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Finance and allowance tend to be fields with continued hours and little work/life balance, but not all companies fit the mold. Below, the companies that accumulate their advisers blessed with perks, benefits, caring managers, that ever-sought-after attainable time, and abundant more.

Aflac Cancer Brochure by Emery_Sapp - issuu - aflac cancer wellness form
Aflac Cancer Brochure by Emery_Sapp – issuu – aflac cancer wellness form | aflac cancer wellness form

Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Number of U.S. employees: 42,950

“I accomplished how abundant a aggregation Edward Jones was from the onboarding process. Every actuality I fabricated acquaintance with was a and kind, and answered any questions I had. Now that I assignment here, I get that aforementioned ysis from every employee.”

“Our altered affiliation anatomy promotes boundless administration of the duties and responsibilities of our business. Specifically, recruiting, training, mentoring of admiral and abutment agents are staples of our adeptness aural the firm. Successes are aggregate and celebrated. Struggles and errors are bound addressed and accomplish for activity are implemented in an ambiance of abutment and caring to advance abiding acknowledged careers. There is no bigger abode to body a career in the banking casework industry than at Edward Jones.

Number of U.S. employees: 2,419

“This is a abundant abode to assignment because bodies are genuine. We absolutely assignment calm to accomplish a aberration in the lives of the bodies about us. I adulation that we are so amorous about our mission to serve bodies able-bodied and to advice veterans into homes.”

“The affair that makes Veterans United appropriate is the bodies and the relationships amid them. This is a actual high-trust assignment ambiance area bodies are accustomed to abort and administration is consistently attractive to get the appropriate bodies into the appropriate roles. This creates an abode area advisers are empowered and accomplished in their role, which leads to bigger teamwork, accord and ownership.”

Number of U.S. employees: 2,278

“I’ve never formed for a aggregation that put such a able accent on caring for our audience and anniversary other. We all assignment calm as one aggregation to adeptness our anniversary goals. I accept additionally never formed at a aggregation that had leaders that were so accessible. “

“The altered and appropriate affair about alive actuality is that we are empowered as assembly to accommodate outstanding adventures for our assembly and our clients.”

Number of U.S. employees: 2,981

“This aggregation absolutely aspires to put bodies first, and makes cogent investments in technology, accumulated culture, and communication. This translates into advisers who absolutely put the chump first.”

“At PrimeLending we are accustomed befalling to yze new and able means of accomplishing things. Recently, a aggregation was put calm to yze new technology to our annex and advice advance an accomplishing plan to cycle out the software. This befalling accustomed accord and implemented the account of abounding altered bodies and accustomed us to appear afterpiece calm as a team.”

Number of U.S. employees: 41,280

“The architect and CEO is still in allegation and makes the appropriate changes to break advanced of the competition.”

“I acerb accept that Basic One’s chief administration angle assembly as one of their best important assets, and treats them accordingly. It shows in the assignment ambiance that is provided (openness/transparency, flexibility, fairness), the advantage and allowances offered, the befalling to appoint in allusive and impactful work, the assignment facilities/amenities, and forums to apprehend anon from our chief leaders on a approved basis.”

Number of U.S. employees: 33,116

“It is actual assorted and they absolutely activity a accumulated adeptness that celebrates what every abandoned can accompany to the table. The name is absolute for this aggregation because they absolutely do acceptable change and adeptness and bless diversity.”

“I advanced what makes this aggregation altered is that I am chargeless to be myself. If I appetite to break in my accepted position for the aing bristles years, there is no burden to seek advance for the account of advancement. I acknowledge that. On the added hand, administration does animate abandoned advance and makes abiding advisers apperceive how to do it.”

Headquarters: Southfield, Michigan

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 1,800

Employees say:

“Organizational goals are actual clear, and anybody understands how their job impacts those goals. Administration has created a ‘listening culture’ by accouterment aggregation assembly with several avenues to accomplish suggestions, ask questions and accession concerns.”

“When I came onboard with the aggregation I was abashed to see the bulk of absorption accustomed to hiring process. The aggregation gives a abundant bulk of absorption to hiring the appropriate bodies and authoritative them feel like they accept fabricated the appropriate decision. I was aureate to Detroit for a final account area I was taken affliction of like a 5-star client. My recruiter charcoal in blow with me so I apperceive this aggregation is austere about architecture and advancement relationships amidst its employees.”

Headquarters: Vienna, Virginia

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 14,462

Employees say:

“Employees are empowered to accomplish decisions that allowances our members. It feels added like actuality allotment of a ancestors rather than the accepted employer-employee relationship. Our opinions matter, and we are encouraged to allotment them with management.”

“We booty immense pride in our work, confined the aggressive and their families. Our administration empowers us and considers us as individuals, generally assuming they’re all-around to abutment us in difficult time or with connected career development. I adulation advancing to assignment actuality and appetite to abide alive for Navy Federal until I retire.”

Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Industry: Re-insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 32,094

Employees say:

“The administration aggregation consistently delivers letters of acknowledgment to its advisers and recognizes the bulk of its employees. There are assorted examples of banking rewards to the advisers in acceptance of the assignment they do.”

“In this aggregation you are accustomed so abounding opportunities that added companies will not give. For example, USAA will pay for your apprenticeship behindhand of your bulk you choose. They are all-around to assignment with you on your agenda to bigger abetment you personally.”

Aflac Cancer Policy Brochure Unique Unique Aflac Claim form Pattern ..
Aflac Cancer Policy Brochure Unique Unique Aflac Claim form Pattern .. | aflac cancer wellness form

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 15,122

Employees say:

“Empowerment is a chat that gets befuddled about a lot here, but it couldn’t be added true. I feel empowered to accomplish decisions apropos my processes and position. It elevates the akin of assignment and allows bodies to accomplish changes to things they see.”

“I am a complete employee, I was charmed aback I was called for an account and athrill to be hired. Abandoned six months into my application I had to abetment my ancestors in caring for our aged mom. My manager, aural aggregation guidelines, formed with me abundantly to acquiesce me to accomplish my obligation. I cannot accurate how beholden I was for the abutment and understanding, I accept this is a absolute absorption of the company’s creator.”

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 17,12

Employees say:

“They absolutely affliction about their advisers and accomplish abiding they appearance how abundant they acknowledge us. They accomplish it a actual fun ambiance to assignment in. They accomplish abiding that anybody knows you accept to assignment adamantine in adjustment to accomplish but they additionally accomplish it inviting.”

“Cornerstone is altered in that they booty a claimed absorption in their advisers from the top to the bottom. All departments assignment cooperatively for the accepted ambition of the customers’ best interest. On added than one break I accept had appointment calls with our operations managers, underwriters and our bounded admiral in adjustment to assignment against a resolution for a customer. The captivation and cooperation of the aerial administration is incomparable in the mortgage industry.”

Headquarters: Golden Valley, Minnesota

Industry: Activity Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 1,868

Employees say:

“This aggregation is clashing any added I accept anytime formed for. They alive by their ethics and try to absorb them in every aspect of our business. I am abashed by the company’s and employees’ alertness to accord and volunteer.”

“There is a abundant accord of accent placed on recognizing, developing and agreeable with employees. Accepted and aloft advisers generally animadversion how these factors accept translated into a altered and absolute adeptness for employees. The aggregation offers able banking benefits, but it is the beneath actual allowances that advance to a abundant acquaintance such as: agent acceptance activities, contrivance brawl tournaments, agent and ancestors 5k race, bloom and diet counseling, onsite adolescent affliction facility, onsite fettle centermost with chargeless fettle classes, etc.

Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Industry: Investments, Accounting, Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 3,224

Employees say:

“You accept admission to top management–they alike acknowledgment to their emails personally. If you accept a advancement on how commodity adeptness be done bigger or a activity improved, leaders are all-around to accept and accede and possibly absorb it.”

“Baird is altered in the faculty that they absolutely affliction about their advisers and advance time in activity in both the recruiting activity and the assembly already they accept aing the organization. Baird has auspicious me to abide to abound and apprentice and has been adjustable in agreement of my claimed situations.”

Headquarters: New York, New York

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 20,431

Employees say:

“I’m advised as a CEO of my job responsibilities. Administration and controlling leaders accommodate exact advance and acknowledgment of my abilities and accord me a abundant accord achievement in my role and with absent to break with Amex for a continued time.”

“I’ve never been allotment of a aggregation that invests so abundant in its people. It feels as if administration absolutely cares about authoritative abiding anybody can abound and become their best selves–whether they break aural Amex or not.”

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Industry: Accepted Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 34,041

Employees say:

“I accept abundant aplomb in Nationwide’s adeptness to advanced and adapt for the future. is consistently one or two accomplish ahead, planning strategy, artefact changes, training, and added processes to accommodated the accessible ambiance needs.”

“Nationwide recognizes assembly as anticipation leaders who, through their apprenticeship and adeptness to authenticate absolute energy, accept accustomed me a amazing acumen in what constitutes an able software team. Rather again criticize and behest tasks, they advice empower individuals on the aggregation to booty buying and access tasks through a ytical and awful affianced process.

Headquarters: Santa Ana, California

Cancer Care - Human Resources - Vincennes University - aflac cancer wellness form
Cancer Care – Human Resources – Vincennes University – aflac cancer wellness form | aflac cancer wellness form

Industry: Home Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 12,373

Employees say:

“I like that they accommodate altered opportunities for their advisers to acquaintance altered positions in the aggregation so that they acquisition the best fit for them. It is absolutely nice to see a aggregation get so complex in the advance of their employees.”

“Management absolutely listens to and cares about employees. Aback I started, I had an abstraction to access abundance and abatement costs. I was accustomed to do a balloon and eventually my administration all adopted my method. Administration encourages agent captivation by animating us and allotment us to booty action.”

Headquarters: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Industry: Activity Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 1,826

Employees say:

“I’ve never apparent a aggregation abode added accent on work/life balance. AF absolutely cares and encourages us to booty the time we charge to booty affliction of our claimed lives. The aggregation absolutely cares about all of us and goes out of their way to appearance it.”

“When I became a mom a few years ago, it was aloof my bedmate and I who lived in Oklahoma, as we are from the South. My bang-up brought us aliment at the hospital, visited us aback we got home from the hospital; she was there for me, my husband, and newborn. She was actual compassionate of the stressors that appear forth with a new babyish and encouraged that I boring alteration aback into work.”

Headquarters: Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Portland, Maine

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 27,701

Employees say:

“From the start, I consistently acquainted TD Bank was actuality managed for the abiding against a division to division mentality. We accept a bulk set of principals and goals and we break accurate to them every year. I accept this is one of the key drivers of our success.”

“TD Bank is a abundant abode to assignment in that it is abundantly affable to assorted advisers from all contest and ualities. I accept never apparent a abode that was added welcoming, accommodating, or celebratory of its advisers from altered backgrounds. It is a absolute backbone of the aggregation and goes a continued way to reflect on the account the aggregation does to its aggregation assembly and the 18-carat care, and respect, it shows for their wellbeing.”

Headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 9,488

Employees say:

“My aggregation strives to alive the ethics and purpose of the aggregation in every aspect of our business. Our baton exemplifies the best of the aggregation and makes an accomplishment to not abandoned archetypal the purpose and values, but to accomplish abiding we accept the why.”

“It all starts with Margaret [Keane, CEO]. She has created an ambiance and adeptness area account for anniversary added and alleviative anniversary added as animal beings who charge to grow, accomplish mistakes, and apprentice from the acquaintance is a allotment of our foundation. Her focus on diversity, accessible dialogue, and cogent it like it is is auspicious for a CEO, and her banner on the aggregation is a absolute one. Margaret is a abstracted in absent to actualize a adeptness of account and learning, and I advanced this is what makes our aggregation a abundant abode to work.”

Headquarters: West Jordan, Utah

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 1,930

Employees say:

“This is a abundant abode to assignment because administration is invested in their advisers and strive to advice anybody abound and progress. They additionally advice you use your strengths to be acknowledged in your position and additionally advice you affected your weaknesses as well.”

“Making the move to Mountain America has been a huge win for me, both professionally and personally. I adulation alive at a abode area I can see the company’s bulk values–mutual assurance and respect, bluntness and integrity, stewardship, affection service, and connected improvement–in action. Aback I started here, I was abashed at how absolutely nice anybody is to anniversary other.”

Headquarters: New York, New York

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 15,236

Employees say:

“Bright, motivated advisers who absolutely affliction about the business, added employees, and accouterment the best account accessible to our clients. Bodies at all levels of the alignment are rolling up their sleeves, from Analyst to Managing Director.”

“Goldman is a collapsed organization. For example, the accomplice who runs my all-around aggregation invests a abundant bulk of time in his people; his aperture is accessible to anybody behindhand of seniority. It is bright to anybody on the aggregation that he cares about his advisers as individuals and is abandoned invested in both their career opportunities and accepted happiness.”

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

The 15 Steps Needed For Putting Aflac Cancer Claim Form Into Action ..
The 15 Steps Needed For Putting Aflac Cancer Claim Form Into Action .. | aflac cancer wellness form

Number of U.S. employees: 175,368

Employees say:

“The adeptness of my colleagues is amid the best, we advance anniversary added and coact calm to consistently advance and simplify. The action provides acceptable tools, methods, technologies, and behavior to do our work, and consistently improves them.”

“Our aggregation has a adage ‘Bring your accomplished y to work.’ This not abandoned embodies our charge to assortment and admittance but additionally our charge to acquainted that assignment is not the centermost of our lives. We can adore our work, alike be amorous about it, but the roles we comedy alfresco of the appointment are the ones that will be engraved aloft our tombstones. We are encouraged to be alive in our communities, physically fit and healthy, allotment our adventures and adeptness from our careers afore , and basically booty the sum of who we are and administer it to accomplishing our company’s ethics of carrying together, acting responsibly, acumen the adeptness of our bodies and dupe the aggregation as we advice accomplish banking lives bigger through the adeptness of every connection.”

Headquarters: Columbus, Georgia

Industry: Bloom Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 5,401

Employees say:

“Employee assurance and assortment efforts at are clashing any I accept apparent at added companies. Aflac goes out of their way to ensure that advisers from all walks of activity are fabricated to feel acceptable and are an important allotment of the Aflac family.”

“Our aggregation commonly rewards advisers who display accomplished chump service. In accession to contest like Agent Acknowledgment Anniversary (EAW), advisers are accustomed the adventitious to participate in fun and alternate activities such as on-office Olympics, Minute-To-Win-It games, aggregation competitions, and added activities.”

Headquarters: New York, New York

Industry: Investments

Number of U.S. employees: 1,644

Employees say:

“This is a acknowledged close that consistently makes strides to become alike added successful. We ensure our audience accept the best affliction and absorption possible. Excellence is accepted and we all advance anniversary added to be bigger and abutment anniversary added always.”

“Blackstone has professionals with amazing bookish basic as able-bodied as aerial candor and professionalism. Assembly of this close assignment adamantine and strive to do the best for audience and anniversary other. Aback I allege to added business units, they are actual accessible about administration best practices on business, operational and acknowledged matters.”

Headquarters: West Bend, Wisconsin

Industry: Accepted Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 1,250

Employees say:

“The aggregation is admiring of association projects like Habitat for Humanity, holds claret drives appropriate actuality on campus, donates to abounding charities, and encourages agents to accord aback to the association and charities.”

“West Bend has a adequately collapsed structure, and our admiral and administration active can get to apperceive anybody personally. Administration is actual accessible to alert to employees. Not abandoned that, we accept abundant perks–fitness center, cafeteria, bloom clinic, on armpit store, walking trails, and a admirable adeptness abounding with aerial affection art.”

Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 745

Employees say:

“Management is acutely cellophane with all employees. There is connected advice with all advisers about what we are alive on, our approaching affairs and goals and the accomplish we are demography to adeptness the goals.”

“The buyer of the aggregation meets with every agent to apprehend what is activity able-bodied and what needs improvement. Changes are fabricated because of these conversations. A arbitrary of capacity that appear up are beatific to all employees. Things that weren’t as abundant accept been bigger because added advisers accurate their opinion.”

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 385

Employees say:

“Our Controlling aggregation are actual a and I accept a abundant accord of account for them as aback there are issues that appear they are not abashed to cycle up their sleeves and advice as needed.”

“Everyone is consistently accessible and friendly. From the CEO and added C-level agents down, there is consistently a alertness to say hi and accomplish abiding things are activity well. From your aboriginal day to every day after, it seems all advisers affliction about who you are, what you do, and if they can abetment in authoritative things easier or bigger for you. This has developed a able adeptness that absolutely feels like family.”

Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland

Industry: Investments

Number of U.S. employees: 602

Document – aflac cancer wellness form – Form and Resume Template Ideas - aflac cancer wellness form
Document – aflac cancer wellness form – Form and Resume Template Ideas – aflac cancer wellness form | aflac cancer wellness form

Employees say:

“My coworkers are consistently all-around to jump in and advice as needed. I can calculation on the affection of their assignment because the aggregation abandoned hires and retains the top-tier affection workers. I’m consistently afflicted by the affection and abilities of my coworkers.”

“Management is actual attainable and they are all-around to go out of their way to advice employees. Abundant allowances and rewards, abnormally the Wellness program. The aggregation offers wellness reimbursements up to $150 per ages for alive out and blockage fit.”

Headquarters: Roer, New York

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 738

Employees say:

“Management goes aloft and aloft for employees. We had a asperous anniversary in my administration afresh and were fed lunch/breakfast every distinct day during that week. Administration consistently goes out of its way to admit anniversary actuality on an abandoned basis.”

“ESL is a altered abode to assignment because the Board and chief administration absolutely affliction about the agent experience. Time and assets are allocated to plan and bear amazing appropriate contest such as the Anniversary Celebration, Spring & Abatement Forums, abundant wellness events, a ancestors Santa’s Visit party, and more. ESL shares profits with advisers and has an aberrant absolute rewards amalgamation that puts us aloft criterion in about every category. Bodies affliction about anniversary added and I accept anniversary actuality and administration absolutely aspires to continuously improve.”

Headquarters: Abilene, Texas

Industry: Activity Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 168

Employees say:

“Our aggregation wants to bigger anniversary abandoned who works here, as an agent but additionally as an individual. We are encouraged to bigger our claimed lives, which is actual altered from the ‘leave the accoutrements at the door’ mindset all added companies have.”

“The atmosphere is adamantine to describe, unless you accept accomplished it. Aback I aboriginal started alive here, about every actuality fabricated it their mission to get to apperceive me and for me to get to apperceive them. I anticipation some of the affability would abatement off as time went by, but that is not the case. This aggregation has a abundant adeptness congenital into their DNA and I achievement that never changes.”

Headquarters: Fairport, New York

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 211

Employees say:

“The adeptness to accomplish an idea, present a business plan to management, and assassinate on your own abstraction is attenuate and actual satisfying. It is a amusement to be allotment of an alignment that facilitates this blazon of empowerment.”

“This aggregation gives you the guidance, development and technology to succeed. They are an accustomed alignment with a bright eyes for the approaching that they can auspiciously bright to their employees. This not abandoned motivates me as an employee, but makes me feel as if I am a ample contributor to the company’s success and continued appellation goals.”

Headquarters: Woodland Hills, California

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 261

Employees say:

“The CEO takes the time to acquaint all advisers about the organization’s banking continuing and affairs for the future. I feel that we are a of above business affairs and that every agent matters.”

“Periodically we will accept fun Fridays with specific themes. Alfresco of assignment contest area advisers can adhere out and apperceive anniversary added better. Acknowledgment weeks for assertive departments area accomplished aggregation is complex with activities food, and fun events. Birthday cakes and acceptance every month.”

Headquarters: Draper, Utah

Number of U.S. employees: 417

Employees say:

“CCM is big on announcement initiatives that will advance our communities. Last month, we accumulated arts and crafts packets for a bounded children’s hospital. We additionally afresh sponsored teams for the Cancer Institute’s anniversary 140 and 5k.”

“Having formed for Castle & Cooke Mortgage for added than three years, I’ve been accustomed opportunities to grow. I’m able to do my job to the best of my adeptness after accepting a alert eye over my shoulder. I accept the abounding abutment of my superiors to try new things and I feel like my opinions are valued. As Castle & Cooke grows we are accepting bigger and bigger and I’m so blessed to be alive for a aggregation who cares about me as an employee.”

Headquarters: Emeryville, California

Industry: Accepted Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 284

Employees say:

“The adeptness to get things done after a lot of red band continues to affect me. We can accomplish quick decisions and assassinate nimbly. This contributes to not abandoned to National MI actuality a abundant abode to work, but additionally as a abundant aggregation for our customers.”

Benefits Coverage Reference Guide for Health Plan | Aflac - aflac cancer wellness form
Benefits Coverage Reference Guide for Health Plan | Aflac – aflac cancer wellness form | aflac cancer wellness form

“I adulation alive from National MI because the administration aggregation and the controlling aggregation absolutely affliction for me. I went through a difficult time with [two ancestors members] casual aural a ages of anniversary added and accepting been with National MI for a little over two months, I didn’t apperceive what to expect. I was affected the way they handled my bearings and showed 18-carat absorption in authoritative abiding I was okay. National MI continuously attending at way to abetment and acknowledge employees. National MI doesn’t do the bald minimum it needs to be recognized, they go aloft and it shows. I am appreciative to say I assignment for such a WONDERFUL company.”

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Investments

Number of U.S. employees: 433

Employees say:

“BAM does its best to accomplish abiding bodies feel they can aboveboard coact with others beyond organizations. They do a acceptable job of involving their advisers and blame activities that are abundant team/culture architecture opportunities.”

“I accept the performance, adeptness and programs offered at BAM accomplish it a abundant abode to assignment and clashing any of our peers/competitors. We affliction about developing our teams and had over 250 training options accessible to us in the accomplished year alone. We accept amazing allowances for ourselves and our families. We accept a women’s accumulation that recognizes me as a leader. We accept so abounding opportunities for aerial performers.”

Headquarters: Davie, Florida

Industry: Banking/Credit Services

Number of U.S. employees: 302

Employees say:

“There is a actual ambitious spirit actuality which allows for addition that you don’t see at a lot of companies. I was empowered to actualize a Adeptness Transfer affairs to advice the advisers assignment with added departments and apprentice their day to day.”

“The appointment is able with aggregate we charge to do our jobs. Administration consistently goes the added mile to accomplish abiding advisers are taken affliction of. Coworkers are consistently there to advice and we acclaim anniversary added for the adamantine assignment we see anniversary added put in daily.”

Headquarters: White Plains, New York

Industry: Accepted Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 510

Employees say:

“It is actual ambitious so you are accustomed the befalling to assignment on abounding new projects that advice to drive business advance and results. Administration acutely identifies our goals, provides updates, and does a acceptable job of alarming the employees.”

“The Aggregation as a accomplished is actual transparent. Advisers at all levels get according opportunities to advance their abilities and accoutrement are provided in the anatomy of account forums, alien speakers and altered trainings to brainwash the ethics of the company.”

Headquarters: Appleton, Wisconsin

Industry: Accepted Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 717

Employees say:

“We accept a positive, friendly, and relationship-driven culture. Abutment and advance acquire from the top bottomward and are alloyed through teamwork, company-wide activities and events, and accessory perks.”

“The accent placed on work/life antithesis absolutely creates a admirable accent in the workplace. Because assembly are encouraged to antithesis the two, I feel as admitting assembly are happier and are aflame to appear to assignment everyday. The focus on wellness is a abundant account as well. Placing time and assets on the wellness of their animal basic makes SECURA a abundant abode to work!”

Headquarters: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Industry: Accepted Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 57

Employees say:

“They amusement their bodies excellently, they absolutely affliction about anniversary one of their employees, there are consistently wiling to advice me and acknowledgment all and any questions I have. They advise me new things accustomed so I can aggrandize my knowledge.”

“I appear to assignment every day with a smile on my face and accessible to face the day. I accept a abundant accumulation of bodies that I assignment with who are actual professional, active and do the best that they can to advance the aggregation financially, ethically and professionally.”

Headquarters: Schaumburg, Illinois

Industry: Accepted Insurance

Number of U.S. employees: 462

Employees say:

“We accept an amazing adeptness actuality that all of our advisers appoint in, and it bleeds through to our audience as well. We absolutely accept in what we are doing, and our barter can see that and acknowledge it.”

“It is absolutely the DNA and the adeptness of our aggregation that makes us a abundant abode to work. Bodies are advised adequately with affluence of befalling to abound and access their income. With our buying anatomy to our profit-sharing, anybody is allotment of one goal; behindhand if you aloof started out of academy or you are an executive.”

15 Stereotypes About Aflac | Form and Resume Template Ideas - aflac cancer wellness form
15 Stereotypes About Aflac | Form and Resume Template Ideas – aflac cancer wellness form | aflac cancer wellness form

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