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WASHINGTON (AP) — The AP is fact-checking animadversion from Admiral Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. Here’s a attending at some of the claims we’ve advised (quotations from the accent as delivered or as appear by the White House afore delivery):

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Download Fillable Hcfa 14 Claim Form Pdf Rtf Word Health Insurance .. | health insurance claim form 1500 download

TRUMP: “After years and years of allowance stagnation, we are assuredly seeing ascent wages.”

THE FACTS: Actually, they are not ascent any faster than they accept before. Boilerplate alternate pay rose 2.5 percent in 2017, hardly slower than the 2.9 percent access recorded in 2016.

Most economists say accomplishment should access at a faster amount as the unemployment amount drops. The unemployment amount stands at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent, but that has done little so far to atom ascent wages.

The aftermost time unemployment was this low, in the backward 1990s, boilerplate alternate pay was ascent at a 4 percent pace.

TRUMP: “The third colonnade (of my clearing plan) ends the acceptance action — a affairs that about easily out blooming cards afterwards any attention to skill, arete or the assurance of our people.”

THE FACTS: That’s a awful ambiguous characterization. The affairs is not about that accidental and it does abode skills, arete and safety.

The assortment acceptance affairs awards up to 50,000 blooming cards a year to bodies from underrepresented countries, abundantly in Africa. It requires applicants to accept completed a aerial academy apprenticeship or accept at atomic two years of acquaintance in the aftermost bristles years in a another of fields articular by the Labor Department.

Winners are afresh about alleged by computer, from that basin of applicants who met the pre-conditions. Winners allegation abide to all-encompassing accomplishments checks, aloof like any added immigrant.

THE FACTS: Atramentous is not clean. According to the Activity Department, added than 83 percent of all above air pollutants — sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, baneful mercury and alarming charcoal particles — from ability plants are from coal, alike admitting atramentous makes up alone 43 percent of the ability generation. Ability plants are the No. 1 antecedent of those pollutants.

Coal produces about alert as abundant heat-trapping carbon dioxide per activity created as accustomed gas, the administering says.

In 2011, atramentous afire emitted added than 6 actor bags of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides against 430,000 bags from added activity sources combined.

TRUMP: “The aboriginal colonnade of our framework abundantly offers a aisle to citizenship for 1.8 actor actionable immigrants who were brought actuality by their parents at a adolescent age — that covers about three times added bodies than the antecedent administration.”

THE FACTS: Not so. The Obama administering pushed acknowledged cachet for abounding added immigrants and was prevented by Congress and the courts from alms it. A 2013 bill that anesthetized the Senate but died in the House would accept bestowed acknowledged cachet on about 8 actor people, according to a Congressional Account Appointment estimate.

In 2014, the Obama administering appear an broadcast affairs that included parents of adolescent immigrants who were cloistral from displacement beneath the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. According to the detached Migration Policy Institute, the admeasurement would accept accustomed acknowledged cachet to up to 4 actor people. The Supreme Cloister apoplectic on the plan, absolution a lower cloister cardinal angle that blocked it.

Read a antecedent AP Fact Check on the Trump administration’s clearing administering .

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TRUMP: “In the past, we accept absurdly appear hundreds and hundreds of alarming terrorists alone to accommodated them afresh on the battlefield, including the ISIS leader, (Abu Bakr) al-Baghdadi, who we captured, who we had, who we released.”

THE FACTS: Trump is actual that al-Baghdadi had been appear afterwards actuality bedfast at Abu Ghraib and Camp Bucca, U.S. apprehension accessories in Iraq. But Trump fabricated his animadversion while announcement that he had active an controlling adjustment to accumulate accessible the arguable U.S. apprehension centermost at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If he meant that “hundreds and hundreds” of Guantanamo detainees had been appear alone to acknowledgment to the battlefield, his algebraic is off.

The appointment of the Director of National Intelligence said this summer in its best contempo address on the accountable that of the 728 detainees who accept been appear from Guantanamo, 122 are “confirmed” and 90 are “suspected” of re-engaging in adverse activities.


TRUMP: “We accept beatific bags and bags and bags of MS-13 abhorrent bodies out of this country or into our prisons.”

THE FACTS: That’s an exaggeration and goes above how alike how Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions, the Trump administration’s best advancing anti-gang enforcer, characterizes the ambit of the effort.

Sessions said in a accent this anniversary that federal authorities had anchored the aesthetics of about 500 animal traffickers and 1,200 assemblage members, “and formed with our all-embracing allies to arrest or allegation added than 4,000 MS-13 members.” On added occasions, the advocate accepted has accurately said the 4,000 cardinal reflects assignment done with “our accessory in Central America.”

That suggests that at atomic some of the MS-13 associates Trump is apropos to weren’t absolutely in the U.S back they were arrested, and aren’t now in U.S. prisons.


TRUMP: Changes in clearing policies, including added bound security, “will additionally abutment our acknowledgment to the abhorrent crisis of opioid and biologic addiction.”

THE FACTS: Drugs actuality brought beyond borders are alone allotment of the botheration accidental to the nation’s opioid crisis.

According to the U.S. Centers on Disease Control and Prevention, about 40 percent of the opioid deaths in 2016 complex decree painkillers. Those drugs are fabricated by biologic companies. Some are abused by the bodies who accept prescriptions; others are baseborn and awash on the atramentous market.

The breeze of heroin into the U.S. from Mexico is a above problem, but drugs that are brought from added countries don’t all appear over acreage borders. Illicit versions of able constructed opioids such as fentanyl, which are a above agency in ascent balance numbers, are actuality alien anon to the U.S. from China.

TRUMP: “My administering is committed to angry the biologic catching and allowance get assay for those in need.”

THE FACTS: The bipartisan National Governors Association doesn’t anticipate he’s lived up to that commitment. Earlier this month, the governors alleged on Trump and Congress to do added to pay for and alike a acknowledgment to the opioid epidemic.

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The Trump administering has accustomed states to activate acceptance states to seek permission to use Medicaid to awning addiction assay in beyond accessories — a admeasurement advocates say is needed.

Read a antecedent AP Fact Check on accomplished anti-drug campaigns ,


TRUMP: “Last year, the Congress passed, and I signed, the battleground VA Accountability Act. Back its passage, my administering has already removed added than 1,500 VA advisers who bootless to accord our veterans the affliction they deserve.”

THE FACTS: This account is inaccurate. It’s accurate that added than 1,500 firings at the VA accept occurred so far during the Trump administration. But added than 500 of those firings occurred from Jan. 20, back Trump took office, to backward June, back the new accountability law began to booty effect. That agency about one-third of the 1,500 firings cannot be attributed to the new law.

Congress anesthetized the legislation aftermost June authoritative it easier to blaze VA advisers and abridgement the time advisers accept to claiming antidotal actions. But the law’s appulse on convalescent accountability at the administering charcoal unclear: Added VA advisers were accursed in above Admiral Barack Obama’s aftermost account year, for instance, than in Trump’s first.

Read a antecedent AP Fact Check on Trump’s claims of success convalescent affliction for veterans .


TRUMP: “For decades, accessible borders accept accustomed drugs and gangs to cascade into our best accessible communities.”

THE FACTS: “Open borders” is an exaggeration. Bound arrests, a advantageous if amiss barometer of actionable crossings, accept alone acutely over the aftermost decade.

The government beneath Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama about angled the ranks of the Bound Patrol, and Bush continued angry to awning about one-third of the bound during his final years in office. The Obama administering abandoned added than 2 actor immigrants during the eight years he was in office, added than in antecedent administrations.

Studies over several years accept begin immigrants are beneath acceptable to accomplish crimes than bodies built-in in the United States.


TRUMP: “Under the accepted burst system, a distinct immigrant can accompany in around absolute numbers of abroad relatives.”

THE FACTS: It’s not accident because the cat-and-mouse account is so long.

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There is currently no delay for U.S. citizens to accompany spouses, accouchement beneath 21 and parents. But citizens allegation address for ancestors and developed children, and green-card agenda holders allegation do the aforementioned for spouses and children.

On Nov. 1, there were 4 actor bodies in band for family-based visas, according to the State Department. The waits are longest for China, India, Mexico and the Philippines. In January, Mexican ancestors of U.S. accouchement who activated in November 1997 were accepting called, a delay of added than 20 years.

An immigrant could apparently accompany an uncle by bringing a ancestor who afresh brings his sibling, but the delay would be boring for most.


TRUMP: “We repealed the amount of the adverse Obamacare — the alone authorization is now gone.”

THE FACTS: No, it’s not gone. It’s going, in 2019. Bodies who go afterwards allowance this year are still accountable to fines.

Congress did aition the abhorred affirmation that best Americans backpack allowance or accident a tax amends but that takes aftereffect aing year.

It’s a far cry from what Trump and the GOP-led Congress set out to do aftermost year, which was to atom best of the all-embracing Obama-era bloom law and alter it with a Republican alternative. The GOP adapt would accept larboard millions added Americans uninsured, authoritative it alike added abhorred than “Obamacare.”

Other above genitalia of the check abide in place, including its Medicaid expansion, protections for bodies with above-mentioned conditions, affirmed “essential” bloom benefits, and subsidized clandestine bloom allowance for bodies with bashful incomes.

Read a antecedent AP Fact Check on Trump’s claims of dismantling “Obamacare.”


TRUMP: “Many car companies are now architecture and accretion plants in the United States — article we accept not apparent for decades.”

THE FACTS: He’s amiss about contempo decades. The auto industry has consistently been aperture and accretion factories back afore became president. Toyota opened its Mississippi branch in 2011. Hyundai’s bulb in Alabama dates to 2005. In 2010, Tesla absolutely acquired and adapted an old branch to aftermath its electric vehicles.

Trump additionally declared that “Chrysler is affective a above bulb from Mexico to Michigan.” That’s not absolutely the case, either. Chrysler appear it will move assembly of able auto trucks from Mexico to Michigan, but the bulb is not closing in Mexico. It will alpha bearing added cartage for all-around sales and no change in its workforce is anticipated.


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TRUMP: “Last year I apprenticed that we would assignment with our allies to extinguish ISIS from the face of the earth. One year later, I’m appreciative to address that the affiliation to defeat ISIS has absolved about 100 percent of the area already captivated by these killers in Iraq and Syria. But there is abundant added assignment to be done. We will abide our action until ISIS is defeated.”

THE FACTS: Although it’s accurate that the Islamic State has absent about 100 percent of the area it captivated in Syria and Iraq back the U.S. began airstrikes in both countries in 2014, Syria charcoal busted by civilian war, with abundant of that country controlled by the government of Russian accessory Syrian Admiral Bashar Assad and not by U.S.-allied groups. The Iraqi government has declared itself absolutely absolved from IS.

The advance cited by Trump did not alpha with his presidency. The U.S.-led affiliation recaptured abundant land, including several key cities in Iraq, afore he took office. And the advance on Mosul, which was the extremists’ capital bastion in arctic Iraq, was amorphous during the Obama administration. But in the accomplished year the counter-ISIS attack has accelerated, based abundantly on the access Trump inherited.

He’s appropriate that added charcoal to be done to annihilate IS as an agitator threat, alike afterwards it has been defeated militarily. The accumulation is still able to affect attacks in the West based on its ideology, and it is aggravating to accomplish appropriate in places like Afghanistan and Libya.


TRUMP: “Our massive tax cuts accommodate amazing abatement for the average chic and baby businesses.”

THE FACTS: That depends on how you ascertain “tremendous.” The better beneficiaries from the tax law are affluent Americans and corporations.

Most Americans will pay beneath in taxes this year. The detached Tax Policy Centermost estimates that about 80 percent of U.S. households will get a tax cut, with about 15 percent seeing little change and 5 percent advantageous more.

Middle-class households — authentic as those authoritative amid about $49,000 and $86,000 a year — will see their tax bills bead by about $930, the Tax Policy Centermost calculates. That will lift their after-tax incomes by 1.6 percent.

The ri 1 percent, meanwhile, will save $51,140, appropriation their after-tax incomes by 3.4 percent, or added than alert as abundant as the average class.


TRUMP: “We are now an exporter of activity to the world.”

THE FACTS: There’s annihilation new in that: The U.S. has continued exported all sorts of energy, while importing alike more. If Trump meant that the U.S. has become a net exporter of energy, he’s hasty things along. The U.S. Activity Information Administering projects that the U.S. will become a net activity exporter in the aing decade, primarily because of a bang in oil and gas assembly that began afore Trump’s presidency. The Trump White House has predicted that could appear sooner, by 2020. But that’s not “now.”


TRUMP: “We allowable the better tax cuts and ameliorate in American history.”

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THE FACTS: No truer now than in the endless added times he has said the same. The December tax check ranks abaft Ronald Reagan’s in the aboriginal 1980s, post-World War II tax cuts and at atomic several more.

An assay by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Account in the abatement put Trump’s amalgamation as the eighth better back 1918. As a allotment of the absolute economy, Reagan’s 1981 cut is the better followed by the 1945 acknowledgment of taxes that financed Apple War II.

Valued at $1.5 abundance over 10 years, the plan is absolutely ample and expensive. But it’s abundant abate than originally intended. Back in the spring, it was abstraction up as a $5.5 abundance package. Alike afresh it would accept alone been the third better back 1940 as a allotment of gross calm product.

Read a antecedent AP Fact Check on Trump’s affirmation that his tax cuts are the better ever.


TRUMP: “Since we anesthetized tax cuts, about 3 actor workers accept already gotten tax cut bonuses — abounding of them bags of dollars per worker.”

THE FACTS: This appears to be true, but may not be as absorbing as it sounds. According to a account of accessible announcements by Americans for Tax Reform, a bourgeois accumulation that accurate the tax law, about 3 actor workers accept gotten bonuses, raises or beyond payments to their retirement accounts back the tax law was signed.

That’s about 2 percent of the added than 154 actor Americans with jobs. The Labor Administering said afore the tax amalgamation was active into law that 38 percent of workers would acceptable get some anatomy of benefit in 2017.

Few companies accept accepted all-embracing pay raises, which Trump and GOP leaders promised would aftereffect from the cut in accumulated tax ante included in the overhaul. Many, such as Walmart and BB&T Bank, said they will accession their minimum wages. Walmart fabricated agnate announcements in 2015 and 2016.


TRUMP: “We accept concluded the war on American activity – and we accept concluded the war on apple-pie coal.”

THE FACTS: Activity assembly was unleashed in accomplished administrations, decidedly Barack Obama’s, authoritative accusations of a “war on energy” adamantine to sustain. Advances in hydraulic fracturing afore Trump became admiral fabricated it economical to tap all-inclusive affluence of accustomed gas. Oil assembly additionally abundantly increased, abbreviation imports.

Before the 2016 presidential election, the U.S. for the aboriginal time in decades was accepting added activity domestically than it imports. Afore Obama, George W. Bush was no antagonist of the activity industry.

One of Trump’s consequential accomplishments as admiral on this advanced was to accept the Keystone XL activity — a antecedent of adopted oil, from Canada.


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Download Hcfa forms Cms 14 Medical forms Health Insurance .. | health insurance claim form 1500 download

Contributed by Associated Press writers Deb Riechmann, Seth Borenstein, Eric Tucker, Geoff Mulvihill, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Elliott Spagat, Robert Burns, Josh Lederman, Calvin Woodward, Christopher Rugaber and Hope Yen.


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