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“I anticipate I’m action to go online,” said Cheryl, logging in to Facebook from her hospital bed.

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She anon reconsidered, however. “I don’t apperceive what to write: ‘Hey I about died aftermost night. What’s up with you guys?'”

Months later, Cheryl died from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Her accomplice Kelli Dunham still cherishes funny memories like this one. “She was affectionate of a acute ass,” Dunham tells Mashable.

The two represent a abnormality occurring the apple over: Facebook afterwards death. Couples, families, colleagues and accompany are not abandoned arresting with abstract admired ones, but additionally interacting with the Facebook profiles they leave behind.

The bearings surfaces a aggregation of questions and concerns. What happens to a Facebook contour afterwards death? How do bodies collaborate with a asleep user? Should admired ones be able to admission a asleep user’s contour at all? What is adequate online afflicted etiquette? And finally, what has affliction become in the age of amusing media?

As of 2012, 30 actor bodies who maintained Facebook accounts accept died, according to a address by The Huffington Post. Some studies almost that about 3 actor users accept died in 2012 alone; 580,000 in the U.S.

So what happens to all those aback abandoned profiles? Their fate could go one of four ways:

The contour charcoal untouched, unaccessed, unreported and accordingly attainable to accustomed bank posts, photo tags, cachet mentions and Facebook ads. In added words, business as usual.

A ancestors affiliate or aing acquaintance may accept to address a afterlife to Facebook. Aloft cancellation of affidavit of death, such as a afterlife affidavit or bounded obituary, Facebook will about-face the asleep user’s timeline to a “memorial page.”

A aing ancestors affiliate may address Facebook to conciliate a asleep user’s account.

Users may accretion admission to a asleep user’s contour in one of two ways: either through ability of the asleep user’s password, a convenance adjoin Facebook’s agreement of service, or through a cloister subpoena. However, per Facebook’s aloofness action and austere accompaniment law, courts rarely admission alfresco admission to said amusing data. Added on that later.

Facebook’s official action for administration user deaths is the canonizing page. In 2009, the amusing arrangement began switching asleep users’ profiles to canonizing statuses, should the asleep user’s accompany or ancestors appeal the change.

Those accompany may collaborate with the canonizing folio ogously as they would an animate profile. They can column condolences and allotment memories on his or her timeline; they can appearance pictures and collaborate with accomplished posts.

However, Facebook removes a host of added capabilities from memorialized pages. For instance, the contour is no best attainable via attainable search, attainable abandoned to absolute Facebook friends. The folio will not arise aural Facebook “Suggestions.” In added words, the algorithm won’t advance that you “reconnect with” a asleep user whose folio has been memorialized. Users won’t be able to tag a memorialized Facebook user in approaching posts or photos, or bulletin that actuality at all. All automatic app action (e.g., Daily Horoscope) associated with a memorialized Facebook folio ceases. Finally, Facebook affluence the appropriate to annul cachet updates of a acute nature. For instance, if a user who committed suicide acquaint a photo of a gun to his head, Facebook would acceptable annual the agreeable inappropriate and remove.

“Memorialization allows accompany and ancestors to column commendations and annual a asleep user’s memory, while attention the annual and apropos the aloofness of the deceased,” Facebook agent Andrew Noyes tells Mashable. “Also, we do annual requests from aing ancestors associates to conciliate the account, which removes the contour and associated advice from the site.”

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Image via iStockphoto, itsxtian

But best users don’t accession a Facebook banderole at all, allotment instead to yze and collaborate with a person’s approved Facebook attendance alike afterwards his or her demise. And they accept all kinds of affidavit to accumulate it that way.

Scott Millin absent his 45-year-old sister Nanci to blight in December 2011. As her caregiver and acreage trustee, Millin fabricated applied arrange before, during and afterwards her death.

“My job was now to annihilate and banish what was actual from Nanci’s life,” says Millin. “Canceling her buzz service, acclaim cards, debris annual and email annual were ytic abstracts and decisions… The one affair I struggled what to do with [was] her Facebook page.”

He not abandoned saw Nanci’s timeline as a attestation to her accomplishments and memories, but as a curated album of adventures she had alleged to allotment from her contrarily clandestine life.

“I anticipate Nanci’s Facebook folio is a basic cemetery of sorts for me, as able-bodied as for her accompany and family,” he says. “Only we don’t accept to cross ambagious anchorage and marble headstones to get there. Instead, we aloof bang from any accessory and see her, bethink her, leave messages, and smile or cry at what was and what has become.”

For many, Facebook has become a awful attainable (even mobile) agent for afflicted and, ultimately, catharsis.

Kristen Brown met well-respected artist Damien “Khamelien” Rahim through alternate acquaintance Chris Kirkpatrick. Over the years, Brown and Rahim became close; the closing alike wrote and produced the affair song for her nine-year-old son’s YouTube cartoon (below).

In September 2012, however, Rahim was beggared and murdered in an Orlando, Fla. parking lot. Aback his Facebook was not memorialized, Rahim’s accompany still accustomed notifications from his Facebook contest abounding canicule afterwards his death.

After two months had passed, Brown showed a acquaintance the storyboard, alpha into tears aloft audition Rahim’s voice. She had to leave the allowance to compose herself. “That night I messaged Damien’s still animate contour on Facebook,” she says. “It gave me abundance to be able to say what I bare to, alike admitting he would never know.”

“Facebook actual abundant helped in my time of afflicted by authoritative it so attainable to affix with Damien’s ancestors and added friends,” says Brown. “We affirmed and aggregate our grief… It helped my kids grieve, as well.”

For others, reminders on amusing media of a admired one’s afterlife can be added aching than helpful. If a asleep user’s timeline sits un-memorialized, that contour can arise in Facebook Suggestions, such as the “People You May Know” aftereffect on the homepage. Their birthdays reappear year afterwards year in the annual augment sidebar, bidding well-wishes from individuals blind of the death. Abounding profiles abide to apparent in Sponsored Stories, which advance users’ action and brand from months and years accomplished (e.g., “Kevin brand Wal-Mart”).

On the altogether afterward Cheryl’s death, Dunham noticed a flood of wishes on her partner’s timeline. But rather than scrolling through a beck of condolences, Dunham encountered what she initially interpreted as insensitivity.

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“[People] wrote altogether wishes that fabricated it bright that they had no abstraction she was dead. Stupid actuality like ‘Have a acceptable time on your birthday, Cheryl. You abandoned animate once.’ Really,” she says. “I started responding to all these posts with just, ‘She’s dead,’ but aback Cheryl had over a thousand Facebook friends, this was not absolutely a actual acceptable use of time. I additionally apparently aching some people’s feelings.”

Whether about or via affectionate messages, people’s Facebook interactions with the asleep actor the afflicted rituals we’ve captivated throughout time.

In Mexico, families annual their ancient ancestors by abrogation marigolds, broiled appurtenances and admired backing of the asleep on altars. Agnate to this Dia de los Muertos, Facebook users allotment admired memories and stories, column admired photos, central jokes and “gifts” on their backward admired ones’ Facebook timelines.

“People accept congenital cemeteries and monuments in afterthought for as connected as we’ve existed. Now those memories are digital,” says Margaret Carpo. Her acquaintance died in a car abstract in the Philippines in 2009, but her ancestors continues to accumulate her Facebook Timeline active.

Western association abnormally presumes that individuals can affected affliction by emotionally ysis themselves from the deceased, says cyberanthropology able Michaelanne Dye. “However, in the accomplished 20 years, advisers accept amorphous to yze the advantageous allowances of advancement a tie to the deceased… Considering this, Facebook appears to be a accustomed way for bodies to assignment through affliction over the accident of a admired one.”

Dye additionally credibility to an evolving convenance of character construction, which makes ambidextrous with affliction in the Facebook era all that added nuanced. Today, identities are are co-constructed through amusing media interactions. “Therefore, the deceased’s online character not abandoned continues in the basic space; it can additionally advance and acclimate as others abide to collaborate with the asleep person’s profile,” says Dye.

Some of those interactions, however, affronted Dunham as she alternate to collaborate with her asleep partner’s Facebook profile. She diagnosed some of Cheryl’s Facebook accompany with what she calls “social necrophilia,” the acquisitive clutter to prove one maintained a aing affiliation with the deceased.

“Everyone consistently wants to pretend they knew the asleep actuality bigger than they do,” says Dunham. “For example, one actuality wrote, ‘You’re bubbler albino in heaven with my grandfathering appropriate now.’ This was ludicrous: Cheryl was a allegiant agnostic and she had 10 years sober, which was article she wrote about a lot.”

Image address of Flickr, CaptPiper

Andrew Ross absent his wife Debra to blight two years and eight months ago. He feels that Debra’s Facebook accompany assume abandoned from aboveboard grief.

“Most Facebook accompany are appealing shallow,” he says. “There is not the abyss of accurate affections such as one would get in a absolute relationship. A lot of bodies acknowledge in an ever affecting address that seems to comedy on assuming others how acutely they feel, whether it is accurate or not. It mostly strikes me as apocryphal and unpleasant. I got no abundance from the experience.”

Ross has alloyed animosity about advancement Debra’s Facebook contour and assuredly deleting her attendance there altogether. “At some point I feel her folio should be deleted permanently. She is gone and it should be too,” he says.

Social media amenities surrounding afterlife is a aerial and awful abstract construct. What one actuality angle as acceptable acumen could construe as abundantly poor aftertaste or absolute abhorrent to others.

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Julie Spira authored The Rules of Netiquette: How to Mind Your Agenda Manners, wherein she talks about how to admission the “social media obituary.” In an email annual with Mashable, she praises bodies who annual the asleep by adulatory that person’s memories and accomplishments on Facebook. However, she has additionally encountered instances she believes body shockingly poor taste: “When a woman acquaint a photo of her anew asleep bedmate aloof above-mentioned to the ambulance accession to booty him to the morgue. It was aberrant and fabricated abounding bodies uncomfortable.”

By this point, abounding bodies accept abstruse that their accompany and ancestors accept actual altered annual of what constitutes “normal” afflicted — abnormally aback addition takes his or her affliction attainable on amusing networks.

For many, afflicted through amusing media is added adequate than real-life interactions, which is why some bodies appointment what they construe as odd or apathetic behavior from adolescent users. Dye adds, “Facebook provides a way for bodies to ache about and accept acknowledgment and abutment from others, while not banishment them to abide these aching interactions face-to-face, which, for some, ability be an easier and convalescent way for them to assignment through their grief.

“In the concrete world, methods of aching alter beyond cultures, as able-bodied as amid individuals aural the aforementioned culture. This additionally holds accurate in the online world.”

Grief therapist Lisa Leonard adds that affliction varies berserk for anniversary individual, and that it usually doesn’t advance orderly, like accomplish in a staircase. That actuality said, she can acutely yze the stages of affliction (denial, anger, bargaining, abasement and acceptance) in her friends’ Facebook behavior.

But Leonard believes that amusing media can absolutely affluence the action for some. “Being able to admission the absent one’s contour afterwards afterlife is beneficial,” she says. “It allows a affiliation to others who admired him or her, a antecedent of memories and amusement to allotment and an befalling to say ‘goodbye’ or ‘I’m missing you’ in a way that can abate the abstract and move the healing along.”

But what if the beggared feel advantaged to a added closure, specifically, by gluttonous answers from or admission to a asleep ancestors member’s Facebook profile? The abbreviate answer: Their affairs aren’t good.

Families like the Stassens accept entered acknowledged battles with above companies like Facebook and Google in an attack to accretion admission to the agenda assets of asleep loves ones. As brood of their son’s estate, the parents of Benjamin Stassen feel they accept a appropriate to admission his Facebook account, to chase for clues as to why their son aback chose to accomplish suicide.

In the U.S., acreage rights alter berserk beyond the country’s 50 states and territories, and are abundantly abased on a person’s breadth of residency. These laws awning the ambit of abounding types of property: absolute acreage (e.g., absolute acreage and housing), claimed acreage (e.g. automobiles, tools, clothing) and abstract acreage — in added words, “things that accept amount and can be transferred from one actuality to another, but has no concrete substance, like IP rights,” says David Ervin, bookish acreage advocate and accomplice at the law close Kelley Drye.

To complicate affairs further, state-determined acreage rights can bound admission a gray breadth aback a citizen has entered into a arrangement with addition actuality or company. In this case, Facebook’s agreement of annual can appulse an individual’s acknowledged appropriate to alteration web property, alike afterwards death.

Facebook defines user acreage in two ways: annual admission and agreeable acquaint from one’s account.

“Users own the agreeable they column on Facebook, and users cannot accredit their Facebook annual afterwards Facebook’s approval,” says Ervin, referencing Facebook’s TOS (addressed sections below). “Basically, Facebook owns their annual and determines who gets to authorize accounts and accept admission to the service, while users are accustomed to ascendancy and own the agreeable and advice they post.”

Section 4. Registration and Annual Security

Facebook users accommodate their absolute names and information, and we charge your advice to accumulate it that way. Here are some commitments you accomplish to us apropos to registering and advancement the aegis of your account:

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9. You will not alteration your annual (including any Folio or appliance you administer) to anyone afterwards aboriginal accepting our accounting permission.

What, if any, of this admission and agreeable is permissible to alfresco individuals afterwards the aboriginal user’s death?

Facebook maintains the appropriate to alteration annual ownership; it’s believable this could administer to a asleep user’s account. But the TOS is bashful on this issue, says Ervin, instead substituting admission to such accounts with options like anniversary or deactivation, aloof for aing of kin.

“Memorialization exists primarily to abutment Facebook’s actuality policies,” says Facebook agent Noyes. “Profiles are belted to real, animate animal beings and the profiles are memorialized aback addition dies because connected operation of the annual would be inauthentic.”

Section 2. Sharing Your Agreeable and Information

You own all of the agreeable and advice you column on Facebook, and you can ascendancy how it is aggregate through your aloofness and appliance settings. In addition:

1. For agreeable that is covered by bookish acreage rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you accurately accord us the afterward permission, accountable to your aloofness and appliance settings: you admission us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, common authorization to use any IP agreeable that you column on or in affiliation with Facebook (IP License). This IP Authorization ends aback you annul your IP agreeable or your annual unless your agreeable has been aggregate with others, and they accept not deleted it.

If admission avalanche beneath conscientious Facebook aloofness restrictions, what about content, which is awful claimed and oftentimes of a artistic nature?

It’s difficult to comprise all the altered types of user-submitted agreeable on Facebook. The ambit of what users column is awful subjective, and oftentimes, wasn’t alike ours in the aboriginal abode — bethink that web banana from your admired blog you acquaint aftermost week?

This is area absorb factors in, hugely. Abandoned protectable, actual acreage can be advised a allotment of a user’s acreage and, therefore, attainable by his or her descendants, says Ervin.

“Not aggregate that addition posts to their Facebook annual is protectable,” he adds. “Copyright law protects aboriginal expressions that are anchored in a actual medium. This covers things like photographs, music, art, accounting accessories and drawings. Abbreviate comments or cachet updates on Facebook would not acceptable accommodated the requirements of absorb aegis and would, therefore, not acceptable be accountable to aegis as abstract property.”

The aggregate of caught content, annual and admission ownership, and inconsistent state’s rights makes the alteration of Facebook acreage afterwards afterlife a near-unapproachable beast.

“I’m not assertive that amusing media networking annual accounts (and the admission rights that are accepted to the accounts beneath a accounting contract) are abstract property, or that the annual provider’s agreement of annual can be baffled by accompaniment acreage law alone,” says Ervin.

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That’s why organizations like the Uniform Law Commission, comprised of accountant lawyers, abstract legislation like the Fiduciary Admission to Agenda Assets Act, with the hopes of free whether such agenda assets should abatement into the easily of executors, accustomed aloofness apropos and the abeyant admission to acute abstracts and information.

It’s a complicated catechism on abounding people’s minds — not aloof lawyers’.

Image address of Flickr, Schristia

As amusing media afterwards afterlife continues to become added commonplace, bodies are alpha to plan for their own demises in an accomplishment to assure and bottle the online advice they’ve able for years.

In an arising industry alleged agenda bequest management, agencies like and My Wonderful Action advice amusing media users accomplish afterlife arrangements. The closing lets users actualize “books” that log burial preferences and above decisions afore they die. Users can abstract emails that will be delivered to appointed recipients afterwards death, actualize agenda epitaphs for their real-life headstones and accept “Angels,” or admired ones they assurance to backpack out their wishes.

Similarly, with a Facebook app alleged if i die, a user annal a video bulletin or aftermost wish, again chooses Facebook acquaintance “trustees” to broadcast the acknowledgment post-mortem. The aggregation suggests announcement a “bid farewell, a admired joke, a long-kept secret,” or, essentially, a massive “fuck you.”

Others are added anxious with convalescent the accoutrement on itself.

Spira has petitioned for Facebook to add a “deceased” accord cachet advantage that accompany and ancestors associates could control. She believes it would advice active visitors to a asleep user’s profile: “If a family’s admired one can account that as their accord status, conceivably it would anticipate bodies from accepting an email adage it’s their friend’s altogether and hasty over to address ‘Happy Birthday’ on their timeline, or accepting their folio abounding with requests to comedy FarmVille.”

Dunham imagines a agnate accord cachet option. “I ambition Facebook would action the advantage of ‘widowed from ______,’ because I would absolutely accept admired to accept kept the affiliation [to Cheryl], but it was too aching for me aback bodies affected she was alive.”

Dunham says it has been easier to cope with abstract Cheryl aback about two years accept anesthetized aback her death. She doesn’t appointment as abounding Facebook prompts, suggesting she allure Cheryl to an accident or accommodate her in a group. Action on her folio has dwindled, and Dunham hopes bodies will bethink not to column apprenticed “Happy Birthday” letters on Cheryl’s bank this year.

Overall, she’s beholden for her connected admission to Cheryl’s presence, alike if it’s mainly agenda these days.

“I’ve absolutely spent some evenings attractive at our comments aback and alternating in my Facebook accord with Cheryl,” she says. “I had absolutely abandoned that Cheryl had posted, ‘I capital block for dinner, I got block for dinner, I accept the best adherent ever’ on her wall, but aback I re-read that it reminded me of that black and what a abundance it was.”

Homepage, Mashable composite. Image via iStockphoto, AlexSava

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