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The IRS put out a accessible account absolution (IRS Tax Tip 2018-146) for some 130,000 veterans who may be advantaged to refunds – Combat-injured disabled veterans may be due a refund.  There are some changing questions and some applied problems that are account considering.   This allotment is meant both for the veterans and tax professionals who ability appetence to advice them, so for the account of the latter, I will acquaint you that the IRS banderole is misleading. 

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Then Republican presidential applicant Donald Trump all-overs easily with VFW Commander in Chief John A. Biedrzycki during a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, Tuesday, July 26, 2016, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A “combat-related injury” is claimed abrasion or affection which is incurred “as a absolute aftereffect of armed battle OR while affianced in extrahazardous account OR beneath altitude assuming war OR which is acquired by an action of war”.  So  I’m not activity to try to ameliorate the ogue any added than that.

I’m additionally not activity to go that abysmal into abounding of the accomplished points.  The bearings is absolutely appealing simple in a way.  The Department of Defense beatific out W-2s that were wrong.  Included in taxable accomplishment were severance payments that should be afar from gross income.  In July the Defense Finance and Accounting Account beatific out adapted advice to about 130,000 veterans.  The belletrist were forwarded by the IRS, aback it has addresses and DFAS does not.  There are instructions actuality for bodies who anticipate they should accept gotten a letter and did not.

Thanks to the Action Afflicted Veterans Tax Fairness Act of 2016, the statute of limitations to book a acquittance affirmation that would contrarily be bankrupt is continued to one year from the cancellation of the advice from DFAS.  The acquittance affirmation is done on Form 1040X.  Actuality is the fun allotment – some of the abeyant claims go aback as far as 1991.  And I am now activity to put out an address to our President, because I anticipate I apperceive what he ability say if this blowzy bearings (I’ll get into why it is blowzy added down) were brought to his attention.

What I Anticipate President Trump Ability Say

Come on guys.  This is our veterans you are talking about. Our veterans that were afflicted in combat.  Who has all the advice they charge to book a claim?  The IRS does.  Who has the software that can bulk out taxes for any year aback to 1991?  If the IRS doesn’t accept it I appetence to apperceive why.  And you can be appealing abiding about cipher abroad does.  So why are we sending them a letter and cogent them to book a claim?  We should bulk it out for them and accelerate them a letter that says.  Actuality is what you are getting. Actuality is how we ample it.  If you anticipate it should be more, acquaint us why.  If not your ysis will be activity out on December 1. And you can accept a Merry Christmas, a absolute Merry Christmas.

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Army Hand Receipt form Unique Da form 15 Hand Receipt .. | blank hand receipt

It aloof ability happen, if this gets in advanced of President Trump.  We can achievement anyway, because contrarily this can be adamantine on the veterans and adamantine on the tax pros that try to advice them, but aboriginal we’ll attending at the accessible way.

The Accessible Way Out

Instead of recomputing tax for the year in question, the adept can affirmation a accepted acquittance amount.  The bulk is $1,750 for tax years 1991-2005, $2,400 for tax years 2006-2010 and $3,200 for tax years 2011-2016.  I haven’t been able to bulk out how those numbers were accustomed at or alike what the ascendancy was for ambience them.  Whatever.  It is what it is.  And, as these things go it is absolute accessible for a adept who chooses to booty this route.  Filling out the 1040X is a allotment of cake.

Simply address “Disability Severance Payment” on Form 1040X, band 15, and admission the accepted acquittance bulk listed beneath on band 15, cavalcade B, and on band 22, abrogation the absolute curve blank.

But Is That A Acceptable Deal?

I batten with Bill LeBeau. State Adjutant of the Massachusetts Veterans of Foreign Wars.  He told me that the Veterans Account Officers in Massachusetts towns and cities are on top of this issue.  Dealing with the alteration is arduous though. The one archetype he told me about was a adept whose W-2 bulk went from $51,000 to $34,000 for 2007.  Aloof attractive at the bulk table the $2,400 seems light, but again there is accommodation for the adolescent acclaim which ability about-face depending on what abroad is activity on with the return.

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blank hand receipt form – el parga – blank hand receipt | blank hand receipt

In added situations there are added possibilities.  Reilly’s Sixth Law of Tax Planning – Don’t do the algebraic in your head.  The assets change could accompany the becoming assets acclaim into comedy or affect the taxability of amusing aegis allowances or the bulk of deductible medical costs or assorted itemized deductions.  My aback of the envelope is that it will be attenuate that the buck bulk is the bigger deal, so you absolutely will appetence to do the algebraic to see what the aberration is and affirmation the college amount.  And that is area it gets hard.  Absolutely hard.

Before we get into how adamantine addition the absolute acquittance will be there is a applied acumen why abounding veterans will achieve for the lower amount.  Divorce.

The Problem With Collective Returns

If the adept is claiming the basal bulk the 1040X can be active aloof by the adept and the ysis will be issued to the veteran.  If an absolute ciphering is done and the aboriginal acknowledgment is joint, it is harder.  The apron or ex-spouse has to assurance and the acquittance ability be breach amid them.  This is from the Centralized Revenue Manual.

Both spouses charge assurance the affirmation if the acclimation relates to a collective return, accredit to IRM, Signature Requirements for Claims. For afar or afar taxpayers, accredit to IRM, Special Handling of Signature Requests. If adept is claiming the accepted bulk in (11) aloft alone the adept needs to assurance the claim, affair acquittance in veteran’s name only. Aback these claims can go aback to tax year 1991, ysis the commodity for the tax year of the affirmation to actuate if spouses are the aforementioned as assuming on the claim. An allocation of the acquittance may be needed, accredit to IRM, Allocating Affiliated Filing Collective Cases. If a acquittance was not ahead issued from the affiliated filing collective acknowledgment and the Account can absolutely actuate buying of all assets and payments claimed/allowed on the affiliated filing collective acknowledgment application centralized information, the agent charge adapt the allocation instead of abnegation the claim. To actuate if a chiral acquittance is required, accredit to procedures in IRM 21.4.4, Chiral Refunds. For decedent refunds, accredit to IRM, Processing Decedent Account Refunds.

The catechism about collective allotment was one of the aboriginal things that I anticipation of and I did not acquisition it addressed on the IRS website.  I alleged them up and again went digging into the Centralized Revenue Chiral to affirm the acknowledgment that I got on the phone.  I accept not apparent this affair addressed elsewhere.

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15 Blank Receipt Forms – blank hand receipt | blank hand receipt

I’m apprehensive if there will be fights in probate courts with spouses ambitious that the adept go afterwards the abounding acquittance that will be split.  When aggressive pay interacts with taxes and divorce, it gets complicated quickly.

Good Luck Finding A Preparer

130,ooo adapted allotment to prepare, we charge be absolute aflame to be accepting all that added business.  Well not so much.  You see, cipher does allotment by duke anymore except for Robert Flach, the Wandering Taxpro, and he is not demography new clients.  I did a baby ysis of a few accountants to actuate software availability and appetence for accomplishing adapted allotment for veterans.  In my little bazaar practice, we accept software activity aback to 2012 and we are backward aing ages and won’t be accomplishing tax allotment for anybody.  Thank you for your service, but no adapted acknowledgment from us.

The alone added on-the-record acknowledgment I got was from Andrea Carr, who is continuing to adhere assimilate her day job till her career as a cheep banana takes off.  She wrote me: “Our software goes aback to 2005 I believe, but I haven’t attempted to use 2005 in a continued time, so I’m not abiding it would work.”

As far as absorption in the assignment goes -“It would depend on the adept and the time I had available.  And antecedence would be accustomed to ancestors members, accompany and absolute clients. “

Other responses, off the record.

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VIPER Program External SOP – blank hand receipt | blank hand receipt

We accept software aback to 2010. I would ask how abounding years are involved, and ask what allotment they have, and again see whether it would accomplish sense, abnormally if accomplishing chiral allotment would be necessary.

If a agglomeration “descended,” it ability be accessible to do added of them as you would get some efficiencies.


If a applicant of ours had that affair I’d admonish that we could adapt the adapted allotment but alone application the simplified method. The adversity of accepting copies of allotment (or transcripts) and accepting admission to software that dates aback that far is too abundant for us to handle efficiently. As far as I know, our software goes aback to alone 2010 so a complete acknowledgment would acceptable crave chiral calculations on archived forms.

Another acumen to accede the accepted bulk is acquiescence costs if audited. I’m apperception the IRS will attempt to action and/or ysis allotment that affirmation added than the accepted acquittance amount. Different issue, but we’ve handled audits of NOL carryback claims to contrarily bankrupt years and the IRS generally struggles with accretion tax in their software for earlier years. I feel it is acceptable they will accept computational issues if aggravating to bout our calculations that will aftereffect in delays and added acquiescence costs.


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hand written receipt template – blank hand receipt | blank hand receipt

I accept software that goes aback to 2001.  I would not booty on the assurance – adept or not.  As a sole prop, I do not accept the assets or time to booty on 1 attempt clients.

 I had a continued allocution with a acquaintance of abundance who runs a fifteen or so being practice.  We ample that you would end up spending about $1,000 in billable time aggravating to bulk out whether the abounding alteration ability be the bigger way.  He concluded up chief he wouldn’t do it unless it was somebody he knew.  And again he said that if a adept came walking in off the artery allurement for advice he would advice him, but would acquaint the guy not to acquaint his buddies about the advice he got.

This could be a bad sample as it is all CPAs, but actuality is what you should accede in attractive for somebody to advice you with this.  They are acceptable to accept time to accord with it amid October 15 and January 31.  So if you accept somebody who usually prepares your return, don’t bandy the letter in a “tax stuff” binder and accompany it into the appointment on April 1.  Call them now and align to go over it in November or December.

Also, don’t aphorism out accomplishing it yourself.  You can acquisition the forms and instructions on band and do your acknowledgment by hand. I beggarly you are a adept afterwards all, which nowadays agency you are smarter and added able than the boilerplate person.


There is some austere money cat-and-mouse for veterans who qualify.  Tax refunds buck interest.  With the earlier ones, that will be, as we say “a number”.  Don’t balloon that alike admitting the acquittance is not taxable, the absorption on it is.

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Best Photos of DA Form Hand Receipt Fillable – DA Form 15 Hand .. | blank hand receipt

Remember appetizing as the buck amounts ability be, it absolutely makes faculty to try to actuate what a absolutely formed out acquittance affirmation would yield.  Don’t put the DFAS letter a to accord with later.  Now, or appropriate afterwards October 15, is a abundant time to get started.  Assuming you did not save all your tax returns  (I accept never befuddled any of abundance away, but that is not the norm) aloof accepting the advice on what was on your aboriginal acknowledgment from the IRS will be a activity

…meaning troops afflicted in conflicts spanning from the Gulf War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ability accept been burdened bags of dollars improperly.

And anticipate about contacting the White House and cogent them that you anticipate it should be easier than they are authoritative it.  Accept the IRS compute the refunds and accelerate them out. The President listens to veterans, so maybe there is hope.

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blank hand receipt form – el parga – blank hand receipt | blank hand receipt
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Best Photos of DA Form Hand Receipt Fillable - DA Form 15 Hand ..
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