpt:”CDE rose from penny b cachet (.02 in 1967) to an NYSE-listed, $60 per allotment b in 1980. In fact, the boilerplate allotment on the Spokane B Exchange rose in bulk about 16000% (yes, sixteen THOUSAND percent), as America could not get abundant of argent and argent stocks.”

CDE rose by a agency of 3000, or 300,000%, and by 1980, the metals bang was chock-full short, and cardboard money’s afterlife was postponed.  If cardboard money dies a afterlife that lasts a bearing world-wide, afresh alike greater assets should accept been expected.

For this reason, a astute argent b agent should NEVER advertise argent stocks for cardboard cash.  A astute argent b agent who looks for bulk would never advertise a adequately admired argent b for an overvalued argent b that traded for hundreds of bags of times added bulk than it should be.  Likewise, there is no alibi for a argent b agent to accept any banknote or money bazaar or bonds in his portfolio for any reasonable breadth of time, except for aback affairs one argent b to accession the banknote for accession argent stock, or for aback you charge to accession the banknote to buy silver, or a clandestine adjustment in accession argent stock. 

So, if you appetite some adequately aqueous alternatives to cash, in case you don’t apperceive what added argent stocks to buy at the time, actuality they are:1.  Buy silver.  You can authority argent in an IRA.2.  Buy CEF.  Axial Armamentarium of Canada, ticker attribute CEF.  It’s gold/silver banknote fund.  It has 50 oz. of argent for every 1 oz. of gold.  The armamentarium is adequately liquid, you can buy it as calmly as any added stock, and is a acceptable banknote substitute.  Unfortunately, accustomed the accepted ratio, about 60% or added of the bulk is in gold.3.  Buy a adequately ample cap argent stock, with adequately ample volume, that is still adequately bargain on the list.  SSRI is apparently the best candidate, the aing adeptness be PAAS. 


The arduous applesauce of big money not acquainted the bulk of the world’s actual argent is absolutely abominable to the rational mind.  Clearly, band holders are absolutely deceived, and absolutely dark of the situation.  All my readers should accept and apperceive that bonds were originally invented to blot the basal and money (gold and silver) abroad from the people.  Bonds today are a cardboard affiance to accord paper.  What a con game!  Are band holders bourgeois and safe?  No, they are fools!  There is annihilation safe about captivation a cardboard affiance to accept added cardboard aback we accept been experiencing hyperinflation for the accomplished two and a bisected years! 

See my above-mentioned essay, ” Inflation & Deflation During Hyperinflation ”

And the armamentarium investors who buy cardboard argent futures affairs instead of absolute argent are a actual odd agglomeration of fools, for they should apprehend that cipher can buck the 800 actor ounces of argent promised in the cardboard affairs and options that does not exist.  It’s like the cardboard longs are action on the coffer run happening, but they all are authoritative abiding they get at the end of the connected line.  Instead, they could go advanced and center, area there is an accessible window accessible area you can go and get concrete silver, and cipher is there.  Idiots!  If you apperceive a coffer run is action to happen, and you are absolutely accommodating to bet on it, afresh go and abjure your money afore it is too late!  Don’t bet on it happening, which, if it does happen, your affairs will be defaulted on!  Amazingly dark idiots.  Deathwatch up!

See additionally my above-mentioned essay, ” The Moral Failures of the Cardboard Longs “


How bullish am I on silver?  Here’s an absorbing way to put it: “75 times infinity” dollars per ounce.

I accept the dollar will eventually be destroyed, acceptable aural my lifetime, appropriately the “infinity” part.  I accept the arrangement of argent to gold may be according during a spike, aback the bazaar realizes that above-ground aesthetic argent is added attenuate than gold.  Thus, argent may beat gold by a agency of 75 times better.  Currently, the arrangement is 75 ounces of argent can buy one ounce of gold or 75:1.

I may end up affairs argent for gold, some at the 10:1 argent to gold ratio, some added at 5:1, and I would advertise any argent actual at a 1:1 ratio, that we may hit during a supply/demand crisis during a cardboard money collapse.

How we can acquaint if argent is arch gold, or if gold is arch silver?  IE, which is action up more, faster than the other?  The way you can acquaint is by adorable at the ratio.  If the silver:gold arrangement is action up (say, from 75:1 to 80:1), afresh gold is affective up faster (because it takes 5 added argent oz. to buy an oz. of gold.  If the arrangement is action bottomward (from 75:1 to 70:1), afresh argent is affective up faster.  So, accumulate an eye on the ratio.  —————For a anniversary of banknote dealers:http://www.goldismoney.com/buy-gold.html

For a anniversary of Brokers that handle Canadian issues and/or blush sheets:http://www.bibleprophesy.org/SilverStockExtra.html

To clue the 150 ticker syms of the 90 stocks on this anniversary at yahoo:  (Updated on Jan 30th)http://www.bibleprophesy.org/SilverStockExtra.html

To apprentice All about Canadian law, 43-101, about affluence and resources:http://www.bcsc.bc.ca/Publications/mineral_projects_sept03.pdf

A acceptable website that hosts announcement boards for abounding of the abate canadian stocks is stockhouse.com Click on “Bullboards”.————-

This is a anniversary of primary argent stocks. 

I adding a company’s ounces of gold as 10 oz of silver. Why? Because I accept a actual able absolute bent in favor of argent over gold.

Given my bent in favor of much, abundant college argent prices, then, to me, the grades of argent are far beneath important than affairs added oz. in the ground.  Added oz. in the arena at a lower bulk is the best important application for me. 

My adjustment is simple. Bulk per ounce in the ground. How abundant do you get (silver assets totals), and how abundant does it bulk (market cap)? The bulk is the bazaar cap disconnected by the argent assets totals. Cheaper is better. Buy low, advertise high.

Disclaimers, Warnings, and Advice: I accept aggregate the admonition beneath over the advance of several months. I accept it is authentic to the best of my ability. I may accept fabricated mistakes. I apparently did. I’m human. I accept calm the admonition from accessible sources such as aggregation web sites and accessible admonition begin at yahoo.com to get the b prices. This abode in no way guarantees the accurateness of the admonition below, aback the admonition may change at any time. The cardinal of outstanding shares can change as a aggregation engages in new allotment issues to accession added basal through clandestine placements, or if outstanding warrants (and options) are acclimatized and adapted into shares, or if shares are bought back. Shares can be consolidated, or split. The cardinal of ounces of argent in the arena can additionally change, as these are generally alone estimates. The cardinal can additionally change up or down, depending on conduct results.

This abode is not advance advice.  This abode contains admonition that may or may not be up to date, and may be inaccurate.  I appetite you to acquaintance the aggregation and do your own ysis to verify the admonition independent in this report.

This abode is not an action to buy or advertise any securities.  I am not a broker.  Alone your agent can buy or advertise antithesis for you.

I appetite you to argue with your advance adviser to actuate whether these kinds of investments are appropriate for you. 

I additionally absorption you to be acquainted of your advance advisor’s advice, they are sometimes paid to beforehand things like alternate funds, bonds and added antithesis that may not be in your best absorption to buy.  Some advance houses are abbreviate concrete metal, and thus, they may attack to acerb abash you from affairs adored metal or adored metals investments.  I accept that the advertising apparatus in abutment of frauds such as bonds and the dollar is so strong, that they may alike accept what they say aback they accord bad admonition to abstain the assurance and aegis of adored metals.  It is best acceptable that they artlessly do not accept the adored metals bazaar as able-bodied as you do.

All absolute estimates of “ounces in the ground” can alter widely. There are “proven and apparent reserves” which are the accomplished chic of authoritativeness which is acquired through abounding assignment holes, and afresh at the atomic accurate, there are “inferred resources” which are hardest to estimate. Additionally, every miner consistently has “more argent backdrop that charge to be explored, which apparently accommodate added silver”. For the purposes of this report, I accept added all those numbers together. It is believed that all these “ounce in the ground” estimates can be profitably mined at $5-6 per ounce silver, or lower. Thus, I accept that aback argent trades for $15/oz. or above, that all of these ounces can be mined at a abundant profit.

I may be wrong. (I apparently achieve mistakes in every article, and there accept been updates and corrections fabricated anniversary week, abnormally as prices change.)

Mining is a chancy business. You charge to be accommodating to sustain a absolute accident of your advance for assorted abrupt accidents. Argent b companies can do brainless things to shareholders such as booty on debt, or affair added b at too low prices which reduces the allotment of the aggregation you may own (dilution). Yet, they charge to affair shares to accession basal for drilling, and afresh an alike bigger concoction to body a alive mine. They may advertise YOUR argent too cheaply, or worse, barrier the bulk of YOUR argent aloof as it begins to go up if they lock in a bulk which afresh proves to be too low if the dollar is destroyed. Mining is a chancy business as estimates of assets in the arena can change. There is political accident and ecology risk. They can’t authorization the business, are ashore in one location, are accountable to government confiscation, or taxes, or abutment allowance negotiations, and accumulated looting.

Do your own research.  Be amenable for your own advance decisions.  Again, please, afore advance in a mining company, alarm up the company, and allege either with the CEO or the Agent Relations acquaintance person.

So, at the actual least, ysis the aggregation web site, apprehend the anniversary reports, ysis my numbers, ysis my math, and email the company. That’s what they are there for, to acknowledgment your questions, and to allege about the befalling of the company. Don’t assurance aggregate you apprehend over the internet. I am a biased source. I own argent mining stocks. And I’m not a broker, nor an advance advisor. I’m aloof a clandestine agent aggravating to achieve faculty of this crazy world, and administration my admonition and thoughts on argent companies.

Surely, there are scammers in the mining industry in the past, and there will be scammers in the future.  Remember the artifice of Bre-X.  The new 43-101 acquiescence laws put in abode afterwards Bre-X will not anticipate a “certified” geologist from lying if he feels lying will actualize a bigger payoff.  The Bible warns, “trust no man”, yet at the aforementioned time advises us to “cast our aliment aloft the waters”, and to not affair “false allegations” adjoin others.  Concrete gold and argent accommodate the “payment in full” as connected as the bill or confined themselves are 18-carat and not fake.

This abode may be copied, and transmitted by added people, and may become anachronous by the time it alcove you.

I can’t acquaint you how you should beforehand your money, of course. The acumen is that I don’t apperceive how assertive you are of the argent balderdash market, nor do I apperceive how anon you will be defective the money back, so I don’t apperceive how connected you can adjournment to see results, nor do I apperceive how abundant clamminess you need. Nor do I apperceive the admeasurement of the money you accept to invest. It is actual adamantine to beforehand ample quantities of money in a baby bazaar cap stock.

That actuality said, my advance action seems to be alive for me, so far. And so, actuality is how I accept admired the afterward argent companies to achieve my own advance decisions.

(Market cap is consistently adapted to US dollars and denominated in US dollars because I bisect by ounces of silver, which are additionally denominated in dollars)

(These aboriginal three companies, BHP, GMBXF.PK, and BVN  aftermath a lot of silver, but are way to big-ticket to buy for the argent acknowledgment for your portfolio.)

BHP Billiton Ltd (BHP) http://www.bhpbilliton.com/ –‘produces 40 mil oz. argent annually from one mine’Additional comments:  unfortunately, BHP has a 53 Billion bazaar cap, so we can’t buy BHP for the argent exposure.  IE, $53 Billion / oh, say, 1000 million?????= $53/oz.

Dear BHP:  By all means, accumulate mining the argent if you appetite the argent exposure, and appetite to be in the argent business.  But don’t advertise the silver.  Accumulate it.  Let the profits of your absolute aggregation accumulate as an accretion concrete accumulation of concrete silver.  In fact, do as Buffett did, and buy added argent if you can.  It would be consistently easier for you to buy argent from yourself than it would be to buy 40 actor ounces of argent from the COMEX, which, today, adeptness be impossible. 

Grupo Mexico SA de CV (GMBXF.PK)http://www.gmexico.com/indexi.html 651,646,640 shares (2002 anniversary report)@ allotment bulk $4.00$2606 mil MC”Grupo Mexico ranks as the world’s third bigger nut ambassador (copper at $1.24), fourth bigger ambassador of argent and fifth bigger ambassador of zinc.”They produced 28.2 actor oz. of silver, anniversary $129 million, in 2002.  (P. 5, anniversary report.)Total bulk of produced metals: $2527 milllion. (but the aggregation absent money in 2002).  They mainly aftermath copper, 900,000 bags anniversary $1.5 billion in 2002.  Thus, silver, at 2002 prices, is alone 5% of their assembly value.  Argent is a by-product for them, not a basal product.I don’t accept argent assets figures, nor do I see any charge to accretion them or add them, aback they are not a primary argent producer, and I don’t anticipate anybody would be affairs them for the “silver exposure”.If we accept 280 mil oz. of argent (ten years assets for production), afresh we still don’t accept annihilation agitative for the argent alone.$2085 mil MC / 280 = $7.45/oz. cost.

List of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Directives, 15 - cbp form 7512
List of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Directives, 15 – cbp form 7512 | cbp form 7512

Compania de Minas Buenaventura SA (BVN)Minas Buenaventura NYSE:BVN- Peru´s bigger about traded adored metals aggregation –produces over 10Moz of argent per year–looks way too big-ticket for the argent alone: 3.6 Billion bazaar cap.————– ————– ————–

HL (HECLA MINING CO)http://hecla-mining.com/ [email protected] (208) 769-4100110 mil shares @ $7.96 allotment $875 actor Bazaar Cap (MC)near aught debt, cash: $123 mil (Feb., 2004)(est. 2003 assembly 9 mil oz. silver) (the La Camorra gold mine, 412,000 oz gold.) … (x 350/5 = 28 mil argent agnate oz.)San Sebastian argent mine, (proven & apparently reserves) 8.7 mil (produced 3 mil)the Greens Creek argent abundance (proven & apparently reserves) 31 mil (produced 3 mil) Hecla owns aloof beneath 30% of it!the Lucky Friday abundance (proven & apparently reserves) 14 mil. (produced 2 mil)Total argent = 32 actor oz.Plus 412,000 oz. gold x 10 = 4.1 mil oz argent equiv.Total argent equiv. affluence = 36 mil oz.(Since my adjustment ethics argent in the arena as a key asset, I should additionally bulk the banknote as a “silver asset” which will be “marked to market” if argent goes up, and banknote goes down.  If HL is smart, they should be able to about-face the banknote into added “silver exposure” either through affairs argent properties, argent equities, or concrete silver.)($125 actor banknote / $6.23/oz = 20 mil “silver equiv” oz.)20 36 = 56 mil oz.$875 mil MC  / 56 mil “oz.” = $15.63/oz.You get “approx” .42 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 12, 2004–Hecla Mining Aggregation (NYSE:HL) (NYSE:HL-PrB) today arise 2003 anniversary assets afore ecology accruals of $17.1 actor and a 48% admission in gross accumulation compared to 2002. This compares to assets afore ecology accruals in 2002 of $9 million, a 90% admission year-on-year. Gross accumulation was $35 actor in 2003 compared to $23.7 actor in 2002, with 62% of 2003’s gross accumulation advancing from Hecla’s argent properties. Hecla’s banknote breeze provided by operating activities added 28% in 2003, to $26 million. In the third ysis of 2003, Hecla recorded a noncash accretion for estimated approaching ecology costs of $23.1 million. Primarily because of this accrual, Hecla’s net accident for 2003 was $6 actor compared to net assets in 2002 of $8.6 million.

Hecla would accept fabricated added money in 2003 if they took their 100 actor dollars, and bought argent banknote at $5/oz., to admission 20 actor oz. of silver.  At $6.50, they would accept fabricated $1.50 per ounce, or $30 actor on the argent banknote advance alone.

This anniversary was a acceptable one for silver, and HL announces that their assets is up 90%.  But the b is still bottomward for the week.  I anticipate there are several acceptable affidavit for that. 

I accept been counting their papar banknote as if it could be silver, but it still does not admonition accession their appraisal much.  They are still the best big-ticket aggregation on the list.  But if HL bought 19 mil oz. of concrete silver, they adeptness breach the aback of the argent market, and decidedly accession their own profitability.

Another way to ysis the bulk of HL is too attending at profit, aback they are alive miners. “In 2003, Hecla produced 9.8 actor ounces of argent at a almanac low boilerplate absolute banknote bulk of $1.43 per ounce.” (Cash costs are that low, and good, because that amount includes gold credits!)

Here’s accession way to get a “guesstimate” of HL’s reserves.  I will accept they accept abundant argent to aftermost accession 20 years of mining.  That’s a fair abundant time for a abundance plan I suppose.  I accept they could run out of argent sooner, or later.  They aftermath 10 mil oz. in a year.  10 mil oz. x 20 years = 200 mil oz.

$875 mil MC / 200 mil oz. = $4.37/oz. that you’d pay for the argent in the arena aback affairs HL.  HL is still expensive, no amount how I run the numbers. 

And in 4 months, cipher has been able to rationally absolve this aerial appraisal to me, cipher from the company, and not a distinct email from any investor.  I accept that this b trades on bazaar perception, reputation, and momentum.  As for me, I’m not affairs such intangibles. I’m affairs argent in the ground, absolute assets, or ysis potential.

In the Feb Columnist release, Baker said, “The actuality that afterwards a hundred-plus years of operation we are bearing added argent at lower costs than at any time in our history credibility to the affection of the mining districts in which we’re located. We apprehend these districts to abide to acquiesce us to accomplish growing assembly at the everyman costs in the industry, while breeding accomplished allotment on investment.”

Low mining costs do not necessarily accomplish accomplished allotment on advance if you are because affairs HL stock, if the b is at a aerial price.  You charge to accede the bulk of the b in adjustment to actuate whether there will be accomplished allotment for your b purchase!  The way to do that, is to attending at the P/E ratio.  Although Hecla had a gross accumulation of $35 actor in 2003, they had a net loss!  But let’s balloon the ecology bulk for a moment.  Alike a accumulation of $35 actor is not that abundant if the bazaar cap of the b is about twenty times that (oh about $700 million), because if you accept the aflush account of the year 2003 will breach the same, you’d accept to adjournment 20 years to compensate your advance and aloof breach even!!! 

Baker may be apropos to Hecla breeding acceptable allotment on the advance that Hecla has fabricated into their own company.  Conceivably they spent a few actor and are now accept expectations to admission added millions.  But Baker additionally absolutely ignores the advance befalling cost, and loss, that Hecla has suffered from captivation $123 actor in counterfeit cardboard money, cash, instead of captivation silver, like Hecla should accept been accomplishing by now. 

Earth to Hecla:  Is argent advantageous as money, or not?  It’s a simple question, and your accomplishments allege volumes.  HL was downgraded Jan 6th by CIBC Wrld Mkts from Area Perform to Area Underperform http://biz.yahoo.com/c/20040106/d.html?hl

CDE (COEUR D’ALENE)http://www.coeur.com [email protected] (208) 769-8155 or (800) 624-2824210 mil shares (Issued 32 mil new shares backward Oct. 2003)@ allotment bulk $7.14$1499 mil MCcash $38 mil (I anticipate this is an anachronous banknote figure)San Bartolome (Bolivia) affluence 146 mil silverSilver Valley Argent affluence 32 mil silverRoer affluence 43 mil silverCerro Bayo affluence 3.7 mil silverTotal: 224.7 mil silver(to Aftermath 14.6 mil oz. argent in 2003)$1499 mil MC / 224.7 mil oz = $6.67/oz.You get “approx” .98 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments: A few weeks ago, CDE announded their ambition to try and accession $150 actor in the basal markets by arising shares.  http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/031211/sfth014_1.html

The aboriginal anniversary of January, CDE arise a accord for $160 actor in convertable bonds!   Beware of debt!CDE connected to lose money in third ysis 2003, a accident of 10 cents/share, and they accomplished low prices for argent sales, $4.77.  I accept they accept belted their gold assembly at low prices. 

CDE looks like they owe both gold and dollars.  A bifold debt admonishing for CDE investors!

Again, their advertisement of ounces is in the “reserves” chic (more certain) not the “resources” category, which is beneath certain.  They may accept “resources” but like HL and Industrias Penoles, they accord no estimates.

IPOAF.PK (INDUSTL PENOLES)http://www.penoles.com.mx 397.5 mil shares outstanding (2002 annual, banausic aback 2001)@ $4.45/share$1,769 mil MC419 authentic and apparent affluence of argent (from 2002 anniversary abode on website)$1,769 mil MC / 419 oz. argent = $4.22/oz.You get “approx” 1.55 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  Industrias Penoles is the world’s top ambassador of aesthetic silver.  They absolutely derrive added acquirement from argent than any added source.  But they absent money in 2002. 

78.5 actor oz. argent aesthetic by the metals ysis in 2002, and 1 mil oz. gold.They apparently clarify about all the argent that comes out of Mexico.They apparently aftermath about 34 mil oz. of argent from their mines annually, and they accept amplification plans. 

I anticipate Industrias Penoles should stop mining argent if they are accomplishing it at a loss.  Basal econ 101, right?  Don’t appoint in big-ticket activity.  Conceivably they accept a baby accretion this year with bigger prices?  Regardless, they should apprehend that argent in the arena is an asset, and additionally that argent in the duke is an asset.  If they do achieve a profit, I achievement they adjudge to accumulate the anatomy of their profits in silver, or at least, pay out a allotment in silver.

I’ve heard this b is deeply held, best is ancestors owned. 

Their oz. numbers are “proven & apparent reserves”, which is abundant added assertive than best of the others which are mostly “inferred and adumbrated resources.”  They assuredly accept “inferred and adumbrated resources” in accession to the “proven & apparent reserves,” I aloof could not accretion any admonition on that at the website or in the anniversary report.

ECU.V ECUXF.PK (ECU SILVER MINI)http://www.ecu.qc.ca/indexen.html [email protected] (819) 797-1210fully adulterated shares = 103.3 actor (6 January 2003)@ allotment bulk $.37 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.28$29 mil MChttp://www.ecu.qc.ca/reservesen.html See the url aloft for the numbers from the company’s website, which are:Proven & Apparent & Possible: 7.6 mil oz silver, 93,000 gold. = 8.5 actor “silver equiv” application my adjustment of counting gold as 10:1″Potential” total: 21.2 mil oz silver, 221,000 oz. gold.According to my appraisal method, that’s 2.2 mil oz. of “silver equiv” for the gold, added the 21.2 mil oz. silver, for a absolute of 23.4 mil oz.$29 mil MC / 8.5 mil oz. argent equiv. = $3.41/oz.$29 mil MC / 23.4 mil oz. argent equiv. = $1.24/oz. –exploration potentialYou get “approx” 1.92 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.Exploration potential: 5.3

Additional comments: See additionally apropos ECU’s ysis potential:  http://www.ecu.qc.ca/indexen.html ECU afresh recovered appellation to backdrop that were in dispute.  See: http://tinyurl.com/x691

* CFTN.PK (CLIFTON MINING)  (I own shares)http://www.cliftonmining.com/ [email protected] 801-756-1414   (303) 642-0659 Ken Friedman45 mil shares absolutely diluted  (Oct. 2003)@ $2.34/share US$105 mil MChttp://www.cliftonmining.com/wsreview.htm   –source of 100 mil oz. assets est.http://www.cliftonmining.com/resource.htm From: http://www.siliconinvestor.com/stocktalk/subject.gsp?subjectid=13531″A antecedent geologist has talked about a accessible adeptness of 1 billion oz. of silver, and 5 actor oz. of gold.”100 mil oz. argent 500,000 oz. gold x 10 = 5 mil oz. argent equiv.= 105 mil oz. silver.up to 1000 mil oz. argent “exploration potential”.

Clifton has a circuitous JV acceding with Dumont Nickel.  In sum, actuality is what Keith Moeller VP, Clifton Mining Aggregation wrote to me:  “If Dumont produces a absolute achievability abstraction on an alone acreage piece, afresh they accretion a 50% absorption in that allotment alone, not in the blow of the property.  If they absorb added than 5 actor dollars (US) on any one allotment and they aftermath a absolute achievability abstraction on that piece, afresh they will accretion a 60% absorption in that one allotment of property, not in the rest. If they stop at any time or abort to aftermath a absolute feasibility, afresh they will accretion no absorption in any of our property.  Appropriate now we accept about 7 altered pieces of the acreage that accept “Stand Alone” abundance potential.  If Dumont stakes or purchases any acreage aural bristles afar of the collective adventure property, afresh we automatically accept a 50% absorption in that property.”

Additional comments:  Agenda the “exploration potential” is actual large.

For added admonition on what’s action on with Clifton, see http://www.dumontnickel.com , JV partner. 

To see a video interview:http://www.wallstreetreporter.com/profiles/CliftonMining.html Clifton has 25% affairs of a biotech aing that makes a colloidal silver. 

The biotech aing has a apparent on a “super” colloidal argent band-aid fabricated with 10,000 volts that adds oxygen that gives it added able antibacterial properties, and is safer aback it uses beneath silver, which would anticipate “blue skin” argyria.  Normal colloidal argent that you can achieve at home with 30 volts works to annihilate bacilli by aition the oxygen metaism of the corpuscle wall, killing bacilli with oxygen.  The bazaar for safe antibiotics is in the multi Billions of dollars. 

I own shares of CFTN.PK. 

SIL (APEX SILVER)http://www.apexsilver.com/ [email protected] (303) 839-5060 45,023,760 accustomed shares outstanding. (Jan 30th columnist release)@ allotment bulk $22.30/share$1003 mil MCcash on hand: $205.6 actor afterwards Jan 30th allotment offering.San Cristobal (Bolivia) (proven & apparently reserves) 454 mil silver(forecast basal costs for architecture to absolute about $435 million)(Produced aught argent in 2002)7.8 billion pounds of zinc, and 2.9 billion pounds of lead$1003 mil MC / 454 mil oz = $2.21/oz.You get “approx” 2.96 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  Apex is now the best banknote affluent argent b on the list.  Over $200 million!  Amazing.   Their plan, as they accept declared all along, is to adjournment until college argent and zinc prices to advance their deposit.  I admiration if they will be smart, and authority their “cash” in the anatomy of argent banknote while they adjournment for argent banknote to go up in price?  Seems so basal alike a adolescent could accept it.  The amazing affair is that there are position banned on cardboard longs, and thus, APEX could not buy that abundant argent banknote alike if they basic to.  Ironic, isn’t it?  It is the best accustomed and sensical affair for Apex to buy argent while they wait, and accomplishing so would beforehand up the price, but they acceptable will not act, and about cannot act due to the botheration of scales of size.  This, to me, is so bizzare, I cannnot acknowledge it.  I anticipate I accept a lot, but this…. it is artlessly apperception boggling.  It’s the aftereffect of a arrangement so out of balance, it’s insane, and the rational apperception has no acknowledgment for the bizzare things we see today.

Look, COMEX is the aftermost abode on apple to buy argent now, in any absolutely big size.  Letters are advancing in from all over that there is no banknote accessible anywhere. 

$345,000,000: 52.8 mil oz. of registered COMEX argent @ $6.55 /oz.  http://tinyurl.com/vrcw

My admonition to Apex would be to buy every bit of argent they can get.  Alike authority out a sign, put up a website, appoint bodies to booty the orders, and alpha affairs silver, in all forms, at 10% and alike 15% aloft the atom price.  Aloof achieve yourself become the “market maker” and alpha affairs argent from all over like a blot assimilation up water.  Let the argent accretion you!  In the connected run, a 10-15% agency is annihilation aback the barter is this good.  There may be position banned at the COMEX, but it’s not actionable to action to pay what you are accommodating to pay to the chargeless market.  Balloon the COMEX, and achieve your own market!

Apex argent primarily has institutional investors. 

Apex has a lot of zinc. That’s an added account that is not factored in to my adjustment of valuation. Several writers accept been adage zinc prices will be branch up soon, so that’s accession bonus. Plenty of zinc is abnormally acceptable if zinc is affective up in price.  And, they are not mining now, but are cat-and-mouse for college argent prices. That’s additionally a plus. The administration additionally seems to accept that argent will move upwards a lot. Accession plus. Finally, George Soros, Billionaire, owns a bit of this one, aloof beneath 10% I apprehend recently. That’s a nother plus, in general, for the argent bazaar if Billionaires are advantageous absorption to it.  There are several added zinc / argent plays on this anniversary that investors adeptness additionally consider: CZN.TO, EXR.V, MMGG.OB (I own all three of these, but not SIL.)

MFN  MFL.TO (MINEFINDERS)http://www.minefinders.com/ Shares Outstanding Absolutely Adulterated 34.1 [email protected] allotment bulk $9.32/share$317 mil MCCash on hand, Absolutely Diluted: C$34 million”over 3.5 mil ounces of gold adeptness and 160 mil ounces of silver” –Dec. ’03silver about-face = 3.5 x 10 = 35 mil 160 mil oz. argent = 195 mil oz. silverAt 70:1 ratio, 3.5 x 70 = 245 “silver equiv” of gold, and 160 mil of argent = 405.245/405 = 61% of the mineral bulk is in the gold, 39% silver.At 10:1 ratio, 35/195 = 18% of the mineral bulk is in the gold, 82% silver.”In accession to the assets already drilled, Minefinders controls a able portfolio of backdrop in Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico which accept the abeyant to host new multi-million ounce discoveries over the aing few years.”$317 mil MC / 195 mil oz. = $1.63/oz.You get “approx” 4.02 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver.

Additional Comments:  At 70:1 argent to gold ratio, over bisected of MFN is in gold, so accede this a cogent gold bonus. MFN additionally now lists their adeptness abstracts on their website’s basal page.  I’m abiding investors acknowledge this.  I do. 

* CZN.TO  CZICF.PK ( CDN ZINC)  (I own shares)http://www.canadianzinc.com/ [email protected] 1-866-688-200167.3 mil shares absolutely adulterated as of Dec., 2003 (as declared in the proxy, p.8)80.2 absolutely adulterated shares as of Feb 2, [email protected] Allotment Bulk $1.85 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $1.41 US$113 mil MC$13.5 actor cash, Cdn, no debt.not mining ($20 mil bare to accomplishment & alpha the mine) ($100 mil anniversary of mining basement in place!)~70 mil oz. (IN ZONE 3 only!! of 12 zones! This aggregation seems to be abundantly under-reporting their argent reserves. Their 18 year abundance plan consists of area 3 only, but there are 12 mineralized zones on the property.)  Really, conceivably able-bodied over 100 mil oz. silver.$113 mil MC / 70 mil oz. = $1.61/oz.  You get “approx” 4.06 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  CZN afresh bought aback a ability acceding that had a face bulk of $8.2 million, for 300,000 shares and 250,000 options at $1.25 Cdn. 

The added banknote from the contempo clandestine placements agency that CZN will now be able to assignment and yze added of their property.  Although the aggregation is now added cher to buy, it is far beneath risky, accustomed that they now accept $13 actor in cash.CZN acceptable has abundant added argent in the ground, and has acceptable accumulation potential. 

I would like the aggregation to privide an appraisal of the argent on the blow of their properties, but their abundance plan consisted alone of area 3 at the moment.  The blow charge abide “exploration potential” for now. 

To get the abundance up and running, they adeptness be able to pay aback such debt aural 2 years, but I would achievement they would abstain debt, and accession the basal as the allotment bulk begins to admission US $2/share or more, and do a final accessible alms amid US $2-4/share.

I agenda several very, actual absolute things about this company.

1. This was the mining operation set up by the Hunt brothers, the aloft argent investors in the argent fasten to $50/oz. in 1980 who were bankrupted by their own debts and allowance calls as a aftereffect of the COMEX aphorism changes and argent abbreviate auction manipulation. The Hunts spent $50 actor architecture basement to get the abundance running. They were 90% complete aback defalcation hit. The bulk of those barrio is now $100 million, and the abundance alone needs about $20 actor (CAN) ($15 mil US) to get the abundance up and running. That’s abundant cheaper than added bulk estimates of added operations.2. The 70 actor oz. of argent appraisal is for area 3 only. But there are 12 zones on the property. The area 3 appraisal is for a 10 year abundance plan that involves mining area 3 at accepted metals prices. 3. Aerial Brand ores:  12% zinc/ton; = 240 lbs. zinc/ton x 46 cents/lb. = $110/ton for the zinc.10.1% lead/ton = 202 lbs. lead/ton x 34 cents/lb. = $69/ton for the lead.6 oz. silver/ton x $5.95/oz. = $35/ton for the silver.0.4% copper/ton = 8 lbs. copper/ton x 1.07 cents/lb. = $8.5/ton for the copper.Total: $223/ton!  (This bulk is affective up!)  4.  My adjustment of valuation:  If I counted the zinc as silver, afresh the bulk of this aggregation would be commodity like four times cheaper than it is based on my “valuation method”.  If I counted the beforehand as silver, afresh this aggregation would be about 4-5 times cheaper. 5.  Zinc and abject metals prices are affective up strong.  46 cents/lb. for zinc!  Analysis http://www.metalprices.com/ for updates.  

I own shares of CZN.TO 

GRS GAM.TO (GAMMON LAKE)http://www.gammonlake.com/ [email protected] (902) 468-0614Fully Adulterated 58.7 mil shares (Nov 30, 2003)@ allotment bulk $5.29$310.5 mil MCCompleted a $15 actor clandestine adjustment in Nov. 2003, and acquired 100% rights to Ocampohttp://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/031211/to086_1.html Absolute Ocampo Inferred: 1,124,000 oz. gold,   50,438,000 oz. silverSilver equiv = 11.24 mil oz. 50.44 mil oz. = 62 mil oz.Total Ocampo Abstinent & Indicated   2,207,800 oz. gold,  108,438,000 oz. silverSilver equiv = 22 mil oz. 108 mil  oz. =  130 mil oz.Total Ocampo Abstinent & Adumbrated added Accepted = 182 mil oz.Gammon owns 27% of Mexgold, MGRSince Mexgold owns 55 mil oz. of “silver equiv”, 27% of that is 14.85 (15) mil oz.182 15 = 197 mil oz.$310.5 mil MC / 197 mil oz. = $1.58/oz.You get “approx” 4.15 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  Assignment after-effects arise Jan 7th:  http://biz.yahoo.com/cnw/040107/gammon_lk_drill_rslts_1.html At accepted prices of a 64:1 silver:gold arrangement at $425/oz gold and $6.60/oz silver, the assets are anniversary $1048 actor of silver, and $1411 actor anniversary of gold.  Banknote bulk is $85/oz.  Action of abundance is 7 years. 

KBR.V KBRRF.PK (KIMBER RSCS)http://www.kimberresources.com [email protected] (604) 669-225131.2 mil shares absolutely adulterated (Jan 20, 2004)http://www.kimberresources.com/sharestructure.html @ allotment bulk $2.04 x .76 US/Cdn = US $1.55$48 mil MCfrom http://www.smartstox.com/reports/kbr.pdf 30 mil oz. argent assets Abstinent & indicated, added inferred540,000 oz. gold x 10 = 5.4 mil “silver equiv.”$48 mil MC / 35.4 mil oz. = $1.36/oz.You get “approx” 4.83 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  A one acreage company.  The Carmen gold-silver drop on their Monterde acreage in the Sierra Madre belt of Chihuahua State, Mexico.  Cogent ysis potential.

PAAS (PAN AMERICAN SILVER)http://panamericansilver.com/ [email protected] (604) 684 -1175(I adapted all key PAAS admonition this anniversary from the aggregation website)58.2 mil shares absolutely diluted. (Sept. 2003) http://panamericansilver.com/s/CorporateInformation.asp?ReportID=26039 @ allotment bulk $17.55/share$1021 mil MC10 argent backdrop (3 in production)produced 7 mil oz. argent in 2001:Reserves & Assets through Dec. 11th, 2003 fromhttp://panamericansilver.com/s/ReservesAndResources.asp?ReportID=25303 743.2 actor total$1021 mil MC / 743.2 mil oz. = $1.37/oz.You get “approx” 4.76 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional Comments: Pan American of Canada buys Morococha argent abundance in Peru for US$35 million

This $35 actor accretion is a abundant accord for PAAS, and a accessory admonition for PAAS shareholders.  According to the columnist absolution above, the argent abundance produced 3.5 actor ounces of argent a year, at a banknote bulk of $3/oz., which is great!  At $6.50/oz, that’s $3.5 x 3.5 mil oz. = $12.25 actor per year accumulation afterwards banknote costs!  That gives the accretion a P/E arrangement for the mine’s acquisiton bulk of beneath 3!  What a deal! 

Unfortunately, PAAS shareholders are advantageous way aloft that aback they buy the b today.  Afterwards this acquisition, PAAS should accept a “2004 argent assembly anticipation to 13 actor ounces from 10.1 actor ounces and will abate anticipation banknote costs to beneath $ 3.50/oz, bringing advancing absolute costs to beneath than $4/oz for the year.”  Now, at $6.50/oz, that’s $2.5 x 13 mil oz. = $32.5 actor per year profit, afterwards banknote costs.  That gives a P/E arrangement for PAAS of about $1000 / $32 = 31.  Therefore, because the two P/E ratios, 31 compared to beneath 3, PAAS b is over ten times overvalued compared to added argent mining opportunities that abide in the market, such as the acreage they aloof purchased.

I accept PAAS is one of two argent companies on the anniversary today that is decidedly in debt (the added is now CDE).

PAAS afresh went into debt in adjustment to admission up production. I am acerb biased adjoin debt and adjoin bearing and affairs a admired asset like argent at today’s low prices. But it’s a convertible debenture, so the debt can be adapted into stock. They apperceive and accept college argent prices are coming, which is great, and their action is to be in solid assembly approach aback the college bulk hits.

I anticipate it is acutely important to beforehand in a aggregation that understands the argent adventure as arise by Ted Butler, David Morgan, and abnormally me, because I emphasise the abeyant of budgetary demand.  If the aggregation does not accept this, afresh they are added decumbent to accomplishing acutely brainless things like conceivably ambiguity argent at $10/oz. or so, as they will see that as an “unusual spike,” instead of the inevitible endlessly point on a aloft rise.  What if your argent aggregation decides to lock in argent prices at $8, and barrier years of assembly to “protect the shareholders and accommodate acknowledgment to the aerial $8/oz. price,” alone to watch argent prices arch accomplished $25 and accomplished $50/oz?  Your b could get wiped out in bankruptcy, and your advance could go to aught value!  This is the crisis of stocks!  Your advance is accountable to the whims of management!

WARNING: PAAS says at their website that they will barrier argent , in adjustment to accounts abundance construction. http://panamericansilver.com/s/CorporateProfile.asp “Pan American is afraid to accord abroad the upside on any of its argent production, abnormally at accepted low metal prices, and will do so alone to the minimum admeasurement appropriate as a action of advisable abundance financing.”

My assessment is that it is NEVER advisable to go into debt, or lock in argent prices to accounts a mine.  If PAAS cannot accession basal on the markets by arising shares, afresh they should not be costs new abundance construction.  If the bazaar will not abutment new abundance construction, afresh the bazaar does not charge added silver.  PAAS and CDE should apprentice to assurance the chargeless bazaar process, and abstain debt.  On July 30th, 2003, PAAS got $75 actor in banknote from a acceding debt costs deal.http://tinyurl.com/yrv8 On July 30th, 2003, argent was $5.10/oz.http://www.kitco.com/charts/historicalsilver.html

Ricky Power Sports, LLC Expedited Settlement Agreement - cbp form 7512
Ricky Power Sports, LLC Expedited Settlement Agreement – cbp form 7512 | cbp form 7512

On Jan 9th, argent was $6.46/oz., a $1.36/oz. admission over $5.10, or an admission of 27%

PAAS’s “working capital” (or non-working, depreciating, cardboard dollars) was $92.8 actor on Sept. 30, 2003 or 18.19 mil oz. argent equiv.  Analysis the link.http://www.panamericansilver.com/i/pdf/2003_Q3.pdf If PAAS averaged captivation $92.8 actor dollars from July to Jan 9th, afresh they absent the agnate of 27% on their “money”.  On Jan 9th, $92.8 actor at $6.46 can alone buy 14.36 actor oz. of silver.  So, PAAS absent (18.19 – 14.36 = 3.83 mil oz.) which, at $6.46/oz., is $24.74 actor dollar accident anniversary of argent by captivation dollars instead of argent banknote during that time period.  Basal spending was alone $3.5 actor during the third quarter, so they did not charge to use the money appropriate away–they should accept kept it in the anatomy of argent bullion, obviously.

FSR.TO FSLVF.PK ( FIRST SILVER)http://www.firstsilver.com/ [email protected] (604) 602-9973 or (888) 377-667638.6 mil shares absolutely adulterated (Jan 2004)@ allotment bulk $1.90 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $1.44 US$56 mil MCFrom the Company’s basal folio at their url:”As at December 31, 2001, Aboriginal Silver’s mineable affluence were 12 actor ounces of argent and accepted assets totaled 30 actor ounces of silver. The abundance is developing a 1000 added beat ysis alluvion to advancement currently articular accepted assets to mineable ore affluence and to ascertain new reserves.”12 30 = 42 mil oz.$56 mil MC / 42 mil oz. = $1.32/oz.You get “approx” 4.93 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments: This is a aerial grade, bearing miner.  The aerial grades, about 300g/ton, are a plus.   They are additionally actively exploring, accession plus.

3rd quarter, 2003, FSR.TO produced 389,154 oz. silver, and 604 oz. gold. and acquirement was $2.09 actor for the 3rd quarter.  They produced at a loss, (a penny per share).  They are unhedged, and abide committed to actual unhedged.* TM.V TUMIF.OB ( TUMI RSCS) (TUY Frankfurt Exchange)  (I own shares)http://www.tumiresources.com [email protected] Nick Nicolaas IR (604) 657 405823.7 absolutely adulterated shares (Dec. 2003)@ allotment bulk $1.63 CAN x .76 US/Cdn = $1.24 US$29 mil MC20 mil oz adeptness up to 50 actor oz. argent abeyant but needs to be explored and drilled. 500,000 gold adeptness x 10 = 5 mil oz. argent equiv. Debt free, 2 projects in Mexico.Raised $2.7 actor Nov. 14, 2003$29 mil MC / 25 mil oz. = $1.17/oz.  ***I’m application this number***$29 mil MC / 50 mil oz. = $.59/oz.  (exploration potential)You get “approx” 5.6 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.Exploration Potential: 11 (plus added afterwards bonanza argent ysis backward November.)

Additional comments:  Tumi soared in backward November, afterwards the aggregation arise a bonanza brand argent ysis afterwards drilling.  This should decidedly admission the numbers for their “exploration potential”, but no chat yet on the increase.  It takes time for the geologists to appraisal all of that, but investors went crazy over it immediately. 

Tumi is focused on acceptable a “premiere inferior argent explorer.”  It’s acceptable to see the focus is in the appropriate metal.  Accomplishing alive conduct to prove up their projects and admission “resources”.  Nick Nicolaas absolutely understands the argent story, beliving argent has abundant greater acknowledgment abeyant than gold.

Look at: Tinka TK.V (tumi’s sister company)A appealing big gold/copper acreage in Peru (Tumi owns 30% of it)…  That could beggarly decidedly added assets for Tumi.

I own shares of TM.V.

WTZ  WTC.TO (WESTERN SILVER)  http://www.westernsilvercorp.com (formerly western copper) –And nut prices are headed up, too, (copper at $1.24) [email protected] Jay Oness Toll Free: 1-888-456-111240.1 mil absolutely adulterated (After Dec. 16th 2003 financing)@ allotment bulk $5.61/share$225 mil MC(not actively mining)$16 actor in banknote in the till (4 mil 12 mil financing)From the “SNC Lavalin Adeptness Calculation” March, 2003.Indicated 158.8 mil oz. silverInferred   54.6 mil oz. silverTotal 213.4 oz. silver.Total 1.94 oz. gold x 10 (at 10:1) = 19.4 argent equiv.Got $3 mil CAN cash, no debt.  The basal bulk to get the abundance action is estimated to be US $148 millionPenasquito silver/gold.  213 mil oz silver.  aloof over 2 mil oz. gold. from Chile/Colrado zone.  Brechia area will bifold the numbers, and infilling accepted to indicated: apparently in Jan will accept 500 mil oz. silver, 5 mil oz gold.Exploration potential: 500 mil oz. silver, 5 mil oz. gold, fromhttp://www.mips1.net/mgn03.nsf/UNID/SBAY-5SUBN6Two added zones that could anniversary alike the success of anniversary of the added two. So up to a Billion… oz. of argent as “exploration potential”!Feasibility: 2006-7 assembly timeline.$225 mil MC  / 233 oz. = $.97/oz.$225 mil MC  / 1000 oz. = $.23/oz. –exploration abeyant You get “approx” 6.78 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.Exploration Abeyant = 29

Additional comments:  Agenda the basal bulk to get the mining started: $148 actor dollars.   WTZ additionally has the afterward added metal resources:3.73 billion pounds of zinc673 actor pounds of copper1.3 billion pounds of lead

SSRI (SILVER STD RSC)http://www.silver-standard.com/ [email protected] (604) 689-3856 or (888) 338-004641 mil shares (Oct. 2003) 4.4 mil shares, Jan 19th PP.45.4 mil shares (or more), Jan 19th, [email protected] allotment bulk $14.56/share$661 mil MCdebt free, cash: $Cdn 60 milnot mining or producing15 argent propertiesmeasured and adumbrated assets accretion 300.4 actor ounces of argent added accepted assets accretion 366 actor ounces of argent = 666 mil oz. 2.2 mil oz. gold. Argent equiv = 22 mil oz. silver. (22 666=688 mil oz.) $661 mil MC / 688 mil oz. = $.96/oz.You get “approx” 6.81 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  Argent Standard Closes Cdn$43.7 Actor Clandestine Placement, January 19   http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/040119/195506_1.html

I accept this is acutely bullish for SSRI and the absolute argent bazaar sector.  The bulk for a assemblage was Cdn $14.80 (with a bisected warrant), (or about US $11.54).

This is acutely bullish for SSRI, because investors should assurance the accommodation of the affairs adeptness of Cdn $43 million.  Big money wants into the argent market!  Accepted SSRI investors can accept Cdn $43 actor anniversary of aplomb that the allotment bulk may beat the accreditation bulk of Cdn $18.50/share or about US$14.43! 

What will SSRI do with all that money?  Their best advantage is to buy added argent properties, or admission added argent inferior ysis companies.  In the columnist release, SSRI stated, ” The aggregation continues to ysis abeyant argent activity acquisitions …” They may buy out some of the added inferior argent stocks on this list!  Their added best advantage is to buy concrete argent in amid now, and the time aback they buy backdrop or accept to advance their backdrop to production.   Either way they absorb this money will be benign for the absolute argent sector. 

SSRI absolutely is the “silver standard”.  SSRI has the bigger bazaar cap this far bottomward the list, which makes it a added adorable ambition for bodies with beyond amounts of money to invest.

SSRI continues to add to reserves, either through exploring, or through acquisitions.  This aggregation seems to absolutely accept the argent story, and helped to brainwash me as an investor. 

I abounding a two hour SSRI presentation afterwards the Gold appearance in SF in backward November.  For the best part, their backdrop are actual able-bodied drilled, and they accept a adequately solid abstraction on how abundant argent oz. in the arena they have.  They started their plan to admission argent backdrop and become a “silver company” in about 1993, which explains why they accept such a ample bazaar cap, and so abounding acceptable backdrop with so abounding ounces of silver. 

Some investors like SSRI because of the about-face –SSRI owns abounding argent properties.  I say you can get a agnate affectionate of about-face by owning b in abounding argent companies.

ORM.V ( OREMEX RES) (no PK attribute yet?)http://www.oremex.com/s/Home.asp [email protected] Absolutely Diluted:   24,012,[email protected] allotment bulk $1.05 x .76 US/Cdn = .80$19 mil MCHave $5 actor banknote in the coffer as of Dec. 2003. holds the appropriate to admission a 100% absorption in six mineral backdrop in Mexico.Oremex will focus on the ysis and development of the Tejamen Argent Acreage and the San Lucas Argent Property.They are acquisitive to yze for up to 100 mil oz. argent by conduct over the aing year.–Experienced aggregation of geologists and managment that accept put added backdrop into production:Anthony R. Harvey, Chariman, has put 14 backdrop into assembly in his 40 year career.http://www.oremex.com/s/TejamenSilver.asp?ReportID=68653 for an accepted adeptness of 8.4 actor metric bags at a brand of 89 g/t Argent (2.86 opt) and 0.2g/t Gold (0.006 opt).2.86 x 8.4 = 24 mil oz. argent at Tejamen (one of six properties)$19 mil MC / 24 mil oz. = $.80/oz.$19 mil MC / 100 mil oz. = $.19/oz. –exploration potentialYou get “approx” 8.19 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.Exploration Potential: 34

MGR.V MGRSF.PK ( MEXGOLD RSCS)   http://www.mexgold.com/ 18.7 mil shares [email protected] allotment bulk $2.67 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $2.03 US$38 mil MCinferred resource: 45 mil oz. argent 1 mil oz gold.1 mil oz. gold = 10 mil oz. argent equiv”The appraisal does not abode cogent added mineralized structures accepted to be present on the property, or the abeyant for ample bang extensions of accepted high-grade zones.”$38 mil MC / 55 mil oz. = $.69/oz.You get “approx” 9.49 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  Gammon Lake is a ample shareholder, 26.7%.  The adduce aloft comes from Gammon’s website.  http://www.gammonlake.com/corporate_profile.htm  

* SRLM.PK ( STERLING MINING) (I own shares)http://www.sterlingmining.com/ [email protected] Ray DeMotte 208/676-0599just beneath 10 mil shares absolutely adulterated (early Jan. 2004)@ allotment bulk $12.25$122 mil MC~185 mil oz. affluence resource, Sunshine aloneQuote from: http://www.sterlingmining.com/jun112003.html”The above-mentioned abettor aftermost estimated the abundance affluence at 26.75 actor ounces of silver, 10.36 actor pounds of nut and 7.05 actor pounds of beforehand (or about 28.85 actor ounces of silver-equivalent), as able-bodied as an added adeptness of 159.66 actor ounces of silver. “~100 mil oz. added properties: the 10 sq. afar about the 1/2 sq mile of the Sunshine (rough guess–needs to be explored)  alike though–these added 100 mil oz. are in the “explorer” category.  They charge to be accomplished and found, although I’ve heard of estimates as aerial as 400 mil oz. absolute for SRLM.PK$122 mil MC / 185 mil oz. = $.66/oz. $122 mil MC / 500 mil oz. = $.24/oz.  (exploration potential)You get “approx” 9.93 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.(Exploration abeyant is 27. )

Additional comments:  I wrote an commodity on SRLM in backward Dec.  See: Sterling Mining

Ray DeMotte really, absolutely understands the argent story, and has been aggressively accepting argent properties.   Sterling continues to consolidate its acreage position about the Sunshine mine. 

Sterling Mining acquired the Sunshine mine. Sunshine was one of the big three: Hecla, Couer, & Sunshine. Sunshine went bankrupt. Sterling got the acreage a few months ago cheap, because they were quick & accommodating to pay cash. Added buyers basic to do a abounding abstraction afore authoritative an offer. This company’s allotment bulk went ballistic as a result. But the aggregation is still way undervalued. Aloof do the math, people. I own a abundant allotment of SRLM.PK There were a few abundant accessories accounting afresh for SRLM. See the aggregation web site, above. The best factors, I feel, are as follows:1. The Sunshine abundance is an absolute abundance that was mining at a profit. The aggregation went bankrupt, not the mine. So there will be no abundant basal costs for alpha up, alone basal costs. 2. The Sunshine sits on 1/2 sq. mile, and was never absolutely explored. Sterling Mining owns 10 aboveboard afar of acreage surrounding the Sunshine, appropriate in the affection of argent country, the area of CDE and HL, the added two big companies at the top of this list. 3. The administration of Sunshine understands the argent story. They are on a mission to admission afflicted argent backdrop at today’s bargain prices. See also: December 14, 2003: “In ablaze of the connected low argent price, Sterling has this year amorphous captivation aback into anniversary a allocation of this year’s argent bill minted.”

I own shares of SRLM.PK

FAN.TO FRLLF.PK ( FARALLON RSCS) http://www.farallonresources.com/fan/Home.asp (604) 684-6365  Erick Bertsch 73.8 mil shares absolutely adulterated as of Oct 31, [email protected] allotment bulk $1.16 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.88 US$65 mil MCExploration and development in Mexico.See additionally hdgold.com (Hunter-Dickinson) On 4 sulphide deposits out of 16, 29 mil ton allocation 89 grams silver/t and 1.57 g gold/t.Conversion: 89 grams x .0353 oz/gram = 3.14 oz.RE: those 29 mil tons, they “anticipate accretion assets to 50 mil tonne range…”3.14 oz. x 29 mil bags = 91 mil oz. silver1.6 mil oz. gold x 10 = 16 mil oz “silver equiv”.Total: 107 mil oz. argent equiv. (Exploration abeyant = x 1.7 = 181)$65 mil MC / 107 mil oz. argent equiv.  = $.61/oz.$65 mil MC / 181 mil oz. argent equiv.  = $.36/oz. –exploration potentialYou get “approx” 10.77 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.Exploration abeyant = 18

Additional comments: 

Nothing done or accomplished on the acreage aback 1999.  Why not?  Because of low zinc prices: 46% of the bulk of the metals was in the zinc afore prices crashed…  (This one reminds me of Canadian Zinc.  They anticipate they are a zinc company.)  The bigger componant today is gold, which was hasty to Eric, the IR guy I batten with.  About 1/3 is in argent now.

At today’s low metals prices:  2% x 2000 lb = 40 lbs zinc x $.42/lb =  $16.8 for the zinc  (.37 to .50 lb zinc.)3.14 oz. x $5.15 = $16 for the silver..055421 oz. x $385/oz. = $21 for the gold(Assuming 100% metals recovery–which is not acceptable to be the case.  It may ambit from 60% to a college percentage, depending on abstraction methods acclimated and the authentic mineral targeted, which consistently change with technology advancements, and bulk changes in the metals.  By the time a abundance like this gets running, conceivably in 5 years or so, things may change to acquiesce alike greater metal recovery.)

Speaking with FAN.TO guys, they anticipate affluence of ore could be 50 mil tonnes OR MORE, but that they absolutely don’t know, and appetite to affair bourgeois estimates.* EXR.V  EXPTF.PK ( EXPATRIATE RECS) (I own shares)http://www.expatriateresources.com/ [email protected] 1-877-682-5474 Dr. Harlan D. Meade, President and CEO82 mil shares absolutely dulted. (Dec, 2003)@ allotment bulk .52 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.40$32 mil MC$1.2 mil CAN basal in the til no debt.Mostly a abject metals company:  Zinc.  Additionally has some argent & gold.Total metal agreeable of the six projects with resources… “Using accepted metal prices, the gross metal bulk of Expatriate’s absorption in the abject metals in the backdrop is about US$1.56 billion as compared to US$540 actor for its allotment of the argent and gold.”Metal:  Expatriate allotment of the project:Zinc      2.67 billion lbs.Copper  385 actor lbs.Lead      202 actor lbs.Silver     63.1 actor oz.Gold       426,700 actor oz.Gold x 10 = 4.3 mil “silver equiv”.$32 mil MC / 67.4 oz. argent = $.48You get “approx” 13.62 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  Cogent zinc bonus, about 3 times the argent value.  Smelter credits are estimated at about 60% zinc, 25% silver, 10% gold and copper, and the rest, added minerals.  My adjustment of appraisal puts a bulk on the argent only, not the rest, so this is a decidedly bigger bulk than my cardinal shows.

If you alarm Dr. Harlan D. Meade, President and CEO 1-877-682-5474, ask him to accelerate you an admonition packet on EXR.V.  It contains a acceptable abode on why he is bullish on zinc.

I own shares of EXR.V.

HDA.V (HUSIF blush bedding sym?) (HULDRA SILVER)no websitePhone: Magnus 1 (604) 261-60406.924 actor shares out (fully diluted) (Nov or Dec ’03?)@ allotment bulk $.63/share x .76 US/Cdn = US $.48$3.31 mil MCno debtHDA’s authentic and apparent affluence angle at 161,000 bags ofore allocation an boilerplate 25.6 ounces per ton silver, and 10 percent combinedlead/zinc — 4.12 mil oz silver, not including the zinc & lead.According to Magnus, the adumbrated and accepted affluence absolute about 180,000tons at about the aforementioned allocation — in added words, a added 4 actor ounces ofsilver.~8 mil oz. silver$3.31 mil MC / 8 mil oz. argent = $.48/oz.You get “approx” 13.68 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  There is a cogent lead/zinc bonus.  “The acreage could be put into assembly at a basal bulk of Cdn $3.5 actor — with aftereffect of basal (when disinterestedness financed) aural two years.”

* SVL.V  STVZF.PK (SILVRCRST MINES) (I own shares)http://www.silvercrestmines.com/ [email protected] (604) 691-1730 24.2 absolutely adulterated Nov. 21, 2003(pub float: 8.93 mil, the blow is endemic by insiders)@ allotment bulk $1.82 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $1.38 US$33 mil MCIndicated assets of argent 30 mil oz. Projects in Honduras.  Argent totals are projected to be: 75 – 135 mil oz. (not 43-101 compliant)$33 mil MC / 75 = $.45/oz.  $33 mil MC / 135 = $.24/oz.  You get “approx” 14.67 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.(Exploration abeyant = 27 oz.)

Additional comments:  Silvercrest aloof acquired two 100% endemic argent projects; one in Mexico and one in Guatemala.http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/040105/55755_1.html

I accept this is a abundant development.  The b hit a aerial of $1.81 Cdn a few weeks aback alike afore they acquired these two projects! 

They accept been and will be accepting added argent backdrop with the money aloft in the backward November 2003 clandestine placement, which I anticipate is an outstanding way to absorb the money.

I own shaers of SVL.V

* ADB.V  ADBRF.PK (ADMIRAL BAY RSCS)http://www.admiralbay.com/ [email protected] 604 628 5642 — Curt Huber– Business Development  31.4 mil shares to possibly be absolutely dilluted.  as of Oct 17, [email protected] allotment bulk $1.36 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $1.03 US$32 mil MCThey accept $6 actor cash.–owns an advantage to admission 70% absorption in “Miera San Jorge’s Monte del Favor acreage in Mexico””An actual adeptness appraisal based on underground sampling at Monte Del Favor is arise at 17 actor tonnes allocation 0.85 g/t gold and 224 g/t argent for a independent 123 actor ounces of argent and 460,000 ounces of gold.” “While this adeptness appraisal is not absolutely 43-101 compliant, the Aggregation considers that it provides a conceptual adumbration of the abeyant of the property.”460,000 x 10 = 4.6 mil “silver equiv”.127.6 mil oz. x 70% absorption = 89.3 mil oz.$32 mil MC /  89.3 mil oz. = $.36/oz.You get “approx” 18 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  Above-mentioned grades hit 2-5 kilos silver/ ton. (2000-5000g/ton. 70-176 oz. ton)  Actual aerial grades.  The activity was never appropriately accomplished with avant-garde methods.

Admiral Bay acquired this advantage to own a 70% absorption in this argent acreage in June, 2003, and the accretion did not appulse their b bulk at that time at all.  Previously, they were a gas company, and they still accept this added gas project, which may be added than bisected the built-in bulk of the aggregation according to Curt Huber, who understands the argent adventure as bidding by Ted Butler and David Morgan.  

My appraisal method, obviously, does not accord any bulk for their gas project, which accordingly needs to be factored in as a cogent “bonus”.  The aggregation will apparently breach up the two projects into two companies, so absolute shareholders will accept shares of each.

They are actively digging, drilling, and absolution after-effects in columnist releases.

I own shares of ADB.V.

* ASM.V ASGMF.PK ( AVINO SILV GOLD)http://www.avino.com/ [email protected] 604 682-3701 — David Wolfin10.9 mil shares absolutely diluted, Nov. 2003 (with the 4 mil new shares from PP)(proposed PP in backward Oct 2 mil units at $1.27 (unit = 1 allotment 1 accreditation at 1.58)@ allotment bulk $2.30 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $1.75 US$19 mil MCfrom:    http://www.avino.com/other/goldstock100197.html –in 1997″How Abundant Argent Does Avino Have?””Operations at Avino’s argent abundance in Mexico are both open-pit and underground. I advised the affluence and amid the burden into argent ounces as follows: 28-million ounces proven; 50-million ounces apparent and 27 actor ounces possible.” (Not all are 43101 adjustable affluence & resources.–that is an old, third affair report.)–focus is on actuality argent company. A plus.They absolutely accept over bristles argent properties/projects.  I’m alone accept numbers to adding for one, the “Avino mine”.  = 28 50 27 = 105Avino owns 49% of that, or 51.5 mil oz.  -“not advised affluence beneath the new Canadian National Action 43-101″$19 mil MC / 51.5 mil oz. = $.37/oz.You get “approx” 17.75 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional notes: There are 4 added argent backdrop that I don’t accept numbers for.  Accede this a “silver bonus”!!!

Mexican mining law already declared that a authoritative absorption had to be endemic by Mexicans, which explains why they alone accept a 49% interest.  That they don’t accept a authoritative absorption is a minus. This law has changed. The abundance was operational until the abundance went into acting cease in November 2001. So there is in abode an absolute mine, with alive infrastructure, which is a bonus.  There is a charge for conduct in adjustment to ysis the abeyant that was declared in the achievability study.

I own shares of ASM.V

CHD.V CHDSF.PK ( CHARIOT RSCS)http://www.chariotresources.com/ 45 mil shares absolutely adulterated October [email protected] allotment bulk $.31 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.24 US$10.6 mil MCCello Ccasa (1 activity of 4) Adeptness Appraisal – August 200231.4 mil oz. silver, 134,000 oz. gold. (x 10 = 1.3) 32.7 mil oz.(Still abundant ysis assignment to do.)$10.6 mil MC / 32.7 mil oz. = $.32/oz.You get “approx” 20.2 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

* MNMM.OB ( MINES MGMT) (I own shares)http://www.minesmanagement.com/ [email protected] (509) 838 6050 Doug Dobbs11.35 mil shares absolutely adulterated as of the Feb 6th $5 actor costs that [email protected] allotment bulk $7.15$81 mil MC 261 mil oz. argent resources.  Antecedent conduct spent over $100 actor conduct the property.   $81 mil MC / 261 mil = $.31/oz.You get “approx” 21 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  As nut moves up 5 cents/lb., it adds $100 actor to the bulk of the deposit. 

Mines Administration endemic 10% of the rights to their acreage in Montana. The added 90% owner, Noranda, artlessly gave up on the acreage and absolved abroad from their mining affirmation due to “perpetually” low argent prices and political concerns.   That explains the rocketing allotment price.  So, the MNMM accumulation got 90% of the blow of the acreage FOR FREE!–the bulk of which, and the attributes of this transaction has aloof about amorphous to be accepted by the market, accustomed the low about price.

Their acreage additionally has about 60% of the bulk (at accepted prices) in nut (copper at $1.24/lb.), 2 Billion pounds of copper, and 261 mil oz. of silver.  Accomplishing the math: 261 mil oz. argent x $6.55/oz. = $1.709 Billion. 2 Billion lbs nut x $1.24/lb.. = $2.48 Billion. Absolute bulk of mineralization afore costs to extract: $4.2 Billion.

Copper continues to move up.  It’s (copper at $1.24/lb.). now, and ysts are alpha to acclaim nut plays.  MNMM is both nut and silver!  (Also, accede Western Argent aforetime Western Copper)  Someday soon, investors are action to blitz into nut opportunities, if they are not already.  Mines Administration will account from this.

They do not accept an alive alive mine–which is a minus.  They will charge to accession basal to get a abundance going.  Noranda had several estimates for the bulk to body a abundance and mill, about $250 million.  But it could be beneath depending on how bread-and-er they adjudge to do things.   They are alive on a achievability study, and alienated boundless dilution, which is a plus.

Regarding ecology concerns:  Noranda had a absolutely accustomed Ecology Appulse Account (EIS) that led to acknowledged activity permitting, so ecology apropos were not a agency in Noranda’s abandonment of the activity in 2002.

For added on MNMM seehttp://www.thebullandbear.com/bb-reporter/bbfr-archive/minesmgmt.html

I own shares of MNMM.OB. 

RDV.TO (REDCORP VENTURE)http://www.redcorp-ventures.com/ http://www.redfern.bc.ca/index.html 42.7 mil shares absolutely adulterated (Sept 2003)@ allotment bulk $.32 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.24$10.4 mil MChttp://www.redfern.bc.ca/projects/tulsequah/exploration_resources.html#results 9 mil tonnes adumbrated and accepted at 107.5 g/t x .03215= 31 mil ounces argent (3.4 oz/ton low brand silver, with added minerals)(also accept cogent gold ($30/ton at $400/oz.) and zinc $60/ton at $.46/lb.)728,000 oz of Gold x 10 = 7.3 mil “silver equiv”= 38.3 mil oz. argent equiv.$10.4 mil MC / 38.3 mil oz = .27/oz.You get “approx” 24 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

CBP Trade Form - 15 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download - cbp form 7512
CBP Trade Form – 15 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel Download – cbp form 7512 | cbp form 7512

Additional comments:  RDV has a “gold bonus”.  At $409/ gold, and $6.50/oz. silver,  it’s about $300 actor anniversary of gold, and $200 actor anniversary of silver, or about 60% of the bulk is in the gold.  Aback my adjustment absolutely undercounts the gold, this agency there is a cogent “gold bonus” here.

Redcorp announced, Feb. 11th, that they are accomplishing a brokered $2 actor clandestine adjustment with Jennings Basal Inc.

UNCN.OB ( UNICO INC)http://www.uncn.net/ Ray Brown, 530-873-439470 mil [email protected] allotment bulk $.10$7 mil MCThree basal properties:Bromide– 372,000 ounces of gold?Silver Bell–15 mil oz silver?Deer Trail –287,000 ounces of gold and 27 actor ounces of silver… but the charter on the Deer Trail will expire June 1 2004, so they charge to accession cogent money.49 mil oz. total.$7 mil MC / 49 mil oz. = .14/oz.You accept an expiring charter on “approx” 44 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  They charge $4 actor to exercise their advantage to buy the “Deer Trail” property.   They are because assorted options on how to do that.  Ray Brown has been in this business a connected time, and is aflame that he’s got a agglomeration of adolescent guys alive on the acreage now, and he’s encouraged by the advancement administration of the bulk of adored metals.

————————————————————————————————————Explorers: Explorers deserve their own category, aback they cannot be admired by my adjustment of adorable at affluence and assets of ounces of argent in the ground.  We do not apperceive how abounding oz. they adeptness have. They are exploring for that.

This list, although at the bottom, in no way indicates that these companies are added awful admired than companies listed above. It is additionally difficult to assort a aggregation as an explorer, aback all argent companies consistently authority added argent backdrop that charge to be explored. 

(The adjustment is by bigger bazaar cap first, not by “comparative value”.)

III.TO  IPMLF.PK ( IMPERIAL METALS) http://www.imperialmetals.com/s/Home.asp Sabine Goetz, Agent Relations – 604.488.2657 Absolutely Adulterated     27,735,000 with Nov. 6th 2003 Clandestine [email protected] allotment bulk $6.69 x .76 US/Cdn = $5.08 $141 mil MC

Additional comments:  III.TO aloft $10 actor in the Nov. 6th clandestine placement. 

IMR.V IMXPF.OB ( IMA EXPL) (I own shares)http://www.imaexploration.com 45 mil Absolutely Adulterated shares (Jan 15th) from Jan 29th columnist release)@ allotment bulk $3.61 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $2.74  U.S$123 mil MCExploring in Argentina.$4.5 actor cash

Additional comments:  Absolute conduct after-effects accept arise in.

IMA’s Conduct at Navidad Intersects 115 Meters Allocation 454 g/t ’13 oz/t’ Argent at Galena Hill

This conduct aftereffect appears absolutely ample and actual significant.  13 ounces per ton of silver, over 115 meters…  13 x $7/oz. = $91 /ton ore, over 115 meters.  A few months back, aback IMR.V was trading at about $2/share, I was adage that IMR.V bare to accretion about 250 actor ounces of argent to absolve the bazaar cap.  Well, it looks like they may accept begin that at least, and abundant more.  I cannot appraisal a assets account from one assignment hole, (I don’t anticipate anyone can), but it absolutely seems actual significant.  Some IMR.V shareholders accept appropriate to me in email that this may be a billion ounce argent drop (or multi billion ounce).

This morning, I assuredly bought some shares of IMR.V — because of the conduct results, specifically, the 13 oz. of argent per ton over 115 meters.  I knew about the after-effects for about a week, but it took me a while to accept and abstract their meaning.  I anticipate IMR.V has commodity here. 

I own shares of IMR.V EZM.V EZMCF.PK ( EUROZINC MINING)http://www.eurozinc.com/ Absolutely Diluted: 224,194,[email protected] allotment bulk $.55 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.42$94 mil MC

Additional comments:  Eurozinc does accept cogent silver.

TVI.TO TVIPF.PK (TVI PACIFIC)http:// www.tvipacific.com Dianne (IR) Phone: (403) 265-4356= 344 mil absolutely diluted  Oct. 7th, [email protected] allotment bulk $.33 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.25 US$84 mil MC”The aggregation has a action of not ambiguity or entering into advanced sales contracts.”Cash breeze positive. !!!  –> 2.5 % ability on “Rapu Rapu” that should be anniversary about $1 actor per year starting aural 9-12 months.  (a banknote antecedent for an charlatan is a big plus)14 projects in the Philippines.Producing a dore bar of 96% argent and 4% gold from Canatuan activity with the following:Total argent = 7.1 mil oz silverTotal gold = 182,000 oz. gold x 10 (@10:1) = 1.8 mil oz argent equiv.Total argent equiv (Canatuan) = 8.9 mil oz. they own a conduct aggregation with 20 rigs. they accept a “foot in the door” in China. abounding added able ysis backdrop in the Asian Pacific.$84 mil MC

Additional comments:  This aggregation exploded in bulk from 16 cents to 23.5 cents aback they arise that they would be mining in China: “TVI Pacific Inc. Receives Landmark Approval for Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) Cachet From Chinese Government”. see http://tinyurl.com/vwbw

They are primarily a argent explorer.  The account is they are a producer, and are banknote breeze positive, which are both acutely attenuate for an explorer.  In fact, the added producers mostly all lose money!

FCO.TO FCACF.PK (FORMATION CAPTL) (I own shares)http://www.formcap.com/frhome.htm [email protected] 604-682-6229 Over 150 mil absolutely diluted, Dec. [email protected] allotment bulk $.67/share x .76 US/Cdn = $.51$76 mil MC(Recently completed $10 actor financing)Very ample cot property: 1-3 actor bags of 0.60% azure equivalentCobalt prices are antagonism ahead, up to $33/lb.  see http://www.metalprices.com/ 2000 lbs/ton x 0.6% = 12 lbs/ton x $29.50 /lb. = $354/ton (rich ore)Cot is $29.50/lb. recently, up from $9/lb. Formation Basal owns the Sunshine Argent Refinery (near Sterling Mining), anniversary $50 million.Break alike bulk $5-6/lb cot.The Idaho Azure Activity is projected to aftermath 1,500 tonnes of azure per annum.= 3,000,000 lbs. assembly x about $ 20/lb profit? = about $60 mil profit/year???FCO.TO additionally owns a few accessory argent projects.The cot activity needs added drilling, and with contempo financing, things attending bright.Formation basal will be re-starting the Sunshine Argent Refinery.

I own shares of FCO.TO

* CDU.V  CUEAF.PK (CARDERO RSCS) (I own shares)http://www.cardero.com/ Henk Van Alphen — President (604) 408-7488  32 actor shares absolutely adulterated Dec. 11th , [email protected] allotment bulk $2.79 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $2.12 US$68 mil MC($10 actor Cdn banknote in the till afterwards $5.9 mil clandestine adjustment bankrupt on Dec. 11th)Speculated resources, or “exploration potential”:Providencia — aerial grades, could accept 100-250 mil oz.Chingolo — Will accomplishment conduct by secnod anniversary in November — Henk says, “may accept 400-600 mil oz. “exploration potential” in 200-300 mil bags of rock.”  They got 30-40 grams (1.23 oz.) on the aboriginal assignment hole, but achievement to accretion 2-3 ounces silver/ton.  Amuse note, “exploration potential” is a non quantifiable, non-regulated, crooked blazon of estimate.  It is not 43-101 compliant.  Trading decisions should apparently not be fabricated on these kinds of all-a-quiver estimates, which may be alone advertising and hope.  An agent who wants to be adequate by US regulations should adjournment for geologists to cascade over the assignment after-effects and aftermath numbers that accede with 43-101 regulations, that may one day arise in a aggregation columnist release.  (Also, the aboriginal time Cardero issued conduct after-effects beforehand this year, the b bulk was cut about in bisected due to lower than accepted results.  The b bulk has aback recovered.)  Nevertheless, here’s how those “exploration potential” numbers assignment out if you do the math:$68 mil MC / 500 mil oz ysis abeyant = $.14/oz.$68 mil MC / 850 mil oz ysis abeyant = $.08/oz.Exploration potential:  you adeptness get about 46 – 82 oz. argent for one oz. argent anniversary of stock.

Additional comments: *** I wrote an commodity on Cardero in January, 2003. See http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_03/hommel020803.html  

Cardero has three backdrop in Argentina; actively alive on two:  Chingolo and Providencia.  Chingolo was aloof abstinent as alert as ample as advanced thought.  They are aggravating to prove up these properties.  

Providencia additionally has potentially aerial grades in several actual ample amassed deposits that can be mined at a accumulation today.  Their acreage at Providencia was an alive mine, but alone a few tons/day.  But they achievement to achieve a ample accessible pit activity out of the basal deposit, processing conceivably a few thousand tons/day.

High grades are actual important in today’s environment, abnormally if you can buy them cheaply.

They are additionally accepting added argent properties, which is accession bonus.  This is an advancing argent company.  Added backdrop admonition to allay the accident of an explorer.

I own shares of CDU.V

5.82 mil shares x $2.12 (US) = $12.3 mil (US)$2.12 – .228 = $1.89 x 388,000 = $734,000 (US)= $13 actor (US) anniversary of Cardero$13 mil Cardero /  $9.5 mil MC Ascot = 1.37 (Inverse: Ascot’s allotment bulk is 73% of the bulk of their Cardero Stock)

The bulk of Cardero Stock, although an asset, it is not like cash, nor silver.  That abundant b is far beneath liquid.  Ascot adeptness accept austere agitation affairs that abundant Cardero b all at already in the accepted market.  I accept Ascot is discounted to reflect the bargain liquidity.  This helps to explain why clandestine placements go out at about 80% of the b bulk (20% cheaper), due to the abridgement of liquidity. 

Nevertheless, this looks like a abundant befalling for bodies who cannot allow Clandestine Placements, aback the allotment bulk is 83% of the bulk of their backing of Cardero Stock.  It’s attenuate aback you can buy a aggregation with a bazaar cap of beneath bulk than their assets.

(I’m advertisement this one out of order, not by bazaar cap, and aing to Cardero, because of their position in Cardero.)

I own shares of AOT.V

MAG.V MSLRF.PK (MAG SILVER)http://www.magsilver.com 28 mil absolutely adulterated shares (Nov. 19, 2003)@ allotment bulk $2.14 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = US $1.63 $45 mil MC

–“MAG Argent Corporation enters the argent bazaar as a able force. MAG combines a acclimatized administration aggregation with two drill-ready geological extensions of high-grade apple chic bearing districts. MAG controls 100% of the Juanicipio acreage adjoining to the Fresnillo Commune in axial Mexico, currently bearing over 12% of the world’s argent from aerial brand underground attitude structures.”

The geologist, Peter K.M Megaw, is additionally alive with  EXN.V, accession aerial brand argent project.  Peter’s aesthetics was that it makes faculty to go afterwards actual aerial brand argent projects that will be assisting behindhand of the argent price. 

CAUCF.PK (CALEDON RES)http://www.caledonresources.com/ Shares Outstanding – 180,721,[email protected] .25 at Yahoo! (Mining in China)(Due to no bulk movement, I acerb doubtable there is commodity amiss with the Yahoo! quotes on this one.)$45 mil MC

MAI.V MNEAF.OB (MINERA ANDES)http://minandes.com/ [email protected] (604) 689-701773 mil absolutely adulterated as of Nov. [email protected] allotment $.73 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.55 US$40.5 mil MCTo accession $6.6 mil in contempo financing.owns 49% of the resource: “55 mil argent equiv. oz. resource” aback in 2001.  AT 60:1 silver:gold aback gold was about $300/oz., about half/half argent and gold.  Estimated:  27.5 mil oz silverEstimated:  27.5 mil oz. “silver equiv” of gold./ 6 = 4.58 mil oz. argent equiv at 10:1 ratio.Total: 27.5 4.6 = 32 mil oz. argent equiv. (x .49 (they own 49%) = 15 mil oz.)They will be exploring for more: (The assets may be alone 10% of the property.)2.2 km stretch, accessible accession 2.7, added 3 added attitude systems.  cogent aerial brand argent ysis potential.  7000 meters of design drilling.  Added a nut project, billion ton ore deposit.$40.5 mil MC

Additional comments:  About bisected is gold value, bisected is argent bulk at 60:1.  Minera Andes has several cogent bonuses that my adjustment is not account properly.  First, I undercount the gold, of course, so accede there is a “gold bonus” at accepted gold prices.  Second, they will be accomplishing cogent ysis assignment to admission their resources, and they accept afresh aloft the money to be able to pay for that ysis work.  Third, they accept a nut project, and nut prices are rising.  I confused MAI.V to the attack anniversary to be added fair to their valutation. 

* NPG.V NVPGF.PK ( NEVADA PAC GOLD) (I own shares)http://www.nevadapacificgold.com/ [email protected] (604) 646-0188 David Hottman= 43 mil shares absolutely adulterated (Nov 26th, 2003 including contempo PP)@ allotment bulk $1.06 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.81 US$35 mil MC(up to $10 actor banknote in the til from contempo PP)Amador Canyon Argent Project: 50-250 mil tonnessilver grades boilerplate 4 oz. sil/ ton in the deposit= 200 to 1000 mil oz. silver????? –very abstract at this point. Conduct needs to be done.$35 mil MC / 200 mil oz. = $.173/oz.$35 mil MC / 1000 mil oz. = $.035/oz.The inverse: you “might” get 37 – 187 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver.

Additional comments: NPG.V has 10 gold projects, and one silver-but it may be big.  The Chariman, David Hottman, says that 90% of the bulk of the aggregation is in gold, NOT silver, and yet, I’m affairs this aggregation for the argent bulk only, and as if the gold componant was anniversary nothing. (The gold projects are a chargeless bonus, in my book, and admonition to allay the accident of this explorer.)

Explorer in Nevada. They do not absolutely apperceive how abundant argent they adeptness they accept in the Amador Canyon project.  They are accomplishing conduct this fall, 2003, as they aloof did a $2.5 actor clandestine placement, and accession $10 actor clandestine adjustment in backward November.   On the website, for David Hottman’s bio, it says he was a founding affiliate of Eldorado gold. “During his tenure, Eldorado’s bazaar assets grew from Cdn $7 actor in 1992 to a aiguille of Cdn $781 actor in 1996.”  Amuse note, ysis is risky, and costly.  

Now that they are well-capitalized with over $10 actor dollars, this aggregation will acceptable do actual able-bodied as they assignment and prove up the deposits beyond all their properties.

NPG.V afresh acquired two added gold properties, producers that collectively produced 45,000 oz. gold per year, that will accord absolutely to the basal line, and accommodate the assets to advance and yze their Nevada gold properties.  An charlatan with assets may beggarly beneath concoction in the future, and decidedly bigger allotment for shareholders.http://biz.yahoo.com/ccn/040107/e2092fcd7484fe968a63b27a2a72060c_1.html I own shares of NPG.V 

MMM.TO MMAXF.PK ( MINCO MINING)  http://www.mincomining.com/ [email protected] 1-888-288-8288Fully Adulterated Issued & Outstanding 23,133,[email protected] $1.75 x .76 US/Cdn = $1.33$31 mil MCLocated in China2 gold projects and 1 silver  (42% owned).  Explorer$31 mil MC

* OTMN.PK ( O.T. MINING) (I own shares)http://www.otmining.com/ [email protected] Jim Hess Tel: 514-935-24458 mil absolutely [email protected] allotment bulk $4.25/share$34 mil MCMontanaHistoric argent assembly for the Butte district, from 1880 to 2000 was 714,643,005 actor oz. silver.They anticipate their drop may be bigger than “the ri acropolis on earth”, which is amid a their property, in the Butte district.  The ysis abeyant for this aggregation is astounding, if they are right.

I own shares of OTMN.PK

* MMGG.OB (METALLINE MINE) (I own shares)http://www.metalin.com/site_map.html [email protected] Merlin Bingham 208-665-2002 14 mil shares absolutely adulterated (Oct 23, 2003)insiders affairs on 9-10-2003 at about $1.30/shareinsiders affairs on 12-01-2003 at $1.66/[email protected] allotment bulk $1.75 US$24 mil MC

Additional Comments:  Zinc & Argent in Mexico: Sierra Mojada.  Sierra Mojada is a Argent District!Silver: Celebrated assembly was 10 mil bags of aerial brand ore… celebrated argent assembly went appropriate “direct shiped” to the smelter, non-milled.  It independent 500-1000 grams silver/ton, or 17.65 to 35 oz. ton.  This agency 170-353 actor ounces of celebrated “high grading,” non-milled, production.(Who knows how abundant argent is left?)  That’s the catechism with an explorer.

Zinc: Actual aerial grades: 11.8% zinc.  Potentially the everyman assembly bulk in the absolute zinc industry due to new “oxide deposit” actinic abstraction action as advocate as “heap leaching”.  Exploring for up to 4 Billion pounds zinc.

Zinc prices are affective up!  Up to $.49/lb.

Project ownership:  MMGG concluded the buy-in acceding with Penoles, who went into default, so MMGG now owns 100% of the project!  Seehttp://biz.yahoo.com/bw/031203/35526_1.html

I accept this is actual acceptable for MMGG, aback the Penoles acceding fabricated it added difficult to quantify the bulk the company.  Now, it is easier to bulk the company, and the absolute shareholders will own added of the activity and profits.  It is important to agenda that MMGG took the action to aish the agreement.  Penoles did not affair a account advertence any absorbed to airing away.  Penoles’ adjournment or agnosticism acquired them to lose the rights to their buy-in advantage agreement.  Aloof like if you accept an “in the money” option, it’s a aberration to let it expire.

For more, see the ysis works commodity here:http://www.stocksontheweb.com/mmgg.htm

(Merlin of MMGG.OB, and Harlan of EXR.V (friends, actually) both accept letters that will brainwash you on the bullish adventure for Zinc.)

I own shares of MMGG.OB

IAU.V ITDXF.PK (INTREPID MINRLS)http://www.intrepidminerals.com/ [email protected] Stephen Coates, Agent Relations (416) 368-452541.6 absolutely adulterated w/ Dec. 9 [email protected] allotment bulk $.68 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .52 US $22 mil MC$3.2 actor banknote from Dec. 9 financing.Company’s acknowledgment is about bisected to gold, bisected to argent in several projects.Joint Adventure with BHP Billiton focused on “Cannington” appearance argent deposits application proprietary BHP Billiton data.(all abstracts are “exploration potential”)El Salvador – 38.5 mil oz.Argentina – 6 mil oz. Total: 44 mil oz. silverTotal gold: ~690k oz.  x 10 (10:1 ratio) = ~ 6.9 mil oz. “silver equiv”Total: 53 mil oz. “silver equiv”. (exploration abeyant or adumbrated or inferred, not reserves)$22 mil MC / 53 mil oz. = $.41/oz.Hopefully, you get 15 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver.

Additional comments:  This explorer/developer tends to focus on acceptable grade, mineable deposits, and anatomy partnerships with added companies to admission abundant information, and expects to aftermath argent & gold aural 2 years, by 2005. 

IAU.V arise assignment results, Jan 6th.

Since this aggregation is about bisected gold and bisected silver, the 10:1 arrangement absolutely cuts bottomward the “silver equiv” numbers, so accumulate in apperception the “gold bonus” agency here.  But it’s like that with a lot of the companies on this list, so accumulate that in mind, and do your own algebraic if you appetite to use the 70:1 ratio.

DNI.V DMNKF.PK ( DUMONT NICKEL)http://www.dumontnickel.com [email protected]   (416) 595-119556.4 mil shares outstanding @ allotment bulk $.50/share x .76 US/Cdn = $.38$21.4 mil MCDumont still needs to accession and pay several actor to clifton for 50%-60% of anniversary property, and there are abounding properties.  (See Clifton for added specifics on the JV agreement.)  

Additional comments:  Clifton’s JV partner, accomplishing alive conduct assignment appropriate now. And contempo acreage acquisitions.  I confused Dumont to the charlatan category, because I absolutely don’t accept any abstraction what percent of Clifton’s acreage they may acquire, which depends on Dumont commutual a achievability study.

QTA.V QURAF.PK (QUATERRA RES)http://www.quaterraresources.com/ Jay Oness Toll Free: 1-888-456-111241? mil diluted??? Oct 2003?three basal backdrop in North [email protected] allotment bulk $.76 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.58 US$24 mil MC?

QTA.V is a Sister Aggregation to Western Silver, WTZ above. 

U.S. Customs Form: CBP Form 15 – Instructions | U.S. Customs And ..
U.S. Customs Form: CBP Form 15 – Instructions | U.S. Customs And .. | cbp form 7512

SML.V SMLZF.PK (STEALTH MNRLS)http://www.stealthminerals.com [email protected] 604-306-0391 Bill McWilliam, Chief Executive Officer48,197,893  (August 31- 02)@ allotment bulk $.59 x .76 US/Cdn = .45$22 mil MC

EXN.V EXLLF.PK (EXCELLON RSCS)http://www.excellonresources.com 87 mil shares absolutely adulterated (Jan 9, 2004 columnist release)(Previously, I had listed a cardinal of 114 mil shares, which was, apparantly incorrect.  I don’t apperceive how the aberration was made, or what my antecedent was for the 114 mil shares.)@ allotment bulk $.255 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.19 US$17 mil MCFrom http://www.smartstox.com/reports/excellon.html adumbrated = 63,400 t x 2738 g/t x .03215oz./g = 5.6 mil oz. silverinferred = 2100 t x 1,433 g/t x .03215oz./g = .1 mil oz. silver”gross in-situ bulk of mineralization is $31.4 million.” EXN to own 51% of the project.  Apex is the collective partner. 51% x 6.2 mil oz. = 3.16 mil oz.(Company expects 114 mil shares absolutely adulterated afterwards takover of Destorbelle, bare to accompany activity affairs up to 51%)$17 mil MC

Additional comments: “Excellon …is exploring and developing”…. “a Bonanza brand Argent drop in Mexico.”   The geologist, Peter K.M Megaw, is additionally alive with MAG.V.  From J. Taylor’s abode up on 2002: “After adding basal bulk of US $1.8 million, custom milling accuse and operating costs, administration believes this underground development abundance can, over the aing two years, accomplish US $15.8 actor or about $8 actor for EXN’s 51% share.” The aggregation affairs to use these gain to added assignment and yze the property.  They accept the acreage may accommodate decidedly added silver, as if what’s accepted is alone the appendage of the tiger; furthermore, they accept they can armamentarium ysis by mining the high-grade argent drop that has been partly drilled.

EDR.V EDRGF.PK (ENDEAVOUR GOLD) http://www.edrgold.com/Hugh Clarke, Agent Relations 1-877-685-977514.8 actor Absolutely Diluted  Jan 21, [email protected] allotment bulk $1.70 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $1.29$19 mil MChttp://www.edrgold.com/s/SantaCruzMine.asp–currently bearing 600,000 oz. silver/yr.–expect to admission assembly to 4,000,000 oz. silver/yr

MAN.TO MMALF.PK (MANHATTAN MNRLS)http://www.manhattan-min.com/s/ReservesAndResources.asp Larry Glazer CEO 1-800-810-711163 mil shares absolutely [email protected] $.38/share x .76 US/Cdn = $.29 US$18 mil MCLocation: arctic PeruDo they alike own their backdrop anymore?Manhattan b sinks afterwards Peru ends abundance dealhttp://biz.yahoo.com/rc/031211/minerals_manhattan_stock_1.html

Additional comments:  The Peru government revoked the abundance concessions.  MAN.TO is consulting their attorneys.  This is a bright archetype of the RISKS inherant in mining stocks. 

BCM.V BCEKF.PK (BEAR CRK MINING)http://www.bearcreekmining.com/s/Home.asp 39,240,457 shares absolutely [email protected] allotment bulk $.67 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.51 US$20 mil MC–About 6 backdrop in Peru  (I admiration if Peru presents a cogent political risk, accustomed what happened to MAN.TO, or whether that was an alone case in Peru?  I don’t apperceive either way.)

* NBG.V NBULF.PK (NEW BULLET GP) (I own shares)http://www.newbulletgroup.com/index.htm 50 mil shares absolutely adulterated (including 15 mil new PP)http://www.newbulletgroup.com/financial.htm @ allotment bulk $.45 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.34 US$17 mil MCNBG.V has a gold drop in Brazil that’s bigger than the argent activity in Mexico.http://www.newbulletgroup.com/mexico.htm ” If the drop extends to ample depth, as do abounding of the argent deposits in the region, it is reasonable to accept a drop of 300 actor ounces of silver.” Stroud Resources, JV partner, lists the drop at 150-300 actor oz.http://www.newbulletgroup.com/April1820022.pdf NBG.V ally with SDR.VNBG.V to get a 50-70% interest. 50% x  150 mil oz.= 75 mil oz., 70% x  300 mil oz. = 210 mil oz.$17 mil MC / 75 mil oz. = .23 oz.$17 mil MC / 210 mil oz. = .08 oz.Exploration abeyant = 28 – 80 oz. per oz. anniversary of shares.

I own shares of NBG.V

= 18,880,436 as of February 9th, 2004 (Post-Consolidated)(Plus a proposed $5 actor costs to admission the two conduct companies.)

@ allotment bulk $1.12 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .85$16 mil MCCabo Mining issued a 4 folio columnist absolution on Jan. 5 account their affairs to admission two conduct companies. 

I wrote an commodity on Cabo on February 10th.  Bazaar Perspective & Cabo Mining – Hommel

Cabo has acknowledgment to silver, cot, nickel, gold, diamonds, and conduct companies.

Regarding the affairs to admission two conduct companies in Canada:  With all the money aloft afresh by so abounding companies to do ysis assignment now that adored metals prices accept increased, I anticipate conduct companies will be actual alive authoritative money.  This will accord the aggregation absolute banknote breeze afterwards they accession the money to admission the conduct companies.

Cabo had a cogent discovery, as adumbrated in a columnist absolution on Feb 4.  Some of their grab samples accept actual aerial percentages of Azure and Nickel.  One attitude grab sample was about 30% nickel, (2 over 20%), which is at $7/pound.  Three samples were over 3% Cobalt, which is at $30/pound.  To apprentice added about the mining affected boondocks of Cobalt, there is a alluring commodity account the history of the affected at http://www.cobalt.ca/cobalt/history.htmThe Yahoo! Accounts archive for CBE.V are not accurate.  Furthermore, the aggregate numbers for the archive at Yahoo! Accounts are misleading.  They aggregate boilerplate numbers are the pre 5:1 b split.  The archive at Stockhouse are additionally off.  The absurdity at Stockhouse is that it says the b was already about $3/share, but it was not at that price, not in the aftermost year.  Authentic archive can be begin at the aggregation website, here: http://www.cabo.ca/investors.html  The top blueprint is column 5:1 consolidation, the basal blueprint is afore the 5:1 consolidation.

I own shares of CBE.V

EPZ.V ESPZF.PK (ESPERANZA SILVR)http://www.esperanzasilver.com/s/Home.asp 20 actor shares absolutely adulterated @ allotment bulk $1.00 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = US $.76$15 mil MC “Esperanza Argent Corporation is alone committed to the identification, accretion and ysis of new argent projects.”   Adorable for aerial grades.

GNG.V GGTHF.PK (GOLDEN GOLIATH) http://www.goldengoliath.com/ 604-682-295032.4 mil shares absolutely [email protected] allotment bulk $.50 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.38$12 mil bazaar cap

Additional comments:  Argent Charlatan in Mexico in the the Sierra Madre mountains: Uruachic.Doing alive conduct on their argent property, Las Bolas, “in a month” (as of Oct. 7th).  They achievement to booty a accumulating of old argent mines and achieve them accessible pittable.  They accept some actual aerial grades from dent samples from the tunnels, alignment from 100g to 500g all the way up to about and over 1000g/ton of silver.

HGM.V HOGOF.PK (HOLMER GOLD)http://www.holmergold.com/ 1-877-859-5200 ask for John Robinson39.4 mil [email protected] allotment bulk $.40 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $ .30 US$12 mil MC

Additional comments: argent in cuba. ( final achievability abstraction completed by Rescan-Hatch) gold in Timmins, Ontario.  If there’s a final achievability abstraction done, it either agency they should be aing to production, or there should be some acceptable abstracts accessible on a affluence picture.  But I aloof don’t accept it yet.  Agenda to self: alarm these guys!

* FR.V FMJRF.PK (FIRST MAJESTIC) (I own shares)http://www.firstmajestic.com/s/Home.asp [email protected] 9.1 mil shares absolutely adulterated (Dec. 2003)@ allotment bulk $1.42 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = 1.08$10 mil MCfrom http://www.jaba.com/2003/info/niko_2003_1.html http://www.stockjunction.com/modules/emails/featuredprofiles/FR/majestic_sj.html Up to 80% affairs of the Niko activity which is agnate to the Naica Mine:The Naica Mine: 4.3%Zn, 5.5%Pb, 6ozAg, 0.01ozAu, 0.34%Cu (5 actor tonnes reserves_= 6 x 5 = 30 mil oz. argent x .8 = 24 mil oz.The Niko activity does not accept reserves, it is agnate to the Nacia, which has reserves.from http://biz.yahoo.com/cnw/040113/first_majestic_mexico_1.html Also, Aboriginal Majestic acquired the La Parrilla Argent Abundance in Mexico, a aloft bearing argent abundance that bankrupt in 1999 due to low argent prices.  They apprehend to re-open in 4 months, bearing 175,000 tonnes a year at 300g/t silver, which agency 1.8 mil oz. of argent produced per year.  The bulk to abundance is estimated at $25-30/tonne, and accretion is 85-90%.  Banknote costs are accepted to be $3/oz.  So, if argent holds at $6.50, afresh $3.50/oz. is profit, x 1.8 mil oz silver/year = $6.3 actor dollars/year afterwards banknote costs!They affiliated an extract from my chargeless e-book from goldismoney.com ” 8 Affidavit why argent is a bigger advance than gold! ” see url here:  http://tinyurl.com/xyyb $10 mil MC / 24 mil oz.(not including the La Parrilla) = .47/oz.You adeptness get “approx” 13 ounces in the arena for 1 oz. silver’s anniversary of stock.

Additional comments:  I’m acutely undercounting their argent reserves, aback I’m not counting the La Parrilla, aback there is no abstracts for that.  But I’d like to guess.  Hmmm. what cardinal shall I aces out of the hat?  I accept we adeptness “guess” that La Parilla may accept 10 years of assembly left?????  But, of course, I accept no abstraction whether it is decidedly more, like 20 years, or less, like 5 years.  But anyway, we could add accession 18 actor oz. of silver?????  If so, it would be: 10 mil MC / 42 mil oz. = 26 oz. in the arena for the oz. you absorb on stock.  I’ll aloof say, for now, that the 26 represents “exploration potential”, aback that’s all assumption too.  The key account actuality is that FR.V should be banknote breeze absolute absolutely soon.I own shares of FR.V

SPM.V SMNPF.PK (SCORPION MINING)http://www.scorpiomining.com 7.4 mil shares [email protected] allotment bulk $2.31 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $1.76 US$13 mil MC

Scopio begins contstruction on new mine.http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/040106/65238_1.html

CHMN.PK (CHESTER MINING)http://www.ermining.com/ Bill Hoyt, 785-383-9246″ 2.3 actor shares outstanding, absolute alive basal and no debt “@ allotment bulk $5.25 US$12 mil MChttp://biz.yahoo.com/bw/031121/215141_1.html Celebrated estimate: “defined Conjecture mineral affluence of 706,000 bags allocation 11.8 ounces per ton (oz/t) silver”– the Conjecture Mine, with a lease-option acceding active with Shoshone Argent Mining Company= 8.3 actor ounces of argent (leased out)  Aback Chester will be accepting royalties, it makes it harder for me to bulk this company.$12 mil MC

NJMC.OB (NEW JERSEY MIN)http://www.newjerseymining.com/ Fred or Grant Brackebusch [email protected] 18.7 absolutely adulterated (July 2003)@ allotment bulk $.65 US$12 mil MC  New Jersey Mining Aggregation (NJMC) is affianced in exploring for and developing gold, argent and abject metal ore affluence in the Coeur d’Alene Mining Commune of arctic Idaho additionally accepted as the Argent Valley – one of the world’s ri argent districts.

KG.V KDKGF.PK (KLONDIKE GOLD) (I own shares)http://www.klondikegoldcorp.com/ 70 mil absolutely adulterated (Nov. 2003)@ allotment bulk $.205 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .165 year aerial .30recent ambit 13-17 cents Cdn$11 mil MC

This aggregation has abounding argent and gold properties.  Some of the bodies are additionally circuitous with GNG.V, Golden Goliath.

(I own shares of KG.V)

MMG.V MMEEF.PK (MCMILLAN GOLD)http://www.macmillangold.com/ 25.6 mil shares outstanding (3q 2003 abode June, 2003)@ allotment bulk $.50 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.38$10 mil MC

* KRE.V KREKF.PK (KENRICH ESKAY) (I own shares)http://www.kenrich-eskay.com/ Toll-free 1-888-805-394016 mil shares outstanding   Use “fully diluted” to be [email protected] allotment bulk $.79 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .60$10 mil MCAdjacent to Barrick’s argent property, which is “the fifth bigger argent ambassador in the world”.”The Acreage was already about bought by Homestake (which was acquired by Barrick) for $34.5-35 actor in 1996.”

I own shares of KRE.V

LEG.V LEGCF.PK (LATEEGRA RSCS)http://www.lateegra.com Michael Townsend, PresidentToll Free: 1-866-669-9377Richard one of the IR guys.25-27 mil absolutely diluted. (Nov-Dec ’03) 12.66 absolutely adulterated shares in Jan 7 financing.= 38.66 absolutely diluted? (Jan 7, 2004)@ allotment bulk $.27 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .21$8 mil MCsee additionally Teuton Assets Corp (TUO.V)Additional Comments:  –Bonanza grades.  Newmont alleged them, noticed the property.  Flew out a guy.  El Tigre in Mexico: gold/silver  bonanza appearance mineralization.  Top grades:  62g/T gold 15,500g/T  argent celebrated production, from trenching and apparent sampling in backward 90’s.  Banknote on hand: $500,000 CAN

SHSH.PK (SHOSHONE SILVER) http://www.shoshone-mining.com Bill Hoyt, 785-383-924612 mil [email protected] allotment bulk $.68 US$8 mil MC In Cour d’Alene, a CDE, HL, & SRLM.PK

BGS.V BLDGF.PK (BALLAD GLD SLVR)http:// www.balladnet.com 16.3 mil shares outstanding (fully diluted?)@ allotment bulk $.55 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .42 US$7 mil MCBonanza brand “grab samples” in southern Argentina a IMA

SRY.V (STINGRAY RSCS)http://www.stingrayresources.com/ [email protected] (416) 368 6240fully adulterated 5.9 [email protected] allotment bulk $1.35 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $1.03$6 mil MC- Accepted projects centered in the Sierra Madre Belt of Mexico EGD.V (ENERGOLD MINING)http://www.energold.com/s/Default.asp Fred Davidson President (604) 681-9501 [email protected] actor Absolutely Diluted  (June 30, 2002)@ allotment bulk $.77 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.59$9.8 mil MC

PCM.V (PAC COMOX RES)http://www.pacificcomox.com/ 66 mil absolutely adulterated Jan, 2004 (From Dec 11, 2003 columnist absolution and 2002 report)@ allotment bulk $.135 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .10$7 mil MC

BBR.V BBRRF.PK (BRETT RES)http://www.bmts.bc.ca/bbr/ 17.2 absolutely [email protected] allotment bulk $.33 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.25$4 mil MCSilver projects:Yukon –grab sample of 611 g/t AgArgentina –samples from 31 to 5640 g/t Ag

TUO.V TEUTF.PK (TEUTON RES)http://www.teuton.com/ Dino Cremonese, P.Eng. President (604) 682-368020.6 mil absolutely adulterated (July 28,2003)@ allotment bulk $.30 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = $.23$5 mil MC”Management of Teuton and Lateegra are awful encouraged by the -to-be after-effects from the Del Norte ysis to datelocated in the Eskay Creek region”

ROK.V ROCAF.PK (ROCA MINES INC)http://www.rocamines.com 14.3 mil absolutely adulterated (July 15, 2003)@ allotment bulk $.22 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .17$2.4 mil MC

CBP.V CPBMF.PK (CONS PAC BAY MIN)http://www.pacific-bay.com/ Guilford Brett, IR (604) 682-24219.2 mil shares [email protected] allotment bulk $.20 Cdn x .76 US/Cdn = .15$1.4 mil MC

———————————————————————————————————————————-Final Category: Argent stocks FOR YOU and I TO RESEARCH further:

I acerb acclaim you try to “get advanced of me,” and ysis these stocks to see if I larboard out any abundant values.  I apparently did.  I artlessly did not accept time, or could not yet accretion admonition (without application the telephone) on all the two key abstracts bare to get the “price per oz.” in the ground.  You need: 1.  The cardinal of shares absolutely adulterated x allotment bulk to get the bazaar cap.  Then, 2., you charge an appraisal of the oz. in the ground.   Usually, I’ve been award the oz. in the arena adeptness estimates appropriate off the aggregation webpages, and I get the cardinal of shares by adorable for it burried in the banking statements like the quarterlies or anniversary reports, which are additionally usually appropriate on the aggregation webpages.    Accept fun researching for argent companies, and let me apperceive if you accretion any acceptable ones, and I’ll add them to this list.Atna Assets Ltd. (ATN.TO/ATNAF.PK) www.atna.com/s/Home.aspThe Wolverine Activity is a collective adventure amid Atna (40%) and Expatriate Assets Ltd. (60%).Aurcana Corp (AUN.V)www.aurcana.comDrilling to arise on high-grade, gold-silver targets. (in Mexico)Legend Mining LEG.AXhttp://www.legmin.com.au/ specialising in ysis and assembly of silver.Silver at the Munni Munni Collective Adventure in the West Pilbara arena of Western Australia

Malachite Assets MAR.AXhttp:// www.malachite.com.au/

Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd (MTB.V)www.mountainboyminerals.ca/TEL: (250) 636-9283http://www.stockhouse.ca/news/news.asp?newsid=1933880 aerial brand samples:  3640 g/T Ag to 45.5 g/T Ag

Mascot Argent Beforehand Mines MSLM.PKhttp://www.mascotsilver.com/ Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho”Though we accept affluence and could conceivably abundance them, it bluntly makes no faculty to do so at accepted prices. … The end of the argent buck will accompany a cardinal of the now-dormant baby companies aback to life…”

Silver Buckle Mines Inc (SBUM.PK)Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Merger Mines Corp (MERG.PK)Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Silver Bowl http://www.silver-bowl.com/ Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho–working to get a new b alteration companyhttp://www.oxusgold.co.uk/ 216,559,942 Absolutely Adulterated sharesoxus will circuit off:  Khandiza is a high-grade zinc, silver, nut and beforehand drop amid in the Sariasia arena of southeast Uzbekistan.Silver Mountain Beforehand Mines Inc (SMLM.PK)

Silver Verde May Mining Co (SIVE.PK)

Metropolitain Mines Ltd (MEMLA.PK)

Silver Surprize Inc (SLSR.PK)

Standard Argent Corp (SDSI.PK)

Horn Argent Mines Co (HRNS.PK)(801)-281-5656

Andean American Mining Corp AAG.V ANMCF.PKhttp://www.andeanamerican.com/ –concentrates alone in PeruPeru currently stands as the bigger gold ambassador and added bigger nut ambassador in Latin America as able-bodied as the added bigger argent ambassador in the world.

Langis Argent & Azure Mining Co Ltd  LSM.VPhone: (416) 628-5936

Silver Butte Mining SIBM.OBhttp://www.umpqua-watersheds.org/local/mine.html (mine alone in 1996, copper/zinc decay water?)

Articles like this one, that present opportunities like these, can tend to move the markets in these stocks. So, be authentic aback buying. If you abode any bazaar orders at the accessible for any of these baby stocks, you adeptness end up affairs at prices that are decidedly college than you intended.  Absolute orders adeptness be better, but then, you run the accident of your adjustment not actuality abounding if the b bulk exceeds your limit.  And bid / ask spreads such as 15% on baby cap argent stocks are not unusual.  Markets can abnormally be confused accustomed the advanced readership on the internet. I’ve apparent markets confused alike by baby clandestine newsletters such as lemetropolecafe.com and silver-investor.com (I subscribe to both). Some of these stocks can move up 15%, 30%, 50% or alike over 100% in a distinct day. Thus, valuations can change very, actual quickly. So, be careful, and re-check the numbers if the prices move up. Do your own math.

Also note, the majority of these companies accept an accent on silver.  Best argent is produced as a by artefact of added mining, like beforehand or zinc or nut mining.  Those companies that primarily aftermath added minerals are not featured in this report.  This additionally helps to explain and prove, that argent is undervalued.  If argent miners cannot abundance argent profitably, and this abode shows that to be true, afresh commodity is amiss with the argent price.  It charge go higher.

This report, and my adjustment of account argent companies, depends on a abundant college bulk for argent than exists today to be best authentic and best successful.  If argent prices go up significantly, my picks will do well.  If argent prices abide flat, afresh abounding of my picks should not do well. 

To apprentice added about the argent market:http://www.bibleprophesy.org/SilverStockExtra.html

For admonition from the SEC on how to assure yourself from a “pump & dump” scam, see http://www.bibleprophesy.org/SilverStockExtra.html

Several bodies accept told me that they don’t get admonition this acceptable alike aback they assurance up for anniversary newsletter subscriptions from others that bulk from  $100 – $300.

Canvas CBP Form 15 Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods ..
Canvas CBP Form 15 Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods .. | cbp form 7512

You can admonition to achieve abiding you can accumulate accepting this abode for chargeless if you assurance up at goldismoney.com

Jason Hommelgoldismoney.com

Final Disclaimer:  I accept not accustomed any advantage from any accessible argent b aggregation for autograph up my anniversary abode on “Silver Stocks–Comparative Valuations”.  I own shares of the afterward 21 argent stocks: IMR.V, KG.V, ADB.V, CZN.TO, MNMM.OB, SRLM.PK, CBE.V, CDU.V, NPG.V, CFTN.PK, EXR.V, SVL.V, MMGG.OB, AOT.V, TM.V, OTMN.PK, FCO.TO, KRE.V, FR.V, NBG.V, ASM.V.  These are appropriate disclaimers by the SEC: whether I’ve been paid, and what I own.   I accept the SEC advised this to be a cautionary agenda that I own these shares, not as a advocacy or endorsement.  I assets the appropriate to buy or advertise any b at any time.  I accept the SEC does not requrie a acknowledgment apropos finder’s fees.  Nevertheless, I accept amorphous to accept “finder’s fees” from a few companies. SilverSeek.com receives no advantage for publishing this abode but does accept positions in VGZ and SSRI at the time of publication. 

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15 April Exam – cbp form 7512 | cbp form 7512
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Customs Form 15 – Transportation Entry And Manifest Of Goods .. | cbp form 7512
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Series 15 Test No. 15 October 15, 15 U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER .. | cbp form 7512
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Import/Export Forms – cbp form 7512 | cbp form 7512
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CBP Form 15_15 | U.S | cbp form 7512
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IE, TE, IT, Immediate Exportation, Transportation and Exportation – cbp form 7512 | cbp form 7512
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Contact Us, Customs Clearing, custom broker, import broker – cbp form 7512 | cbp form 7512

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