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This is a rather fun abstraction originally appropriate in the Moon Miner’s Manifest Classics – 1987-1988 (see folio 31). It’s not so acceptable in the aboriginal stages, because of the ample amounts of baptize bare to assemble it, but it may conceivably be of abundant amount at a afterwards stage, abnormally for bases that accept a lot of cartage in and out. If the aqueous is water, it has to be over sixty meters abysmal (62.3 meters), to adjust the burden central and alfresco the habitat. The abyss can be abundant less, if it is a denser fluid. You again don’t charge any doors but can aloof dive through it and appear out on the apparent of the Moon.

Make a Vacuum Former Box $14 | _Home_ | Pinterest | Vacuums, 14th ..
Make a Vacuum Former Box $14 | _Home_ | Pinterest | Vacuums, 14th .. | vacuum forming table

Liquid airlock for the Moon. You charge to attending anxiously at the picture. How it works is that you accept a sump, like the sumps that cavern defined dive into. On the inside, it is kept in position by the burden of the air central the habitat. On the alfresco is a vacuum.

It’s like the way that In a barometer, the weight of the mercury counterbalances the burden of the atmosphere outside, with a exhaustion aloft the mercury. It’s like an “inside out” barometer with the exhaustion on the outside. The weight of the baptize in the cavalcade counteracts the burden of the air in the habitat.

You ability anticipate that as for a barometer, mercury is the best aqueous of all, because of its aerial density, at least, if it weren’t for its toxicity. Abnormally for a apparent base, the lower cavalcade acme the better. Mercury would accord a cavalcade acme of alone 76 centimeters on Earth, so on the Moon, (9.807/1.622)×0.76 = 4.6 meters. Should we attending for the densest aqueous we could accelerate to the Moon?

Well, if supplied from Earth, the absolute accumulation of the mercury would be the aforementioned as the accumulation of water. So in that sense, a denser aqueous is no extenuative at all. If you can antecedent the aqueous in situ it’s additionally a ample saving, so if there is ice on the Moon that ability able-bodied beat it in favour of baptize rather than some denser aqueous from Earth. As for the cavalcade height, that’s beneath of a application if the abject is complete central a lunar cave, as abounding bedrock tube caves are acceptable to be at atomic 60 meters beneath the apparent of the Moon. It ability be advantageous to be able to float up 60 meters to the surface. A denser aqueous would advice with a apparent base.

In the exhaustion altitude of the luanr surface, apparent baptize would clear quickly, all gone in aloof one day, or less. But there are solutions to this, including, to awning it in a attenuate blur of exhaustion abiding oil, or to alter baptize with the liauid metal Gallium (which is non toxic, and aqueous at 30°C).


The absorbing affair about it is that you could dive through it in a spacesuit, if your clothing is able of actuality submersed, and appear out assimilate the apparent with no accident of air at all from the habitat. There is no charge to abandon the airlock, back it is abounding with baptize rather than air. This agency you can accept it there accessible as an airlock all the time, “always open”. Any time you appetite to get out of the abject you aloof dive through the sump. This could be absolutely a extenuative in air if the airlock is in approved use and could additionally accomplish it faster to go in and out – no charge to delay for the air central the airlock to aeon afore the aing accumulation of bodies or accessories to exit.

In the added administration it would additionally accumulate dust out of the habitat.

Now, spacesuits aren’t commonly waterproof. The ones acclimated by astronauts to adapt for amplitude missions in pond pools are aloof mock-ups of absolute spacesuits. They are advised to accomplish in an atmosphere or a vacuum. For one thing, to accomplish the joints mobile, again the bearings lose air consistently at litres an hour, so baptize would aperture in in the added direction. There may additionally be electronics that would be apparent to baptize if it was submerged. And the alien layers would not necessarily be waterproof either. Imagine dehydration off a spacesuit central a habitat, to stop it accepting mouldy?

So – this would charge waterproof spacesuits. Conceivably an alien accoutrement that’s waterproof and additionally helps to accumulate the dust out? Or conceivably you aloof drive in / out with rovers – in that case the rovers accept to be waterproof.

Or, astronauts could accept a affectionate of all-embracing alien clothing alfresco of their spacesuit that they don afore accepting into the pool, watertight. Alike maybe aloof a affectionate of big zip-lock bag, zip up get into a lift / hoist, achieve back they get to the top.

For cargo, again deliveries to the ISS are commonly packaged anyhow – aloof charge to accomplish abiding the packaging is waterproof.

Even if not abundant acclimated for alone astronauts, it could be actual advantageous for ample burden deliveries, if you appetite to bear 100 bags at a time, say, again it ability booty hours to aeon all that actual through a baby airlock able to booty a ton at a time. Either you accept ample airlocks, or you accept a aqueous lock. If you do it that way you can aloof bead the burden in from the top and aish it from the basal continuously.

The aqueous needs to accept a actual low vapour pressure. If it was baptize you’d lose it through dehydration into amplitude in exhaustion altitude at a amount of tens of meters array of baptize per day. Indeed you’d lose about all of the 62.3 meters abyss of your baptize lock in a distinct day of evaporation.

Piano-hinged Vacuum Table – vacuum forming table – Invoice and ..
Piano-hinged Vacuum Table – vacuum forming table – Invoice and .. | vacuum forming table

Calculation indented

With apparent temperature of 273.15 °K (0 °C) and application the blueprint for accumulation accident of aqueous baptize in a exhaustion of

(pe/7.2) * sqrt (M/T) kg / m² / sec (equation 3.26 from Modern Exhaustion Physics)

where M is the molar accumulation in kilograms, 0.018 kg for water, T is the temperature in kelvin, pe is the vapour pressure, which for baptize at 0 °C (273.15 °K) is 611.3 Pa, (Vapour burden of baptize at 0 °C), so putting all those into the blueprint we get:

(611.3/7.2) * sqrt(0.018/273.15) = 0.689 kg / m² / sec.

So you lose 24*60*60*0.689 or about 59.529 bags a day.

So you lose about 60 meters a day array of aqueous baptize apparent to a vacuum, or about 21.9 kilometers array of baptize per year at 0 °C.

The amount of accident goes up if the temperature increases. So, what about allowance temperature? Able-bodied they do the calculations here: Modern Exhaustion Physics breadth they use the vapour burden for baptize at allowance temperature 295 K to account (2300/7.2) * sqrt(0.018/295) = 2.495 kg / m² / sec.

So at allowance temperature of 22 °C,you lose 24*60*60*2.495 or about 215.6 bags a day

So now you lose about 215.6 meters per day and 78.6 km per year.

It doesn’t advice abundant to accept a band of ice on the apparent of the baptize as ice additionally sublimes rapidly into baptize vapour in exhaustion conditions, unless it is acutely cold. Spacesuits generally use sublimation of ice to air-conditioned bottomward astronauts.

So baptize is no good, so what can one use instead?

The aboriginal columnist suggests NaK. which is awful acknowledging with baptize and could access spontaneously into blaze if apparent to air. Not the safest of abstracts for a aqueous airlock

However, this is my suggestion, you could use allowance temperature or lower ionic fluids. An ionic aqueous is a salt, like sodium chloride, accepted table salt. That’s aqueous alone at actual aerial temperatures. If it is aqueous at allowance temperature or below, you alarm it an ionic fluid. There, a alkali in allure is a accepted appellation for the aftereffect of accumulation any acerbic with any base. Back in solution, it has absolute and abrogating ions. Back you cook the solid salt, if you can do that afterwards it decomposing or vaporizing, it additionally usually abide of absolute and abrogating ions (cations and anions).

Anyway, so it turns out that if salts accept a aerial atomic weight, they are generally aqueous at allowance temperature, and what’s more, they can be aqueous alike at actual low temperatures such as you’d get on the lunar surface. That makes them ionic fluids. Typically they accept actual low vapour pressures, so wouldn’t abscess abroad in a vacuum. They accept been appropriate for aqueous mirror telescopes on the Moon.

First Test of the Vacuum Forming Machine - YouTube - vacuum forming table
First Test of the Vacuum Forming Machine – YouTube – vacuum forming table | vacuum forming table

The alone affair is, that best are aerial bendability which would accomplish it adamantine to get in or out, but there is ysis into low bendability ionic fluids. Additionally if the ionic aqueous is immiscible and additionally low density, so that it floats on the apparent of the water, you ability alone charge a attenuate blur of it to assure the blow of the baptize from evaporation. In that case, as a attenuate apparent layer, it wouldn’t amount abundant if it has aerial viscosity. But abounding salts will deliquesce calmly in water.

Another abstraction is to use exhaustion abiding ablaze oils advised for use in altitude of aerial vacuum. In this paper, one of the tetraalkasylane oils mentioned has a actual low saturated vapour pressure. It’s additionally beneath aing than baptize at 857.4 kg / m³ so would float on water. As accepted adding biconcave so it is accessible to skip:

It’s anatomy is:

Figure 1. The anatomy apparent as SiCH-3 has a actual low saturated breath burden at 25 C of alone 2 * 10-10 Torr or about 2.666*10-8 pascals.

So it has

5 * Si: 5*28.0855 amu

4*(3 10) C: 52*12.0107amu

4*(6 21) H : 108*1.00794 amu

For a absolute of 873.8 amu

That makes the adding .

(pe/7.2) * sqrt (M/T) kg / m² / sec (equation 3.26 from Modern Exhaustion Physics)

where M is the molar accumulation in kilograms, 0.018 kg for water, T is the temperature in kelvin, pe is the vapour pressure

(2.666*10-8/7.2) * sqrt( 0.8738/(273.15 25)) = 2*10-10 kg / m² / sec. Or about 6.33 g / m² / year .

This time the adding is for 25 C because that’s the temperature at which the columnist abstinent the saturated vapour pressure.

14"x14" Hobby Vacuum Former - Make Your Own Thermoform Plastic ..
14″x14″ Hobby Vacuum Former – Make Your Own Thermoform Plastic .. | vacuum forming table

An alike bigger archetype is Pennzane X2000 which is acclimated as a adipose in amplitude applications

Pennzane X2000 body 0.85, breath burden 10-12 torr or 1.333 * 10-10pascals. This time abstinent at 40 °C.

Blueprint C65H13 0 (2 octyldodecyl cyclopentane)

So it’s atomic accumulation is 65*12.0107 130*1.00794 amu = 911.7277 amu.

So it would lose (1.333*10-10/7.2) * sqrt( 0.9117277/(273.15 40)) = 10-12 kg / m² / sec. Or about 0.032 g / m² / year .

So, if you awning the aqueous baptize cavalcade with a attenuate band of this tetraalkasylane oil you’d lose alone about 0.26 grams per aboveboard beat of the oil to the exhaustion of amplitude alike if the baptize was kept at or aloft accustomed allowance temperature at 25 °C. And as for Pentane x2000 again you lose alone 0.0013 grams per aboveboard beat per year.

You ability not charge much. Alike a micron blubbery layer, alike a monolayer would be abundant to stop the baptize from abbreviating – aloof as alone the thinnest of layers of aluminium oxide is abundant to anticipate aluminium from combusting back apparent to air. A attenuate band would additionally advice with the affair of accessories accepting covered with oil as it goes in or out of the lock. If it is aloof a monolayer again this won’t accept apparent effects.

The oil wouldn’t charge to be photostable – there’d be some array of a accession breadth apparently covered aloft the aerial access to the sump which would assure it from acknowledgment to absolute sunlight. Apparently additionally it would be a apartment covered in regolith for aegis from solar storms.

Perhaps a aqueous airlock ability additionally be advantageous for affective burden in and out. Instead of those big hanger like airlocks you get in science fiction movies, maybe you’d aloof accept a barter that drives through a sump abounding with ionic aqueous – or alike – a funicular railway blazon carrying gets pulled through it? You could accept trains that run out of the abject assimilate the lunar apparent anon with no charge for an airlock so continued as they can bear actuality submerged. This doesn’t assume to be aloft approaching aerial tech. The added I anticipate of it, the added achievability it seems to accept for approaching tech.

One affair that makes it harder on the Moon is that with a sixth of the gravity, the cavalcade is six times higher. A baptize cavalcade would accept a acme of (9.807/1.622)×10.3 or 62.3 meters which is absolutely a lot. The columnist talks about college body fluids to accumulate the acme aberration down. Some ionic fluids are aerial body so that would help. If we can acquisition a aerial body low bendability ionic fluid, that’s ideal.

However Wikipedia has a advantageous breadth on abundant liquids. Sodium polytungstate is the densest non baneful one I can see there, body 3.01, abbreviation the cavalcade acme to 20.7 meters. Clerici band-aid is denser but toxic.

Gallium is alike bigger at body 6.5 abbreviation acme to 9.6 meters, and if you are application it as a calefaction bore for the abode seems like a acceptable best too. Has to be kept aloft 30 C, That’s a little on the balmy ancillary for a pond pool. About alike abundant things would float to the apparent calmly so that would be a plus. That would abate the acme to beneath than 10 meters. And – the aerial temperature wouldn’t be abundant of an affair for burden or bodies active in / out in rovers or buggies. But would accept to be actual abiding it’s not activity to benumb on you as you biking in / out  

As with water, you could awning any of these aerial body liquids with a attenuate band of an immiscible low vapour burden aqueous such as exhaustion abiding ablaze oil. But now it doesn’t amount alike if it is rather dense, so continued as it is beneath aing than the aqueous it covers. About if we use Gallium it has an acutely low vapour pressure

Back to our forumula:

(pe/7.2) * sqrt (M/T) kg / m² / sec (equation 3.26 from Modern Exhaustion Physics)

How-To: Large Homemade Vacuum Forming Machine | Make: - vacuum forming table
How-To: Large Homemade Vacuum Forming Machine | Make: – vacuum forming table | vacuum forming table

where M is the molar accumulation in kilograms, 0.018 kg for water, T is the temperature in kelvin, pe is the vapour pressure

vapor burden 6.08e-36 pa (from this online calculator) atomic weight 69.723 

So it would lose (6.083*10-36/7.2) * sqrt( 0.069723/(273.15 30)) = 1.3*10-38 kg / m² / sec. Or about 4*1O^-28 g / m² / year .

Even afterwards a quadrillion years you still would alone lose trillionths of grams per aboveboard meter.

You’d charge to be heavily abounding to deluge in aqueous Gallium, advance weights obligatory. But if you anytime get into agitation aloof bead the weights and up you’d float to the surface.

There’s a additional there, however, for baptize and for low body ionic fluids, as again the acme aberration is commensurable to the base beneath the apparent of the floors of the lunar cavern entrances. Back you dive into the sump at the basal of the cave, your airiness will booty you to the surface. That could be abnormally advantageous for burden – a sump that goes all the way from the cavern attic to the apparent would accomplish it easier to move appurtenances up and bottomward application weights, or floats.

The accumulation isn’t that abundant for a abstinent sized settlement. If you accept 60 residents, again that’s alone one ton per resident, and they would accept bags of food delivered per citizen every year probably.

You ability admiration if the breadth apparent the the lunar apparent would freeze. About usually the capital affair with a abode is to accumulate it cool. The ISS has huge calefaction abnegation panels. So continued as abundant calefaction is supplied from the bottom, the hot baptize would convect upwards and accumulate the apparent warm. Indeed, it ability able-bodied be an abstraction to accept some affectionate of radiator arrangement at the top affiliated to the sump to use it to back as abundant calefaction as one can upwards from the habitat. Afterwards all the apparent apparent to a exhaustion ability as able-bodied be in a exhaustion flask, the exhaustion is a acceptable insulator and it would alone lose calefaction through radiation. It’s aloof a baby radiator and wouldn’t lose abundant calefaction into space.

First, there is no absolute accident of the baptize aperture inwards. It’s like a cup chaotic and pushed bottomward underwater. The burden of the air in the abode keeps the baptize out. It can alone get in if the burden central the abode goes down, at which point the baptize in the sump would gradually rise. Of advance one should accept a awning that can go over automatically in case of abode depressurization to stop the baptize lock bushing the abode with water.

In the added administration though, it’s a added austere abortion mode. Suppose article goes amiss with the atmospheric burden adjustment and it increases to 1.1 atmospheres. The waterlock would again crave a baptize acme of 68.53 meters. There wouldn’t be abundant acme tin the baptize cavalcade to board this, alike if there is baptize accessible in a backlog to automatically top it up. So what do you do?

The abortion would be spectacular, if the abode burden was y regulating. The sump would anon alpha to sink, pushed out by the college burden central the habitat. The abode air arrangement would acknowledge by pumping in added air to atone for the access in aggregate to be filled. The air would eventually balloon about through the sump and up to the surface. The abode ambiance ascendancy arrangement would abide compensating for the accident of burden pumping the air out assimilate the apparent of the Moon.

You could architecture it admitting with some comedy in the arrangement to accord with baby burden variations. First you go bottomward a beat or so to go into the sump, so that a slight access in burden won’t advance to the baptize akin activity so low air bubbles out through the siphon. Again to accept a backlog that automatically fills the sump to accession the baptize levels if the autogenous sump akin starts to fall,, and abundant arch allowance at the top of the sump in the accession breadth aloft for the baptize to acceleration some meters afore it overflows assimilate the apparent of the Moon. And assuredly again those doors that automatically aing if the centralized burden is too aerial to accord with by aloof adjusting the cavalcade height, or in case of some abortion of the adjustment arrangement itself.

It would charge assurance doors to accord with this too. Conceivably aloof a alcove aloft the sump, an antechamber, with airproof and waterproof doors that bang shut in this situation.

A aqueous airlock would additionally advice accumulate out dust. A lot of the dust in the Apollo lunar bore came in on the alfresco of the suits. So it would absolutely additionally appear in on the alfresco of cartage and their wheels, and there’d be a adventitious of it accepting broadcast in through an accessible airlock too from the outside. None of this would appear with a aqueous airlock.

This is an abstraction from Bryce Johnson to use baptize central the airlock on Mars as a way to assure from the dust and contaminants in the dust such as perchlorates. It could be acclimatized to the Moon as well. He explained the abstraction to me in a chat in the Case for Moon facebook group:

Piano-hinged Vacuum Table - vacuum forming table
Piano-hinged Vacuum Table – vacuum forming table | vacuum forming table

“Crews appear in from outside. Hatch is sealed. Air is alien followed by baptize that not alone neutralizes (or at atomic sequesters) contaminants but additionally begins the action of charwoman the suits. As a plus, the air is calmly affected out of the airlock as the baptize rises. At no point is the baptize anytime apparent to Martian vacuum.

“Evacuating the baptize alone requires aperture a valve to the pressurized central of the apartment to let the air in. Aperture a additional valve drains the baptize out like in a bathtub. The attenuated baptize goes into a captivation catchbasin breadth debris are filtered out. Depending on the exact attributes of contaminants, the baptize could be candy added to be reused. This arrangement would NOT be allotment of the ecology arrangement and the baptize is not advised for human/animal/plant consumption.”

It has abounding of the advantages of a aqueous airlock, but as the baptize is never apparent to the exhaustion it can aloof use accustomed water.

Another advancement (my own, on account his idea) – in a beyond habitat, with abundant amplitude for it, you could additionally accept the amalgam abstraction of an accustomed airlock arch to a sump that astronauts go through to go into the close habitat. Again the advantage is that you can use accustomed baptize as it is never apparent to vacuum. It ability admittance faster throughput of cartage as a amalgam amid the baptize lock and the aqueous airlock. It additionally provides an added band of aegis if the alien airlock fails, abnormally if there is abundant baptize to ample the airlock and allowance it afterwards a breach, with ice basic as the baptize cools bottomward apparent to exhaustion conditions.

This is one of the sections of my Case for Moon online and blaze book:

My added books on accompanying capacity are:

Touch Mars? Europa? Enceladus? Or a account of Missteps? (equivalent to 1938 printed pages in a distinct web page, takes a while to load).

You can additionally buy it on Amazon kindle.

My books are all advised for account on a computer with links to bang to go to the sources, and I accept no affairs to attack printed versions of them.

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