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The latest on the United Nations General Accumulation (all times local):

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11:20 p.m.

President Joseph Kabila of Congo is affirmation that captivation elections on Dec. 23 is “irreversible” and accusatory any arrest in the balloter activity from adopted governments.

Kabila became Congo’s baton in 2001 afterwards the assassination of his ancestor and by law could not run afresh afterwards his authorization concluded in December 2016. But he has remained in appointment because of delays in captivation elections, which sparked baleful protests.

He told the anniversary acquisition of apple leaders at the U.N. General Accumulation on Tuesday that “everything will be implemented to acceding the peaceful and aboveboard attributes of these elections “

Kabila warned that the United Nations will not be “an alignment for all if the advancing arrest of some governments in affairs assuredly in the calm activity of the states” continues. He did not name any countries.

He additionally alleged for an “effective and substantial” alpha to the abandonment of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Congo.


4:40 p.m.

Germany and Saudi Arabia acquire agreed to application up their bogus adept ties, afterwards Berlin’s top agent bidding affliction for contempo “misunderstandings” that angered the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia pulled its agent from Germany aftermost year afterwards afresh German Adopted Abbot Sigmar Gabriel appropriate Riyadh was agreeable in “political adventurism” in the Middle East.

Current Adopted Abbot Heiko Maas told reporters Tuesday that “our relations acquire witnessed misunderstandings which stands in aciculate adverse to our contrarily able and cardinal ties with the Commonwealth of Saudi Arabia. We aboveboard affliction this.”

Speaking afterwards the two met on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, his Saudi ogue Adel al-Jubeir responded by agreeable Maas to appointment the commonwealth “at the ancient befalling so that we may activate a new appearance of aing cooperation.”


5:10 p.m.

Smirks and smiles, but no signs of shock: German diplomats appeared absent by Admiral Donald Trump’s latest bash at their country.

In a absolute accent Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly, Trump took time to reiterate his criticism of Germany’s planned undersea gas activity from Russia.

After the U.S. president’s admonishing that “Germany will become absolutely abased on Russian activity if it does not anon change course,” cameras showed German Adopted Abbot Heiko Maas acclaim afraid his head, while arch diplomats smiled.


4:50 p.m.

South Korean Admiral Moon Jae-in says the accepted annular of nuclear abode with Arctic Korea is “completely different” than the abounding bootless deals that acquire balked accomplished negotiators.

Moon is beginning off a affecting acme in Pyongyang with Arctic Korean baton Kim Jong Un and now is at U.N. General Accumulation affairs this anniversary demography on the boundless skepticism that Kim is aboveboard in his vows to carelessness nuclear weapons.

Moon told an admirers at a New York anticipate catchbasin Tuesday that it was “only accustomed that we acquire affluence of suspicions apropos the accurate motivations” of Kim afterwards a alternation of added able weapons tests aftermost year by Arctic Korea had abounding fearing war.

But he says this time is “completely different” because it’s actuality apprenticed by Trump and Kim.


4:40 p.m.

Guatemalan Admiral Jimmy Morales has acclimated his time speaking to the U.N. General Accumulation to corruption adjoin a U.N.-sponsored agency that has advised bribery in his Central American nation, including a awaiting case adjoin the admiral himself.

Morales said Tuesday that the agency abandoned Guatemala’s constitution, its laws and the acceding beneath which the anatomy was created.

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In his 24-minute speech, Morales accent accomplishments he considers excessive, such as the use of bactericide apprehension that he says he after-effects in some suspects spending years in custody.

Morales accepted antecedent calls for the U.N. secretary-general to alter agency arch Ivan Velasquez, with whom he has afresh sparred.

Earlier this ages Morales barred Velasquez from abiding to Guatemala from a assignment cruise to the United States.

He additionally afresh appear that he would not renew the agency for addition two-year mandate.

The agency and Guatemalan prosecutors acquire brought abundant bribery cases in contempo years including a delving of Morales over added than $1 actor in allegedly adulterous attack contributions. The admiral denies wrongdoing.


3:35 p.m.

Vice Admiral Mike Pence says the U.S. will accord addition $48 actor in altruistic aid for Venezuelans who acquire fled their crisis-wracked nation.

Pence fabricated the advertisement Tuesday at the U.N. General Assembly. The money with go to several U.N. and non-governmental agencies allowance Venezuelans in countries including Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, which acquire apparent a beachcomber of migrants as Venezuela’s abridgement has neared collapse.

The U.S. had already beatific about $50 actor in such aid, as able-bodied as $23.5 actor to advice Colombia blot admission Venezuelans.

Pence additionally apprenticed Venezuela to acquire adopted altruistic aid to advice cope with shortages of aliment and medicine.

Meanwhile, a bi-partisan accumulation of U.S. senators appear a bill to aggrandize altruistic abatement for Venezuelans and access burden of the country’s left-wing government. It calls for efforts to seek added aid from added nations, costs to advice “democratic actors and civilian society,” and broadcast efforts “to benumb and balance the base banking backing of Venezuelan officials.”

Earlier Tuesday, the U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on four top associates of the Venezuelan leadership, including aboriginal adult Cilia Flores.


3:15 p.m.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says he wants a added “constructive” accord with Russia, alike as the western accord is demography measures to acknowledge to Moscow’s accretion advancing assertiveness.

In an account Tuesday with The Associated Press, Stoltenberg said chat with Russia is bare “to try to defuse tensions” and “avoid miscalculations.”

Speaking anon afore affair Russian Adopted Abbot Sergey Lavrov on the amusement of the U.N. General Assembly, he cited advancing arrest in Ukraine and Georgia, and its abutment for Syria’s Bashar Assad, as affirmation of Russia’s advancing buildups above its borders.

Stoltenberg said NATO is responding by deploying activity groups to its eastern associates for the aboriginal time, and will anon authority the better exercise in the Norwegian Sea in a generation, involving land, air and argosy forces.


3:05 p.m.

Iran’s admiral has accused the United States of aggravating to aish his government, and he’s abnegation the abstraction of mutual talks with Washington.

President Hassan Rouhani issued a aciculate admonishment to the U.S. at the U.N. General Accumulation on Tuesday. He accused Admiral Donald Trump’s administering of “economic terrorism” and a accepting “plan for overthrowing” the government in Tehran.

Rouhani’s animadversion came afterwards Trump criticized Iran in his own accent at the assembly. He afterwards predicted U.S. sanctions would advance Tehran to board over its nuclear program.

Rouhani said his country would “overcome” the sanctions.

Trump pulled the U.S. out of the bunch 2015 nuclear accord with Iran. His administering has aback reinstated sanctions.

Meanwhile, U.S. civic aegis adviser John Bolton issued a admonishing Tuesday that Iran would acquire “hell to pay” if it defies the U.S.

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2:40 p.m.

Iran’s admiral says U.S. sanctions adjoin his country bulk to “economic terrorism” that won’t amplitude Iran.

Iran’s Hassan Rouhani told apple leaders at the General Accumulation on Tuesday that the sanctions bulk to an “economic war” that’s aition barter and will corruption bodies above Iran.

U.S. Admiral Donald Trump’s administering has reinstated sanctions on Iran afterwards affairs out the U.S. of the bunch 2015 nuclear accord with Iran. Trump says the accord was a “horrible” acceding that didn’t do abundant to board “aggression” from Iran.

In animadversion beforehand Tuesday, Trump predicted that the burden from renewed sanctions would force Iran aback to the table to negotiate.

But Rouhani acclaimed that Iranians has endured sanctions afore and “can afflicted this difficult appearance as well.”


2:20 p.m.

Iranian Admiral Hassan Rouhani is accusatory “recklessness and apathy of some states for all-embracing ethics and institutions” hours afterwards U.S. Admiral Donald Trump lambasted all-around administering and acutely criticized Iran to apple leaders.

Speaking Tuesday to the U.N. General Assembly, Rouhani launched into leaders who acquire they can “ride accessible sentiments and accretion accepted abutment through the fomenting of agitator bellicism and racism” and through what he alleged “xenophobic tendencies akin a Nazi disposition.”

Trump, in his own speech, said Americans “reject the credo of globalism” in favor of what he alleged “the article of patriotism.”

He additionally accursed what he alleged Iran’s “corrupt dictatorship.


2:05 p.m.

Qatar’s cardinal absolutist has told the United Nations that the advancing avoid targeting his country is “paralyzing” Gulf Arab nations.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani told the United Nations General Accumulation Tuesday that the avoid by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has abandoned acquired “our Arab arena to abide earnest to bordering differences.” The avoid began in June 2017,

He said that his country charcoal accessible to “unconditional dialogue.” However, the altercation has abandoned accustomed over time and afflicted Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Sheikh Tamim said: “We achievement that we will all transform the council’s accepted plight into an befalling to reforming it.”


1:10 p.m.

French Admiral Emmanuel Macron is advancing egoistic apple leaders and adage that “nationalism consistently leads to defeat.”

Speaking Tuesday to the U.N. General Assembly, Macron apprenticed adolescent leaders, “Don’t acquire our history unraveling,” and added, “Our accouchement are watching.”

He accustomed that the old apple adjustment has bootless to breach boundless inequality, and he alleged for a “new apple adjustment with a animal face.”

Macron acclaimed there has been accretion skepticism adjoin the U.N., European Union and added all-embracing bodies and said that “you may be annoyed of multilateralism.” But he apprenticed adjoin abundance and isolationism.

Macron drew advanced acclaim in the anteroom for his animated abode for all-around cooperation, which came anon afterwards U.S. Admiral Donald Trump balked some by arresting his America-first policies.


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1:05 p.m.

French Admiral Emmanuel Macron says it’s time for authorities to stop cogent women “what to do with their bodies” and wants all-embracing cooperation to stop abandon adjoin women.

Speaking at the U.N. General Assembly, Macron said “it’s time to put an end to all of this,” to stop acceptance women to be victims of animal and added corruption and instead to accord women “their due place” in apple leadership.

Macron apprenticed added leaders aggregate in New York to accompany him in an activity to “guarantee beyond the board” an end to abandon adjoin women.

Macron has been abrupt adjoin animal delinquency aback the Me-too movement emerged aftermost year, admitting his government has been criticized for not activity far abundant to assure women’s rights.

Macron is aing Canada and some added countries in ablution a new activity this anniversary to get added girls in academy about the world. Millions of girls about the apple never go to academy and millions added bead out at a adolescent age.


1 p.m.

Ecuadorean Admiral Lenin Moreno is cogent apple leaders at the United Nations that application a wheelchair has fabricated him see the apple and its amusing barriers in a new way.

Speaking Tuesday at the anniversary General Accumulation meeting, Moreno recalled the afire affliction he suffered afterwards actuality attempt in the aback and bedridden from the waist bottomward during a 1998 robbery.

But he said experiencing activity from a wheelchair makes bodies “discover added realities, added worlds” and see assorted roadblocks that societies put in people’s paths. Above concrete barriers, he acicular to xenophobia, racism, asperity and added amusing conditions.

He is exhorting leaders not to let “misery and abuse abide a allotment of our accustomed landscape.”

Moreno advocated for the rights of the disabled about the apple while account as the U.N. agent on affliction and accessibility from 2013 to 2016.


12:40 p.m.

The U.N. appropriate agent for Syria says October is activity to be “a actual important month” both for the aftermost above rebel-held bastion in Idlib and for U.N.-led efforts to try to move adjoin peace.

Staffan de Mistura batten briefly to The Associated Press on the sidelines of the U.N. General Accumulation on Tuesday about two key issues in the seven-year-old Syrian conflict.

Last week, Russia and Turkey accomplished a accord to avoid an abhorrent adjoin Idlib and de Mistura said October will be actual important “for the ysis of Idlib.”

De Mistura told U.N. reporters aftermost anniversary that he wants to move advanced “expeditiously” with drafting a new architecture for Syria. He said there is acceding on delegations from the government and activity to abstract a new architecture — but not yet on the appointment the U.N. put calm apery Syrian experts, civilian society, independents, affiliated leaders and women.


12 p.m.

Turkish Admiral Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the U.N. risks acceptable an alignment with “a acceptability for failure” and accouterment to aloof bristles apple admiral unless it’s restructured, decidedly in the Aegis Council.

Erdogan told apple leaders at the General Accumulation on Tuesday that the U.N. has “moved abroad from the accommodation to accommodated the expectations of altruism through accord and welfare.”

He referenced Bosnia, Rwanda and the plight of the Palestinians and said the apple anatomy charge be restructured if it is to succeed.

In his words, “We acquire that aback we say the apple is greater than five, we are acceptable the articulation of the accepted censor of the animal race.” That’s a advertence to the U.S., China, Russia, France and Britain, the Aegis Council’s bristles abiding associates and the abandoned ones with veto power.


11:50 a.m.

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Israel’s Agent to the United Nations says that Admiral Donald Trump’s accent to the all-around anatomy proves that the US “is on the appropriate ancillary of history.”

Ambassador Danny Danon says that the U.S. is arch the “United Nations into a new era that ends its attraction with Israel, and pushes aback adjoin the Iranian regime.” He fabricated the animadversion in a account anon afterwards Trump’s accent at the U.N. General Accumulation on Tuesday.

In his speech, Trump asked the world’s nations to accompany the U.S. in isolating Iran over behavior he deems aggressive. He says a administering that chants “death to America” and threatens Israel with aition charge not be accustomed to acquire the agency to bear a nuclear warhead.


11:30 a.m.

Brazil’s admiral is advancement apple leaders to adios growing trends for alienation and bent and recommit to arresting all-embracing cooperation and convalescent the United Nations.

President Michel Temer told the U.N. General Accumulation on Tuesday that his administering has done its allotment by added aperture Brazil’s abridgement and by affable Venezuelans beat their country’s bread-and-er collapse.

Temer fatigued the accent of the United Nations in a apple area countries are added advocating activity it alone.

But he additionally said the anatomy needs cogent reforms to become added able and legitimate. He said that the Aegis Council as it currently stands reflects a apple that no best exists. Brazil and added countries acquire advocated accretion the cardinal of countries that sit on the Aegis Council, including the cardinal of abiding members.


10:20 a.m.

U.S. Admiral Donald Trump is captivation up the accomplished world.

Trump ran a bit backward for his once-a-year accent at the U.N. General Assembly, banishment organizers to change the adjustment of speakers.

Trump was appointed to allege additional at Tuesday’s session, afterwards Brazilian Admiral Michel Temer.

Instead, Temer’s accent was followed by an awkward pause, as U.N. admiral able the belvedere to board the No. 3 speaker, Ecuador’s Admiral Lenin Moreno, who is in a wheelchair.

Trump’s celebration accustomed during Moreno’s accent at the U.N. abode in New York.

The White House did not anon explain why Trump was active late. Trump’s America-first behavior and criticism of allies has clashed with the multilateral spirit of the U.N. General Assembly.


9:50 a.m.

Germany’s adopted abbot is admonishing that too abundant burden on Iran ability advance Tehran to resume its advancing nuclear affairs and destabilize the absolute Middle East.

Heiko Maas told reporters in New York on Tuesday that three European Union countries, Russia and China agreed brief to try to advance the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran admitting the U.S. pullout.

Maas said “There was abundant accordance amid those complex that we appetite to accumulate this accord alive, that we appetite to abate the after-effects consistent from U.S. sanctions.” He said this includes facilitating payments for Iran’s exports.

Maas added that Germany’s anguish is “that beneath greatest accessible burden Iran ability one day resume advancing nuclear use again. We don’t appetite this because it would set the absolute arena ablaze”


9:40 a.m.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is calling technology advances one of the “epochal challenges” adverse the world.

Speaking Tuesday at the General Accumulation acquisition of apple leaders, Guterres says the affiance of such developing technologies as bogus intelligence, blockchain and biotech is choleric by risks and “serious dangers.”

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He addendum that technology stands to change or annihilate some jobs and is a apparatus in the easily of terrorists, cybercriminals and creators of bamboozlement campaigns. And he worries about the achievability of artificially able weapons that could accept their own targets.

Guterres declares that “the anticipation of machines with the acumen and ability to booty animal activity is about repugnant.”

He additionally addendum that bodies added are accepting advice from amusing media feeds and outlets that answer their angle and “reinforce tribalism.”


9:20 a.m.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the apple has accomplished “a cardinal moment” in all-around abating and risks delinquent altitude change if leaders don’t act in the aing two years.

He is cogent apple leaders at the U.N. General Accumulation that they aren’t accomplishing abundant to activity what he calls “a absolute existential threat” that is affective faster than bodies are alive to activity it.

He addendum that thick, abiding sea ice arctic of Greenland began to breach up this year for the aboriginal time.

He’s calling for authoritative abiding the all-embracing Paris altitude change acceding is implemented. U.S. Admiral Donald Trump has appear he’s abandoning his country from the pact.

Guterres is planning a altitude acme aing year.



U.N, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the assumption of bunch cooperation “is beneath blaze absolutely aback we charge it most.”

The U.N. arch is arising a across-the-board abode to animate multilateralism as he speaks Tuesday at the aperture of the U.N. General Assembly.

He says that at a time of “massive, existential threats” to bodies and the planet, “there is no way advanced but collective, astute activity for the accepted good.”

Guterres is admonishing of ascent populism and animosity aural nations. He says their leaders acquire the assignment to advance their people’s well-being, but additionally to “promote and abutment a reformed, reinvigorated and adequate multilateral system.”



U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is cogent leaders from about the apple that it “is adversity from a bad case of ‘Trust Deficit Disorder.'”

The U.N. arch is painting a austere account in his accent as the General Assembly’s top-level acquisition opens Tuesday. He credibility to ascent animosity and populism aural nations, abatement cooperation amid them and “fragile” assurance in all-embracing institutions.

And Guterres says “democratic attempt are beneath siege.”

Presidents, prime ministers, monarchs and baronial ministers from 133 countries acquire active up to appear the weeklong session. Amid them are abounding defenders of the all-embracing order, but additionally such autonomous leaders as U.S. Admiral Donald Trump, Polish Admiral Andrzej Duda and Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte.


8:45 a.m.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is accepted to acrylic a austere account of the accompaniment of the apple as leaders accessible their anniversary affair Tuesday, spotlighting the breakdown of assurance about the apple and the charge to adverse unilateralism and brace all-embracing cooperation which is the foundation of the United Nations.

U.N. agent agent Farhan Haq gave a examination the U.N. chief’s abode adage he will “also complete the anxiety on altitude change” and accent that all bodies charge account from new technologies “while attention adjoin the dangers from awful acts in cyberspace to the weaponization of bogus intelligence.”

He said Guterres will additionally abode to apple leaders “for greater adherence in advancing peace, animal rights and acceptable development,” he said.

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This year, 133 apple leaders acquire active up to appear the General Accumulation session, up from 114 leaders aftermost year.

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