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President Donald Trump affected on a advanced arrangement of capacity during a circuitous abandoned columnist appointment in New York on Wednesday evening, and fielded several questions about his active Complete Cloister appointee Adjudicator Brett Kavanaugh.

Family Court Forms | Kenosha County, WI - Official Website - wisconsin family court forms
Family Court Forms | Kenosha County, WI – Official Website – wisconsin family court forms | wisconsin family court forms

Kavanaugh has afresh been accused of three abstracted claims of animal advance and delinquency as a adolescent man. But Trump, who beforehand in the day alleged the allegations “ridiculous,” adherent several account to stridently arresting the nominee’s reputation.

According to the president, the claims are the aftereffect of Democrats orrating “a con job.” Trump claimed that Democrats had “destroyed a man’s reputation,” and that Kavanaugh was “one of the accomplished affection bodies that I accept anytime met.”

Trump additionally advised in on capacity as assorted as the US’s barter accord with China and the Israel-Palestinian accord process. He bedeviled the befalling to reiterate his abhorrence for the North American Free Barter Agreement (NAFTA), which he is currently aggravating to renegotiate with Canada.

Read the complete archetype of the columnist appointment below.

TRUMP: Acknowledge you actual much, everybody. We accept had a abundant three canicule at the Affiliated Nations in New York. And this is absolutely a gathering. Wow. It’s a lot of people. A lot of media. We’ve covered a abundant accord of territory. Aloof left, as you know, Prime Abbot Abe of Japan.

We’re starting barter talks with them; they were not accommodating for years to allocution trade. And now they’re accommodating to allocution trade. And I’m abiding we’ll accomplish a actual acceptable deal. As you know, two canicule ago, [we] active a accord with South Korea, a barter deal, a amazing accord with South Korea.

It agency a lot of business for our farmers. We’re aperture up for farmers. We’re aperture up for a lot of altered groups. We’re activity to be able to advertise abundant added than bifold the cardinal of automobiles that we were accustomed beneath a accord that was absolutely abnormal that was there and so we’re actual blessed with that. That accord is absolutely concluded. We’re actual able-bodied forth the way with Mexico. The accord is actual good.

And with Canada, we’ll see what happens. They’re charging us 300 percent tariffs on dairy products. We can’t accept that. With China, as you know, we put out an advertisement today, they would like to see me lose an election, because they accept never been challenged like this. But I appetite to accessible up China to our farmers and to our industrialists and our companies. And China is not open. But we’re accessible to them. They accusation us 25, 35, 55 percent for things, and we accusation them annihilation in agreement of advancing into the country. Cars, they’re at 25 percent, and we’re at 2 percent and 2.5 percent.

But we’re accomplishing actual able-bodied in our bearings with China on trade. I accept a abundant accord with the admiral of China, Admiral Xi [Jinping]. But it’s got to be a two-way street. For 25 years and longer, it was not. And trillions and trillions of dollars was taken out of the Affiliated States for the account of China. We aloof can’t accept that. We accept to accomplish it fair. So we’re at $250 billion now, 25 percent interest. And a lot of money is advancing into our coffers. And it’s had no appulse on our — absolutely, by the way, no appulse on our economy. Which I said it wouldn’t. In fact, animate is like the hottest industry there is. If you attending at what happened with steel, we’re charging a 25 percent assessment for the dumpers.

They dump massive amounts of steel. They appetite to put the animate companies out of business, and afterwards they’re out of business, they’ll appear in and accusation bristles times added than you anytime anticipation possible. And we accusation steel, and we accusation aluminum. And those industries are accomplishing well. But animate is incredible. US Animate is aperture up a minimum of eight plants Nucor is aperture up plants. Billion-dollar plants, in some cases. So what’s accident with the animate industry is actual agitative to me. It’s actuality rebuilt overnight.

If you attending at the miners in coal, if you attending at energy, lNG, Japan aloof gave some numbers that are incredible. They’re acceleration the bulk that they’re activity to be diplomacy for Japan. They’re demography the ING, and they’re acceleration it up. I said, you accept to do me a favor. We don’t appetite these big deficits. You’re activity to accept to buy more. They’re diplomacy massive amounts of accessories and aggressive equipment. And added countries are accomplishing the aforementioned thing. Because we accept barter and balances with about everybody.

It’s a attenuate barring that we don’t. So we are accomplishing abundant as a country. Unfortunately, they aloof aloft absorption ante a little bit, because we are accomplishing so well. I’m not blessed about that, because I apperceive it’s activity to be a question. I am not blessed about that. I would rather pay bottomward debt or do added things. Create added jobs. So I’m afraid about the actuality that they accept to like adopting absorption rates. We can do added things with the money. And — but they aloft them. And they’re adopting them because we’re accomplishing so well. We’re accomplishing abundant bigger than I had projected in agreement of aback I was campaigning. I said we were activity to do this, and we’re accomplishing abundant bigger than anybody anytime anticipation possible.

And I will say, if others got in, it would accept been aloof the opposite, because they were activity to put restrictions on. They were activity to put regulations on. They were activity to asphyxiate the economy, as it was already choking, but it would accept been worse. And they’re activity to accession your taxes. That’s what they appetite to do now if they anytime got control, which I don’t anticipate they’ll accept ascendancy for a continued time. So with that actuality said, we’ll booty some questions. And, yes, please. John? Go ahead. We accept affluence of time.

REPORTER: Mr. President, acknowledge you actual much. Of course, what you’re attractive advanced to tomorrow is the hearings with Adjudicator Kavanaugh.


REPORTER: Afore the Judiciary Committee.


REPORTER: In 1991, aback Joe Biden anesthetized forth to the Bush 41 [George H.W. Bush] White Abode the allegations that Anita Hill had aloft adjoin Clarence Thomas, the Bush White Abode asked the FBI to attending into it as allotment of Adjudicator Thomas’s accomplishments investigation. Not a bent investigation. But the accomplishments investigation.

TRUMP: Right.

REPORTER: Aback these allegations were raised, why didn’t this White Abode do the aforementioned thing? And with all of the allegations that are advancing out now about Adjudicator Kavanaugh, was there an befalling absent actuality to accept board attending into this and get some array of accuracy one way or the other?

TRUMP: Well, the FBI told us they’ve advised Adjudicator Kavanaugh six times, bristles times, abounding times over the years. They apperceive him actual well. Actuality there was annihilation to investigate from at atomic one standpoint. They didn’t apperceive the location. They didn’t apperceive the time. They didn’t apperceive the year. They didn’t apperceive anything. And it’s like, area do you go? Also, it’s not for the FBI. If you attending at what Joe Biden he said, they don’t do this. And he said it actual clearly.

So I anticipate aback you absolutely attending at it all, it’s not activity to change any of the Democrats, they’re obstructionists. They’re absolutely con artists, because they apperceive how affection this man is, and they accept destroyed a man’s reputation. And they appetite to abort it alike and I anticipate bodies are activity to see that in the mid terms. What they accept done to this family, what they accept done to these children. These admirable accouchement of his. And what they accept done to his wife.

And they apperceive it’s a big, fat con job. And they go into a room, and I agreement you, they beam like hell at what they pulled off on you and on the public. They beam like hell. So it wouldn’t accept mattered if the FBI came aback with a cleanest score. And you accept that actual well, John. If they would accept appear aback with the best perfect, we begin aggregate and he’s altogether innocent of everything. It wouldn’t accept fabricated a difference. You wouldn’t accept gotten one vote. Now, we will get votes from the Democrats if we win. You’ll accept three, four or bristles Democrats giving us votes. Because they’re in states that I won by 30 and 40 points, and they’re activity to accord us votes. But added than that, you apparently won’t get any, John. Yes, go ahead, please.

REPORTER: Mr. President, there are now three women accusing Adjudicator Kavanaugh of animal misconduct. Are you adage that all three of those women are liars? Is there annihilation that could be said at this point tomorrow that could account you to abjure the nomination?

TRUMP: I won’t get into that game. I alone acquaint you this. This is one of the accomplished affection bodies that I accept anytime met. And everybody that knows him says the aforementioned thing. And these are all false, to me. These are apocryphal accusations in assertive cases, and assertive cases alike the media agrees with that. I can alone say that what they accept done to this man is incredible. You know, it’s actual interesting. I aces a lot of judges. I accept 145 board I will be acrimonious by the end of a adequately abbreviate aeon of time. Because admiral Obama wasn’t big on acrimonious judges. Aback I got there, I said, how is this possible? I accept 145, including cloister of appeals judges. And they aloof didn’t do it.

You apperceive why? They got tired. They got complacent. Article happened. I accept 145 judges. Everybody wants to be a federal judge. Not aloof a Complete Cloister judge. I’m talking about cloister of appeals. I’m talking about commune court. I don’t anticipate they’re activity to appetite to so much. I’ll be calling people, and we’ll accept bodies calling bodies that do this. And bodies are activity to be scared, because we could say it about you. 35 years ago, you met — and you ability apperceive — you ability not apperceive what’s activity on.

What is activity on? Why did they adjournment so long? Why did Senator [Dianne] Feinstein adjournment until the hearings were over and accomplish this case? Why didn’t she accompany it appropriate at the beginning, aback you ask about, as an example, the FBI. Why didn’t they accompany this appropriate at the beginning? During the hearing? You would accept had all the time in the apple for the FBI. It would accept been fine.

Now, the FBI, as you know, did investigate this time, as they accept bristles or six added times. And they did a actual complete investigation. But this is a big con job. And I would adulation to be in the allowance with the Democrats, aing the door, you guys are all away, outside, waiting. And Schumer and his buddies are all in there laughing, how they bamboozled you all. Let’s aloof stop them a go ahead.

REPORTER: Mr. President, if I could chase up, you accept daughters. Can you accept why a victim of animal advance would not address it at the time? Don’t you understand?

TRUMP: By the way, I alone say this — 36 years. No charge. No nothing. But — that happens often. Bodies are activity to accept to accomplish a decision. 36 years. There’s no charge. All of a sudden, the hearings are over. And the rumors alpha advancing out. And afresh you accept this added con artist, [Michael] Avenatti, appear out with addition adorableness today. I alone say that you accept to attending at the facts too. The senators are actual able people. They’re actual acceptable people. I apperceive abounding of them. They’re accompany of mine. These are actual talented, actual acceptable people. And they are activity to vote.

They’re activity to accept to accept what they believe. I can — aback I attending at what’s happened to the acceptability of a abundant gentleman, a abundant intellect, a ablaze man, somebody that has a adventitious to be one of our abundant Complete Cloister justices in history, intellectually, I anticipate it’s a shame. Yes, please.

REPORTER: Mr. President, my name is Thomas Reagan. Mr. President, bygone at the accent at the UN, you batten about how Venezuela’s botheration was because of Cuba and the Castros, and how they went in there and they brought socialism and communism to Venezuela, and now to Nicaragua, as well. Mr. President, are you activity to be added proactive now adjoin Cuba, as well?

TRUMP: I’ve been actual proactive adjoin Cuba. I don’t like what’s accident in Cuba. As you know, Admiral Obama gave them a pass. And I didn’t like it. Neither do Cuban people, based on the bodies that came from Cuba and suffered in Cuba. I don’t like what he did. I’ve concluded abundant of it, best of it. I don’t like what’s accident in Cuba, and I absolutely don’t like what’s accident in Venezuela. Yes, please. Go ahead.

REPORTER: Mr. President, aloof to accomplishment absolutely fast. You said also, that you had a alarm to activity to ask the leaders about the apple to additionally end socialism. Would you like to be accustomed as a …

TRUMP: Well, I wouldn’t say that socialism has been alive absolutely able-bodied about the world. You can booty a attending at Venezuela as your cardinal one — I assumption the one that’s best obvious. But you booty a attending about the world, socialism is not absolutely benumbed high. Please. Go ahead.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you actual much. If you don’t mind, afterwards I’m finished, if Halley or Vivian or one of the changeable colleagues could go afterwards me, that would be great. Aloof to chase up on …

TRUMP: What does he beggarly by that? Explain.

REPORTER: I anticipate it would be abundant if a changeable —

TRUMP: What does it mean?

REPORTER: It would be abundant if a changeable anchorman could ask a catechism about this issue.

TRUMP: I wouldn’t apperception that at all.

REPORTER: All right. Able-bodied —

TRUMP: Wouldn’t accomplish any aberration to me.

REPORTER: All right.

TRUMP: Go ahead.

REPORTER: If I could chase up on John’s question. Why is it, Mr. President, that you consistently accept to ancillary with the accused and not the accuser? You accept three women actuality who are all authoritative allegations. Who are all allurement that their belief be heard. And, you know, if you attending at the case of Roy Moore, if you attending at the case of one of your staffers, you accept to time and afresh ancillary with the accused and not the accuser. Is that because of the abounding allegations that you’ve had fabricated adjoin you over the years?

TRUMP: Well, aboriginal of all, I wasn’t blessed with Roy Moore, let’s get that straight. But Roy Moore was a … Republican candidate. And I would accept rather had a Republican applicant win.

I was actual blessed with Luther Strange. He was a agitating man, but Luther Strange had a lot of things activity adjoin him. As far as women, whether it’s a man or a woman, these are — you know, it can appear the added way. Allegations can go the added way also. You accept that.

And whether it was a man or a woman, 30 years ago, 36 years ago — in fact, they don’t alike apperceive how abounding years ago, because cipher knows what the time is. That’s a continued time. And I could pick, as an example, hopefully I won’t accept to do it as a replacement, because hopefully this is activity to go actual able-bodied on Thursday. It’s activity to go actual able-bodied on Monday or Saturday or Sunday or whenever they vote. But I could aces a woman. And she could accept accuse fabricated from abounding years ago also.

REPORTER: But don’t you understand, sir …

TRUMP: And I would attending at the character. No, what I accept to do —

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REPORTER: Are afraid to appear forward. You aloft doubts about these —

TRUMP: I don’t anticipate bodies are afraid to appear forward. They’re activity to accept a adventitious to allege at a — they accept a above adventitious to speak. Excuse me. Excuse me. They accept a above adventitious to speak. And it will be tomorrow, I assume. We’ve delayed this, acceptation the Republican senators — not me. The Republican senators accept delayed this for weeks now. They’re giving the women a above adventitious to speak. Now, it’s accessible I’ll apprehend that, and I’ll say, hey. I’m alteration my mind. That is possible. We appetite to accord them a adventitious to speak.

REPORTER: Do you anticipate all three should accept the chance?

TRUMP: Well, whoever is accustomed a chance. We’ve delayed it a continued time. But they’re activity to accept a big attempt at speaking and authoritative their case. And, you apperceive what? I could be abiding also. Okay? Yes, please. Please, go ahead. Go ahead. I would like to go — yes, go ahead, please.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you, Mr. President. And a brace of questions for you to chase up on some answers that I didn’t absolutely apprehend from you. If you would acquiesce me a brace of questions? Aboriginal of all, do you anticipate these women, all three of them, are liars?

TRUMP: Accept they been what?

REPORTER: Are they liars?

TRUMP: I can’t acquaint you. I accept to watch tomorrow. I accept to read. I aloof heard about one a little while ago. I can acquaint you her advocate is a lowlife, okay? So I can’t acquaint you whether or not their liars until I apprehend them. I don’t apperceive what happened today, because I’ve been actual active with Japan, with South Korea, with China and about seven added countries. As you know. And I chaired the aegis council.

So I don’t apperceive about today’s actuality that came forward. I do apperceive about the lawyer, and you don’t get abundant worse. Bad acceptability to booty a attending at his past. I’m activity to see what happens tomorrow. I’m activity to be watching, accept it or not. I’m activity to see what’s said. It’s accessible they will be convincing.

Now, with all of that actuality said, Adjudicator Brett Kavanaugh has been for abounding years one of the best admired bodies in Washington. He’s been on, I assumption would alarm it, the second-highest court. And every distinct actuality knows him. A lot of bodies apperceive him well. And those bodies don’t accept what’s activity on. I can consistently be convinced. I accept to apprehend it.

REPORTER: It sounds like what you’re adage is, there is a situation, there is a book beneath which you would abjure Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. Is that correct?

TRUMP: If I anticipation he was accusable of article like this, yeah, sure.

REPORTER: And you will adjournment until tomorrow to accomplish up your mind.

TRUMP: I appetite to watch. I appetite to see. I achievement I can watch. I’m affair with a lot of countries tomorrow. But I will absolutely in some anatomy be able to watch. And I’ll additionally await on some actual fair and accomplished Republican senators who — look, if we brought George Washington actuality and we said, we accept George Washington, the Democrats would vote adjoin him. Aloof so you understand. And he may accept had a bad past, who knows, you know? He may accept had some — I anticipate accusations made. Didn’t he accept a brace of things in his past?

George Washington would be voted adjoin 100 percent by Schumer and the con artists. 100 percent. So it absolutely doesn’t bulk from their standpoint. That’s why aback John asked about the FBI, if the FBI did the best complete ysis in the history of the FBI, and they begin him to be 100 percent perfect, he would lose every distinct vote.

Now, if the Republicans win tomorrow, I anticipate you’re activity to get some votes. From the Democrats. You apperceive why? Because we all apperceive why. Because it’s alleged politics. Afresh you’ll apparently get some votes. Okay, let’s go. One added question, yes. She says, I would like to ask about three questions. It’s not absolutely fair to anybody else. Should I let her ask addition question? Go ahead.

REPORTER: To chase up on a catechism that a aide asked as well, about the account of the agnosticism that you accept accustomed to bodies like Roy Moore to Roger Ailes, to Bill O’Reilly, to Brett Kavanaugh. They’re all men. Why is that?

TRUMP: It’s not a account of the doubt. I’ve accepted them. Haley, I’ve accepted them for a continued time and a lot of these people. A lot of people. And some I’ve been aghast with. I accept been aghast with some. Others I — you know, there were accuse that were appealing weak. But I’ve accepted bodies for a continued I never saw them do annihilation I never saw them do annihilation wrong.

And there are some that apparently I agree. I can acquaint you there are some that I accept been watching for a continued time. And in a brace of cases, they weren’t Republicans, and in a lot of cases they were not. They were absolutely the opposite. But I’ve been watching them for a continued time. And I knew for a continued time these were not acceptable people. And they were never brought up. Okay. Yes, ma’am, go ahead. Acknowledge you actual much, by the way. Acknowledge you.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you, actual much, Mr. President.

TRUMP: Acknowledge you.

REPORTER: Aback the allegations aboriginal surfaced, you initially said how important it was for Dr. Ford to testify. And that you capital to apprehend from her.

TRUMP: I do.


TRUMP: I ambition it could accept gone quicker.

REPORTER: You additionally said that if what she said were as bad as she claims, absolutely her or her parents would accept appear it. And aloof today, you said you wouldn’t —

TRUMP: Well, there is a truth. I mean, there is a adventitious that her parents could accept appear it 36 years ago.

REPORTER: So my catechism is —

TRUMP: It doesn’t beggarly they had to address it, because in some instances, bodies accumulate it quiet. It’s a actual boxy bearings for a woman. There’s no catechism about it. And in some cases, they do address it. Frankly, had they appear it, it would accept been appealing amazing, wouldn’t it? But I assumption they didn’t. And that’s okay. I’m not adage they had to address it. Because it’s a actual claimed thing. It’s a actual big problem. There’s no catechism about it. Go ahead.

REPORTER: Do you appetite to apprehend her adventure afore —

TRUMP: I’d like to apprehend her story, yeah. We’re giving her time.

REPORTER: You’ve already fabricated up your mind.

TRUMP: They would accept accustomed her time aftermost week. This is the Affiliated States Senate. This is the best important position that a admiral can accord out. I anticipate we can say that by far. I’ve absolutely heard it’s the best important accommodation a admiral can make. I disagree with that. War and peace. I consistently say war and peace. And afterwards that, Complete Cloister justice. Right? I attending advanced to audition from her. We could accept heard from her aftermost week. We could accept heard from her for a continued time. It will be absorbing to apprehend what she has to say, okay?

REPORTER: Let me chase up on Jim’s question. Mr. President, let me chase up on Jim’s catechism that I don’t anticipate we got an acknowledgment to.

TRUMP: Which one? Which question?

REPORTER: How accept your claimed experiences, actuality accused by added than a dozen —

TRUMP: I’ve been accused. Apocryphal accusations.


TRUMP: Excuse me. I’ve been accused. And I was accused by — I accept it was four women. You can ysis with Sean Hannity. You can ysis with Fox, because they covered it actual strongly.

REPORTER: And how —

TRUMP: Who got paid. Excuse me. Excuse me. I was accused by four or bristles women who got paid a lot of money to accomplish up belief about me. We bent them in the boilerplate media banned to put it on television. They banned to alike address about it. There were four women, and maybe more, I anticipate the cardinal is four or five. But one had a mortgage paid off her house, $52,000. Addition one had added things happen. And the one that appear it, I accept was offered $750,000. To say bad things about me. And she is the one that appear it. This woman is incredible. She appear it. Instead of demography the money. So I accept had abundant accusations about me.


TRUMP: I mean, they fabricated apocryphal statements about me. Alive they were false. I never met them. I never met these people. And what did they do? What did they do? They took money in adjustment to say bad things. I’ve had belief accounting in the New York Times, advanced page, about four women. The accomplished top centermost advanced folio of the New York Times. I anticipate it was four big I said, wow, that’s a big thing. What’s that? These were women that were quoted adage bad things about me. Not the affliction things about me.

But bad things. And I said, gee, that’s too bad. I knew them a continued time ago. 15 years ago, 20 years ago. I said, that’s too bad. I’m afraid at them. And afresh all of a sudden, I see them on television. Annihilation to do with me. The aing day or day later, they were incensed. They said, Donald Trump is a nice guy. We never said this. The New York Times did apocryphal reporting. They’re affected news.

And you apperceive what? The New York Times would not address that their adventure was fake. These women said abundant things. Not alone did they not say the bad stuff. They said abundant things about me. Advanced page. And those women — they’re absurd women. They went on television, and they didn’t appetite to. And I didn’t ask them. And they said the New York Times fabricated it up. They gave apocryphal quotes. And they went on a lot of shows. They were absolutely incensed, and they couldn’t accept it. That’s why bodies apperceive that a lot of the account is fake. And a lot of the bodies sitting actuality are fake. But 20 percent of them are wonderful.

REPORTER: If I could aloof absolutely ask that question, Mr. Trump. You didn’t let me ask my question.

TRUMP: You’ve been allurement a catechism for ten minutes. Amuse sit down. Please, go ahead. Go ahead.

REPORTER: Accept those impacted your opinions on the allegations adjoin —

TRUMP: It does appulse my opinion. You apperceive why? Because I’ve had a lot of apocryphal accuse fabricated adjoin me. I’m a actual acclaimed person. Unfortunately. I’ve been a acclaimed actuality for a continued time. But I’ve had a lot of apocryphal accuse fabricated adjoin me. Absolutely apocryphal charges. I apperceive accompany that accept had apocryphal charges. Bodies appetite fame, they appetite money, they appetite whatever. So aback I see it, I appearance it abnormally than somebody sitting home watching television area they say, oh, Adjudicator Kavanaugh, this or that. It’s happened to me abounding times. I’ve had abounding apocryphal charges. I had a woman sitting in an airplane, and I attacked her while bodies were advancing on to the plane? And I accept a cardinal one album out?

It was a complete affected story. There are abounding of them. So aback you say does it affect me in agreement of my cerebration with account to Adjudicator Kavanaugh, absolutely. Because I’ve had it abounding times. And if the account would accept appear these four people, I couldn’t accept it. Aback I heard they bent these four people, I said, wow. That’s a big story. And it was. For Fox. Okay.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you, Mr. President. Beforehand today, and aloof now, you fabricated a cogent accusation adjoin the Chinese government. You appropriate that the Chinese had meddled in or are meddling in —

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Welcome to the Official Website of Iowa County, WIClerk of Courts – wisconsin family court forms | wisconsin family court forms

TRUMP: That’s right, that’s what I hear.

REPORTER: What affirmation do you accept of that, sir?

TRUMP: We accept evidence. We accept evidence. It will appear out. Yeah, I can’t acquaint you now. But it came — it didn’t appear out of nowhere, that I can acquaint you. Now, if you — they’ve absolutely accepted that they’re activity afterwards farmers. I mean, I anticipate best of you can — awning that. I like that you’re afraid your arch next. I’m activity to ask you the aing catechism because of that, okay? It’s apparently activity to be the gesic of all questions.

But let me aloof explain. China now — put on $250 billion, and they’re advantageous 25% on that. They’re advantageous billions and billions — this has never happened to China. And I like China. And I like Admiral Xi [Jinping] a lot. I anticipate he’s a acquaintance of mine. He may not be a acquaintance anymore. But I anticipate he apparently respects — from what I hear, if you attending at Mr. Pillsbury, the arch ascendancy on China, he was on a acceptable show. I won’t acknowledgment the name of the appearance — recently.

And he was adage that China has complete account for Donald Trump and for Donald Trump’s very, actual ample brain. He said Donald Trump, they don’t apperceive what to do. Never happened. One affair they are aggravating to do is they’re aggravating to argue bodies to go adjoin Donald Trump. Because a normal, approved political actuality that has no abstraction of what the hell he’s accomplishing would let China abide to booty $500 billion a year out of our country, and clean their country. They were architecture 29 massive bridges, like the George Washington Bridge. They’re architecture things that we don’t body any more. But we’re starting to body them again.

And our abridgement now is hotter than it’s anytime been. I don’t apperceive if you saw the aplomb levels this morning that aloof came out. Fantastic. And in all candor to the fed adopting rates, they’re adopting ante because we’ve never done like we’re accomplishing now. And one of the things that is nice about the rates, the bodies that were aching the affliction by these aught absorption ante and, you apperceive — aback Admiral Obama had an abridgement that was — it was the affliction improvement aback the Abundant Depression and you’ve all heard that. But remember, he was arena with aught absorption money. He was arena with funny money. That’s easy. I’m arena with adequately big-ticket money.

So aback he does that, the bodies that account are bodies that absolutely in their accomplished life, they would save 10, 15, 20% of their salary, put it in the bank. Those bodies got killed, because they put their money in the bank, they were activity to alive off the interest, and there was no interest. Now those bodies are starting to get interest. And those are the people, frankly, that deserve to — you know, they did a abundant job. The bodies that did it right, the bodies that did the best job, got aching the most. So in one sense, I like it. But basically, I’m a low absorption bulk person. I abhorrence to acquaint you. Yes, go ahead.

REPORTER: Mr. President, you accept addition affair tomorrow with Rod Rosenstein.


REPORTER: Are you planning to blaze Rod?

TRUMP: I’m talking to him. We’ve had a acceptable talk. He said he never said it. He said he doesn’t accept it. He said he has a lot of account for me. And he was actual nice and we’ll see. And he’s a affiliate of the trump administration. In that sense. It’s the amends department. I would absolutely adopt not accomplishing that. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. I mean, unless you alarm obstruction the actuality that I activity back. I activity back. I absolutely activity back. If you alarm that obstruction, that’s fine. But there’s no obstruction. There’s no collusion.

I’m activity to accommodated with him tomorrow. I may alarm Rod tonight or tomorrow and ask for a little bit of a adjournment to the meeting, because I don’t appetite to do annihilation that gets in the way of this actual important complete cloister pick. So I don’t appetite it aggressive and affliction the decision. One way or the added decision. Again, I appetite to apprehend what she has to say. But I don’t appetite to — so I may adjournment that. I’m activity to see. I don’t appetite to do annihilation that’s activity to battle with that. But my alternative would be to accumulate him. And to let him accomplishment up.

You know, I alarm it a witch hunt. And it is a witch hunt. If you attending at the FBI statements with [Peter] Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page. If you attending at all of the things that accept gone on in the FBI, if you attending at [Andrew] McCabe demography $700,000 from a Hillary Clinton PAC, about run by Terry McAuliffe, her best acquaintance in the world, and he gives them hundreds of bags of and he’s in accusation of her attack and his wife is accepting all of this money to run — she absent — to run. I mean, what’s activity on? If you attending at the abhorrent statements like, “Way to go, page. Abundant adventure you put into a newspaper.” About now we’ll go and investigate that group. It’s terrible. We accept bent bodies accomplishing things that are terrible. I would abundant adopt befitting Rod Rosenstein. Abundant prefer. Abounding bodies say I accept the appropriate to absolutely blaze him. He said he did not say it. He said he does not accept that. And cipher in this allowance believes it.

By the way, I accord with the bodies in this room. I was with Mike Pompeo before. We were ambidextrous at a actual aerial akin with Japan. And I was adage things that cipher in the allowance alike understood. And I said them a continued time ago and I was right. He said, that’s not the 25th Amendment that I’m attractive at. I anticipate I can say that for Mike.

REPORTER: So you don’t anticipate anyone in your administering has anytime discussed application the 25th Amendment adjoin you.

TRUMP: I don’t anticipate so. Well, yeah, enemies, sure.

REPORTER: Within your administering or your Cabinet?

TRUMP: They’ll use annihilation they can! They’re not in adulation with me. They’re not activity to exhausted me in the election. They apperceive that. They’re not activity to exhausted me. The bodies that I’m attractive at are complete ablaze weights. I dream of active adjoin those people. Maybe they’ll appear up with somebody that’s not. They’re not activity to exhausted me. I’m adjoin what they appetite to I’m in favor of law enforcement. I’m in favor of assurance and aegis and low taxes. I appetite low taxes. I appetite borders. We’re accepting addition $1.6 billion in borders. I appetite borders. We’ve spent 3.2, and we’re accepting addition 1.6. And afresh eventually we’re accepting the accomplished affair and we’ll complete the wall.

They don’t appetite that. They don’t appetite that. They don’t appetite the things that I have. Now, I charge say. I apperceive abounding of the Democrats. They’ll say things and afresh flash at me. And, again, it’s the aforementioned old story. They’ll say things, they don’t beggarly it, it’s politics. The acumen they don’t appetite me is because they appetite to run the show. They appetite it. It’s power, it’s whatever you appetite to alarm it.

But what they accept done actuality is a disgrace. A complete disgrace. And what they do — I apperceive it’s interesting. In one case, they say, he’s a fascist, he’s demography over the government, he’s the best able admiral ever. He’s a abhorrent animal being. He wants to booty over the complete government and he’s activity to do it. We can’t stop him. That didn’t work. The aing week, he said, uh, he’s incompetent. I said, adjournment a minute, in one case I’m demography over the world. And in the added case, he’s they approved that for a week. That didn’t work. Look, these are actual backbiting

people. These are con artists. And the columnist knows it. But the columnist doesn’t address it. That’s a lot of hands. That’s a lot — Steve, go ahead. Here’s a actual high-quality person, this man. But he’ll apparently hit me with a bad one. Go ahead, accord it to me, Steve.

REPORTER: You’re accepting belletrist from Administrator Kim [Jong Un]. Why do you accusation a additional acme with the North Korean baton so and what do you — what would it be for?

TRUMP: Because I like him. So I accustomed two belletrist from Administrator Kim. At some point, I’ll, you know, accord these letters. They’re absurd letters. They’re — they’re belletrist that are arresting in the faculty of his activity for absent to get this done. I absolutely accept he wants to get it done. I may be wrong. I heard somebody on a assertive arrangement aftermost night, I won’t acknowledgment which one, say, why has admiral trump accustomed so abundant to North Korea? I said, adjournment a minute. I asked Sarah Huckabee, amuse alarm this person. I gave nothing, added than I met. What did I accord them? I didn’t do what Obama did, accord $1.8 billion in banknote to get aback four hostages. I got aback our hostages. I haven’t paid them anything. I haven’t paid them ten cents. But he wants to accomplish a accord and I would like to accomplish a deal. We absolutely accept a actual acceptable accord together. A lot altered than the aftermost time he was at the Affiliated Nations. That was a little bit rough.

Don’t forget, that time they said, oh, Trump is adage these abhorrent things. He’s activity to get us into a war. You are activity to accept a war if I wasn’t elected, you would be in a war. And Admiral Obama about said the aforementioned thing. He was accessible to go to war. You would accept had a war and you would accept absent millions, not thousands. You would accept absent millions of people. Seoul has 30 actor people, 40 afar and 30 afar from this actual alarming border. If I wasn’t elected, you would accept had a war. Admiral Obama anticipation you had a acceptable war. You apperceive how aing he was to acute the activate for war?

Millions of people. With me, cipher is talking about cipher is talking about that. We accept a actual acceptable relationship. He brand me, I like him. We get along. He wrote me two of the best admirable letters. Aback I showed one of the belletrist — aloof one — to prime abbot Abe, he said, this is absolutely a groundbreaking letter. This is an absurd — this is a celebrated letter. And it is a celebrated letter. It’s a admirable — it’s a admirable allotment of art. And I anticipate we’re activity to accomplish a deal.

Will we accomplish a deal, Steve? I don’t absolutely know. But I anticipate we’re activity to. In the meantime, and I accept said it — I don’t appetite to bore you. No rockets, no missiles, no nuclear tests. You know, for over a year. Area you haven’t seen. Afore I got here, everybody in this allowance anticipation you were activity to war. And afresh what happened, it was funny. They said, he was terrible! He was so asperous with Administrator Kim! Kim Jong-un. He was so rough! It’s terrible.

Well, I had a abundant affair with Admiral [Vladimir] Putin. And on that one, they said, he was too bendable with Admiral Putin. I had a abundant meeting. It lasted for two hours. We discussed everything. Ukraine, Syria, Israel and Israel’s protection. We had a abundant meeting. They capital me to end up in a battle match. And you apperceive what, if I was killer-tough with admiral Putin, they would accept said, he was too tough. You can’t win with these people, but you accumulate going. And in the concurrently we —

REPORTER: How continued do you anticipate it will booty North Korea —

TRUMP: Steve, I don’t appetite to get into the time game. You apperceive why? I told Mike Pompeo. I said, Mike, don’t get into the time game. We chock-full him. They’re demography bottomward plants, they’re demography bottomward a lot of altered testing areas. They’re activity to booty bottomward some more. You’ll be audition about that actual soon. I don’t appetite to go advanced of myself. But you’ll be audition about it soon. They accept no absorption appropriate now in testing nuclear.

You know, we had a case aloof about aback I was advancing into office, you’ll bethink it, area there was a massive — they anticipation it was an a abundance confused over an inch-and-a-half. We’re talking about mountains. North Korea is actual mountainous. Admirable land. Beautiful. This abundance absolutely shifted. It shifted. And somebody anticipation it was an and afresh they begin out, no, this was nuclear testing. Confused a mountain. I’m talking about austere stuff. Austere size.

When I came in and absolutely afore I came in, and alike at the alpha of my — because aback I was accepting articulate acquaintance — you know, contests earlier, I assumption you could alarm it, with administrator Kim, which we both smile at now and we beam at. But everybody anticipation that was a abhorrent thing. We’ve had abounding presidents who were clumsy to do anything. Annihilation at all. With North Korea. We now accept a acceptable relationship. We accept a acceptable relationship.

And best importantly, all of the things that you’ve been audition about, the abhorrence stories. In my opinion, they’re gone. Now, could they alpha up again? Yes. I’m a accord guy. Could they start? Yeah. Could be we don’t assignment it out. I anticipate — I accept it appropriate here. I anticipate that what we’ve done abaft the scenes, which cipher absolutely knows about, and I don’t accusation you for not alive about. Claimed letters, clandestine letters. But adage they appetite to get it done. We apperceive abundant added than the media for a change. Abundant more.

But if you saw what’s activity on abaft the scenes, I anticipate you would be actual impressed. We were a country activity to war. I absolutely accept that Admiral Obama would accept that he said it’s by far his bigger problem. Aback I sat with him above-mentioned to activity to office, activity into office, he said to me, that’s by far the bigger problem. And he said to me that he was actual aing to activity into war.

And millions of bodies — not — you know, they say, oh, bags of people. No, no, not thousands. Millions of bodies would accept been killed. And that could accept larboard — you’re appropriate aing to China. That could accept been a Apple War actual easily. Appropriate now we’re in a abundant position. I don’t appetite to comedy the time game. I told Mike Pompeo, don’t let them do that to you.

I haven’t accustomed anything. And all of a sudden, we got back, it was a few weeks ago. I anticipate we were aback like two-and-a-half months from the summit, which was a abundant success. And bodies are screaming, what’s demography so long? I said, oh, I get it. You’ve got to accept the media. I’ve been ambidextrous with the media all my life. Too much. Too much. They’re screaming, and I saw that. And our guys were — and not Mike, but our guys were being, oh, well, we’re alive this fast. I said, I’ve got all the time in the world. I don’t accept to blitz it. There’s no — you know, abeyance of sanctions. We’ve got the sanctions on. I didn’t booty any sanctions off.

I did see a anchorman aftermost night, a guy I like, personally, a lot. And he asked a catechism to Admiral Moon [Jae-in] of South Korea. He said, why did the admiral accord so much? I didn’t accord anything. I gave nothing. What accept I given? Added than some time. Yes, I flew to Singapore. We had a meeting.

Now, giving would be if I took the sanctions off. I didn’t appetite to do — if you ask Accepted [James] Mattis for a year-and-a-half, I said why don’t we stop these ridiculous, in my opinion, the military, I alarm them the aggressive games. If I told you how abundant those amateur cost, and frankly, I told South Korea, you should be advantageous for these games. We pay for them. They say, well, we fly the planes in from a abbreviate ambit away. I said, area is that? Guam. Oh, huh. How continued a cruise is that? Seven hours. Oh, great. We’re aerial these massive bombers. I’ve capital to stop this for a continued time. I accede that an asset.

But we accept done — we’re extenuative — by the way, aloof for the aborigine — we’re extenuative a fortune. And if we accusation them, we can alpha them up immediately. If I anticipate we accusation them, I’ll alpha them afore the generals will alpha them. The actuality is, this anchorman said that. I said, what accept we done? I haven’t accustomed anything. And we’re absolutely on to the cusp. I anticipate we’re absolutely activity to do article that’s activity to be actual important.

But we’re not arena the time game. If it takes two years, three years, or bristles months. Doesn’t matter. There’s no nuclear testing, and there’s no testing of rockets. Yes, ma’am, go ahead. Go ahead. Please. This is the one that was comatose with every nice affair I said. So watch this question.

REPORTER: It’s a addiction of mine.

TRUMP: You’re with who?


TRUMP: Good, Sky News. Congratulations on the purchase. [Laughter]

REPORTER: Annihilation to do with me.

TRUMP: I achievement you benefited. Go ahead.

REPORTER: Are you at all anxious at the bulletin that is actuality beatific to the women who are watching this aback you use accent like con job? Allegations —

TRUMP: That’s apparently the nicest byword I’ve anytime used. Con job. It is. It’s a con job. You know, confidence. It’s a aplomb job. But they — it’s a con job by the Democrats. They apperceive it.

REPORTER: What about the bulletin that’s actuality beatific to women —

TRUMP: The aforementioned with the Russia investigation. They approved to argue bodies that I had article to do with Russia. There was no collusion. Anticipate of it. I’m in Wisconsin. I’m in Michigan. I say, gee, we’re not accomplishing well. I won both those states. I’m not accomplishing well. Let me alarm the Russians to does anybody absolutely accept that? It’s a con job. And I watch these guys, little Adam Schiff and all of the guys. He takes a alarm from a Russian who affronted out to be a faker. You know, he was a actor or something. This is so-and-so calling for — he took the call. Why is he demography a alarm from a Russian? Senator [Mark] Warner took a alarm from a Russian. He was a actor or something. But he said, we accept pictures of Admiral Trump — area can I get them? If we anytime did that, it would be a big deal. Yeah, it’s a con job, and it’s not a bad term. It’s not a bad appellation at all.

REPORTER: Are you afraid —

TRUMP: I’ll acquaint you one affair I can say. I accept had a lot of bodies talking about this to me with account to what’s happening. Because it’s a abhorrent I’m activity to accept to get added board and added complete cloister judges, possibly. I could accept a lot of complete cloister judges, added than two. And aback I alleged up Brett Kavanaugh, batten to him and his ancestors and told them that I chose them, they were so blessed and so honored. It was as admitting — I mean, the about bigger affair that’s anytime happened. And I accept that. US Complete court. I don’t appetite to be in a position area bodies say “No, thanks. No, thanks. I don’t appetite to. You know, I batten to somebody 38 years ago, and it may not be good.”

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Alberta Affidavit Form 15 | Legal Forms and Business Templates .. | wisconsin family court forms

We accept a country to run. We appetite the best aptitude in the world. But I’ll acquaint you this. The bodies that accept complained to me about it the most, about what’s happening, are women. Women are actual angry. You know, I got 52% with women. Anybody said this couldn’t happen. 52%.

Women are so angry. And I, frankly, anticipate that — I anticipate they like what the Republicans are doing. But I anticipate they would accept admired to accept apparent it go a lot faster. But accord them their day in court. Let her accept her day in court. Let somebody abroad accept a day in court. But the ones that I acquisition — I mean, I accept men that don’t like it. But I accept women that are incensed at what’s activity on. I’ve consistently said, women are smarter than men. I’ve said that a lot. And I beggarly it. But women are incensed at what’s activity on. Yes, go ahead. Go ahead. Go advanced in the back. Who are you, area are you from?


TRUMP: No, you. That guy looks like he’s shocked. This is activity to be not good.

REPORTER: It’s activity to be good, sir.

TRUMP: The guy looks absolutely stunned. Accept you anytime been best afore for a question?

REPORTER: Yes, sir, but not from the admiral of the Affiliated States.

TRUMP: Go ahead. Accord me your question.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you actual much. I I appetite to ask you, you consistently allocution about —

TRUMP: Excuse me, you said from where?

REPORTER: Iraq. I’m a kurd.

TRUMP: Abundant people. Are you a Kurd? Good. Abundant people. Abundant fighters. I like them a lot. Let’s go. I like this catechism so far.

REPORTER: Mr. President, you consistently a you abutment your allies. Kurds appropriate now afterwards the defeat of ISIS, are beneath a lot of burden in Syria and in Iraq. What will you do to drag their position to abutment them afterwards they helped the affiliated States to defeat ISIS?

TRUMP: Well, we are allowance them a lot. And we’ve been actual affable with them. And as you know, we fought ancillary by side. And we accept defeated ISIS, essentially, actual abbreviate while ago in the Middle East. And we did it with a lot of advice from the Kurds. And they are. They’re abundant fighters. You know, some bodies are abundant fighters and some bodies aren’t. The Kurds are abundant fighters and great, abundant people. We’re activity to be — we’re discussing that bearings absolutely appropriate now.

REPORTER: What will you do to abutment them, sir?

TRUMP: I’m aloof cogent you. We’re activity to be discussing that situation. We accept already started discussing that situation. But we accept had amazing abutment from the Kurds in acquisition ISIS.

REPORTER: And about Syria, sir, in your speech, you did not acknowledgment —

TRUMP: Uh, yes. Go. Oh-oh. You don’t accusation it.

REPORTER: Mr. President, Susan Lee from Fox Business. Did you adios a one-on-one affair with the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau?

TRUMP: Yeah, I did.


TRUMP: Because his tariffs are too high, and we’re cerebration about aloof demanding cars advancing from from Canada. That’s the motherlode. That’s the big one. We’re actual atramentous with the negotiations and the negotiating appearance of Canada. We don’t like their adumbrative actual much. They accept taken advantage — I adulation Canada, by the way. I accept so abounding friends. I accept everybody. So abounding friends. But that has annihilation to do with this. I’m apery the affiliated States. Mexico was absolutely — I mean, they were great. By the way, the new admiral has been great. The accord is done. Now it has to go through assembly and a lot of things accept to happen. Bob Lighthizer who is actuality someplace. Area is Bob? He has done a abundant accord negotiating. But the accord is done.

But Canada has advised us actual badly. They accept advised our farmers in Wisconsin and New York accompaniment and a lot of added states actual badly. Dairy products. 300%. 300%. How do you advertise a dairy artefact at 300%? The acknowledgment is, you don’t. What it is, it’s a barrier. Basically, they’re saying, we don’t accept any barriers. By the way, it’s 300%, so you don’t accelerate it in because you can’t compete. I charge be honest with you, ear we’re not accepting forth with their negotiators we anticipate their negotiators accept taken advantage of our country for a continued time. We had bodies who didn’t apperceive what they were doing. And that’s why we had over the aftermost bristles or six years, if you boilerplate it out, we had $800 billion a year in barter losses. It’s ridiculous. It’s not activity to happen.

REPORTER: What about NAFTA? Mr. President, NAFTA? What does that beggarly for NAFTA? Will you be diplomacy out of NAFTA?

TRUMP: I don’t like NAFTA. I never admired it. It’s been actual bad for the Affiliated States. It’s been abundant for Canada. It’s been abundant for Mexico. Actual bad for us.

REPORTER: So will you cull out?

TRUMP: I’m not activity to use the name NAFTA. I debris to use it. I’ve apparent bags and plants and factories close. I’ve apparent millions of jobs absent to auto companies that move. Mexico has 25% of our auto business now because of NAFTA. Beneath our deal, not activity to appear any more. Abhorrence to acquaint you, it’s not. We’re activity to accumulate companies. I told the Mexicans, we accept to accumulate companies, but they’re accepting a lot also. They’re accepting added things. They’re got accepting a lot of acceptable things. Mexico fabricated a actual acceptable deal. But with Canada, it’s actual if we fabricated a accord with Canada, which is a — you know, acceptable adventitious still, but I’m not authoritative annihilation a what they appetite to do.

REPORTER: But are you activity to acquaint Assembly you’re diplomacy out of NAFTA.

TRUMP: What we’re apparently activity to do is alarm it the “USMC,” like the Affiliated States Marine Corps, which I love. Accepted [John] Kelly brand it alike more. Area is Accepted Kelly? He brand that. USMC. Which would be US, Mexico, Canada. But it will apparently or possibly be aloof USM. It will be Affiliated States and Mexico.

REPORTER: Yes or no?

TRUMP: Canada will appear along. Now, if Canada doesn’t accomplish a accord with us, we’re activity to accomplish a abundant bigger deal. We’re activity to tax the cars that appear in. We will put billions and billions of dollars into our treasury. And frankly, we’ll be actual happy. Because it’s absolutely added money than you can accomplish beneath any accident with authoritative a deal. Okay? Acceptable job, too. You do a actual acceptable job. Absolutely good. Yes, please. Mr. Kurd. Go ahead.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you, actual abundant for your time, Mr. President. Two quick questions. What will be the USA relations with the Kurds?

TRUMP: Oh, I anticipation I aloof answered


TRUMP: Okay. We’re aggravating to get forth actual well. We do get forth abundant with the Kurds. We’re aggravating to advice them a lot. Don’t forget, that’s their territory. We accept to advice them. I appetite to advice them. Go ahead, what’s next? They fought with us. They died with us. They died. We absent tens of bags of Kurds, died, angry ISIS. They died for us, and with us. And for themselves. They died for themselves. But they are abundant people. And we accept not — we don’t I don’t absolve what happens anytime later. I can acquaint you, I don’t —

REPORTER: Mr. President, one question. What is your plan to stop Iranian access in Iraq, in Syria and abnormally in —

TRUMP: I anticipate you accept apparent that. I charge acquaint you, I don’t apperception your catechism because it happens to be — I’ll get to you in one second. Acknowledge you. I anticipate there’s been no greater change added than maybe China because China — unfortunately, the markets accept dropped, would you say 30% in the aftermost four months, right? I anticipate I watched you afresh aback you said that. I said I anticipate she’s wrong, I anticipate it is absolutely 32%, but that’s okay. But a lot. There’s been annihilation but maybe that. But alike that, because China is a actual appropriate place.

Iran is a actual appropriate place, but I anticipate there’s been no country that’s afflicted so abundant as Iran. In the aftermost six months aback I took off the abhorrent Iran nuclear accord as they alleged it, one of the dumbest deals anytime fabricated — as an example, why didn’t they booty affliction of Yemen in the deal? Why didn’t they booty affliction of Syria in the deal? You apperceive what Kerry said the reason? It was too complicated. We are giving $150 billion, we paid $108 billion in cash. This allowance would be abounding with $100 bills, and you apparently would accusation bristles apartment like this. Why didn’t we booty affliction of Yemen and Syria. He said because it was too complicated. Well, you aloof gave all of your cards. You gave them $150 billion and now Yemen is a mess, but it is accepting better.

Syria is a mess. And I was amenable — and I achievement it stays that way, aback I put out on amusing media a few weeks ago about Idlib Province. I said, don’t do it. I’ll acquaint you it happened area I was at a affair with a lot of supporters and a woman stood up and she said, there is a arena in Syria with three actor people. Appropriate now the Iranians, the Russians and the Syrians are surrounding that province, and they’re activity to annihilate my sister and they’re activity to annihilate millions of bodies in adjustment to get rid of 25,000 or 35,000 terrorists or enemies of theirs, but I anticipate we can alarm them terrorists. And I said, that’s not activity to happen.

I didn’t apprehend of Idlib Province, and I came aback to New York and I best up the declining “New York Times” — I abhorrence to accept it was The New York Times, but it was the declining New York Times, and I opened it up. Not on the advanced page, but there was a actual big story. I said, wow, that’s the aforementioned adventure that the woman told me that I begin adamantine to accept because why would — how would anyone do that with three actor people? It said that they were actuality amidst and they were activity in and starting absolutely the aing day, they were activity to bead bombs all over the abode and conceivably annihilate millions of bodies in adjustment to get 35,000 terrorists.

I put out on amusing media and elsewhere, I gave Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, everybody these orders, don’t let it happen. I said, don’t let it happen. That doesn’t beggarly they can’t be selective, they can’t be — you know, go in. They’ve got to do what they’ve got to do with terrorists. I accept they’re terrorists, but don’t annihilate millions of people, and it stopped. You saw that. Cipher is activity to accord me credit, but that’s okay. That’s okay, because the bodies know. I accept had added Syrians acknowledge me for that. This was about four weeks ago I put that out. I said, they’re surrounding a burghal of three actor people, they’re activity to alpha bombing don’t let it happen.

And I meant it, too. I meant it. Millions of bodies accept been saved, and I gave today abundant acclaim to Iran — I don’t apperceive if you heard that. I gave abundant acclaim to Iran, to Russia and to Syria for not accomplishing it. Now I achievement it is activity to be surgical, acceptation go in and do what’s — it’s diffuse and aggregate else, and they possibly accept to do it, but I anticipate millions of bodies would accept been dead and that would accept been a shame. Hopefully — and I accept to acquaint you Turkey has been a big help. Turkey has been great. Turkey has helped us actual abundant with that accomplished situation.

REPORTER: Mr. President.

TRUMP: Yes, yes.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you, Mr. President.

TRUMP: Good. Acknowledge you actual much.

REPORTER: Touching aback on Iran, of advance this anniversary you’ve put out a alarm to activity to added countries to assemblage with America to put burden on Iran. [Iranian Admiral Hassan Rouhani] is still calling for the US to appear aback into the old but afterwards affair with apple leaders this week, did you accomplish any advance appear a abeyant new deal?

TRUMP: It doesn’t bulk what apple leaders anticipate on Iran. Iran is activity to appear aback to me and they’re activity to accomplish a acceptable deal. I think. Maybe not. Deals, you never know, but they’re adversity greatly. They’re accepting riots in every city, far greater than they were during the blooming aeon with Admiral Obama. Far greater. Aback Admiral Obama ashore up for government, not the people, he apparently would accept had a abundant altered Iran had he not done that. But I’m afraid up for the people. I am with the bodies of Iran.

But actuality is the thing. They accept aggressive inflation. Their money is worthless. Aggregate is activity wrong. They accept riots in the street. You can’t buy bread, you can’t do anything. It is a disaster. At some point I anticipate they’re activity to appetite to appear aback and they’re activity to say, hey, can we do something, and, actual simple, I aloof don’t appetite them to accept nuclear weapons, that’s all. Is that too abundant to ask?

I don’t appetite them to accept nuclear weapons. I appetite them to accept a abundant economy. I appetite them to advertise oil. I told them, I’m not blessed with OPEC. We booty affliction of all of these people, we avert them, they wouldn’t be there for two weeks if it wasn’t for me and the Affiliated States and our much-stronger armed armament than it was, because our armed armament were depleted. We had old equipment.

Now we accept — hey, you apperceive bigger than anybody. 700 billion, 716 billion, we accept the best absurd new jets and everything. We accusation it. Not that I appetite to absorb it, although it is jobs. It is all fabricated in the affiliated States. But Iran has to appear aback and they accept to talk. And I’m not accomplishing this from backbone or weakness. I’m aloof adage at some point I anticipate they’re activity to accept to if you attending at what is activity on, companies are abrogation larboard and right. Mercedes-Benz aloof left. They’re all leaving. They don’t appetite to be in Iran, because they accept a choice. Do they appetite to be in Iran or do they appetite to be with us. We best up $10 abundance aback my election.

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Child Support | Dodge County, WI – wisconsin family court forms | wisconsin family court forms

We weren’t actuality bent by China. Now it is activity the added way. Bodies can’t accept it. Bodies accept never apparent this bearings with China. Aggregate has consistently been for 20 years, oh, China is so great, China is so great. You don’t apprehend that so abundant anymore. I adulation China. I anticipate they’re great. But you don’t apprehend that so abundant anymore. You apperceive who is abundant now? We’re abundant now.

How about aloof a brace more. Now, I could be accomplishing this all day continued — I could be accomplishing this all day long. Should we abide for a little it doesn’t bulk to me. A brace more? I don’t care. New York Times, appear on. The declining New York Times, angle up. Go ahead. No, I’m talking about The Times is failing, you are far from failing.

REPORTER: You were pointing to me.

TRUMP: The Times are actual absorbing though. The Times, I anticipate they’re activity to endorse me. I anticipate that ABC — well, Fox, I like Fox, I absolutely do. But I anticipate ABC, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, they’re all activity to endorse me, because if they don’t they’re all activity out of business.

REPORTER: I anticipate you were pointing to me but I assignment for PBS Account now.

TRUMP: I apperceive that.

REPORTER: Okay. I appetite to ask you, bygone you were talking about your administration’s accomplishments at the affiliated nations and a lot of the leaders laugh. Why do you anticipate they were laughing?

TRUMP: That’s affected news, and it was covered that way. Okay. So I said that aback my acclamation our abridgement has become the hottest in the world. Tax reductions, regulations, aplomb levels are the accomplished in 18 years, absolutely anon to be historic. Unemployment is the everyman in the history of our country. You attending at atramentous unemployment, you attending at Asian unemployment, you attending at women, 65 years, the unemployment numbers are amid the best we’ve anytime had, ever.

The numbers of new companies cloudburst into our country, which cipher anticipation was accessible — and I said this and I was in advanced of a ample accumulation of awful able people, best of whom are from either added countries or the affiliated nations, bodies that aren’t big into clapping, applauding, smiling, and I heard a little crackle as I said our country is now stronger than anytime before. It is true. I beggarly it is true. I heard a little rustle. And I said, it is true. And I heard smiles. I said, I didn’t apperceive there would be — they weren’t bedlam at me. They were bedlam with me. We had fun. That was not bedlam at me. So the affected account said, bodies laughed at admiral trump. They didn’t beam at me. Bodies had a acceptable time with me. We were accomplishing it together.

The Affiliated States is respected; the Affiliated States was not respected. Everybody was demography advantage of us, from jobs and demography our companies and not advantageous the bulk to so abounding added things, alike aggressive protection. I told a cardinal of countries over the aftermost few days, I said, listen, you’re a actual affluent country, we assure you. Afterwards our aegis you would accept complete problems.


TRUMP: You would accept complete problems.

REPORTER: I appetite to ask you —

TRUMP: I said, you should balance us for this protection. Why are we attention you? You appetite to apperceive what they said? Afterwards about two account of talking, they agreed with me. You can ask this accumulation of actual accomplished people. They agreed with me. But they said, one of them said, but, Mr. President, cipher anytime asked us for that. They never asked us for that. Cipher has anytime said, you should these are absolutely affluent countries. I beggarly I will be honest.

I aloof asked Japan, I said, we’re arresting you, you are a actual affluent country, you are sending us millions of cars, you are authoritative a fortune. We accept a amazing barter arrears with you, and we’re arresting you and we’re subsidizing your aggressive with a massive bulk of money. I said it to South Korea. We accept 32,000 soldiers in south Korea. They’re actual wealthy. These are abundant countries. These are actual affluent countries. I said, why aren’t you reimbursing us for our costs? You apperceive what? They attending at me and they can’t alike acknowledgment because there’s no answer. If they are a poor country and they bare aegis and bodies were activity to die, I’m all for attention them. I don’t appetite $0.10. But aback affluent countries that accept massive barter surpluses with us, massive, and afresh on top of that we’re advantageous for their aggressive or we’re advantageous for a lot of their military, that doesn’t work. How about two added and we’ll alarm it.

REPORTER: Mr. President, absolutely quickly. Mr. President, you said you feel a alikeness — you said you feel a alikeness with Brett Kavanaugh, and you — Mr. President, absolutely quickly. You said you acquainted a alikeness with Brett Kavanaugh. You said that you additionally — your apocryphal allegations that you feel like were fabricated adjoin you accomplish you feel like you don’t appetite to accept these women. What bulletin do you —

TRUMP: I didn’t say that. Why do you say that? Affected news. Did I say why? Can you amuse explain that? I anticipate you do a acceptable job. I do watch you and I anticipate you do a actual acceptable job.

REPORTER: Could you explain?

TRUMP: I said I attending advanced to watching her. I do appetite to apprehend what she says, and maybe she will say — I can be assertive of anything. Maybe she will say something, but in the concurrently I accept to acquaint you he’s one of the accomplished affection animal beings. He is a amazing man. He’s a amazing — genius, he is a abundant intellect. He was, I believe, cardinal one at Yale. Is that a actual statement? Cardinal one in his chic at Yale.

REPORTER: So you don’t feel that way?

TRUMP: He was a abundant apprentice in law. You know, I accept heard his name — I didn’t apperceive him. Didn’t apperceive him until this accomplished thing, I didn’t apperceive him. But I heard his name for ten years. You apperceive how I heard his name? Everybody was saying, he should be on the Complete Court. I said, who is he? His name is Brett Kavanaugh, and he should be, he’s the best ablaze person, he’s the best ablaze lawyer. They were talking about him on the complete cloister ten years ago. With all of that, I appetite to apprehend what she has to say.

REPORTER: You said that you don’t feel — you said that you feel like there accept been abundant apocryphal allegations adjoin you.

TRUMP: Oh, I’ve had abounding apocryphal statements adjoin me.

REPORTER: And you accept what he —

TRUMP: I’ve had abounding apocryphal statements adjoin me and if the columnist would accept appear I would be actual happy. I anticipate John Roberts would acquaint you — you covered the adventure area the women were paid to say bad things about me. Sean Hannity covered it. I will acquaint you, aback I saw that on Sean Hannity, I absolutely alleged him. Accept it or not. I don’t allege to him actual much, but I account him, I alleged him. I said, this is the bigger this is a big, big story. He agreed with me. The aing day I best up the papers, there wasn’t one chat about it. The aing day I watched ABC News, John, I watched NBC, I watched CBS, I didn’t watch CNN but aing time I’m activity to.

REPORTER: Are you accept with —

TRUMP: I watched everything. There wasn’t one adventure added than Fox, and it is a big story. It is a shame. Okay. Enough. Acknowledge you. Acknowledge you.

REPORTER: Is it accept if I accord it to The New York Times, Mr. President?

TRUMP: Go ahead. That’s enough, please. Acceptable job. Acceptable job.

REPORTER: Can I ask a catechism aback I’m from The New York Times afore this gentleman?

TRUMP: Aback you’re what?

REPORTER: I’m absolutely from The New York Times. She is my above aide and we absence her.

TRUMP: I will let you do it afterwards he does it. Is that okay? I will do that.

REPORTER: That’s altogether fine.

TRUMP: In account of a cardboard I already loved.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you.

TRUMP: Go ahead.

REPORTER: Mr. President, my name is Ed Resal with TruNews. Today you met with [Prime Abbot Benjamin “Bibi”] Netanyahu from Israel and you brought up you abutment a two-state band-aid for the Palestinian-Israeli crisis there.

TRUMP: I do.

REPORTER: Can you accord us a examination of this abundant accord deal?

TRUMP: I would adulation to accomplish a accord with the Israelis and Palestinians. My accomplished activity I was told it was the toughest accord and I disagree. I anticipate bloom affliction is tougher, if you appetite to apperceive the truth. We are activity to get it taken care, we accept taken affliction of a lot of it. I accept my accomplished activity heard that the accord amid Israel and the Palestinians is the toughest.

I anticipate we’re activity to accomplish a deal. I anticipate we’re activity to accomplish a deal. So at one of our abounding diplomacy today, I was with Bibi Netanyahu, a man who I accept a lot of account for, a man who has been acutely nice to me. We’re blessed that I did the accomplished affair with Jerusalem and the admiral — which, by the way, we got accessible in four months for beneath than $500,000 and the account was over a billion dollars, right.


TRUMP: So we adored let’s save a billion dollars and it is accessible and it is beautiful, by the way. Jerusalem stone, one of my admired stones. I will acquaint you the catechism — somebody said today, well, this is the aboriginal account appointment in a continued time. I said, what do you mean? I did like bristles today. Every time I sit, I booty a lot of questions from bodies that are agreeable like maniacs in the aback of the room, acceptation one of the reporters — I won’t say it was John Roberts that said that, I refuse, but one of the — but it was, don’t feel guilty, John. But one of the reporters that was agreeable asked about the one state/two state. I said, I anticipate the two accompaniment will happen.

I anticipate it is in one way added difficult because it is a complete acreage accord because you accusation meets and bound and you accusation lots of carve-outs and everything. It is absolutely a little tougher deal, but addition way it works bigger because you accept bodies administering themselves. So they asked me about that. I said, well, I anticipate the two accompaniment will happen. I anticipate we’re activity to go bottomward the two-state road, and I’m animated I got it out, and Jared [Kushner] — who is so involved, he loves Israel. He loves Israel, but he’s additionally activity to be actual fair with the Palestinians. He understands it takes two bodies to be happy, two groups of bodies to be happy. Everybody has to be happy, and that’s why it is so tough, because there’s been so abundant abhorrence and acrimony for so abounding years. That’s what apparently the cardinal one additive of courage is. But they asked me, I said I anticipate it is activity to be a two—

REPORTER: Mister —

TRUMP: You apperceive what I did today? By adage that I put it out and if you ask best of the bodies in Israel, they accede with that, but cipher capital to say it. It is a big affair to put it out. Now, the basal line, if the Israelis and the Palestinians appetite one state, that’s accept with me. If they appetite two states, that’s accept with me. I’m blessed if they’re happy. I’m a facilitator. I appetite to see if I can get a accord done so that bodies don’t get dead anymore.

When we had in Saudi Arabia, we had one of the abundant conferences in history. Abounding of you were there, apparently all of you were there. It was one of the best admirable two days, that and China, two of the best absurd contest I accept anytime seen. I accept never apparent annihilation like it. And we had, I believe, 58 Muslim countries, the leaders, the kings, the emirs, the complete leaders from every — there was cipher in additional place. They were the leaders of the accomplished thing.

And unbeknownst to anybody else, bodies would appear up to me alone — it wasn’t a set-up. They would appear up to me and say, sir, you can’t accept accord in the Middle East afterwards accord amid Israelis and the Palestinians. I said why? What difference? Why does that bulk so much? They said, it aloof is absurd to accomplish accord in the Middle East unless you accept amid the — so I heard that from one, the baron of Saudi Arabia who is a abundant guy, Baron Salman, and afresh somebody abroad came up and he wasn’t told, oh, go up and say it. I apperceive area they’re advancing and afresh somebody abroad came up and he wasn’t told, oh, go up and say it.

I apperceive area they’re advancing I charge accept had 12 leaders say it, and they aloof — and I started to apprehend that accord amid Israel and the Palestinians for the Middle East is a actual important thing, and we’re aggravating actual adamantine to get it. I anticipate apparently two accompaniment is added likely, but you apperceive what? If they do a single, if they do a double, I’m accept with it if they’re both happy. If they’re both happy, I’m accept with either. I anticipate the two accompaniment is added likely. Okay, how about one.

REPORTER: New York Times.

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TRUMP: Oh, okay.

REPORTER: Acknowledge you, sir.

TRUMP: I would accept gotten a bad adventure in The New York Times, but I will anyhow so I assumption it doesn’t matter. We’ll do you afterwards and afresh alarm it quits.

REPORTER: We’re affectionate of thriving, not declining these days.

TRUMP: You’re accomplishing actual well. Say, “Thank you, Mr. Trump.”

REPORTER: I anticipate I’ll stop abbreviate of —

TRUMP: I accept had actual few stories, but some on The New York Times. Now I boilerplate about three or four a day, right? Of the three or four, they’re all negative. No bulk what I do, they’re all negative. But you apperceive what? That’s okay. I still adulation the paper. Go ahead.

REPORTER: I capital to appear aback to China because I anticipate what you appear today was actual important.


REPORTER: You allocution about this accord you accept with Xi Jinping, yet about what you did today is accused his government —

TRUMP: Right.

REPORTER: — Of interfering in our centralized affairs.

TRUMP: Right.

REPORTER: Subverting our autonomous process, and accomplishing it to aching you, the Republican Party —

TRUMP: Accomplishing it to advice them.

REPORTER: And your backers.

TRUMP: You apperceive what? Accomplishing it to advice them.

REPORTER: How can a guy who does that be your friend?

TRUMP: I anticipate that we are able to — and maybe he’s not anymore. I’ll be honest with you. I anticipate we had a actual acceptable friendship. I anticipate we had a actual acceptable relationship. We accept anniversary other. They are accomplishing studies on Donald Trump, they’re aggravating to amount it all out because this has never happened to them before. It has never happened. Anticipate of it. You accept never seen, you accept covered actual well, you accept never apparent this happen. They’re accepting big problems. I don’t appetite them to accept problems, but they accept to accomplish a fair deal, aloof like Canada has to accomplish a fair deal.

I accept that he and I accept a actual acceptable allure together, and I can acquaint you that about abounding leaders. I can additionally acquaint you a few area I don’t feel I will anytime accept a allure with them, I don’t appetite to accept a allure with them, and for those bodies I will accept Pompeo, Nikki, Bolton, Jared, I can go our general, I’ll accept our general, and if They’re accepting big problems. I don’t appetite them to accept problems, but they accept to accomplish a fair deal, aloof like Canada has to accomplish a fair deal. I accept that he and I accept a actual acceptable allure together, and I can acquaint you that about abounding leaders. I can additionally acquaint you a few area I don’t feel I will anytime accept a allure with them, I don’t appetite to accept a allure with them, and for those bodies I will accept Pompeo, Nikki [Haley], [John] Bolton, Jared, I can go our general, I’ll accept our general, and if they can’t do it I’ll accept Sarah Huckabee do it, right.

But for the best part, I accept good, actual acceptable with prime abbot Abe, actual acceptable with admiral moon. By the way, what admiral moon said aftermost night, I apperceive you won’t address it, but Bret Baier interviewed him aftermost night and asked him about me. I can’t say because you would say I’m too braggadocious, but what he said about me aftermost night was an astonishing thing.

It couldn’t accept happened afterwards admiral trump and it never would appear afterwards admiral trump and cipher abroad could do it. I beggarly you will booty a look, but I will acquaint you, China is actual special. Actual special. They’re absurd people. It is an absurd country. What they’ve done is unbelievable.

REPORTER: How would —

TRUMP: And it all started with the WTO [World Barter Organization]. It was a abnormal deal, and it all started — afterwards the WTO, China is not China as we apperceive it today. And afresh it started additionally by our bodies that are continuing appropriate in this position that are in the egg-shaped appointment — addition way of adage it — accustomed them to get abroad with murder. Accustomed a lot of countries to get abroad with murder. I anticipate we still apparently accept a actual acceptable relationship, but you apperceive what? In account of you, I will tomorrow accomplish a alarm to him. Say, hey, how you doing? Okay.

REPORTER: Can I aloof ask —

TRUMP: You don’t apperception advantageous billions of dollars a ages in tariffs.

REPORTER: I aloof accept two baby follow-ups. One is how would you yze the akin of arrest from the Chinese compared to what Russia did in 2016?

TRUMP: I anticipate it is different. If you attending at the Des Moines register, they accept ads fabricated to attending like editorials adage about, oh, you got to stop trump, you got to stop him, you got to vote adjoin him.

My farmers are so good. These are patriots. You know, on a arrangement that doesn’t like me actual abundant — which is best of them — but a arrangement that didn’t — doesn’t absolutely amusement me actual good, they interviewed farmers. And they got aching because, you know, all of a abrupt China stops diplomacy — by the way, they started diplomacy again, I don’t apperceive if you noticed. Soybeans are activity up and things are activity up, and we’ve had actual little aching from what I accept done. In fact, the markets accept gone up and the farmers are activity to do great. But ultimately. But they had farmers, and these guys are amazing. I adulation them. They voted for me and they adulation me. They said, we don’t affliction if we get hurt, he’s accomplishing the appropriate you know, a lot of people, it is a circuitous game.

A lot of bodies don’t apperceive absolutely what it is. They don’t apperceive how to ascertain tariff. They don’t apperceive it is absolutely altered than a tax, although it is accepting close. But they apperceive that for the aboriginal time in many, abounding years they accept a admiral that’s angry for them, that’s not absolution their jobs be taken to added countries, that’s not acceptance the affectionate of corruption that we — I beggarly aback you attending at what happened as an archetype with NAFTA, and for years because it was never changed, NAFTA was a abnormal accord the day it was signed.

You apperceive why? Because they had a VAT [value-added tax] tax of 17% and cipher from this country knew that. By the time they begin out, which was about a anniversary later, cipher went and afflicted it. So you went abounding years and they never afflicted it. There was a VAT tax that Mexico got. So we were 17 credibility or 16 credibility abaft afore we alike started.

NAFTA was a abhorrent thing. So the farmers and, by the way, the steelworkers — you know, I chock-full the dumping. The auctioning was horrible. Now if they appetite to dump, that’s okay, but they’ve got to pay the Affiliated States of America 25% on aggregate they dump. That’s okay. But as I told you before, animate is accomplishing phenomenally well. But the farmers say, this man’s angry for us. No admiral has anytime fought for us before.

You absolutely accept to abstraction what has happened over the 15 years with the farmers. The farmers accept been decimated over a 15-year period. They’ve been decimated. The farmers are activity to appear out great. These are abundant people. They’re great, abundant patriots. I anticipate we should accomplishment with that one. Is that okay? Go ahead. Let’s go. Fast.


TRUMP: I consistently like to accomplishment with a acceptable one. Elton John said, aback you hit that aftermost tune and it is good, don’t go back.

REPORTER: Well, let me ask you —

TRUMP: I’ve apparent — accept you anytime seen? They’re great. They had the aftermost tune and anybody goes crazy, afresh they go aback for an acclamation and they don’t hit it and they leave. Anybody leaves and says it wasn’t a acceptable concert. Let’s go.

REPORTER: I’ll ask you one question.

TRUMP: Don’t accomplish me wrong.

REPORTER: Advanced of tomorrow’s hearing, because you were asked —

TRUMP: Say again?

REPORTER: About the audition tomorrow, you were asked by my acquaintance from Sky Account about the bulletin you may be sending to the women of the country. You’re a father. What does the moment that we’re in, this cultural moment —

TRUMP: It is a actual big cultural

REPORTER: Right. What bulletin do you accept for the adolescent bodies of America?

TRUMP: It is a actual acceptable question. It is a big moment for our country because you accept a man who is actual outstanding but he has actual able accuse adjoin him. Apparently accuse that cipher is activity to be able to be — to prove. So I could accept you called for a position, I could accept you or you or you, anybody, and somebody could say things, and it has happened to me abounding times. Area apocryphal statements are fabricated and, honestly, cipher knows who to believe. I could aces addition complete cloister judge, justice. I could aces addition one, addition one, addition one.

This could go on forever. Somebody could appear and say, 30 years ago, 25 years ago, ten years ago, bristles years ago, he did a abhorrent affair to me. He did this, he did that, he did that. Honestly, it is a actual alarming aeon in our country, and it is actuality perpetrated by some actual angry people. Some of them are Democrats, I charge say, because some of them apperceive that this is aloof a d that they’re playing. It is a con game. It is at the accomplished level. We’re talking about the Affiliated States Complete Court. This can go on forever. I can aces bristles added people.

At a assertive point the bodies are activity to say, “no, acknowledge you.” This is the best coveted job apparently in the world. And you apperceive what? I would candidly say, because I interviewed abundant bodies for he’s great. But I interviewed added abundant bodies for this job. I could conceivably brainstorm activity to one of them and saying, it is too bad what happened to this admirable man, but I’m activity to accept you cardinal two. I appetite you to go. And I could conceivably be affronted bottomward by somebody that badly capital this job two months ago.

REPORTER: With respect, sir —

TRUMP: So this is above Complete —


TRUMP: There’s annihilation above Complete Court. This is above Complete Court. This has aggregate to do with our country. Aback you are accusable until accurate innocent, it is aloof not declared to be that way. Consistently I heard you are innocent until accurate guilty. I accept heard this for so long, and it is such a admirable phrase. In this case you are accusable until accurate innocent. I anticipate that is a very, actual alarming accepted for our country. With that actuality said, I attending advanced to what she has to say. I additionally attending actual advanced to what Adjudicator Kavanaugh has to say. I anticipate it is activity to be a very, actual important day in the history of our country. I appetite to acknowledge you all.

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TRUMP: We’ll do it again.

REPORTER: A bulletin to adolescent men? Sir, adolescent boyish men?

[Trump exits columnist conference.]

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