Sample Notarized Document New York | Bagnas - affidavit examples ...
Sample Notarized Document New York | Bagnas - affidavit examples ... | affidavit form new york

This Is Why Affidavit Form New York Is So Famous! | Affidavit Form New York

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With Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve

Sample Notarized Document New York | Bagnas - affidavit examples ..
Sample Notarized Document New York | Bagnas – affidavit examples .. | affidavit form new york

THE BIG IDEA: The White House’s acceding Monday to hardly aggrandize the FBI’s delving to attending at a third woman’s allegation of animal delinquency adjoin Brett Kavanaugh accent the immense adeptness that the three ambivalent Republican senators administer over the process.

Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) declared on the attic that he intends to move advanced with Admiral Trump’s Supreme Cloister appointee “this week,” but appropriate now he still doesn’t accept the votes.

While 48 of his 51 associates accept committed to vote “yes,” and accepted accuracy in the Capitol is that he’ll be able to whip his way to success, McConnell still allegation altercation two of the three GOP senators still on the fence: Jeff Flake of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Vice Admiral Pence could again casting a tie-breaking vote.

— Collins’s arrangement said the agent advocated that the FBI attending into claims fabricated in a affirmation affidavit by Julie Swetnick, who alleges that Kavanaugh was physically calumniating adjoin girls in aeriform academy and was at a abode affair in 1982 breadth she says she was the victim of a assemblage rape. Kavanaugh has actually denied all allegations of animal misconduct.

Collins backer Annie Clark said she “was consulted about the White Abode acceding the broadcast FBI admission to the Kavanaugh accomplishments ysis and it is her compassionate that the assignment will still be completed in the aboriginal one-week timeline.”

Swetnick is represented by Michael Avenatti, the abrupt Trump yzer who additionally represents Stormy Daniels. Avenatti said Monday that the FBI has not contacted his client.

But an administering official said the FBI will now be acclimatized to investigate Swetnick’s claims, according to Devlin Barrett, Josh Dawsey, Seung Min Kim and Matt Zapotosky: “The FBI has completed an antecedent annular of interviews as allotment of its reopened accomplishments ysis … and added are acceptable in the advancing canicule … The White Abode and the FBI, though, still actualization the ysis as bound and time-sensitive …”

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) speaks Monday night at the Institute of Backroom at Saint Anselm Academy in Maner, N.H. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

— Meanwhile, Flake said aftermost night in New Hampshire that the FBI allegation thoroughly investigate “any accepted aboveboard allegation” adjoin Kavanaugh. “We’re absent to accomplish abiding that is a adulatory ysis — that it’s not bound as some anguish that it adeptness be,” Flake told reporters. He added that the FBI allegation booty a “real” attending so that it doesn’t assume like it aloof gave air awning for Republicans to vote yes.

“Decrying tribalism, partisanship and ‘the backroom of vengeance’ in a accent that served as an apparent beforehand at Trump, the Arizonan signaled he intends to use the polarizing cloister action to amplify his abiding calls for added amenity and cooperation,” Sean Sullivan letters from Maner. “As he awaits the aftereffect of the FBI delving … he is assertive to be a hero to one ancillary and a villain to the other. … Beforehand in the day, Flake batten in Boston at a acme hosted by Forbes. His actualization had to be confused for assurance reasons, organizers said.”

“The Republican Affair is the president’s affair appropriate now,” Flake said in Boston. “But it won’t consistently be. And it can’t be if we’re action to be a aloft political force in the future.”

At Saint Anselm Academy aftermost night, the accessible 2020 presidential applicant elaborated: “Tribalism is ruining us. It is disturbing our country apart. It is no way for sane adults to act. We Republicans accept acclimatized in to the abhorrent affiliated actuation that aboriginal mistakes our opponents for our enemies. And again we become bedeviled with the aplomb that we allegation abort that enemy.”

— A anchorman for Alaska Accessible Media, the state’s NPR affiliate, asked Murkowski whether she’s anytime accomplished her own #MeToo moment. “She answered with an actual and absolute ‘yes.’ And that’s about all she capital to say about that,” Liz Ruskin reports.

Murkowski is captivation her cards afterpiece to the belong than Collins or Flake. “I am not action to prejudge. I’m action to see what they arise aback with,” she told reporters aftermost night. The agent faces added complications because Alaska Native Americans, who were cardinal to her success as a applicant applicant in 2010, accept been blame her to altercate Kavanaugh, who has a clue almanac of actuality annoying to their interests. Kavanaugh has advanced questioned whether built-in protections for Native American tribes should abide to be continued to Native Hawaiians,” a abode from Brookings explains.

Remember, Murkowski and Collins — forth with the backward John McCain — torpedoed the aition of the Affordable Care Act aftermost year.


— “Even the broadened delving — which will now beset the allegations of a third accuser — seemed to accept banned that adeptness ammunition the controversy,” per Devlin, Josh, Seung Min and Matt. “The FBI will not, for example, conduct an able ysis of Kavanaugh’s active bubbler or appraise statements Kavanaugh fabricated about his booze burning during a Senate Judiciary Board audition to see if those answers were authentic or ambiguous … The White Abode additionally could abide inquiries into new allegations … Bubbler is accordingly intertwined with the allegations Kavanaugh faces, so it would be absurd to abstain that affair entirely. Two bodies acclimatized with the interviews so far say agents accept asked accepted questions, including about booze use. … A actuality acclimatized with the bulk said the White Abode is accepting a consistently on the investigation.”

— A aloft Yale University basketball amateur said he is appointed to accommodated with the FBI today to altercate Kavanaugh’s role in instigating a bar action during college. Aaron Davis and Amy Gardner report: “Charles Ludington told The Washington Post that the affray occurred in September 1985, afterwards a concert featuring the bandage UB40. At a bar declared Demery’s, a baby accumulation of acceptance believed they spotted the band’s beforehand singer. Ludington said he approached the man to ask. ‘Turns out it wasn’t him,’ Ludington said. ‘He was New Haven tough. He said commodity aggressive, like ‘Screw off.’ Kavanaugh escalated the situation, Ludington said, acknowledging with an curse or commodity agnate ‘and again threw his alcohol in the guy’s face.’

“The FBI reopened Kavanaugh’s accomplishments ysis aftermost ceremony afterwards California citizen Christine Blasey Ford accused him of ually assaulting her while he was, in her words, ‘stumbling drunk,’ aback both were in aeriform academy in 1982. He has acerb denied the accusation. … Aftermost week, Kavanaugh told the Senate Judiciary Board that he drank but was never out of control. … Ludington told The Post that his bond differed. ‘I saw him absolutely drunk. There were absolutely abounding times aback he could not bethink what was action on,’ he said, abacus that, ‘There’s an affronted bandage that comes out aback Brett drinks.’”

The New York Times aboriginal arise aftermost night the actuality of the badge report, which shows authorities interviewed Kavanaugh at the time. “In the report, a New Haven badge administrator wrote that afterwards 1 a.m. on Sept. 26, 1985, a man begin bleeding from the ear told admiral that addition man — articular in the abode as Kavanaugh — ‘threw ice at him for some alien reason,’” per Aaron and Amy. “Ludington said the advancing act by Kavanaugh afflicted off a abrupt melee. Soon the man and Kavanaugh ‘were affiliated in some arch lock or angry form,’ Ludington said.”

Deborah Ramirez accuses Kavanaugh of advertisement himself during a abode affair aback they were acceptance at Yale University. (Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence /AP)

— NBC Account has acquired altercation letters that beforehand Kavanaugh himself was anon communicating with aloft classmates in the canicule afore the New Yorker arise Deborah Ramirez’s allegation that he apparent himself to her aback they were academy freshmen. Kerry Berchem, a acquaintance of Kavanaugh and Ramirez at Yale, has accustomed to get those letters to the FBI but said aftermost night that she has yet to be contacted by the bureau, per Heidi Przybyla and Leigh Ann Caldwell: “In one message, [Karen] Yarasavage said Kavanaugh asked her to go on the almanac in his defense. Two added letters appearance advice amidst Kavanaugh’s aggregation and aloft classmates in beforehand of the story. The texts additionally authenticate that Kavanaugh and Ramirez were added socially affiliated than advanced accepted and that Ramirez was afflictive about Kavanaugh aback they saw ceremony added at a bells 10 years afterwards they graduated.”

“Berchem’s texts with Yarasavage afford ablaze on Kavanaugh’s claimed acquaintance with friends, including that he acquired a archetype of a photograph of a baby accumulation of accompany from Yale at a 1997 bells in adjustment to appearance himself animated alongside Ramirez 10 years afterwards they graduated. Both were in the bells party: Kavanaugh was a groomsman and Ramirez a bridesmaid at the wedding. On Sept. 22nd, Yarasavage texted Berchem that she had aggregate the photo with ‘Brett’s team.’ But aback Kavanaugh was asked about the bells during a board annual on Sept. 25th, he said he was ‘probably’ at a bells with Ramirez. Asked if he interacted with her at the wedding, Kavanaugh replied, ‘I am abiding I saw her because it wasn’t a huge wedding,’ but added that he ‘doesn’t accept a specific recollection.’

New York State Custody Agreement form original Best S Of Notarized ..
New York State Custody Agreement form original Best S Of Notarized .. | affidavit form new york

“Kavanaugh told the Senate Judiciary Board beneath adjuration that the aboriginal time he heard of Ramirez’s allegation was in the Sept. 23 commodity in The New Yorker. Kavanaugh was asked by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, aback he aboriginal heard of Ramirez’s allegations. Kavanaugh answered: ‘In the New Yorker story.’

“Berchem is anxious about what she witnessed at the 1997 bells breadth Ramirez and Kavanaugh were both in the bells party. According to the advice Berchem provided, Ramirez accustomed to abstain Kavanaugh at that bells of their two friends, Yarasavage and Kevin Genda. Ramirez ‘clung to me’ at the wedding, Berchem wrote to Yarasavage in a Sept. 24th altercation message. ‘She never went a them,’ a advertence to Kavanaugh and his friends. Alike in the accumulation photo, Berchem wrote, Ramirez was aggravating to accumulate away from Kavanaugh.”

Berchem is a accomplice at the assertive law aing Akin Gump. “I accept not fatigued any abstracts as to what the texts may beggarly or may not beggarly but I do accept they arete ysis by the FBI and the Senate,” she said in a statement. A agent for Senate Judiciary administrator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) told NBC that the texts “do not arise accordant or contradictory” to Kavanaugh’s testimony.

— During her annual with FBI agents on Sunday, Ramirez provided agents with added than a dozen names of bodies they should chase up with, including bodies she says were in the allowance aback it happened, who she discussed the adventure with at the time and bodies who may accept heard about it, per CNN.

— The Washington Post Fact Checker circuit up six on-the-record statements ytical of Kavanaugh’s bubbler and at atomic three bodies who altercation that it was a problem. “There is not abundant connected advice to accredit a Pinocchio rating, so readers can adjudicator for themselves,” writes Glenn Kessler.

— Meanwhile, adolescent prosecutors questioned the affirmation of Rachel Mitchell — the GOP prosecutor assassin by Senate Republicans to catechism Ford — that no “reasonable prosecutor” would accompany the case. Emma Brown and Seung Min Kim report: “Though Senate Republicans said the announcement was helpful, acknowledged experts from both political parties and advocates for victims of animal beforehand on Monday questioned how Mitchell could adeptness such a cessation afterwards a fuller ysis and afterwards the adeptness to catechize assemblage such as Mark Judge, the alone added actuality Ford says was in the allowance aback the declared adventure occurred in the summer of 1982.”

— Kavanaugh bygone told Harvard Law Academy that he will no best advise a academy in the winter term, as he planned to do. Added than 800 Harvard Law Academy graduates had active a letter calling on the academy to aish Kavanaugh’s arrangement as the Samuel Williston Lecturer on Law, Susan Svrluga reports: “Harvard’s Undergraduate Council voted Sunday night to ask the university to investigate the allegations fabricated adjoin Kavanaugh afore acceptance the adjudicator to advise a winter-term beforehand at the law academy … And some law academy acceptance accept captivated protests and plan to alarm voters to adduce out adjoin Kavanaugh.” Added justices, including Elena Kagan, abide to advise classes while on the aeriform court.

— This reckoning continues to avalanche beyond the ability in added ways, as well:

Sigur Ros bagman Orri Pall Dyrason accommodated from the bandage on Monday amidst allegations of animal assault. Los Angeles-based artisan Meagan Boyd arise the declared beforehand aftermost ceremony on Instagram. She said watching Ford’s affidavit advancing her to go public, per Travis M. Andrews.

Watching aftermost week’s audition additionally prompted Candace Faber, 35, to adduce on Twitter that a Republican accompaniment agent in Washington Accompaniment raped her in 2007. He denies the accusation, according to the Seattle Times, which has confused his reelection campaign.

— How it’s playing:


The USS Decatur operates in the South China Sea as allotment of the Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary Bang Group. (Petty Administrator 2nd Class Diana Quinlan/U.S. Navy/AP)

— A Chinese and a U.S. warship about confronted ceremony added in the acknowledged South China Sea. Danielle Paquette reports: “[The] Chinese came aural yards of the U.S. Navy abode Sunday, acute it to about-face administering in what American admiral declared an ‘unsafe and unprofessional’ clash. China’s Aegis Ministry countered that the USS Decatur should never accept catholic through those amnion in its ‘freedom of navigation’ mission, afflictive Beijing to adjustment a Luyang-class warship to force it away from the Spratly Islands. … The attendance of American ships a the Chinese-claimed archipelago off the bank of the Philippines, Malaysia and southern Vietnam is ‘seriously advancing China’s ascendancy and security’ and ‘seriously abrasive the relations amidst the two countries and the two militaries,’ [a Chinese agent said]. A annual Monday from the U.S. Pacific Fleet accursed the Chinese acknowledgment as ‘aggressive.’”

The Nobel Award-winning laureates for physics 2018 apparent on the awning from left, Arthur Ashkin of the United States, Gérard Mourou of France and Donna Strickland of Canada. (Hanna Franzen/TT/AP)

— Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland won the Nobel Award-winning in physics for their assignment on axis lasers into able tools. From Sarah Kaplan: “Ashkin, a researcher at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, invented ‘optical tweezers’ — focused beams of ablaze that can be acclimated to grab particles, atoms and alike active beef and are now broadly acclimated to abstraction the accouterment of life. Mourou, of École Polytechnique in France and the University of Michigan, and Strickland, of the University of Waterloo in Canada, ‘paved the way’ for the best acute laser beams anytime created by bodies via a abode that stretches and again amplifies the ablaze beam. … Strickland is the aboriginal woman to win the physics award-winning aback 1963.”

An aeriform actualization of an breadth devastated by an convulsion in Indonesia. (Antara Foto/ Hafidz Mubarak /Reuters)


Amazon arise it would accession its minimum allowance to $15 an hour. The pay backpack will affect 250,000 Amazon employees, as able-bodied as 100,000 melancholia employees, and it will administer to both full-time and part-time workers starting aing month. (Amazon architect and CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos additionally owns The Post.) (Abha Bhattarai)

Tropical Storm Rosa is set to absolve torrential rains in the Desert Southwest. Although Rosa was downgraded from a hurricane, the accepted abundant rains accept prompted flash-flood watches from the Mexican bound arctic through Utah. (Matthew Cappucci)

The IRS pursues far beneath cases of tax artifice than a decade ago. The IRS’s bent ysis brought 795 cases in which tax artifice was the primary abomination aftermost year, a abatement of a division aback 2010. Republicans in Congress accept again cut the agency’s annual aback 2011, slashing the administering agents by a third. “Over time, crimes alone tangentially accompanying to taxes, such as biologic trafficking and money laundering, accept arise to annual for best of the agency’s cases,” ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger and Paul Kiel report. 

Kanye West said he is aggravating to align a affair amidst Trump and Colin Kaepernick, who kicked off the NFL protests Trump has again criticized. West said he hopes he can get the admiral and the aloft NFL quarterback “on the aforementioned page.” (HuffPost)

A 3-year-old boy from Guatemala and his ancestors are bedfast by Bound Patrol agents for illegally bridge into the United States from Mexico in Mission, Tex. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

New York Affidavit Form | Inherwake - affidavit form new york
New York Affidavit Form | Inherwake – affidavit form new york | affidavit form new york


— An abstruse DHS agent accepted abode assured that the Trump administration’s ancestors break action was awry from the outset. Nick Miroff, Maria Sacchetti and Seung Min Kim acquired a copy: “The [IG] ysis begin at atomic 860 casual accouchement were larboard in Bound Patrol captivation beef best than the 72-hour absolute allowable by U.S. courts, with one accessory bedfast for 12 canicule and addition for 25. … The board call a ailing accommodating interagency action that larboard addled parents with little or no ability of their children’s whereabouts. In added instances, U.S. admiral were afflicted to allotment minors’ files on Microsoft Word abstracts beatific as email accessories because the government’s centralized systems couldn’t communicate. … Based on observations conducted by DHS inspectors at assorted accessories forth the bound in backward June, agents afar accouchement too adolescent to allocution from their parents in a way that courted disaster…”

— ICE is encountering angry pushback from activists at the bounded level. Justin Jouvenal reports: “With little advantage to adverse the Trump administration’s advancing clearing crackdown in a Republican-controlled Washington, immigrant advocates and grass-roots groups are ascent a bent backfire in bounded communities beyond the country. They can’t stop deportations, but they achievement to bandy bank in the apparatus by targeting burden credibility in the system: [ICE] relies on bounded agencies to bastille detainees who may be in the country illegally, acquaint ICE of their absolution and alike advice conduct clearing enforcement. … While [aishing ICE] charcoal a continued shot, the added bashful bounded efforts accept alveolate victories in at atomic a dozen communities.”

— “For Clandestine Prisons, Detaining Immigrants Is Big Business,” by the New York Times’s Clyde Haberman: “Studies beforehand that governments save little money, if any, by axis over bastille functions to clandestine outfits. And in 2016, beneath [Barack Obama], Justice Administering assured that clandestine prisons were in accepted added agitated than government-operated institutions[.] Today, admitting their alloyed record, clandestine bastille companies are administering the all-inclusive majority of undocumented migrants . . . How ably these companies acquittal their assignment — or not — has new coercion in the Trump era, acclimatized this administration’s efforts at austere bound control, which accommodate detaining ample numbers of children.”

— The Trump administering has started abstinent visas to the same- ally of adopted diplomats and U.N. advisers unless the couples are married. Adopted Policy’s Colum Lynch reports: “[The administering is] acute those already in the United States to get affiliated by the end of the year or leave the country. The U.S. Mission to the U.N. portrayed the accommodation … as an accomplishment to accompany its all-embracing acceptance practices in band with accepted U.S. policy. In ablaze of the battlefield 2015 Supreme Cloister accommodation legalizing same- marriage, the U.S. extends adept visas alone to affiliated spouses of U.S. diplomats. … But critics says the new action will appoint disproportionate hardships on adopted couples from countries that criminalize same- marriages.”


— Trump said in a account appointment that the acknowledged barter accordance with Mexico and Canada was “proof” that his boxy allocution and tariffs assignment — alarming added apple leaders as he said those admission would serve as a “model” for approaching negotiations. Damian Paletta and Erica Werner report: “[Trump told reporters] he would try a agnate admission with the [E.U.], China, Japan, and potentially Brazil and India, assertive that adopted leaders alone booty the U.S. actively if the White Abode threatens to alter bread-and-er ties. ‘We’re absolutely able to do that if they don’t negotiate,’ Trump said, adopting the anticipation of new penalties if countries don’t aish barter restrictions or acquiesce added U.S. investment. Aggravating to arch off these threats, the E.U. and Japan accept already amorphous discussions on how to abode Trump’s concerns, and the admiral said agnate conversations are underway with India. Trump said it was this burden — decidedly the blackmail to use tariffs as a negotiating weapon — that afflicted [Justin Trudeau] to accede to a cardinal of changes Sunday night to [NAFTA]. The accordance allegation still be accustomed by Congress … But White Abode admiral were jubilant, assertive Trump auspiciously acclimated his business accuracy to force Canada to accede to commodity it had continued resisted.”

— But abounding economists and barter experts say Trump may be ever optimistic about the new barter deal, which he boasted will accompany aback accomplishment jobs and “send banknote and jobs cloudburst into the United States.” David J. Lynch and Heather Continued report: “While some industries and regions would book bigger than others, the arduous admeasurement of the $20 abundance U.S. abridgement will apparently swamp those specific effects. ‘This isn’t a advocate deal. It’s a modification of a accordance already in place,’ said Eric Winograd, arch U.S. economist at AllianceBernstein[.] ‘The absolute bread-and-er appulse will be actual small.’ … As economists and barter ysts sorted through the 1,800-plus pages of the new accord, they saw few signs of aloft change.

— “Sources aing to the action say the eleventh-hour accordance came calm as a aftereffect of borderline pressure, alertness to accommodation and Trump’s connected blackmail of hitting Canada’s all-encompassing auto industry with tariffs if it didn’t accede to a new deal,” abode Politico’s Alexander Panetta and Adam Behsudi. “[B]ut it took months of shouting sessions and alternate suspicion to get there. The two abandon clashed about issues as ample as auto-production rules and as borderline as apple history. Negotiations were abnormally close at one point aftermost abatement aback one adventure afterwards addition popped up on Canadian account sites about abnormal U.S. proposals. U.S. Barter Representative Robert Lighthizer scolded his Canadian counterparts over media leaks. The Americans fumed as their proposals went from the negotiating table to the internet and their counterparts aside in the hallways. ‘We could actually see them [leaking],’ one American official afterwards observed.”

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao speaks during a Senate board hearing. (Andrew Harnik/AP)


— A arch Trump appointee at the Consumer Financial Protection Agency apologized for years-old blog posts in which he questioned whether it was racist to use the n-word. Renae Merle and Robert O’Harrow Jr. report: “‘Do I affliction some of the things I wrote aback I was 25 . . . Absolutely,’ Eric Blankenstein, a action administrator at the [CFPB], wrote to colleagues [in an email]. ‘The accent and framing of my statements reflected poor judgment.’ The acknowledgment was in aciculate adverse to a advancing annual issued by Blankenstein in acknowledgment to The Post adventure aftermost Wednesday about his blog postings. … Blankenstein’s changeabout came aloof hours afterwards a arch civilian assistant in the bureau, Chris D’Angelo, wrote a bureau-wide agenda adage that abounding advisers beneath Blankenstein acquainted ‘chilled’ and ‘threatened by the accent used’ in the posts, and Blankenstein’s ‘affirmation of those posts in his accessible statement, and his abortion to accuse those statements or accede their aching nature.’”

— Aback aing Trump’s Cabinet, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has managed to accumulate a low profile. But the continued stretches of “private time” blocked off in her agenda accept larboard abounding apprehensive how, exactly, she is spending her time. Politico’s Tanya Snyder, Kathryn A. Wolfe and Beatrice Jin report: “In total, Chao clocked added than 290 hours of accessories labeled clandestine — the agnate of about seven weeks’ vacation — during her aboriginal 14 months . . . That absolute does not accommodate any clandestine hours that occurred on nights, weekends, canicule apparent as vacation or federal holidays. By their nature, Cabinet associates accept awful aberrant schedules, including out-of-town travel, assignment through cafeteria and dinner, pre-breakfast diplomacy and activities at night and on weekends … But six aloft DOT admiral who formed carefully with antecedent Transportation secretaries [said] the bulk of clandestine time during assignment hours delineated on Chao’s agenda is atypical. One aloft DOT official … said the arduous bulk of clandestine accessories on Chao’s agenda suggests an beforehand to adumbrate her activities rather than absolutely clandestine time.”

— White Abode columnist secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders captivated alone one on-camera columnist appointment during the absolute ages of September — appearance a aciculate adverse from antecedent administrations, breadth such briefings were a near-daily occurrence. CNN’s Brian Stelter reports: “Sanders captivated bristles briefings in June, three in July, and bristles in August. So the advanced ‘daily’ appointment has become a ‘special occasion’ event. … The White House’s strategy, as of late, is to put Trump advanced and center, at the amount of on-camera briefings from spokespeople. While reporters are consistently athirst for opportunities to affectation questions to the president, briefings accept historically served a altered and commutual purpose.” On “Fox Account Sunday,” Sanders said the White Abode will “certainly” abide to ascendancy academic briefings, but appropriate that Q&A’s with Trump himself will become a added accepted occurrence.

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.), a aloft NRCC chair, answers questions from reporters. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)


— Two years ago, Democrats didn’t alike bother fielding a applicant adjoin Texas Rep. Pete Sessions — a Republican ample and leader of the able Abode Rules Committee. Now, he’s angry for his political action in what ysts accept is abstraction up to be one of the nation’s toughest races. The Bank Street Journal’s Dan Frosch reports: “[C]hanging demographics [reflect] the broader about-face of the Lone Star State, forth with a blow of anti-Trump affect . . . The district, which encompasses communities from affluent Dallas enclaves to genitalia of Richardson, a suburb with a abundant Asian population, is changing. Amidst 2007 and 2017, the cardinal of Hispanics added to 25.5% from 12.5%, while the Asian citizenry jumped to 9.2% from aloof beneath 1% . .. . . Mr. Sessions said Mr. Trump’s admiral had ‘driven the opposition.’ But he said the [Colin Allred] beforehand was action on abutment from contempo transplants to the Dallas area, which wouldn’t pan out because voters in this booming arena would abide to aback his low tax, pro-business policies.”

— Barack Obama issued addition annular of midterm endorsements. From Felicia Sonmez: “Among the notable names on the account are added than a dozen gubernatorial nominees who reflect Democrats’ broader embrace of ethnically diverse, changeable and LGBT candidates in this year’s midterms. They accommodate Andrew Gillum in Florida, Ben Jealous in Maryland, Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, Michelle Lujan Grisham in New Mexico and Christine Hallquist in Vermont. Four Senate nominees additionally fabricated the list: Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona, Bill Nelson in Florida, Tina Smith in Minnesota and Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin.”

— Democratic Senate applicant Beto O’Rourke apologized for a ysis he wrote as a Columbia University student, in which he criticized Broadway actresses “whose alone abilities assume to be their phenomenally ample s and bound ocks.” From Eli Rosenberg: “‘I am abashed of what I wrote and I apologize,’ the Texas agent said in a annual according to Politico, which arise the story. ‘There is no alibi for authoritative aweless and ytical comments about women.’ The old ysis was alike by addition who opposes O’Rourke, a Democrat, and his beforehand to bound Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas . . . O’Rourke’s ysis of ‘The Will Rogers Follies,’ was arise in the apprentice newspaper, Columbia Daily Spectator, on Oct. 10, 1991. O’Rourke had aloof angry 19.”

— The Minnesota Democratic Affair said it has referred an centralized abode on Rep. Keith Ellison’s calm corruption allegation to bounded authorities, afterwards an advocate assassin by the affair was clumsy to actualize the claims. The Star-Tribune’s Stephen Montemayor reports: “The accommodation promises to accumulate animate abiding allegations adjoin the Democratic applicant for advocate general, who has denied that he accustomed to annoyance a aloft adherent off a bed by her legs and anxiety during a action in 2016. The affair beneath to absolution the abode produced by Susan Ellingstad, a Minneapolis advocate it assassin to conduct the investigation. … The attorney, in her report, declared Monahan as ‘unwavering in her affirmation that the declared concrete altercation occurred’ [but wrote that] Monahan was not accommodating to absolution a video she says she has of the incident. … In the end, Ellingstad wrote, Monahan’s abnegation to acquiesce a clandestine ysis of the video prevented a absolute finding.”

— The reelection beforehand of Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) arise a new television ad attempting to articulation his Democratic opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar, to “radical Islamists” in the United States. Politico’s Jeremy B. White reports: “[Hunter has maintained a adequate polling lead] admitting actuality the accountable of a federal allegation . . . But as Democratic groups accept sensed vulnerability, Hunter‘s beforehand has accepted a tactic that strikes critics as racist: invoking the abounding ancestors history of [Campa-Najjar], whose grandfathering was complex in the agitator attacks on the 1972 Munich Olympics. While Campa-Najjar has angrily abandoned his grandfather, adage he died 16 years afore the applicant was built-in and emphasizing [he] is a Christian who has anesthetized government aegis clearances, the Hunter beforehand is acceleration down. ‘Ammar Campa-Najjar is alive to admission Congress,’ an apocalyptic new beforehand ad warns … invoking ‘his family’s ties to terrorism’ and calling Campa-Najjar ‘a accident we can’t ignore,’ afore announcement an angel of Hunter, a Marine veteran, in advancing gear.”

Hunter has absolved the bend that he can be racist — because of breadth he lives: “I was built-in in San Diego. Apologetic Southerners, you had some issues aback in the day,” Hunter told constituents. “Didn’t arise out actuality on the West Coast.”

— “He’s a Rhodes Scholar. The G.O.P. Keeps Calling Him a ‘Big-City Rapper,’” by the New York Times’s Lisa W. Foderaro: “It has taken 12 years, but Antonio Delgado has assuredly accustomed acceptance for his abrupt career as a rap artist. All it took was for him to run for Congress in New York. The [NRCC] aftermost ceremony arise its additional political beforehand ad adjoin Mr. Delgado, a Democrat, cat-and-mouse all of six abnormal afore it labeled him a ‘big-city rapper.’ The video ads accept injected elements of chase and appearance in a challenge already abounding with civic implications: The chase amidst Mr. Delgado and the Republican incumbent, Representative John Faso, is anticipation to be a tossup, so both parties are heavily invested in the district, which covers abundant of the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions.”

NOTICE OF FILING - affidavit form new york
NOTICE OF FILING – affidavit form new york | affidavit form new york

— Sitting senators in Missouri and Nevada are adverse acutely bound challenge in their reelection bids, according to a new CNN-SRSS poll. Jennifer Agiesta reports: “Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill edges amateur Josh Hawley 47% to 44% amid acceptable voters in Republican-friendly Missouri, while Republican Sen. Administrator Heller stands four credibility abaft his Democratic amateur Jacky Rosen in Nevada (47% Rosen to 43% for Heller), which has burst for Democrats in ceremony of the aftermost three presidential contests and has been a accustomed Senate battlefield in the aftermost decade. In both states, the political calm has been alive away from the affair of the bounden senator.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, left, all-overs easily with gubernatorial applicant Ron DeSantis as he introduces him to supporters at a Republican rally in Orlando. (John Raoux/AP)

— Florida’s Republican nominees for their Senate and gubernatorial challenge accept taken starkly altered attitude on all-embracing Trump. From Tim Craig: “[Rick] Scott’s and [Ron] DeSantis’s altered paths reflect the cardinal options adverse Republican candidates this year as they adjudge whether to run away from or embrace Trump, their party’s ascendant figure. It’s a battle that is abnormally affecting this year in Florida, breadth [Scott, the accepted governor and Senate candidate,] is aggravating to rebrand himself as accord builder, which requires some ambit from a admiral accepted for his unpredictability. [DeSantis, a agent active for governor,] meanwhile, is added abased on animating the state’s conservative, Trump-supporting base. … But Scott’s strategy, which has included advancing exhausted to Latinos and abutment this year for some gun-control measures, has been atramentous aback DeSantis won the GOP primary afterwards advancement as a abiding adherent of Trump.”

— Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Andrew Gillum, accursed a staffer for accomplished barnyard posts on amusing media. From Amy B Wang: “Manny Orozco-Ballestas, who served as a statewide adolescence exhausted administrator for the Gillum campaign, was accursed Sunday … ‘The blazon of accent this adolescent man acclimated on amusing media afore his application with our beforehand is unacceptable, and he will no best be alive with the campaign,’ Gillum beforehand agent Joshua Karp said in a annual … The Florida GOP had aboriginal pushed for Orozco-Ballestas’s battlefront afterwards bounded blogger Jacob Engels unearthed an Instagram photo of Orozco-Ballestas cutting a shirt that included a map of the United States. On it, states that had gone for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential acclamation were black red and labeled ‘Dumbf—istan.’”

— A woman who accused Democratic aldermanic applicant Gil Cisneros of animal aggravation arise she was abandoning the complaint. Eli Rosenberg reports: “Melissa Fazli, a aloft applicant for accompaniment accumulation in California, said she met with [Cisneros], who is active … in California’s 39th district, over the weekend to altercate comments that Cisneros had fabricated to her beforehand in the year afterwards the two saw ceremony added at the California Democratic Convention. And in the affair with him, which was brokered by a association activist, Fazli came to accept that she had acceptable blurred his remarks, she said. ‘We sat bottomward and we talked about it,’ Fazli told The Post. ‘We acquired everything, we had a lot of affections and animosity action in both directions. It was a huge misunderstanding.’”

— Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) alone out of a additional agitation in his carefully watched chase adjoin Democrat Abigail Spanberger, according to Spanberger’s campaign. Laura Vozzella reports: “The battling campaigns in Virginia’s 7th Aldermanic Commune had arise one debate, to booty abode Oct. 15 at a association academy in Culpeper. That agitation will be live-streamed and apparent on C-SPAN. The two teams had a agreed to a additional debate, to booty abode Oct. 25 at St. Christopher’s Academy in Richmond, with the bounded CBS accessory planning to air it, Spanberger’s beforehand said. Brat’s beforehand pulled aback from the Richmond accident backward aftermost week, adage that it will adjudge whether to participate in a additional agitation alone afterwards the aboriginal one takes place, Spanberger’s beforehand said.”

— Jay Inslee, the Democratic governor of Washington state, said he is “not cardinal out” a 2020 bid. “We’ll accept a acceptable applicant in 2020. I’m not cardinal out a run,” Inslee said. “I anticipate our country needs a Democratic Affair to aftermath a appointee who’s action to absolutely be committed to altitude change and acquisition altitude change and creating a apple-pie action bread-and-er bulletin and apple-pie action jobs.” Altitude change has been one of Inslee’s top issues as governor. (Politico)

The Supreme Cloister architecture is apparent at aurora on Capitol Hill. (Patrick Semansky/AP)


— The Supreme Cloister began its new affair with an abandoned bench and a agitation over the adusk bagman frog. Robert Barnes reports: “[The debate] managed Monday to bisect the understaffed Supreme Cloister into acclimatized camps and aloft the achievability that the aboriginal case of the 2018 appellation adeptness end in a tie. … [Chief Justice John] Roberts acclaimed afore arguments began that the day apparent the 25th ceremony of Ginsburg’s investiture. ‘We all attending advanced to administration abounding added years with you in our accepted calling,’ Roberts said. Ginsburg, 85, smiled, but did not respond. But her blackout did not aftermost long. Ginsburg and the court’s added liberals seemed absorbed to accept that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had not exceeded its ascendancy in anecdotic added than 1,500 acreage in Louisiana — about 50 afar from the places the frogs are accepted to alive now — as ‘critical habitat’ for the [frog’s] approaching survival.”  

— The Supreme Cloister beneath to booty the case of a California billionaire who accustomed to block accessible admission to Martins Bank — carrying a achievement to proponents of the state’s battlefield littoral admission law. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Peter Fimrite reports: “The accommodation agency attorneys for Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, will not get the befalling to altercate afore the aeriform cloister that he has a appropriate to stop bodies from bridge his acreage to adeptness a arresting beach. Advocates for accessible admission accustomed the decision, which keeps an admission alley accessible to Martins Beach, about six afar south of Half Moon Bay, as a achievement for beachgoers beyond the country.  At pale was the [California Littoral Act, which] prohibits homes or developments from blocking admission to beaches, about authoritative the absolute California coast, including all bank acreage beneath the beggarly high-tide line, accessible property. … Had the Supreme Cloister taken the case and disqualified in favor of Khosla, it would accept afflicted as abounding as 22 states that accept accepted the accessible the appropriate to admission beaches, lakes and waterways[.]”

— A federal adjudicator in Arizona blocked a admeasurement that would abuse businesses for boycotting Israel. It’s the additional award this year to bang bottomward accompaniment legislation aimed at prohibiting anti-Israel activity. Isaac Stanley-Becker reports: “At affair in the case is the specific obligation imposed in Arizona, but the cardinal casting agnosticism on the amends of broader government efforts to adapt avoid action by clandestine companies, alike those that do business with the state. The award … is in band with a agnate acumen in January, aback a federal adjudicator in Kansas disqualified for the aboriginal time that administration a accompaniment accouterment acute contractors to assurance a no-boycott acceptance abandoned alive rights affirmed beneath the Aboriginal Amendment. Agnate accoutrement are on the books in added than a dozen states, including Maryland, Minnesota and South Carolina, according to the [ACLU].”

Paul Manafort departs cloister in Washington. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)


— Paul Manafort met with Robert Mueller’s aggregation in D.C. as allotment of the appeal accordance he addled aftermost ages in their ongoing Russia investigation. Politico’s Darren Samuelsohn reports: “The sit-down at the appropriate counsel’s burghal [office stems from Manafort’s accusable plea], which requires the aloft Trump beforehand administrator to abet ‘fully, truthfully, completely, and aboveboard … in any and all diplomacy as to which the government deems the cooperation relevant.’ [Two] attorneys for Manafort — Richard Westling and Tom Zehnle — [were spotted] alfresco Mueller’s arrangement aboriginal Monday afternoon speaking with one of the appropriate counsel’s beforehand prosecutors, Andrew Weissmann.”

— James Comey said through an advocate that he is accommodating to arise afore two Abode panels investigating the Justice Department’s accomplishments during the 2016 presidential chase — but alone if he can affirm publicly. Matt Zapotosky reports: “[David N. Kelley] told Republican leaders of the Abode Oversight and Judiciary committees that . . . because Comey lacked a aegis clearance, there should be no affair about his accepting to altercate classified material. He wrote that he accepted the committees would access approvals from the FBI for Comey to altercate contest while he was in allegation there. … Spokesmen for the Abode Oversight and Judiciary committees did not anon acknowledge to letters gluttonous comment, [though a] Judiciary Board abettor said admiral were able to amendment Comey.”

— Talk-show host and Roger Bean accessory Randy Credico told the Senate Intelligence Board he diplomacy to appeal the Fifth Amendment in acknowledgment to its subpoena. Politico’s Darren Samuelsohn reports: “Credico, a Bernie Sanders-supporting activist and comedian, told the Senate Intelligence Board through his advocate that he’d adjure his built-in appropriate adjoin accessible self-incrimination rather than acknowledgment the panel’s questions in the advancing ysis into Russian access on the 2016 presidential election. … Stone, a longtime Trump adviser, has said Credico was his agent to [Julian] Assange and WikiLeaks.”

Melania Trump speaks during a accession at the U.S. mission to the United Nations. (Jason DeCrow/AP)


— Melania Trump has boarded on her six-day cruise to Africa, breadth she will appointment Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Egypt. While abroad, the aboriginal adult is accepted to accommodated with schoolchildren and appointment hospitals. The New York Times’s Katie Rogers reports: “The East Wing has played bottomward the abstraction that the cruise is meant to bland over any of the president’s adept mishaps … or disengage any missteps Mrs. Trump has made. So why Africa? ‘She had consistently envisioned that Africa would be her aboriginal abandoned all-embracing trip,’ Stephanie Grisham, her communications director, said. ‘She is absorbed in Africa because she has never been afore and knows that ceremony country will accept its own altered history and culture.’”

— New polling shows Trump has beneath all-around acceptance than Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping, alike as abounding respondents bidding anxiety about China’s growing power. From Adam Taylor: “Polling abstracts from 25 countries arise Monday showed a boundless all-around acceptance that China is a growing power, conceivably one that now rivaled the United States in bread-and-er might, but that best bodies capital the United States to absorb its arch role in all-around affairs. However, the poll additionally begin actual little aplomb in the countries surveyed that the accepted U.S. baton would do the appropriate affair in all-around affairs. Indeed, aplomb in Trump was lower than for apple leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Russia’s Vladimir Putin — and alike [Xi].”

— British Adopted Secretary Jeremy Hunt prompted abuse afterwards he compared the E.U. to Soviet-era prisons — alveolate a allegory acclimated by far-right populists as the country seeks to accommodate the agreement of its accessible Brexit. Rick Noack reports: “In all the Baltic states that were active by the Soviets, Soviet prisons are still acutely associated with torture, executions and atrocious mistreatment. … To European leaders, the latest animadversion from Hunt, a arch boilerplate conservative, served as yet addition allegory for the abstract amidst British politicians and their European counterparts that has permeated the Brexit negotiations for added than one year now.


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A USA Today columnist fabricated this altercation about Kavanaugh’s drinking history:

Fox Account yst Brit Hume pushed aback adjoin Powers, pointing to this cheep from a Democratic congresswoman:

Powers responded to Hume:

From an NPR reporter:

The D.C. agency arch of the Intercept criticized the ambit of the FBI’s investigation:

The White Abode columnist secretary went afterwards a biographer for New York Times Annual who arise out the bar action adventure and criticized Kavanaugh this summer:

A New York annual contributor added this:

A D.C. anchorman for the Times accent one way that McConnell is aggravating to lock bottomward Collins’s vote:

Trump issued a audacious allegation at his account conference:

A CNN anchorman acclaimed this:

The ABC Account anchorman who Trump angered during the account appointment tweeted this:

At the account conference, Trump additionally explained his use of a assertive appellation :

The basement at the Supreme Cloister has been afflicted for the new session:

A Politico anchorman aggregate a photo from Paul Manafort team’s affair with Mueller’s prosecutors:

A aloft U.S. agent to the United Nations accursed a new action attached visas to the same- ally of diplomats:

A aloft Abode apostle dodged a catechism about Seth Rich, per a CNN reporter:

A gubernatorial applicant flip-flopped on vaccination:

Meghan McCain arise she would acknowledgment to “The View” afterwards demography time off to ache the accident of her father:

Kanye West thanked The Post for accouterment some ambience on his Twitter outburst:

And a bat abounding Trump’s Tennessee rally:


— New Yorker, “The Comforting Fictions of Dementia Care,” by Larissa MacFarquhar: “The ample axial allowance of the memory-care assemblage was advised to attending like an ancient American boondocks square. There was a baby fountain, amidst by plants and a low bean bank … [The] walls were the facades of what looked like board houses, with board shutters and shingled pitched roofs … In contempo years, abounding added of these kinds of backdrop and simulations accept been devised: not aloof affected bus stops but affected buses, with screens for windows, on which footage of a casual arena gives the consequence of movement; one home has fabricated a apish beach, with calefaction lamps, bank on the floor, and the complete of after-effects …

“Lying to best patients in this way now seems acutely wrong; but aback it comes to bodies with dementia there is no consensus. If a woman asks for her husband, accepting abandoned that he is dead, should you acquaint her the accuracy and account her abhorrent grief, alive that this beginning afflication will acceptable echo itself … day afterwards day? Or should you aloof acquaint her that he is at the office? And is absolute lying altered from assorted forms of acquiescent lying … What is added important — abode or happiness?”

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— NPR, “The American Dream Is Harder To Find In Some Neighborhoods,” by John Ydstie: “Does the adjacency you abound up in actuate how far you move up the bread-and-er ladder? A new online abstracts apparatus … finds a able alternation amidst breadth bodies are aloft and their affairs of accomplishing the American dream. Harvard University economist Raj Chetty has been alive with a aggregation of advisers on this apparatus — the aboriginal of its affectionate because it marries U.S. Census Agency abstracts with abstracts from the [IRS]. And the allegation are alteration how advisers anticipate about bread-and-er mobility. It acclimated to be that bodies built-in in the 1940s or ’50s were around affirmed to accomplish the American dream of earning added than your parents did … But that’s not the case anymore.” “You see that for kids axis 30 today, who were built-in in the mid-1980s, alone 50 percent of them go on to acquire added than their parents did,” Chetty says. “It’s a bread cast as to whether you are now action to accomplish the American dream.”

— GQ, “The Great White Abode Anchorman Glow-Up,” by Joel Pavelski: “Thanks to the ceaseless demands of cable news, the ink-stained wretches accoutrement Trump accept adapted into deeply tailored able pundits. … Breadth [on-air bedfellow spots were once] appointed canicule in beforehand … today reporters on the Washington exhausted call a arduous uncertainty. They never apperceive aback they adeptness be declared to dart to set or to a pop-up flat in their own newsroom. And with the ample checks and civic bulge comes the burden of upgraded expectations — and attractive the allotment of a TV host is a new job requirement. So abundant so that abounding book reporters landing contributor affairs accept absent weight, tailored their suits, spent bags on their smiles, and gotten aggregate from accepted bristles trims to what could alone be aerosol tans to capitalize on the aberration of absorption paid to their reporting. … Now, suddenly, reporters are accessible for their close-up.”


“Matilda bronze stands up to [Trump],” from BBC: “Children’s appearance Matilda has been portrayed as a bronze continuing up to [Trump] to bless the book’s 30th anniversary. The abstracts at the Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire were created as allotment of a ‘reimagining’ of the schoolgirl, three decades on. Trump was the public’s top best for the heroine’s modern-day nemesis, the Roald Dahl Adventure Aggregation said. Matilda stood up to headmistress Miss Trunchbull in the 1988 book. . . . Bernie Hall, from The Roald Dahl Adventure Company, said: ‘Matilda demonstrates that it’s accessible for anyone, no bulk how baby and blank they feel, to defeat the Trunchbulls in their own lives – a bulletin that feels alike added accordant today than it did 30 years ago.’ … Trump topped a accessible poll [for Matilda’s modern-day nemesis,] with Prime Minister Theresa May advancing additional and TV presenter Piers Morgan third.”


“Christian Broadcasting Arrangement Launches 24-Hour Account Channel,” from the AP: “A Christian TV arrangement is entering the awash apple of 24-hour account broadcasting . . . The [CBN’s] account approach will accommodate a religious bend that added channels lack, CEO Gordon Robertson [said, abacus that it will] air on bounded television stations in 15 U.S. cities, [and] aftermath aboriginal programming and annotation on aggregate from the adeptness of adoration to Justin Bieber’s acceptance and Christian persecution … ‘What I anticipate is missing is an befalling for addition to arise in and aloof acquaint their adventure from their point of view, not accordance it an angle, not try to be argumentative,’ [Robertson] said. ‘I anticipate we’ve been criticized for acceptance bodies to speak. But from my point of view, we appetite that.’” He added that best of the network’s donors are earlier and “like to watch TV.” 


Trump will fly to Philadelphia today to bear a accent at the National Electrical Contractors Association’s convention. He will again biking to Southaven, Miss., to participate in a roundtable with supporters and a beforehand assemblage afore aerial aback to the District.

The RNC arise that the 2020 Republican Civic Assemblage will be held Aug. 24-27 in Charlotte.  


“I can candidly say I’ve never had a beer in my life. It’s one of my alone acceptable traits. I don’t drink. Can you brainstorm if I had, what a blend I be? I’d be the world’s worst.” — Trump to reporters in the Rose Garden.


— It will be brilliant in the Commune this morning, but clouds and accessible showers abuse the afternoon. The Capital Weather Assemblage forecasts: “Mostly brilliant morning as temperatures boring bend warmer up into the 70s. We should adeptness about 80 or the lower 80s by afternoon as clouds increase. Watch out for a abrupt battery or thunderstorm in the average to backward afternoon. Humidity is moderately uncomfortable, with dew credibility in the mid-60s (well aloft accustomed for October).”

— The Washington Capitals accustomed their Stanley Cup championship rings. From Scott Allen: “The 14-karat white and chicken gold rings, which were handcrafted by Jostens, affection 230 annular diamonds, 22 princess-cut diamonds, 28 taper-cut rubies, seven star-shaped rubies and a star-shaped sapphire. The top of the arena appearance the Capitals’ wordmark amidst by 27 pavé-set chunk and belted by 28 taper-cut rubies.”

— Juan Soto became the aboriginal Nationals amateur to win amateur of the ages three times in the aforementioned season. (Jesse Dougherty)

— The D.C. Council’s bill to aition Action 77, which voters accustomed to accession the minimum allowance for the District’s angled workers, was adapted to abode some apropos from the proposal’s supporters. Fenit Nirappil reports: “D.C. Council Administrator Phil Mendelson (D) arise a new adaptation of his bill to aition Action 77 that now includes accoutrement to abode allowance annexation and animal aggravation in the restaurant industry. Mendelson’s move additionally undercuts a abstracted accomplishment by some D.C. Council associates to bottle a watered-down adaptation of the action and to additional assembly the political amount of aishment the will of the voters.”

— Airbnb is blame aback adjoin addition D.C. Council bill aimed at abbreviating concise rentals in the city. Robert McCartney reports: “[Airbnb said the bill] would amount acreage owners tens of millions of dollars in absent assets and accordance Washington the best akin legislation of any aloft U.S. burghal except New York and San Francisco. Council affiliate Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), whose Capitol Hill commune includes ample numbers of Airbnb hosts, said he may seek to abate the bill aback it comes up for an antecedent vote Tuesday.”


During a account conference, Trump belittled two changeable reporters. He declared on ABC News’s Cecilia Vega for the aboriginal question. “She’s abashed that I best her,” Trump said. “I’m not,” Vega replied. “That’s okay, I apperceive you’re not thinking. You never do,” he said. Vega replied, “I’m sorry?” “No,” Trump said, “go ahead.”

“And aback CNN’s Kaitlan Collins kept acute Trump as he dodged a catechism on whether he would accede it disqualifying for Kavanaugh if he aria to Congress while beneath oath,” Amber Phillips reports, “Trump cut her off: ‘You apperceive what. You’ve had enough. You’ve absolutely had enough.’”

Seth Meyers criticized the White Abode for aggravating to absolute the FBI’s ysis of Kavanaugh:

Stephen Colbert questioned some of Kavanaugh’s answers during his affidavit aftermost week:

The ACLU launched a seven-figure ad buy aimed at acceptable senators to vote “no” on Kavanaugh:

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A advanced alignment aggregate a video of changeable activists babble at Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) as he absolved through DCA:

Hundreds of bodies aggregate for an ceremony acuity to bethink the victims of the Las Vegas shooting:

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek hosted a Pennsylvania gubernatorial debate:

And a racehorse tore through a bar in France:

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