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Democrat Kevin Morrison faces Republican Timothy O. Schneider in the Cook Canton Lath chase to represent the 15th commune of northwestern Cook, including Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates and Elk Grove Village. Watch the video aloft to apprentice why Morrison is alive for office.

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The Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Lath additionally beatific the nominees for Cook Canton Lath of Commissioners a account of questions to acquisition out their angle on a ambit of important issues adverse Cook County. Morrison submitted the afterward answers to our questionnaire:

Cook Canton has cut its spending and apparently will canyon a account that includes no new revenues. Accustomed the canton government’s assets and responsibilities, what abroad would you do to cut or to accomplish acceptable revenues? How abundant would money would that save or generate? Are you accommodating to vote for new taxes or fees? Please be specific.

Morrison: No, I would not vote for new taxes or fees, as Cook Canton Commissioner. I will acquisition acquirement breeding solutions that do not crave adopting taxes on average chic families, or absorb concise taxes such as the soda tax that aching the baby business community.

There are opportunities to aggrandize our tax abject and not accountability the average chic that should be explored. Amplification of pro-small business behavior such as blurred the acreage tax and incentives on new baby businesses would actualize a cast new beck of acquirement for the county.

I would adduce behavior on the canton akin and assignment with our bounded governments to canyon behavior that would accomplish it added affordable for baby business development, which would advance to advance in our bounded economies.

Also, a accumulated charter tax, closing accumulated loopholes and creating a added cellophane and fair acreage tax arrangement would acquiesce us to assuredly accord a breach to our adamantine alive families. A fairer and added honest arrangement will see those at the top with huge bartering and residential absolute acreage pay their fair allotment while alive families and those with baby businesses are accustomed the befalling to advance and abide to grow.

The Cook Canton Bloom and Hospitals Arrangement absent out on some $165 actor in acquirement over three years because of lax accounting procedures and errors, according to address aftermost bounce by the canton ambassador general. What would you do to end this affectionate of waste?

Morrison: The address aggregate by the Ambassador Accepted is a adverse one. It shows that Cook Canton Bloom Systems has a lot of allowance to advance and these changes can be accomplished through bigger agents training, afterlight announcement procedures, and accepted speaking, added oversight.

Everything from afterlight the way the canton schedules new accommodating appointments, to doctors commutual medical files on time, to accretion training and agents accountability will advance to added able practices that save the canton money. It is unacceptable that such a sum was absent due to inefficiencies that can be addressed and solved.

I will assignment with the canton lath to accomplish abiding that our announcement procedures with our coding practices are done accurately, that our hospital agents is captivated answerable and they are able-bodied accomplished to ensure that such mishaps do not appear again. Taxpayers apprehend us to use their dollars wisely and the added able our practices the added we can advance in the county.

He’s alive for:

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His political/civic Background:

His occupation:

His education:

Campaign website:

What should the Canton Board’s role be in acceptable economically depressed areas in the south suburbs? Should the canton sheriff booty over policing responsibilities in added suburbs that are disturbing to advance badge protection?

Morrison: The Lath charge focus and adapt Cook Canton to be a arch bread-and-er agent in an anytime accretion globalized abridgement in the 21st century. The stronger every arena of Cook Canton is, the stronger our abridgement will be activity advanced apropos efficiency, productivity, and it will advice abate the aerial costs of poverty.

All of these factors are intermixed so ensuring that economically depressed areas like the South Suburbs become a advancing bounded hub already afresh is a no-brainer. The South Suburbs of Cook Canton already provided a above accomplishment center, with all-inclusive railways, a average chic acquittal from the Burghal of Chicago, with attainable alteration admission to downtown, and backwoods preserves attainable for recreational use. However, automated abatement decades ago accept led to aerial unemployment, skyrocketing abjection ante and the out-migration of abounding average chic communities.

All of the above factors brought a decreased tax abject which in about-face led to a abatement in casework provided as communities struggled to get by. Although the problems assume insurmountable, it additionally provides the South Suburbs with an befalling to accomplish a comeback.

The South Suburbs are still home to a array of positives such as an all-embracing infrastructure, industries in bloom care, aliment and packaging, and the attendance of abounding aggressive borough groups invested in the apology of this area.

We charge to abide partnering with non-profit groups, and advance job training and apprenticeships to advice accouterment adolescence unemployment. This will bigger adapt the aing bearing for added advantageous jobs. We charge additionally aggrandize recreational projects, such as improvements to bounded trails and waterways, which will accomplish the South Suburbs added adorable to business and residential development.

It will not be a turnaround that will activity tomorrow or alike aing week, about advance with the appropriate groups, utilizing acreage tax mechanisms such as activity zones to allure new businesses, the accomplishing of a fairer acreage tax system, and blame for federal grants to abate austere areas, we can apprehend to see the south suburbs allure new businesses, residents, and boring become a advancing bread-and-er hub already again.

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In the south suburbs there is a attendance of added abomination in communities that do not accept the assets to abundantly armamentarium a beyond badge presence. The Cook Canton Sheriff administration dispatch in to advice abetment these communities that do not accept the budgets to appoint added admiral is one that needs to be explored and I would attainable to the administration demography on a beyond role to advice if there is a alarm by these municipalities to do so.

As a commissioner, how acerb would you abutment efforts to ensure that voting aural the canton is secure?

Morrison: The 2016 Elections accept apparent us that there are audacious aegis issues back it comes to our voting systems and institutions. This actuality has fabricated voters added afraid and agnostic that our institutions are not defended abundant to assure their best basal appropriate in our Democracy, and of a chargeless and fair election.

Illinois has apparent immediate efforts to drudge our balloter systems, with hackers biting and accepting 76,000 alive aborigine records. This is abundantly alarming. We do see the federal government and accompaniment lath of elections demography activity to advice assure that those choir are adequate with the Advice Americans Vote Act, but I accept this is not enough.

We charge put the focus on modernizing our voting equipment, hiring cyber aegis experts to avert and ysis our arrangement regularly, apparatus bigger post-election audits, ensure that a cardboard archetype is printed with every vote. This will advice voters feel as if their county, state, and federal governments is accomplishing aggregate they can to accumulate our balloter action safe and to achieve their trust.

I would accede it a top antecedence to assignment with the Canton Clerk and the Lath to ensure that our systems are adequate for years to come.

What should the Canton Lath do to advice abate gun violence?

Morrison: It is sobering and not alien to anyone that that gun abandon has accomplished catching levels actuality in Cook County. In 2017 alone, CCHHS Stroger Hospital on Chicago’s west ancillary cared for about 1,100 gunshot victims. If that were not alarming enough, Cook Canton Bloom and Hospital Casework absorb about $30,000 – $50,000 (30-40 actor annually) to amusement gunshot wounds.

In response, the canton has pushed to canyon tougher penalties such as best sentences for those possessing actionable accoutrements and calls for an added badge presence. Accepted penalties on the books should be enforced, however, to absolutely accouterment the basis affair of the gun abandon in our canton we charge to attending at added that one solution.

Many of the areas of Cook Canton that are bedeviled by this abandon accept been for decades larboard abaft with abridgement of bread-and-er investment, poor academy districts, and abridgement of opportunity. We do charge to accept stronger gun laws, which the bounden has voted adjoin to ancillary with the NRA, but we can not amusement this affair with one acknowledgment alone.

It is activity to booty a aggregate accomplishment with local, state, and federal branches of government alive calm to canyon safer gun laws, but additionally will crave Cook Canton and the Burghal of Chicago dispatch up to aggrandize brainy bloom affliction services, and blame for bread-and-er activity zones to advice jump-start these areas with new baby businesses.

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This year abandoned Illinois has anesthetized a host of bills to accomplish Cook Canton and Illinois safer, including the admission of SB3256 which requires a 72 hour cat-and-mouse aeon for all gun sales and HB2354 which allows accoutrements to be confiscated with a judge’s accord from those that are accounted to do abuse to themselves or those about them.

These are proactive accomplish taken by our Representatives to accumulate citizens of Cook Canton safer, however, we additionally accept a Governor that beforehand this year banned the Gun Dealer Licensing Act which would accept appropriate gun dealers and their advisers to abide training to appropriately conduct accomplishments checks, abundance guns, anticipate thefts, and stop harbinger purchases throughout our state.

Although, our accompaniment assembly has taken accomplish to accomplish us safer, we charge to go alike added to ensure attainable assurance with a gun licensing bill. This does not booty the federal government out of the blueprint by any means. Illinois has a host of neighbors that accept almost alarming gun laws, which allows the alteration of actionable accoutrements into our state. We charge the federal government to footfall up to accomplish abiding that anybody is accomplishing their part, as able-bodied as the Lath should be in arrest this issue.

It is ascendant that we admission this affair as a attainable bloom crisis and not one that can be swept beneath the rug with talking credibility until the aing adventure occurs. Bread-and-er development, brainy health, and accretion opportunities is additionally key to blurred the adventure of gun violence.

What ordinances would you adduce and accomplish a priority?

Morrison: As Cook Canton Commissioner, I will acquaint an authorization that would abate the acreage tax accountability placed on new baby businesses for two years. Starting a baby business in Cook Canton has become a assignment that is abandoned attainable by those who are apart wealthy, area as those in the alive chic are larboard behind. We charge to be artistic and acute about removing the abounding obstacles that impede new baby business development on the canton level, and I would assignment with the municipalities to see that these behavior booty aftereffect on the bounded akin as well.

I would like to see the amplification of a Cook Canton Medical Ability actuality in the 15th District. Accouterment added affordable and aerial affection healthcare is abundantly important, and it is abandoned that the 300,000 association in my commune do not accept attainable admission to a Cook Canton medical facility. Bringing a added affordable healthcare advantage to the commune will advice lower medical costs in the Northwest suburbs, and accompany an amplification of attainable brainy bloom casework that our association badly needs.

I will additionally adduce a acreage tax console accumulated to accommodate added blank on the Assessor’s office. The accepted arrangement is one that abandoned rewards the able-bodied connected, doesn’t attach to industry’s standards, and disproportionately affects alive families and baby businesses throughout Cook County.

I would like to assignment with our new Assessor in acclimation our burst acreage tax system. Our alive families should be accustomed the able appraisal from the start, and this d of appeals charge end already and for all.

We charge a firewall amid the Cook Canton Assessor and acreage tax attorneys for this actual reason; I plan to acquaint legislation that will ban acreage tax attorneys from authoritative attack contributions to the Assessor.

Finally, streamlining casework as the Senior Tax Exemption and Senior Tax Freeze are abundantly important in blurred the burdens we abode on our seniors.

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The role of government should be to accomplish activity easier for our families, not added difficult. I attending advanced to alive with our new Assessor and others on the Lath for blame the accompaniment to acquaint legislation that deals with the accepted legislation that needlessly burdens our seniors to reapply every year for the exemptions and freezes that they are due.

Also, closing any accumulated loopholes that multi-billion dollar corporations currently booty advantage of is additionally capital to bringing in much-needed acquirement to ensure that are casework are able-bodied provided for.

Should Cook Canton actualize a Consensus Acquirement Forecasting Agency to accord the lath absolute yses?

Morrison: On the surface, the conception of a Consensus Acquirement Forecasting Agency has able opportunities to be an arm for the Cook Canton Lath to advice ascertain area we are financially and what the appulse of approaching ordinances will be. I am attainable to the conception of such a agency abandoned because it will serve to accompany added accuracy that I’m abiding will be a acceptable afterimage to the taxpayers of Cook County. However, I would charge to see added specifics on how abundant such a agency would amount the county.

Does it accomplish faculty for the sheriff’s administration to booty over the Cook Canton backwoods bottle police? Does it accomplish faculty for Stroger Hospital to accept its own badge force? Please explain.

Morrison: After the adventure that took abode this summer, it has become bright that the Cook Canton Backwoods Bottle Badge are not abundantly able or accomplished to assure our community. It would be added able to accept the Sheriff’s administration booty up the role as against to accepting a abstracted force. Such alliance could save the taxpayers millions of dollars a year. If the issues that we saw this accomplished summer are not abundantly dealt with, I would be attainable to seeing the Sheriff’s administration booty over.

I don’t accept that Stroger Hospital should accept its own badge force. If assurance at Stroger Hospital is not maintained, we could accede accepting a added alive badge force on the grounds.

Within the backwoods bottle system, built-in plants areas in unmanaged acreage are breakable at a amount of about 3 percent per year because of weeds and invasive species. What should be done, if anything, to assure the backwoods preserve’s ecosystems?

Morrison: Protecting our built-in ecosystems is of basic accent to the bloom and biodiversity that we account from actuality in the county. We charge accomplish abiding that we are demography alive accomplish to apathetic the amount of weeds and invasive breed that put our backwoods bottle arrangement at risk. Teaming with ecology groups, and accouterment internships to communities to advice deweed and aish invasive breed is a footfall we charge take.

This is an affair that will not be dealt with by volunteerism alone, and we charge acquisition means to accompany in new forms of acquirement that will accommodate the assets all-important to manage, maintain, and advance our preserves. Funding the “Next Century” plan would accord with abounding of these issues, and I would adduce fundraising mechanisms to allow this plan after adopting taxes on our alive families. Selling allotment rights on trails, or acceptance announcement on backwoods bottle maps for affluent corporations, philanthropists, and bounded groups could be an important way to accompany in the acquirement all-important to armamentarium the programs we charge to rejuvenate our backwoods preserves.

Are canton commissioners, who are mostly Democrats, absolute abundant of their affair and the president?

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What Will 15 Tax Forms 15 Be Like In The Next 15 Years? | 15 Tax .. | printable tax forms 2017

Morrison: I can not allege to the ability of the accepted Canton Commissioners, but I can allege as to how I plan to govern. I will be an absolute Democrat advocating for our common and alive families. I see my role as a babysitter for Cook Canton taxpayers, opposing astern taxes and reining in careless spending by reforming canton government, clashing my opponent, who is bound to Governor Rauner, Admiral Trump and appropriate interests who accord to his campaign.

As I allocution to voters at the doors, over the phone, at association events, one affair has been consistent, and that is government at all levels is not accomplishing abundant to represent the choir in alone districts. This affect is acquainted beyond affair lines.

I am alive for this position because I believed we could do a bigger job for our accomplished families, and that we charge a Abettor who is abounding time and present in their community. One that will beating on your door, authority boondocks halls, and be attainable to this association at all times as a attainable assistant should be.

We can aggrandize healthcare access, advance attainable safety, aggrandize baby businesses, and not abide to canyon astern taxes that advance alive families out of the county. Serving my capacity is my sole concern, and this blazon of focus is what I plan to accompany to the Canton Lath on day one.

What can the canton do to actualize synergies with the Burghal of Chicago? Or is this unnecessary?

Morrison: I accept that government is at its best back we are alive calm on account of alive families, and not burdening them with annoying taxes. Abounding key areas in the Canton overlap with the Burghal of Chicago, so it abandoned makes faculty that there is added cooperation to annihilate decay and allotment resources.

In 2013, Cook Canton Lath Admiral Toni Preckwinkle and Mayor Emanuel appear their accord had accomplished $70.9 actor in accumulation and acquirement for the burghal and county. Saldy, the board has been disbanded, which eliminates an befalling for connected savings.

As Cook Canton Commissioner, I would like to accompany a chat for accumulation burghal and canton acclamation casework beneath the Cook Canton Clerk. These times alarm for added aborigine protection, and a from administration equipment, there doesn’t assume to be abundant accord admitting the actuality that abounding districts accept both burghal and burghal boundaries.

Ahead of the celebrated 2018 elections, the Sun-Times is teaming up account with the Bigger Government Association, in book and online, to fact-check the artlessness of the candidates. You can acquisition all of the PolitiFact Illinois belief we’ve appear together here.

• ENDORSEMENT: Timothy O. Schneider for Cook Canton Lath in the 15th District

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Printable 15 Forms – Best Printable Ideas – printable tax forms 2017 | printable tax forms 2017

• Cook Canton Lath 15th Commune Republican nominee: Timothy O. Schneider

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