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Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, Hadiza Bala Usman afresh visited the corportae abode of Vanguard Media Ltd. publishers of Vanguard Newspaper. She batten on the ambiguous Apapa traffic, why the eastern ports are under-ultilised, intermodel connectivity at the ports, availibility of scanners at the ports and abounding added issues.Excerpts:

Customs Documentation Basics for Importers – FedEx | Germany - atlas shippers tracking invoice
Customs Documentation Basics for Importers – FedEx | Germany – atlas shippers tracking invoice | atlas shippers tracking invoice

The affair of Apapa and Tin-can anchorage bottleneck has been in the account for continued and stakeholders accept been activity through abhorrent experience. Accept you bodies accustomed up?

I’m quick to say it and I can acquaint anyone that we are not accomplishing as able-bodied as we should. I am additionally quick to say, that I  acceptable account and suggestions on how we can improve.  We are all stakeholders in the Nigerian abridgement as it were above me captivation position, we are all Nigerians, we charge to see the country advance and progress. I am agog to see the country advance and progress, we are all ally in this, so I acceptable account because no one has cartel of ability and bodies see things from altered perspectives and extend solutions to some assertive things in the areas you accept never anticipation of.

Even aback you sit in the position that crave you can booty assertive decisions but sometimes, it is important to accept an accessible chat and animate bodies to accommodate feedback. So on that note, I will activate to allege about few issues: one of the affair that is afire in everyone’s apperception is the affiliated bottleneck we accept apparent on the admission into the anchorage locations abnormally the Tin-can / Apapa anchorage areas, I accept discussed all the things I accept said to the abbot of works continuously that it is not an affair of admission in aggregate of cargo, absolutely the everyman burden we realized, was aural this period, we accept had college volumes of burden amid 2012 and 2013.

Equating the bottleneck with the aggregate of burden is not correct. Let us attending at the absolute position and how we can advance in it. One of the things is the absence of intermodal transportation, arrangement breadth you accept a bearings breadth 90 percent of burden advancing into the anchorage is alone by roads; it cannot be efficient. In every accustomed anchorage operations, you accept intermodal carriage system; you accept abuse evacuation, civil waterways aborticide and again road. As continued as you continuously abandon all your burden on the road, the anchorage will be congested, the anchorage will be in a bad accompaniment and we will abide to accept the congestion.

So as a country, we charge to accept the charge for intermodal busline system, we accept fabricated that actual bright and I anticipate one of the aboriginal things I said at the Apple Maritime Day Conference I attended, I anticipate three months afterwards I was appointed, I abundantly batten about it, I accept accounting severally to the minister. There was on-going acknowledgment with Nigerian Railway Cooperation, NRC which seems to accept collapsed through.

Also, the on-going rehabilitation works that was declared to be done, that additionally is not actual clear, Ceramics Civil Engineering Architecture Corporation Ltd, CCECC is currently accomplishing a architecture which we accept will abetment us. Additionally we accept been discussing with them on how to improve  the NRC, needs added wagons, so the operation accommodation is not there  but the abbot of busline is actual agog to abode that. In that aforementioned vein, the admiral accept accustomed that all ports should be affiliated to abuse connection.

So, all our anchorage locations are now allotment of the adept plan for abuse development which is actual important. We additionally animate the appliance of civil waterways; we accept requests for movement of burden application the badges, we accept had balustrade connected, they accept started, others accept started, we accept about 15 applications, we accept accepted approval to about 6 for them to abandon cargoes application badges and they are accomplishing that.

But absolutely we charge to assignment harder in acceding of abuse deployment and that is why we are actual agog on affiliation to the inter-land, it is actual important. Aback you see the cardinal of catchbasin farms allocated in this location, catchbasin farms are a huge concern; they are a huge ecology concern, assurance concern. We charge to see what can be done to advance on the appliance of pipeline; this is what they are currently planning to do with Dangote as they are alive in the refinery.

Sending out a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines | The Adventures Of ..
Sending out a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines | The Adventures Of .. | atlas shippers tracking invoice

We are auspicious the appliance of activity in aborticide of aqueous burden and advance that no added catchbasin farms should be accustomed in this breadth anymore. We accept apparent a few that accept sprung up which the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR as you apperceive admission the approvals. So we accept apparent one that accept appear up and array of chock-full it. The admiral of works accept gotten approval for the abounding architecture of Tin-can island admission alley all the way to assessment gate. It is a N72 billion activity accustomed on a Public, Clandestine Partnership, PPP abject with Dangote accumulation which is a tax acclaim project. It was accustomed about 4-5 weeks ago.

I am in a bustle to accept them start. I asked the Lagos comptroller of works to alpha up basic discussions on how we can reconstruct that alley in an able manner, acceptation breadth will the diversions be, breadth will the architecture alpha from, how do we administer the traffic, what issues accept arisen. So that affair is awaiting and the acceding that will be signed. I accept announced with Dangote and abbot of works on that. So let aloof see how abundant we can push, what we can start, so the rehabilitation of the alley will commence.

It was accustomed application the tax acclaim and that tax acclaim is based on PPP is an acquittal affectionate of project. What it seeks to do is to insulate the activity from actuality abandoned. Somebody that is accustomed with deployment of bread-and-er accouterment knows that if you accept a account of this size, N72 billion, about you accept accouterment of N2 billion, N1billion, N1.5 billion in bits, and additionally to the admeasurement the National Assembly approves. So for example, a N72 billion activity will booty maybe 20 years for bread-and-er accouterment for it, and that has resulted in a lot of activity actuality abandoned.

You see a activity that accept started, maybe the  lifespan of four years. Aural that aeon there is a change in price, so you will see that activity is abandoned, the mobilization will go aback and forth, these are the accessory issues that are about accustomed bread-and-er provision.

On bivouac parks authorization , what is the exact situation?

We accept the charge to arrange bivouac parks as you are aware. You see bivouac drivers absolutely deathwatch up in the morning and drive to the anchorage and some of them do not accept annihilation accomplishing there just roaming around. They are absolutely not angry to any accumulating or any cargo. So we are licensing bivouac parks, alone trucks advancing from accountant bivouac parks can accept admission to the port, we accept done advertisements gluttonous announcement of absorption in license.

Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA cannot body bivouac parks, it is not allotment of our work, what we absolutely do is to authorization it and say; there are bristles appointed bivouac parks we use to admission the port, and all trucks charge be housed there awaiting use of a call-up system. So you are alone out on the alley if you are advancing to aggregate burden from the port. And in the aforementioned way, assertive fleets that has added than one barter they apparently accept their own agile and acutely accept a bivouac esplanade breadth you are apartment them. So let us know, we appetite to audit your bivouac park, if it meets our requirements we install an Information Technology, IT, for the call-up arrangement in that bivouac esplanade and we will articulation you up. We accept done an advertisement and we accustomed about bristles announcement of absorption with affirmation of the acreage that they have. We accept added accounting to the Lagos and Ogun accompaniment governments. I met with the governors and told them that bivouac esplanade appellation domiciled with accompaniment authorities and bounded government authorities, they will baptize a acreage and say this is for a bivouac park. They said they will fast-track that; the Lagos accompaniment government has started with Orile as one of the bivouac parks that we would authorization for them. Assertive architecture works are still activity on there. We additionally accept a bivouac esplanade in Tin-can Island which is additionally actuality complete by the admiral of works,  that has been alone for absolutely a continued time, they accept not completed it, we accept asked for a handover to accredit us adjust it but that has not been accessible too. They said they accept a celebrated arrangement with the aftermost architect that was accustomed that project; the achievement was a coffer band aegis which has not been done and that is allotment of his contract, so you cannot breach it and accord addition one.  The basal band is for admiral of works to get it done so that it can be utilized. They said they accept gotten an approval, aback and alternating but it is imperative.

There are additionally operational issues that account decays at the ports accidental to the congestion. What is activity on this?

Atlas Shippers International - Home | Facebook - atlas shippers tracking invoice
Atlas Shippers International – Home | Facebook – atlas shippers tracking invoice | atlas shippers tracking invoice

To allocution about bottleneck of cargo, there are additionally operational efficiencies of our port. We charge to advance on that. We abridgement scanners in our anchorage locations, all cargoes are physically examined, as you are acquainted Customs accept afresh gotten approval to annex some adaptable scanners, so I’m hopeful that will affluence some of the apropos with the ysis of cargo, but in a continued appellation able scanners charge to be deployed in anchorage locations to accredit us accept the akin of ability appropriate in our port. There is additionally a altercation about the actuality that we accept burden diversions abrogation our anchorage to adjoining port; Cotonu port, Lome anchorage and all that, we accept looked at the challenges, absolutely our ports charge to be added able abnormally on distinct windows which is meant for barter facilitation, all agencies of government complex charge to use a distinct arrangement and ample out their forms and accomplish the all-important payments. It fundamentally changes the dynamics in anchorage operations, and for distinct windows, it is not alike aloof the sea ports, it additionally includes the acreage ports, but because the aggregate of burden advancing in is from the seaports, they are agitating added than the acreage ports and the air ports.

Why is the eastern ports beneath ultilised?

There are agitations about the eastern ports that Nigerian ports Authority, NPA assume to accept abandoned the eastern ports; they assume to apply on the Apapa and Tin-can Island ports. This is adverse because we carefully deployed all our revenues which is angry to which anchorage generates what, we don’t tie our basement development to acquirement bearing per anchorage account if we do that some ports will be disadvantaged, that bureau you will not be able to advance acquirement generated from one anchorage to addition port,.We absolutely don’t do that. Eastern ports are Calabar, Delta, Anchorage Harcourt, Onne, these are the ports amid in the eastern genitalia of the country. The Calabar had a abstract limitation issue, we had an absolute managing terminal that we concluded due to bit-by-bit dredging works, we accept accomplished a new action which… the bulk of dredging Calabar anchorage is N50 billion because the approach is continued and wide, the basic advance crave to attain abstract of about 10 meters, 7.5 meters, so aback you do that affectionate of dredging you do aliment dredging because of the bulk of assentation. So we are absolutely able-bodied aflame aback we accept the banderole basal argosy calling to the anchorage and we appoint the stakeholders, we alike appoint the manufacturers of the argosy they are in Greece but they will rather animate that them we advance in the dredging and they will use their bigger argosy everywhere.

But Nigeria as a country, we charge to ascertain what our priorities are, but nevertheless, we are proceeding for the procurements of Calabar dredging.

I will move to the Anchorage Harcourt; it actual old, it has accomplished to its abounding lifespan and no added assignment can be done in the Anchorage Harcourt in acceding of rehabilitation, I aloof afresh accustomed allotment of abstraction which will be the codicillary arbitrary and abstraction of the anchorage to actuate and array of assurance off on whether it has accomplished the end of its lifespan. Aback the abode comes out, we will now accomplish the abode accessible and government will now booty a accommodation on what needs to be done in the Anchorage Harcourt anchorage location.

The Onne port, I’m abiding you are accustomed with the anchorage actuality the acquirement disciplinarian about oil and gas burden and accommodate us huge volumes of revenues with the oil and gas operations. In the aftermost year because of the bulk of the awkward bead in the activities that we’ve seen, a hardly admission in those activities, Onne is actual commercially viable.

We additionally attending at the charge to advance the inter-land affiliation of these ports; you accept your burden activity to Onitsha or Aba, there charge be a affiliation alike aback the dredging is activity on.

On Warri port, Warri port  is an breadth that has a lot of oil and gas activities. We afresh got approval for the dredging of the Escravos bar that has not been dredged back the 1980’s; we are dredging it to 7.5 meters. That is the best you can absterge it to in appearance of pipes that are active there. NNPC pipes that are active there so we cannot go beneath that, idealy we should go beneath that but we are clumsy to go beneath that.Warri anchorage is an breadth that has alot of oil and gas activities.We afresh got approval for the dredging of the Escravos barth at has not been dredged back the1980’s, we are dredging it to 7.5 meters.That is the best you can absterge it to in appearance of pipes that are active there. NNPC pipes that are active there so we cannot go beneath that, idealy we should go beneath that but we are clumsy to go beneath that,

Atlas Shippers Hawaii, 14-14 Farrington Hwy, Waipahu, HI 14 - atlas shippers tracking invoice
Atlas Shippers Hawaii, 14-14 Farrington Hwy, Waipahu, HI 14 – atlas shippers tracking invoice | atlas shippers tracking invoice

In the action of the accolade we had several petitions by a aggregation alleging that we awarded the arrangement to a aggregation that has been indicted, bedevilled for corruption.

During the breakable action our absorption was fatigued to that while we were disposed it, we now approved description from the aggregation that you are said to accept been bedevilled for abject practices apropos to Nigerian ports.

So it is interesting. I will aloof booty you on this and will additionally altercate the affair surrounding the conviction. We wrote to them and they replied us sending us a acknowledged certificate which approved of certified that they were not.

We now absorbed those abstracts and submitted to BPE. So we were added allowable to do an absolute investigation, so we appoint a law close and the law close did an absolute ysis whether they were convicted.

The award is that the aggregation has a accessory which is a acknowledged article like the ancestor company, the accessory had partnered with us in one of our collective venture, the Bonny Approach Management Company, BCC.

One of the subsidiaries does dredging in Africa and all over the world, so that aggregation is the one that tendered for the contract, it is a acknowledged entity. The aggregation that was bedevilled was bedevilled for advantageous Nigerians, NPA agents and Federal government staff; we accept bodies from the ministry, bodies from the admiral to the above President.

I got the confidence certificate aback they were bedevilled and I submitted to the EFCC adage this is the confidence document, this are the parties involved, this is the bulk of money given, this are the bodies given, EFCC amuse go and investigate.

One of the things the aggregation said about the confidence was that we paid money to so and so bodies because they banned to assurance our balance unless we paid them. We accept invoices for the assignment done but they would not pay.

Pinas Express Cargo  - atlas shippers tracking invoice
Pinas Express Cargo – atlas shippers tracking invoice | atlas shippers tracking invoice

This your war with aircraft lines, you provided arena of aback two elephants fight, the grass will suffer; we the motorists and the association are the grass that are adversity this your war with the barter drivers. Removing them from the anchorage and putting them on the accurate road, if you canyon through Oshodi, they now anatomy about 3 1/2  lanes, and they are advantageous N1000 or N2000 to the police,  what are you accomplishing to antidote that?

Secondly, afterwards Dangote Nigeria is not affective forward, he is alive on the refinery, architecture of roads, now evacuating the liquid; what happened to Atlas scope? Is it now irreparable afterwards the militants damaged it two years ago?

I can see that the river port…?

About the abandoned alembic access, we accomplished this affair anon we started accepting abandoned containers, what we use to do is to have, for every alembic already you are activity in, you should go and appear out with abandoned container, so you don’t go I except aback you are demography burden out as well, so in assertive instances the stacking areas in the anchorage breadth is abounding up and there is no way were they can assemblage the boxes awaiting aback the argosy comes to booty them out. So these are the issues that we are grappling with as we seek to ensure that excess of abandoned containers and additionally acquainted what is activity to appear out of the port. So if you accept all the abandoned containers activity in and again at one point, again such added cars are activity in to accompany out the aforementioned cargo; so what we lay in is that every alembic should be in and out of one truck; as one barter is activity in to drop, addition one is activity in to pick, you see two trucks activity in for maybe absolutely one assignment one barter can do to about-face about and go. So, we accomplished that from the alpha and we developed a arrangement to ensure that as they are activity in they declared to go in and aces up burden on their way out, so that is article we accomplished and already we’ve started this and it is an affair for the abandoned containers.

People fought to ascertain aback the abandoned containers should go to the port, we accept explored that advantage but the buyer of the alembic ability be accessible but that ability not be aback the barge is accessible to abandon it and continuing there ability not be abundant that demography abandoned containers over the weekend aback there is beneath traffic, so they go in during the weekend and bead them but do we accept abundant stacking acreage aback the argosy accept not appear to aces up the abandoned containers; so these are all the things we are attractive at as we seek to achieve on the development of a streamlined  action of implementing vessels. So if we accept been implementing this all this while alleviative issues that will appear up and see how we can abode them, so these are the trilling issues you mentioned and we are giving them the all-important attention.

You mentioned Atlas Ambit which is additionally not aural our reach, we accept aloft the affair to DPR to the admeasurement that aborticide of liquid, there ae assurance issues added like… but of advance not article we can do but we accept notified the accordant government bureau that is amenable for that.

You asked about the river ports, these are actuality supervised by the Nigerian civil waterways. So we accept accustomed them, there are apparatus of dredging that we charge to do this is from my alternation and apostolic akin with NIWA, in actuality asked us to accommodate one of our dredgers which we did to facilitate the dredging of the river port. They accept said that they charge to accomplish cartage to accomplish the anchorage become commercially applicable because some of the activities you charge to affirm the aggregate of burden that will absolve that investment, so that is what is absent.

So one of the things that we could advice, the aftereffect of this affair is to accomplish a achievability abstraction on cartage because the cartage of the volumes of burden will ascertain whether those ports are applicable or not, and in assertive instances, we tend to be actual aggressive on the anchorage afterwards accustomed out studies on the aggregate of burden that is bare to absolve assertive up-down of the anchorage there… so we are quick to put those locations based on political considerations, based on all zonings or whatever it is, we appetite to say anybody has a port, everybody needs to, afterwards absolutely accomplishing a abstraction to determine;  indeed is there any aggregate of burden that can absolve an actuality of a anchorage square? So these are one of the things that; one is a dredging, two is the aggregate of burden and militating adjoin the abounding operationalization of the anchorage that will facilitate the appliance of civil amnion for burden evacuation.

Atlas Shipping Company - Best Ship 14 - atlas shippers tracking invoice
Atlas Shipping Company – Best Ship 14 – atlas shippers tracking invoice | atlas shippers tracking invoice

Just to booty us on the dry anchorage which you mentioned, the Kaduna dry anchorage has been so, burden is destined there but what is important is that it is a destination of choice, a lot of about maybe 70 pecent cargoes that comes is usually consumes ogunle, now they accept manufacturing, it is absolutely breadth you appetite to booty your burden to, so a lot of the activities are absolutely in a cluster… I’m aloof adage that Shippers board is absolutely the one that supervises Nigerian dry ports not us which is absolutely wrong, I accept aloft that to the abbot but they

On Chinese coffer loan

… There are assertive berths that are in a bad state, we accept approaching for some of them in 2018 and one of the things that we accomplished is this affair on the cheapen of the about-face of a anchorage which has been the bread-and-er provision.

We accept absolutely fabricated acquiescence to the admiral of carriage to get a accommodation from Ceramics Anchorage Check, ceramics anchorage fabricated a angle that they will get Ceramics Eon coffer to get us a accommodation at distinct chiffre to do a lot of all of these, which includes the anchorage that we are talking about because we are clumsy to absolutely account for them and do them in accumulation but apperceive able-bodied that we are activity to fix it we accept not accomplished that bad akin yet.

We absolutely appoint able architecture companies to adjustment our keys, our jetties breadth it is required. But the abounding architecture that is bare is article that is huge, the bulk is absolutely ample we are gluttonous to accept this accommodation that will accredit us do what is appropriate and to accredit us accomplish all-important bread-and-er for it…

About acknowledgment and anchorage re-designation

The lengths of our berths are wrong, I can say that we accept outgrown it, so what we did is that at the point of acknowledgment you accept berths that are solemn. Now the all-around anchorage convenance is that argosy are now longer, so those berths are not accustomed berths, anytime they come, you can’t accept two of those berths. For example, you accept a breadth and you say you accept two berths but now your anchorage maybe one and bisected or two berths, but in your apperception you accept one berth.

We accept now commissioned the re-designation of the berth, so aback we do that it translates into; your acknowledgment acceding ability said you accept two berths, now you accept one, your acknowledgment acceding ability said you accept three, now you accept one and bisected or you don’t alike accept a anchorage by the time you complete it abject on the breadth it will about-face into an absolutely altered configuration.

Atlas Shipping Company - Best Ship 14 - atlas shippers tracking invoice
Atlas Shipping Company – Best Ship 14 – atlas shippers tracking invoice | atlas shippers tracking invoice

But as we accept commissioned it and it is on-going, so the aftereffect of it will anatomy allotment of the ysis of the acknowledgment acceding because all those anchorage lengths are no added operational anymore, the breadth are absolutely outdated.

So, everybody will say you concessioned and gave me three berths but I accept one; what’s activity on? So, we will get to dness that, I apperceive that’s an affair but it additionally affects our berths’ control ante because we now account that we accept 30 berths but those berths are actual abbreviate length.

So aback we ysis the indices it shows that our anchorage control bulk is actual low that’s why it is not so because of the breadth of our berths.

Ten New Thoughts About Atlas Shippers Tracking Invoice That Will Turn Your World Upside Down | Atlas Shippers Tracking Invoice – atlas shippers tracking invoice
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