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On the latest adventure of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, Kara talked to Samantha Bee, the host of the TBS appearance “Full Frontal” who was ahead a contributor on “The Daily Show.” Bee additionally created the ball “The Detour” with her bedmate Jason Jones and afresh launched an app to animate borough assurance alleged This is Not a Game: The Game.

Career Live Resume Builder Tomyumtumweb Live Career Cover Letter ..
Career Live Resume Builder Tomyumtumweb Live Career Cover Letter .. | live resume builder

You can accept to the absolute chat appropriate now in the audio amateur below. If you adopt to accept on your phone, Recode Decode is accessible wherever you accept to podcasts — including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts and Overcast.

Below, we’ve aggregate the abounding archetype of the conversation. You can additionally apprehend a abridged adaptation of the account here.

Kara Swisher: Today in the red armchair is Samantha Bee, the host of the ablaze appearance on TBS alleged “Full Frontal.” Afore that, she was a adept contributor to “The Daily Show.” Sam, acceptable to Recode Decode.

Samantha Bee: Acknowledge you. I’m so blessed to be here!

I know. You’re here. You accept your tea.

I accept my tea.

Got the internet aggregation to action you a array of snacks.

I’ve been offered all of the crunchiest snacks.

All of the crunchiest snacks. But we absitively to go adjoin that because it would accomplish a lot of noise. So we aloof came from the New York Times conference, area you were talking with Cecile Richards about the new rules, I guess.


So let’s alpha a little bit, though, by talking about your rules and what you accept achieved. Now, you’re the abandoned changeable host of a … ?

Well, Sarah Silverman has her appearance on Netflix still. The added two … Michelle Wolf’s appearance is gone now and additionally Robin Thede is gone.

And Chelsea.

Chelsea’s gone too, for now. I anticipate others will emerge, but I don’t know.

So let’s allocution about that, how you got there. Bodies apperceive who you are, but array of the adventure you got … How you got to area you are. You were on “The Daily Show” for abounding years.

For a continued time. For 12 years. And afresh Jon appear that he was leaving. I’m activity to get the timeline all messed up. He appear that he was leaving. We were already … My bedmate and I had developed a scripted appearance at TBS, and we had already attempt the pilot for that. And we anticipation …

What was it about?

It’s alleged “The Detour.” We’re acid division four appropriate now. It’s a actual funny show, actually. You would allegedly adulation it. I anticipate that you absolutely would adulation it.

So we were developing that. We had attempt the pilot. And afresh he announced. And so we absolutely … We knew that we would leave “The Daily Show” at some point, we aloof capital to jump off assimilate our own thing. We capital buying over our own property. So we had developed lots of stuff. So this was one of them. It was the aboriginal one that went to pilot. We were absolutely appreciative of it and admired it.

So, aback he appear that he was leaving, it was abominable but not surprising. And we thought, “Okay, it’s activity to be ‘The Detour.’ Appear on, ‘Detour.’ Amuse get best up because we would like to leave. I anticipate this is the time that we will leave.” And they did aces up “The Detour” and in fact, additionally offered me my own appearance aural a two-week time frame. It was crazy. I was terrified, but of course, I said, “Yes.” And afresh afterwards that it was absolutely a action of accepting the aboriginal division of “The Detour” accessible and afresh starting to advance this show.

So had you anticipation about accepting your own show? Because there’s a lot of bodies that are on the shows of added people. And I assignment for added people. I like alive for myself better.


Had you anytime anticipation that you capital to do that?

I did anticipate that I capital to do that. And I do anamnesis casting a show, casting a affectionate of “60 Minutes”-style appearance because I do adulation to do acreage work. I like to go out in the apple and do stuff. And I anamnesis agilely casting myself as the host of a appearance like that years prior. And the acknowledgment about being, “Why would we do that? We already accept one show. We accept Jon. We don’t charge any added shows.”

Right because Jon takes affliction of it.

He does it. He takes affliction of everything. No added choir required!

Yeah, exactly, abnormally changeable ones.

So that was shut down. It wasn’t a alive passion. I consistently anticipation that maybe I would do that in the future, but I was affectionate of focused on scripted, absolutely honestly. So it afraid me. It came out of the blue. Honestly, no one anytime believed in me before. And so that was shocking.

Right, and afresh they aloof did so you affective and afraid on to it.


So aback you were cerebration … Aback there were all these altered shows, whether it was the one appearance or there were two shows? And of course, there’s the attitude of Johnny Carson and aggregate else, that affectionate of thing. What were you aiming for?

With “Full Frontal”?


There were times at “The Daily Show” — which was an amazing training ground, of advance — but there were absolutely times aback I would do a allotment and think, “Oh, I anticipate I would advance that further. I would booty that added in a direction.” And absolutely it was Jon’s … It was his voice, not mine. So you can abandoned advance it as far as …

Which one would you accept taken further?

Well, we did a allotment about a abduction artifice and about rapists in bastille suing for aegis of their accouchement who were the artefact of rape. And it was such an abashing adventure for me. It wasn’t … Jon admired the story. He absolutely pushed me to go added into my point of appearance on the story. But “The Daily Show” could abandoned accommodate so abundant of my perspective. It really, ultimately, was not my show.

Right, because it’s now yours.

It’s now my show. And so there were areas area we pulled aback out of alarm to the articulation of that appearance that I didn’t appetite to. And that was the best absolute archetype of area I anticipation I could booty my articulation added than any added show.

So what were you aggravating to do? Sometimes aback bodies are the abandoned woman, they accept to do the women’s perspective. You can’t do aloof your perspective.

No, I had no admiration to aloof do the women’s perspective, but I did accept a faculty that it would aloof be altered on its own, and so aback bodies … You end up accomplishing a lot of columnist afore your appearance launches and anybody wants to apperceive what will be altered about it, and it was actual absurd to bright that because I thought, “Well, the appearance will aloof artlessly be altered because it’s me.”

Because it’s you.

“Of advance it will be different.” But you can’t explain that. And it was. And in fact, I had an angel in my academician afore we launched the show, which was that we would abandoned accept six episodes. I anticipate they had abandoned absolutely best us up for six. And of course, with television, they can aish you afterwards one episode.

Yes, they can and they do.

And they don’t accept to alike air that episode. So aggregate is affectionate of in the air. And I thought, “What I’ll do is I’ll aloof bang the barn doors in with the aboriginal adventure of the appearance and these six adored episodes. And these will be our calling agenda for approaching shows.” We’ll aloof use these. We’ll accomplish the episodes we can.

So it’s like a resume builder.

Yeah! And afresh aback we get canceled because it’s too outrageous, we’ll booty it about abroad and do article with it. And in fact, it aloof worked. It aloof was article that bodies craved in a altered way. It affiliated with something.

It absolutely affiliated with people. What was your goal? I assumption that sounds like … It’s affectionate of an advancing question. But what was your ambition with it? What are you aggravating to do every week?

I don’t apperceive that I accept a goal. I absolutely anticipate it’s actual instinctive. I anticipate we try to … I’m aloof aggravating to say what the anniversary has led to. It’s absolutely aloof a articulation for the things that accept happened in that week, or sometimes it’s a best angle thing. It’s aloof what is arising for us.

Right, and what’s the commentary.

What’s the commentary. We get to sit aback a little bit because we’re abandoned already a week, so that’s absolutely nice. That’s a gift. We don’t accept to put on a appearance every day in the bosom of …

It would be difficult.

Very difficult.

You do absence some of the cycles, though.

For sure, we absence a lot of cycles.

No, because it goes so quickly.

Yeah, it goes absolutely fast.

I was cerebration the op-ed New York Times affair was aloof a anniversary ago or two weeks ago.

We absence a ton of things.

It goes on and on.

So aback you’re accomplishing this, aback you’re aggravating to do these shows and be topical, one of things that has happened I anticipate in a lot of the shows, not aloof castigation but appealing abundant all of them, is they accept served now about like the beat folio acclimated to, or as journalists acclimated to. Do you attending at that? Are you aggravating to do ball or commentary? Because a lot the actuality is said on those shows, some actuality about Facebook, actuality that you’ve done, has been abundant added acid than reporters accept been.

What we do accept is added abandon in the faculty that we don’t accept admission to anything.


Nobody has to allocution to us.

Right, right.

We’re not the cardboard of record. The stakes are not absolutely low, but …

You’re not activity to bake your sources.

We’re not activity to bake our sources. We don’t accept any. So that gives us a little bit added abandon to speak. And that was consistently how it acquainted at the “The Daily Show.” We’re like, “We’re not … We don’t accept to … No one’s agreeable us into the room. We’re not in the White House columnist corps. We don’t accept to ball nice at all.” So it’s a little bit absolution in that sense.

So you can do that.

You can basically do what you appetite to do.

But what’s happened is they’ve become the … I anticipate they’ve afflicted added minds than it acclimated to be.

Have they though? I mean, I don’t know. Accept they?

Yes, absolutely.


I anticipate you’re influencing adolescent bodies like crazy. That’s how they get their information.

Well, that would be … That’s actual nice and good.

These shows are the abandoned things my kids watch. I apperceive that, all of them, which is absolutely … I woke up bygone and one of my sons was watching one of the shows. And that’s area he was accepting his news. And that’s area he was accepting his angle on the news, which is absolutely interesting.

That is interesting.

But you don’t anticipate of it that way.

I don’t anticipate of it that way because, well, I don’t reflect on that too abundant from a broader perspective. We’re so focused on authoritative a appearance every week, and I anticipate that the academician churns in the administration of like …

I’m activity to get to your app and things like that that you’ve been doing, the voting stuff, but how do you go about every show? Could you acquaint bodies how …

Sure. We accept … We apperceive what our agenda is. We try to put some longer-term things up on the board. We basically accept a board, as you would do in any accumulated environment.

Any AT&T agent like yourself.

That’s right. We accept a admirable white board. And we put as abounding abiding things up on the lath as we can possibly do. So it’s actual accessible to apperceive about what the appearance of a appearance will be. So I do acreage work, and I accept correspondents who additionally do acreage work. So we apperceive about what those belief are advancing up.

Like aback you went bottomward to Puerto Rico.

Yep. And we additionally will put additional acts or affectionate of longer-term … We try to be a little bit evergreen, or beyond belief that are arising for us that maybe aren’t in the account cycle, we get those able with lots of research, and the writers address on them, and those are up on the lath too. We about apperceive what the account of a appearance will be. The act one is the best timely, so that is article we allocution about on the Thursday afterwards a show. But it’s not absolutely solid because now the account aeon is so bonkers.

Right, we don’t apperceive what it’s activity to be.

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I anticipate in a antecedent activity aeon in a altered timeline …

It’s never advancing again.

Yeah, we would know. We would accept a bigger abstraction of what was advancing aing week, but we don’t accept a clue now. So it’s absurd to alike allocution about it. We try to anticipate we apperceive by Thursday or Friday, but ultimately the aboriginal act or the best contemporary actuality is accounting on a Monday, Tuesday, sometimes on a Wednesday. Yesterday, we were afterward the Kavanaugh actuality as it was happening, so that’s a little bit different. But we about accept a account of two-thirds of the episodes. And afresh the aftermost allotment of it is the best topical, and that goes in … We bulk that out on Monday or Tuesday.

And afresh you band on …

We band Wednesday.

Wednesday. And it goes on Friday.

Wednesday 6:00, 6:30.

So what did you do this week, because Kavanaugh was today, like appropriate now?

It was two acts of Kavanaugh and afresh one act of the NFL cheerleaders.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What’s that story? I’m apologetic I absent that, accustomed the Kavanaugh.

Oh yeah, no.

I can abandoned attending at so abounding stories.

There are Houston Texan cheerleaders who are suing the NFL for unpayment, like for fair wages, and for mistreatment. They’re advised absolutely aloof angrily by the NFL. It’s as admitting any of the rules that we’ve appear to accept aloof do not administer to the cheerleaders. They are advised miserably. So we did a allotment about that.

And so aback you’re cerebration about what you’re aggravating to do, do you accede yourself a banana or how do you attending at it?

I don’t know.

Or wry eyewitness of the news?

Wry observer. I’ll booty that in my feathered chapeau, and a gimlet.

With a gimlet.

I don’t apperceive how I see myself. Not absolutely a comedian. I assumption a banana performer? I don’t know. I accept no way to apperceive myself.

Right. And the division you’re in, aback you’re finishing the shows, you guys accept aloof started to absolutely … You use abundant use of internet. You use abundant use of Twitter. You use the abundant use of everything. And I’ve noticed they advance you a lot on Twitter and actuality like that.

So one of the things that you’re accomplishing — and we’re activity to allocution about in the aing area — is this app that you’re alive on. We met because you’re accomplishing this thing. Can you explain it for everyone? And afresh in the aing area we’ll allocution about what you’re doing.

Well, the app is a comedic political trivia d with banknote prizes. And it’s all … It’s a borough assurance app that’s absolutely absolutely funny and I anticipate angry out great. You ball a trivia d every day. All of the questions are accompanying to what’s in the account or they’re accompanying to government, but they’re absolutely funny questions in the articulation of the show. Bodies win banknote prizes.

And hopefully you additionally with the app will assurance up for voting reminders. And we’ll present challenges as we get afterpiece to the midterms, because we abstruse that a huge allotment of accepting bodies to vote is accepting them to accomplish a plan for voting. So with our app, it’s funny and you win stuff. But additionally we sneakily …

So why did you do this?

We sneakily try to bear some borough engagement.

You sneakily … You’re aggravating to amoroso with …

Absolutely. Gamification.

Gamification. So why did you adjudge to do this?

Well, I did a allotment about gamification. So we concluded up accomplishing a allotment about this little bi-weekly in New Brunswick, New Jersey, that was accouterment accomplished … Anyway, they were accomplishing accomplished assignment in this baby boondocks in New Jersey. We concluded up affair an able in gamification, Gabe Zickerman. I admired him. I had never heard of it before.

You’d never heard gamification?

No, that’s not my world. I didn’t apperceive annihilation about it.

Everything is gamified now.



And now I see that. Now I see it all about me. But I had never heard that. I was the one who was gullibly accepting sucked in by gamification.

Yes, you are. That’s the point of it.

Yeah, we abstruse about that. We activated that to extenuative this bi-weekly that absolutely … They couldn’t pay their own rent. And it was so berserk acknowledged that we concluded up advantageous the hire for this bi-weekly for a year or more.

And it occurred to me afterwards the fact, I was like, “I admiration if we could accomplish bodies vote this way,” because we’d heard so abounding belief from him about applying gamification to tech stuff, China, these amazing belief of success. And I thought, “Even if it didn’t assignment for the midterms, it would be an absorbing adventure to try to body article that could potentially access bodies to vote.”

And get them to vote.

Why not?


It was an agreement that actually, I think, angry out absolutely well. We’re still acquirements from it. It’s been absolutely absolutely a journey.

So you went out. You came up to Silicon Valley. You were attractive for experts in the field, and you additionally fabricated a appearance out of it too.

We fabricated a appearance out of it. We’ve filmed the absolute action from the alpha of alike cerebration about the game, to the conception of the game. We filmed agreeable afterwards the absolution of the d because the d has crashed. We filmed ourselves post-crash. And we’ll abide to accomplish agreeable because I absolutely do see it as not aloof agreeable for the appearance but a absolutely … aloof an absorbing acquirements experience. Is this alike possible? Is this article … I anticipate it’s fascinating, myself.

And why aborigine …? Why vote? Just, you appetite bodies to vote.

Well, bodies accept to vote. I mean, the stakes are actual high. There are lots of bodies who accept accepted about the stakes of voting for a long, continued time, and I anticipate the blow of us are aloof addition that out now.

Anything to get them to do it.

Just do it.

Were you abashed by the internet? Because you were accomplishing some things to be funny, like, “What is this? What’s activity on?” But how do you attending at that?

The action of developing something?


I will say that I came to it as a complete naif. So me thinking, “Oh is this alike real?” It was real. The way that they … Aloof that all-day brainstorming affair abandoned was stunning.

Your wireframes.

Completely crazy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I absolutely did not accept any compassionate how …

How things are made.

How things are made, yeah.

And so what did you …

I didn’t accept to affliction before.

What did you end up learning?

That’s it’s a huge … It takes a huge aggregation of abundantly … It takes so abounding people, and it’s so abundant assignment to accomplish the simplest affair possible. And you absolutely accept to … I mean, it’s all about the aggregation that you’re alive with. And it additionally is about assertive in the end result, like you accept to see article on the border that is possible. I acknowledge the way that we came at it. I absolutely do like not accepting any ability about it. Didn’t allow us the befalling to be contemptuous about it. So it’s been terrific. I aloof did not realize.

Where are you in downloads now?

So abounding bodies downloaded the d on the aboriginal day that we had a … It crashed. And we were so … Razan Ghalayini, who’s the ambassador who’s absolutely bearing the d with Adam Werbach, the two of us were so sad. We were like, “Oh no, the d crashed.” She aloof kept accepting these emails from bodies in Silicon Valley who were like, “Congratulations on the crash.”


It agency we’ve got article there.

It is.

You’ve absolutely got article there.

It’s true.

You’ve got a little nut. Acceptable for you!

Who hasn’t crashed?

Who hasn’t? If it’s good, it crashes.

AOL crashed. Facebook’s crashed. Twitter acclimated to blast all the time.

Yeah, you gotta …

Remember the abort whale?

I do not.

You do not?


They had it every time Twitter went down. They put up a account of a abort whale. It was a whale.

Oh, that’s great.

It was a whale. It was abounding things. They acclaimed their failure.

Well you do bless your failure. That was allotment of the acquirements curve. Alike affectionate of from a television arrangement perspective, they were affectionate of like, “Oh, no. It crashed.” I’m like, “No, it’s good, guys! Trust me.”

What did you apprentice from your adventure in tech?

I’m still learning. I anticipate that we accept the atom of a acceptable idea. I anticipate the articulation is actual bright in the game. We did try to accomplish it fun. I anticipate we can do an alike bigger and broader d for 2020. I anticipate if we accumulate this and accumulate authoritative it better, it could be a actual absorbing ancillary project.

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Were you acquisitive to accomplish money from it?



Nobody’s authoritative money from it.


No. I anticipation …

Well, Kim Kardashian did with hers.

She did, but her affair is different. This is a borough assurance app. It did action to me how abounding beneath bodies would download it if I seemed to be alone profiting from it.

Oh, I see.

I anticipate that would be yucky.

Yeah, that’s true.

Yeah, who would …

I don’t know.

I wouldn’t appetite that.


I wouldn’t download it.

No, that’s true. Maybe not.

I would think, “Ew. Oh, you charge a bigger TV or something?” I don’t know. “What are you aggravating to do?” So, it’s not a exploited endeavor. It absolutely is a civic-engagement app.

Trying to get bodies to vote.

Yeah, I anticipate …

How do you adjudge that success? How do you apperceive if bodies are voting or bodies are signing up?

Well, we apperceive that bodies are signing up for our voting reminders in the dozens of tens of thousands, which is great.

Dozens of tens of thousands. You don’t accept your numbers, do you?

I don’t.

No, I didn’t anticipate so.

No, no, no. I actually, no, I anticipate maybe 75,000 bodies accept alive up for voting reminders.

Wow, that’s good.

Which is amazing. That’s either the cardinal of bodies who’ve registered and accept alive up for voting reminders, which is absolutely great, because as you know, 20,000 votes can accomplish a huge difference.

I don’t usually accommodated hosts of TV shows that much.

You do.

I do, you’re right. I do.

You apperceive everyone.

I do apperceive everybody. It’s weird. Don’t you acquisition it weird?

I’m afraid by how abounding bodies you know. I consistently adulation talking to you. I appetite to bend you and stick you in a car and allocution to you about all the bodies you know.

Yeah, yeah. And I additionally apperceive their secrets, which is great.

I know.

It’s activity to be a big atypical anytime and afresh …

I know.

… and afresh I’ll disappear. Afresh I will disappear. It will be so bad …

I’m activity to appointment your island and you can accord me all the hot gossip.

No, I’m activity to be a hermit. No, there’s not activity to be any goss. I’m activity to be sitting there with a ukulele, an acrid ukulele, and be accomplishing it.

So, let’s allocution about actuality and now. Let’s allocution about what happened to you, your added internet. What happened forth the internet. One of the things, I did a appearance a little while ago about bots and the use of bots. One of the things that was absolutely interesting, it emerged, was what happened about Roseanne and you on the appearance aback you alleged Ivanka the name. That blew up like crazy on the internet. A lot of that was bot traffic. The aforementioned affair with Roseanne’s, which was interesting. Afresh it generated a lot of attention. Allocution a little bit about that experience, what happened there.

Oh, yes. Well, we did the show. We all high-fived anniversary other. We thought, “Great show, everyone!” We were all actual annoyed with the end product.

When that was happening, did anybody go, “Mm, maybe not so much.”

No. I would say it was absolutely the opposite. It was constant with the appearance up until that point, actually.

What you had been doing.

Yep. Which is why we knew nothing. And afresh brief … you apperceive aback you — TFW you aces up your buzz at four in the morning and it is afire because so abundant has happened in the night? It was that. I don’t alike accept my Twitter mentions angry on and I could see that we were in for something.

You were trending.

Yes. That was the alpha of a actual continued week, I would say. Yeah, I abstruse afterwards the actuality that it did activate with bots.

People got involved.

And afresh bodies got involved. The bots affronted people.

That’s right, which is the point.

Yes. And afresh the bodies were inflamed.

Yeah, they were affronted until …

Sure they were.

… they weren’t because the aing affair came along.

The aing affair came along.

But how did that feel? A lot of bodies are accountable to these internet, rolling internet … and it’s usually Twitter. But it’s everywhere else. What is that like now, as a performer? Because before, you do article and maybe …

Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe addition writes a little blurb about it.

Some yst or a newspaper.

In that instance, I would say it was not a acceptable activity to be on everyone’s lips. I apperceive alike my husband, for example, was aloof walking into conversations about in added cities and bodies were talking about it, not alive that he was my husband. It was the allocution of the boondocks in abounding towns for a continued time. It was not a acceptable feeling. It was terrible. It was terrible. It was absolutely an abominable week.

What happens afresh in these things area these things do go like waves, beyond — and get to these means it wasn’t before?

Well, I never absolutely had that acquaintance afore wherein I absolved bottomward the artery and many, abounding bodies were interacting with me.

Meaning? What were they doing?

Well, there were a lot of high-fives, absolutely honestly. I don’t alive activity that way, I don’t airing about as the baron of the Upper West Ancillary with bodies talking to me all the time. I’m absolutely actual …

Head down. Hat on head.

… very, actual low key. So that was a altered awareness and I absolutely acquainted like, “Oh, this is …” To be belled for a second, alike in this way, was absolutely unpleasant. It absolutely put me off my game. Afresh aback the admiral tweets about you, that’s a accomplished added …

I was activity to get to that.

That is like alive monkeys advancing out of the woodwork and they aloof fly against you. Feels absolutely terrible. Would I change the past? Absolutely not. I abstruse a lot about it. I absolutely abstruse a lot about myself and my capacity. It acquainted like walking through blaze and I anticipate that I came out on the added ancillary stronger and bigger for it. Older, by 100 years.

Okay. All right. Well, you attending good.

I aloof alive at the basal of an old oak timberline now. I’m aloof a diminished crone.

Get aback to aback the admiral does it, the use of Twitter by him and advancing bodies personally. He has yet to get to me, but I agnosticism he anytime will.

This is activity to complete crazy, but as anon as he tweeted about me, a faculty of calm done over me, actually. I thought, “Okay. That’s acceptable because the admiral is calling for you to get fired, you can’t absolutely get fired, can you?”

No, you can’t. It’s perfect.

It becomes a Aboriginal Amendment affair and afresh that takes it to the stratosphere. I acquainted a little bit calm from it but it absolutely unleashed a lot of badness. A lot of Dementors came into my activity for sure, which is really, absolutely negative.

Did you go off Twitter? Did you go off? Because you’re an alive … you use it.

Not a lot, I absolutely don’t use it that much. I’m a actual alive observer. I am consistently on Twitter, but not consistently interacting with it. I accumulate my mentions off. I’ve done that for years and that’s out of self-preservation. It’s smart.

I did an account with Lena Dunham. She did the aforementioned thing. She gets asleep on amusing media.

Just killed.

She was account it for a continued time.

Yeah, you absolutely accept to stop. It’s a discipline. It absolutely is aloof a conduct of absolute restraint. I’m absolutely actual acceptable at it. Thanks. That’s my appropriate skill.


Restraint. I don’t apprehend what bodies say about me and that is actual acceptable to do that.

So what was the result? Did it cull you back? One of these things that I’m watching is bodies aback it happens. Bodies accuse about Twitter. I feel if you say article controversial, you’re aloof activity to accept to alive with what happens now because the acknowledgment is so all-inclusive and so …

It’s fast. It will consistently appear up in a Google chase about me, which is affectionate of a bad feeling. I acquainted sad for my kids in school. Bodies were talking about it in school. Ultimately, it afflicted the way that I anticipate of the appearance for sure, a little …

So how did it do that? Does it authority you aback then, because your appearance is …

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Because I noticed recently, no.

No, no, no, no. It doesn’t authority me back, but it afflicted my angle of the show. I assumption above-mentioned to that, I absolutely do accumulate aggregate actual baby in my brain. I’m a adult who grew up in Canada. I tend to accumulate the appearance on a actual account basis. I’m consistently spinning auto and efforting against authoritative a show. We accomplish the show. That’s great. I put it on a shelf. Alpha cerebration about the aing one.

It aloof occurred to me in this moment, “Okay, we absolutely are a allotment of the civic conversation.” It is altered now. We’re not an cipher appearance anymore. We’ve been accomplishing this for years now. Now we are established.

What you say matters.

Now we’re established. What we say has added consequence, hardly more. It doesn’t change the way that we access the show. It absolutely aloof afflicted my close psychology.

How does that apparent then?

I anticipate that if annihilation … I’m advertent these words as I’m adage them, actually, I haven’t absolutely anticipation about it a lot.

Good, alike better.

I anticipate that it has accustomed me added confidence. Does that … ? It makes no sense.

No, explain it.

It makes me accept that it’s absolutely accept to booty up added amplitude in the world. It absolutely is okay. So, we afflicted our appellation credits to reflect that.

Such as, explain.

In the aboriginal abundance of our appellation credits, I’m a tiny actuality continuing up and there are giants all around. In this abundance of the appellation credits, I’m the behemothic celebratory the world, from a altered perspective.

Tell me about that idea, because I did a absolutely abundant account with Jill Soloway area she was talking about the “male gaze” and demography up space. She absolutely physically got up and did a macho stance, which was absolutely absorbing because afresh you saw it physically, demography up amplitude and actuality the eyewitness rather than the observed. That’s about one of the abounding feminist things we can allocution about. It absolutely fabricated me anticipate about the abstraction of demography up amplitude and what’s happening, you were aloof talking about that idea. Cecile Richards was talking about the abstraction of the acerbity that is abashing bodies or the demography up amplitude or the aplomb that women are having.

I assumption I accept that the appearance has a altered action now. I absolutely accept that … I’ve announced about it before, but now it’s aloof in my bones. I get it now. It’s a abrasive acquaintance for us at the appearance and we are giving articulation to bodies who don’t accept their own shows to allege out. Bodies who don’t accept a platform. I aloof feel added chargeless to speak. If annihilation I aloof feel …

So it fabricated you added so, rather than …

Yeah, added so, I would say. I will allegedly not use that chat again. I begin it was …

Was that a mistake, that word?

I don’t anticipate it was a aberration because I abstruse a lot from it, actually. I accept it was aching for a lot of bodies in our admirers and I get that. I booty that on board. I accept that. I own that.

Is there annihilation off abject admitting then? Some things are then.

I anticipate some things are, but we’ve consistently had that. We’ve consistently acquainted that. There consistently are jokes that you would accomplish in alarm that you won’t accomplish on the show.

Which one? No, I’m kidding. Acquaint them all now. No one’s alert to this.

There’s accountable matter, too, that I would adulation to do a adventure about it, but how are we activity to acquaint that comedically?

Like what?

It’s amazing.

Tell me about it.

There was a adventure ages ago about the advance affliction arrangement in Mississippi and you aloof go, “Well, there’s annihilation in here. There is aloof no befalling for banter in here. This is aloof terrible.”


All the way down. Top to bottom. A lot of belief are like that, but at atomic you can acquisition the banter in them because there are able bodies that you can allege to. You can allege accuracy to power. In this situation, there’s aloof nothing. So, it’s not for us.

Not for you.

Not a adventure for us.

And you wouldn’t do added austere belief sometimes.

Well, maybe in a approaching apotheosis of my life.

Your “60 Minutes” show.

My “60 Minutes” appearance is still brewing.

Everyone’s activity to delay for you to accomplish a antic now.

I anticipate there’s a way to do these types of shows with an absorbing aspect after actuality allotment of the ball industry. I do anticipate there is a way to do it that is …

Right. Aback you’re cerebration about that … because you are acutely not aloof aggravating to be silly, because I anticipate a lot of the shows are that. They accept no comestible value. I don’t apperceive how abroad to put it. So abundant of television has become that way.

Well, I’m not …

Either a scream fest or a …

I anticipate that’s abundant for added bodies if they appetite to do that. I’m absolutely not, as a animal being, absorbed in aloof actuality entertained, with absorbing …


It doesn’t do annihilation for me. It’s not what I alone like. I’ve consistently said this about entertainment: I like addition to booty my duke and annoyance me into a apple and accumulate me there, accumulate my absorption for the time that I’m with them, and afresh advance me out the aperture and get rid of me. I don’t adulation affable things anymore.


I charge aloof to be taken to a abode forcefully. And listen, one of the shows …

Such as?

One of the shows I adulation the best is “Call the Midwife.” I’m in a world. You took me there. I accept it. I’m here.

The nurses, they’re good.

I’m a sightseer. It’s great.

They’re badass nurses.

They’re so badass. And afresh I’m gone. It’s good. It’s a acquittal for me. Or you know, the abhorrent shows, too. Horror shows.

What abroad do you watch?

God, what do I watch? Oh, you apperceive what I aloof …

Or what do you anticipate is ambience the tone?

I absolutely aloof started “The Americans.” Oh, I adulation it. It’s great. I’m consistently so blessed aback I can latch assimilate a thing.

A thing?

I like to appear to it seven years too late.

Yes, well. Did you watch “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?”

Yeah, it’s great. Aloof booty me to a place.

A place.

I feel like that’s how I see the show. That’s how I see this show, too. Booty you to a abode and see you later.

Okay. Kavanaugh hearings activity on appropriate now. Accord us a examination of aing week.

(Makes noise). I don’t know.

Can you do that babble again?

(Makes noise.)

That’s it, that’s your acclaimed noise.

That’s my face and my close aspect. I don’t know. I heard that Dr. Ford was accomplishing a abundant job. I was adage on a date beforehand today, I capital to run into a abbey and ablaze a candle for her. “Just be. Aloof allege what is in your heart. Allege what you remember.”

How did we get here? It’s astonishing. You and I were talking about …

How are we still here?

Yeah, I know. How are we still here?

How are we still here? How are the aforementioned bodies allurement questions that asked questions during Anita Hill? I listened to The Daily the added day, aloof a epitomize of Anita Hill. It was alarming for me how similar, it’s aloof the same. We still accept bodies saying, “But she was drunk. She went to 10 parties and got bashed at 10 parties. And bodies were accepting raped at those parties. Why didn’t she alarm the FBI?”

Right. That was the president.

Oh, my God.

Although he aloof said George Washington was bad.

That’s right. He’s acquirements things in absolute time and-

No, that George Washington thing, it was astonishing.

I know.

I was like, to be fair, he’s dead, so let’s move on.

Well, that was a admirable columnist conference.


I, at some point, I anticipate at 6:30 p.m. aftermost night, I was not watching his circuitous columnist conference, but I abstruse that it was still happening. I couldn’t accept it.

You aloof accumulate going. It’s aloof material.

It’s aloof a beck of consciousness.

So aback this is happening, aback you’re attractive at things like this, you’ve been accomplishing abundant added political actuality with how bodies are … not aloof the way media has changed, we’ve got cable news, we’ve got the Internet, you’ve got everything. How do you attending at that? Aback you accept a affair like Kavanaugh, it’s become … The aeon acutely has sped up and aggregate else, but how do you … It doesn’t assume like we’re affective anywhere, it’s that we’re accepting the aforementioned discussion, aloof quicker.

I don’t absolutely apperceive how to acknowledgment that question. We’re aloof experiencing it as it’s happening. Acutely it’s affecting us all absolutely deeply. It’s afflicted anybody in my appointment absolutely deeply. We’ve all had experiences.

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Every woman.

We’ve developed up in this world. Every woman I know.

Every woman.

Every woman.


And if you haven’t had an acquaintance or don’t apperceive any of the characters in this story, acceptable for you.

Right. Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

But, I’m cogent you, if this is new admonition for you, you charge accept had an amazing life.

Right. Right.

I’m actual jealous.

Where does it go? What happens? Because it does feel like … You acutely are blame over midterm changes and things like that, area does it go?

Well, hopefully all the ability that we accept is the ability of voting. We can absolutely booty aback this world, we aloof accept to advance in the abstraction that we are allotment of this system. We accept to booty it back.


We accept to booty aback to the power.

Do you anticipate that’s gonna happen?

I don’t know.


Don’t ask me, I don’t know! I fabricated a game! I’m accomplishing whatever I could do!

Right, right. But, do you brainstorm it will change?

Oh my God, well, I achievement so.


I achievement it does for … We were talking earlier, I achievement that my accouchement can abound up in a apple in which their animal adventures aren’t all coercion, you know? Aren’t all bodies acceptable them to do a affair that they’re not absorbed in accomplishing or aloof perpetrating it aloft them. Of advance I appetite to alive in a bigger world, starting young.

Right. Yeah. And aback you do this, you accept three kids, how do they alive in this apple with all this media advancing at them? You accept teenagers, or … ?

My kids … They’re still at the date of area they’re apathetic of me alert to the account all the time.


I anticipate that they’ve taken what they’ve taken. They absolutely apperceive affluence about the apple that we alive in. But they’re not bedeviled with it.

Like you are.

There’s a fair bulk of … I mean, the schools that they go to, they do a fair bulk of altercation of accepted events, so they accept a adolescent or a pre-teen’s appearance of the world, which is good. But, I bethink at 10 years old, afraid Ronald Reagan intensely.


And I anticipate that my accouchement feel the aforementioned way about Donald Trump. Not aloof because I’m cogent them to.


But because they’re acquirements about the things that he’s doing.

Right. Right. I appetite to accomplishment up talking about area ball is going. Aback you anticipate about you’re on television, you acutely use the internet, you aloof got bought by AT&T … chargeless buzz service? Do you get that?

I’m cat-and-mouse for my chargeless buzz service.

You’re not accepting annihilation chargeless annihilation from AT&T. How does that feel? Like it’s afflicted entertainment? Aback you started entertainment, it was appealing set: There was Hollywood, there was …

Yes, it was actual aloof to me.

Yeah, yeah. They didn’t acceptable you with accessible arms?

Didn’t acceptable me with accessible arms.

You know, aftermost night America Ferrara was onstage at this accident and addition said “Has Hollywood changed, for example?” And she said “What is that? Because I never got into Hollywood. What is Hollywood? It’s not a thing. It’s not a accumulation of six bodies in a allowance authoritative decisions.”

I’m additionally actual broken from that apple because we do our appearance in New York City and I alive in New York City and that’s aloof a altered vibe, entirely.


So, I don’t ankle about to Hollywood parties.

You don’t sashay?

And aloof like apperceive everybody. I don’t appear into a Hollywood affair and aloof like animation anybody to afterlife with my repartee.

“Hey Jennifer Lawrence, hey girl, how you doin’?”

“Finger guns! What’s up?!”

“Hey Larry David, what’s up?!”

That’s aloof absolutely not my apple at all.


So, I beggarly …

But, you do go to those things.



But, for me, the way that I apperceive it is that it’s work.


Yeah, I aloof amusement it as work, and accent out about it as admitting it’s work.


Because it is work.

Right. Right. Yeah.

That’s how I see it.

You’re affairs yourself.

Yeah, definitely. You know, I anticipate I’m an outsider. I think, alike admitting I accept a platform, and I have, you apperceive we were bought by AT&T … not all of these relationships, but all of these relationships abide affectionate of alfresco of my world.

That you’re not cerebration about.

Yeah. I don’t about anticipate about … That’s a luxury. I can see that that is a luxury, and I’m not 100 percent abiding why that affluence has been afforded to me, but great.

When you anticipate about that as a producer, and you’re authoritative shows, like you’re gonna accomplish added shows.


With your husband, you assignment calm on that?

We assignment calm on some things, not all things.

Some things. Aback you attending at all the Internet companies advancing in with the money, like Amazon and Netflix and others, and I was interviewing Jane Lynch the added day about this, like she said she doesn’t alike anticipate about it, whoever buys her stuff, she’s fine.


Do you brainstorm that’s gonna change the way things are, added accessibility for choir like yours? Or do you not …

I anticipate it’s a acceptable thing. I absolutely anticipate that is a actual advanced and absolute direction.

More people.

To accept added bodies with money, added bodies with … And listen, we accept to get bodies absorbed in added voices; we accept to accompany added bodies into the party, we accept to absolutely airing the airing of hiring absorbing bodies and new choir and bodies who don’t appear with a behemothic resume.


You accept to be artistic and ability into altered places to acquisition people, for sure.

Right. Right.

Otherwise it will be same, same, same.

Same, same, same.

But, to me, that’s a actual positive… I couldn’t accept absurd starting out at 27 attractive at … Like I would never accept looked at the big networks that existed and gone, “That will be me one day. Bodies will be talking about my latest …” You know?


Yeah. Never.


Not in a actor years.

Not in a actor years. So, do you feel that it’s accessible added or not?

I do feel like it’s accessible more. I mean, certainly, I did ball forever, absolutely with one of the producers of my show, Allana Harkin, we did ball for years in Toronto, and if YouTube had existed aback we were accomplishing our comedy, it would’ve been a absolutely altered experience.

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Different experience.

Completely altered dynamic.

So, I appetite to accomplishment up talking about area ball is now. Comics, well, you accept Bill Cosby actuality beatific to prison.


Yeah. Got perp-walked out, you’ve got Louis CK, you’ve got Norm Macdonald arresting Louis CK, what is the ball apple now? It’s gotten so asleep serious.

I’m not absolutely a allotment of it.


To be altogether honest.


I’m not a allotment of any abstruse society, if it does exist.


And I haven’t absolutely been arrive to it.

Yes you are. At times.

When I started “The Daily Show,” and my husband, aback we were alive there, we were actual acquainted that we aloof didn’t apperceive anybody. We don’t apperceive a lot of comedians, we aloof didn’t abound up in that, because we were alive in Canada. We don’t accept those relationships from when, “Remember the aboriginal canicule at the Groundlings, aback we were all calm and we lived in a two-bedroom apartment?” We don’t accept any of that. So we’ve consistently acquainted a little bit like we were an island. Not to say that I don’t accept affable interactions.


Sure, I’ve met added bodies now and it’s great, but I’m not absolutely bound to anybody because it’s not my world, in a way. It’s awe-inspiring to be … I’m aloof affectionate of on the bound of this world, a little bit.

To aloof go off and do this thing.

To go off and do this thing, and it’s not the affair that I … Accomplishing a ball appearance is great, I adulation it, I adulation the bodies that I assignment with. I accord it over to them completely. But, it’s not the abandoned affair in my life, and it’s not the aftermost affair I’ll anytime do.

That sounds rather healthy.

And I could airing abroad from it and be fine.

So, two aftermost things: What do you anticipate are the key capacity you accept to awning on your appearance now? You acutely focus a lot on #MeToo, you focus on … And that’s solved, apparently.

Yeah, we did it. Guys, we did it. I wouldn’t say that there’s any … It’s not like we accept accountable bulk that we go, “One day, we’ll awning this.” These women’s issues are actual important to me, because that’s who I am, but additionally I would additionally say immigrant issues are actual important to me, personally. That’s aloof a claimed and …

The Puerto Rican stuff. The state, that that’s a allotment of this country, was some of the arch absolute …

Oh, acknowledge you.

I was afraid by how affective it was.

Thank you. I would say that the refugee bearings is actual acute to me personally. These are aloof my claimed passions. I could see the aing appearance of my activity actuality absolutely different, and aloof cloudburst myself into …

Such as? That’s what I was gonna ask you.

Into alive with refugees.


Is a actual accessible abode that I could brainstorm my activity going. It’s a absolutely accessible administration for me to imagine.

And not actuality in entertainment?

For sure. Oh, geez, this is such a approaching conversation, but I could, 100 percent. I don’t charge to be in advanced of the camera forever. I would adulation to put shows in abode that I adulation the accountable matter, I’ll absolutely move in that administration of development for sure, but I could calmly move assimilate article else, alive on creating my own foundation.

Very few celebrities say that.

Oh, it’s great. I anticipate it’s good. Maybe it’s because I’m from Canada. I don’t know.

Do you like actuality a celebrity? Because you are, really.

Yeah, it’s nice. There’s perks, for sure.

Such as?

Let me anticipate about the perks. I affectionate of accept acceptable clothes. I like my clothes. What else? I assumption I was a appropriate chiffonier before, I consistently wore blazers, so there’s absolutely annihilation new there.

Your blazer.

Yeah, there’s absolutely new there.

Your blazer d is excellent.

It’s excellent, but it consistently was appealing good.

Was it?

People are actual nice to you. Bodies are nice to you alike aback they don’t charge to be. They aloof are, generally. You can usually get a restaurant reservation. Not always.

Good actuality in the handsome balloon or whatever.

A little bit. I don’t booty abounding advantage of it, that’s for sure.

Right, that’s catechism two. What’s gonna appear in this Kavanaugh thing?

I don’t know. I never like to leave things on a actual unpleasant, and I never appetite to say, “I don’t know, allegedly aforementioned as it anytime was.” Because it would be amazing if it wasn’t.


I would adulation that.

Have we fabricated progress, do you think?

Well, women are running. Women should be running. Women charge to.

Would you anytime run?

Me? Never. No. I abutment those who do.

No. All right. You abutment those who do.

I absolutely abutment those who do.

All right, say the app so that bodies can download it and vote.

This is Not a Game. This a game.

Very smart.

Please download it. It’s fun.

Where is it, the app store? Everywhere else?

Yeah, it’s the app store.

It’s a absolutely fun game, and Sam was actual admirable advancing to Silicon Valley, it was actual nice to see her, and you enjoyed the geeks, didn’t you?

Yeah, we had a abundant time.

They admired you. You came to Lesbians Who Tech, you came everywhere. Those lesbians array of gave you a lot of boxy advice, though.

They gave me abundant advice.


They gave me admonition that we 100 percent used. We acclimated all the admonition bodies gave us, alike the admonition you gave us.

Yeah, what did I say?

That we would absolutely fail.

Well, I’m animated to be wrong. I mean, we allegedly will eventually fail.

I’m sure.

But, I acknowledge it Sam, and acknowledge you so much. It’s a abundant game, it’s alleged This is Not a Game: The Game.

Thank you.

Please vote in the aing election, please.

God, please.

Please. Please. You charge vote, we can’t leave it all to groups that do vote.

Don’t leave it up to the added guys, please.

Yes, indeed. Anyways, Sam, it was abundant talking to you. Her appearance is alleged “Full Frontal,” it’s on TBS, and what division are you in?


And are you activity aing year? They aces you up?

Oh yeah. Yeah.

Yeah? They still keepin’ ya.

This ol’ action ax is gonna be about a lot longer.

And the buzz company.

Yeah. Yes.

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Sam, who works for the buzz company. It was abundant talking to you.

Thank you.

Thanks for advancing on the show.

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