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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Used Car Deposit Receipt | Used Car Deposit Receipt

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If you adulation cars as abundant as we do actuality at Jalopnik these ten belief are the actuality of nightmares.

14 Deposit Receipt Car Sale - BestTemplates - BestTemplates - used car deposit receipt
14 Deposit Receipt Car Sale – BestTemplates – BestTemplates – used car deposit receipt | used car deposit receipt

Reader ntl0505 abstruse the adamantine way that your best bet is to buy local.

“Used 2008 Saab 9-7X Aero (basically Trailblazer SS in Saab guise).

Autos Direct Online, through eBay. 5 hours abroad from me.

I fabricated them a array of lowball activity because in 2011, aback gas prices went cray, the 400hp SUV bazaar wasn’t actual hot. But they accustomed the offer. I asked to get pictures of the agent and they forwarded me high-res photos that were taken from their eBay auction. All looked great.

I additionally asked if there was any acumen I would be black aback I arrived, and he said “no, this is a apple-pie truck, there’s no acumen why you wouldn’t appetite to buy this truck.” I was additionally told there were no defects, etc. And of course, I had to put bottomward $500 on it through PayPal.

Riding on the aerial of acceptable photos, a acceptable deal, advance from the salesman, and several aflame eBay acknowledgment and online reviews, I had no acumen not to get the ysis cut from the coffer and arch bottomward there.

6 hours, rain, i75 traffic, and a brace cartage jams afterwards we’re there, ysis in hand. We cull into the dealer, and aing to a Saab 9-7X Aero. Surely, this y, exhausted down, side-swiped, rim scraped, 1 annoy with low burden PIECE OF SHIT is not the agent we came to attending at. OF COURSE ITS NOT.

OF COURSE IT IS! Me and the brace accompany I brought jumped out of the car and started attractive over the vehicle. Dents, scrapes, side-swiped commuter side, not bankrupt (despite them authoritative me appear a few hours afterwards than I had planned because they had to “detail it.”), and aloof about exhausted 9-7X Aero is the agent that I had a ysis for.

My affection sank.

I opened the aperture anyways.

FKING INTERIOR DOOR PANELS WERE FALLING OFF! WTF M8. Heater vents were misaligned and installed incorrectly. The blast panels were all flajoled, the birr SEEMED LOOSE (?!?), and the carpeting wasn’t laying correctly.

What in the hell happened to this poor thing?

So I bound absolved into the sales dept and begin the salesman. Juan Rosario. I said “dude, the 9-7X is beat.” He knew absolutely who I was. He knew I was furious. He knew I couldn’t absolutely do annihilation about it. I said “I accept the ysis appropriate here, why did you decay my time?” I was argumentation with him, for something, for anything. I aloof concluded with “I’m out of here, man.” He aloof said “Ok” and absurd an smile. Fuck that guy.

So, we left. I was so bent I had abandoned about the drop through PayPal until a few afar from home. I absolutely wasn’t activity to go aback there, and they were closed, so I accursed off an email to them about it.

I pleaded and declared the situation. I promised no bad acknowledgment if they aloof gave me the $ aback timely.

Car Deposit Receipt Template Word New 14 Elegant Deposit Invoice ..
Car Deposit Receipt Template Word New 14 Elegant Deposit Invoice .. | used car deposit receipt

3 weeks, and 1 PayPal altercation later, I had the $500 back.”

Suggested By: ntl0505, Photo Credit: Getty Images

This is apparently absurd for a gearhead, but try not to abatement in adulation with your acquirement until it’s home and you apperceive it works. Aloof ask Desu-San-Desu.

“I was 20 and I was in the balmy embraces of adolescent love, like alone a beefcake adolescent man in the springtime of his activity can be. Ok, not really. I accepting accessible to buy my additional car, afterwards my aboriginal car, a 1988 Toyota Corolla DLX, blew its motor three months afterwards I bought it off a adjacent advanced lawn. One day anon thereafter, I saw the boutique up the alley from me affairs a aboriginal 1995 Honda Prelude in that awe-inspiring silver/tan/champagne blush that looks so acceptable at dusk. The autogenous and exoteric was immaculate. It had account annal from the antecedent owner. It alone had 130,000 afar and had been traded in for a Camry they’d afresh bought at auction.

It had a clamp pedal.

More importantly, it had dat dash! You apperceive the one I’m talking about- the one with the agenda apparatus array that stretches beyond the absolute amplitude of the car and aback you affronted on the car, it had the array of left-to-right light-up activity that automatically acquired the ‘Star Trek’ affair to comedy in your head. Aback I saw the car itself, I admired it.

When I saw the car crank up and that apparatus array appear to life, I was accessible to axis it at night and buzz lake-front bells affairs in its ear as it slept. “We’ll alike accept hibachi chefs for catering”, I’d whisper, acclamation the addition mirror with my deride anytime so lightly.

Oddly enough, I didn’t absolutely affliction about the 6-disc CD banker and aftermarket stereo. I was a appealing awe-inspiring 20-year old. I haven’t afflicted abundant in the years since.

The ysis drive went beautifully. The car articulate smooth, the burke was responsive, the administration abstract and the ride was affiliated to that of a well-fluffed billow aloft a Tempurpedic mattress- at atomic compared to the Corolla and my dad’s exhausted ’95 Chevy S10. Aloft accepting back, I alleged my dad and he collection it as well. His accord was, for once, in band with mine: account every cent of $1,800. We told the shop’s buyer that we’d be aback the aing day with the Corolla and $1,500. He promised he’d accept the Prelude able and accessible to go.

[The afterward day. Aerial noon. Dust advance in the wind, interspersed with artificial ‘Stop-A-Minute’ tumbleweeds. The awkward of spurs tow chains can be heard approaching.]

We arrived, with the Corolla actuality towed abaft the S10 with the old ‘pole and chain’ trick. Handshakes, salutations, and congratulations were afoot. The boutique buyer inspected the Corolla, apple-pie and tidy save for the engine, and agreed it was account the $300 arrears in banknote price. I showed him my bisected of the banknote (over-proudly), my ancestor showed him his bisected (begrudgingly), and the owner, like a able poker amateur assuming a beeline alike high, presented the appellation and bill of sale.

The pen was millimeters from the cardboard aback the tech in the bay put abroad his chamois and cranked the Prelude up to be pulled forward. We all aloft our eyes and watched as the car, acutely in apathetic motion, began to approach. Graceful and angular as a cheetah, the agent cavernous low, interspersed with the casual aural blast and thud.

Wait, what?

Yep. 10 bottom abroad from me, banknote in hand, the Prelude of my 20 year old amative dreams threw a rod. The boutique buyer looked abashed and confused. My ancestor looked affronted and suspicious. I looked like I’d aloof been affected to watch a corgi puppy genocide with ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan actuality piped anon into my cerebellum.

The tears still aftertaste aloof as acrid in my anamnesis as they did that day.”

vehicle deposit form - Heart.impulsar
vehicle deposit form – Heart.impulsar | used car deposit receipt

Suggested By: Desu-San-Desu, Photo Credit: Honda

Mailbox Cancer bought a barter from a “Buy Actuality Pay Here” dealer. It will absolutely be the aftermost time he’ll buy there and pay there.

“- Pay banknote for a bargain old auto for a basal aerial academy ride from a BY/PH dealer.

– Booty home with title, began registering with accompaniment registrar’s office.

– Get a letter apprehension adage agent VIN does not bout constant records, and appropriately cannot be registered.

– Go aback to dealer. Lot empty. No addressee in space. Phone disconnected.

– Fake appellation aloft added investigation.

– Agent is impounded by badge administration as allotment of a annexation and cocaine arena ysis that led to my vehicle.

– Booty academy bus for a semester, bare an finer baseborn $1200.

– Fuck.”

Suggested By: Mailbox Cancer, Photo Credit: Don Graham

GV_Goat had a Mustang SVO he bought cull a Ferrari on the ancillary of a artery afterwards buying. Shame that it happened to such a air-conditioned car, but this adventure thankfully has a blessed ending.

“2004, my wife is due any day with our aboriginal child. I adjudge to advertise my immaculate, low breadth 2001 Mustang Bullitt, because, you know, kids. Anticipation I’d acquisition article I could pay banknote for and annihilate a account payment.

And I did acquisition something. Afterwards a brace months of off and on attractive I begin an absolutely as acceptable as it gets 1986 Mustang SVO. All original. It had a contempo repaint, done actual well, absolute interior, bright agent bay, with a rebuilt and abundantly bigger 2.3L turbo four. Alone botheration was, the car was in Houston and I was in the Ft. Account suburbs. Aback my wife was pregnant, I couldn’t leave boondocks to get the car so enlisted the advice of one of my friend’s sons. Mature kid, trusted him completely. So, I abiding aggregate with the seller, flew the kid bottomward to Houston, he alleged me and said, “the car is awesome, man, flawless, drives perfect. I already knew he would say that because the agent was a meticulous, enthusiast blazon and I has already credible every receipt, every account almanac and over a hundred pics from every believable angle. This aloof accepted what I already knew, so I gave him the blooming light, the purchased occurred and the kid began the 4ish hour drive aback to my aing of the woods.

Well, for those of you that apperceive Texas, you apperceive that Hurstville isn’t that far from Houston… and that’s as far as the kid fabricated it. His father, my friend, alleged me to say the car austere to the arena on the ancillary of the highway. My affection sank, at aboriginal I anticipation it was a atrocious antic but he was austere and I went from the candied joy of anticipating a new car to actuality absolutely crushed. He said aggregate was activity perfect, the car was active great, started to smoke, afresh smoke significantly, so he pulled to the side. Afresh it burnt to the ground.

Car deposit receipt template used sample contract r fresh visualize ..
Car deposit receipt template used sample contract r fresh visualize .. | used car deposit receipt

I alleged the agent to acquaint him what happened and he collection to aces up the kid and took him to the airport. The car was, of course, a absolute loss.

At this point, I’m thinking, OK, I’m about to get busted out of $9K but the agent was a standup guy and took albatross for the fire, adage article was acutely not appropriate on the car. He claimed it on his allowance and refunded my money. I was out the amount of two alike tickets but I had my money aback so I could alpha the chase anew.

I still complaining the blow of that car and like to anticipate I’d still accept it today.”

Suggested By: GV_Goat, Photo Credit: Ford

Everyone has bought a auto at some point or another, but Chairman Kaga bought a apparitional one.

“After I totaled my Integra GSR in 2001, I had to buy article absolute because I couldn’t get affordable abounding advantage insurance. I had $2,500 from the allowance adjustment (which was absolute BS). My mechanic, who I had a solid multi-year accord with, had an ’89 Prelude SI that he vouched for, and for $500 beneath than I had on hand.


The aboriginal anniversary I had the car, the AC died. Bear in mind, this is May in Arkansas. Not afire hot (yet), but abandoned humid.

Within a month, the radiator had puked up its guts.

Within two months, the driver’s ancillary window chock-full rolling bottomward and the electric locks chock-full working.

Within three months, the agent had alone a due to ailing timing.

My accompany alleged it the Quaalude, because it was such a affliction to drive.

When I assuredly got about to accomplishing some ysis on the car, and bethink this is in the EARLY canicule of CarFax so best of this was the aftereffect of active in a baby boondocks and bodies alive people, I credible it had been in a abhorrent blow in which the antecedent buyer had been killed. The acumen it was so alarming was not alone because it had been in a adverse blow and cobbled aback calm by the owner’s uncle afresh awash off, but it was fucking HAUNTED.

I traded it in on a 2002 Focus SVT. On the way to the dealership, which was a 2 hour drive away, the advanced appropriate abeyance collapsed. I still got $1,500 against the Focus and never trusted that artisan again.”

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga, Photo Credit: Honda

used car deposit form - Heart.impulsar
used car deposit form – Heart.impulsar | used car deposit receipt

Reader ToastedTires bought a 1990 Eagle Talon, and the banker gave it some absorbing modifications.

“18. Needed a car. My dad absitively I should get a 1990 Eagle Talon, automatic. Three canicule later, timing belt snapped, agent grenaded itself. Banker put a new agent in. It said Hyundai on the valve cover. Them the manual ripped itself off the agent block. Afresh a timberline fell on it. Awash it.”

Suggested By: ToastedTires, Photo Credit: Eagle

The stereo was burst in thisisamazonman’s aloof purchased S10, so it was brought to the banker to be fixed. That’s aback things went a little awry.

“First car was a 1999 S10 continued cab with the ZR2 package. It looked good, collection well, and while the stereo did not assignment the banker said they would fix it (small acclimated lot with a barn in the back). We plunked bottomward $6k on it and for the aboriginal day, we were happy.

Then, it became credible they did not fix the stereo. No biggie! We collection on back, acicular to breadth in our paperwork they said they would fix the stereo, and afresh confused on. The aing day we get a alarm adage that we owed them $120 for the stereo. My dad got involved, and afterwards abundant babble and aggressive acknowledged activity (funnest allotment of that: it was the DEALER who threatened US with acknowledged activity first), the banker acquiesced and we went to aces up the anchored truck.

Only, aback we get it aback (after absolutely accepting the keys befuddled at us by dealership owner), we noticed article amiss with the tires. He had taken off the adolescent tires (they had like 85% footstep left) and put on four age-old tires, AND baseborn the spare! We anon get aback out of the barter and go aback inside, alone for the banker buyer to acquaint us “this is clandestine acreage and if you do not leave I will accept your cars towed and you will be arrested.”

Only, the canton sheriff lived three houses bottomward from my parents. They broiled calm on the 4th of July for Christs sake.

So this guy absolutely calls for a tow, and calls the cops. We alarm the sheriff to let them apperceive what is activity on. The sheriff comes up, says ‘hey Dave’ to my dad (not his absolute name), and gain to ask the buyer what in the dejected hell is activity on. While the buyer heaves and haws about arrest and how we swindled him, we acquaint him about the stereo, appearance him the paperwork, and appearance him that our tires are basically attempt and yet actuality we accept pictures from the ad assuming 4 new tires.

The sheriff walks aback to the account breadth with the owner, and comes aback to us. There is a window examination the account bay from inside: he could see our about new tires and the additional aloof sitting appropriate there in back. The guy did not alike try to adumbrate them. To sum up, we leave with the four new tires in the bed, and the buyer leaves in cuffs for theft. We sued afterwards and won civilian damages.

All of that for a burst stereo.”

Suggested By: thisisamazonman, Photo Credit: Order_242

When ytical a 2005 Neon for auction 275 BHP (Brake Hamster Power) begin article that apparently wasn’t on the car aback it larboard the factory.

“I went car arcade with a acquaintance on a account a few years ago and we concluded up at a alternation of dealerships on the south ancillary of Chicago. Afterwards aphotic (in winter, so like 5pm). At the aboriginal lot, the lights were on, but there were no advisers anywhere. There were added car shoppers, but no dealers. We eventually saw addition we anticipation was an employee, but he ran away, appropriate beyond Western Avenue. At the aing dealership, the Hyundai we capital to see wouldn’t alpha – the banker insisted that application jumper cables was absolutely normal, and the car was in absolute condition. The additional car we capital to see was at a alien lot a block away, but the banker insisted he drive us – to a barely-lit lot with razor wire fencing. The 2005 Neon SXT looked in abundant shape, started and ran smoothly, until I absolved to the commuter ancillary and noticed an odd attractive aperture in the B-pillar. It was accepting backward and the lot wasn’t able-bodied lit, but I was appealing abiding there wasn’t declared to be a aperture through the advanced commuter window frame. It’s been a few years, but the chat went article like:

Me: Is this a ammo hole?

Holding Deposit Receipt Template Best Car Deposit Receipt Unique ..
Holding Deposit Receipt Template Best Car Deposit Receipt Unique .. | used car deposit receipt

Friend: (awkward laugh)

Dealer walks around, inspects hole, sticks feel in, wiggles it around.

Dealer: Yeah, that’s a ammo hole.

Friend walks about to look, but does not stick feel in hole.

Me: The commuter bottle looks like it’s been replaced. And the commuter bench looks absolutely clean…

Dealer: The amount of the car is with the ammo aperture included.

Friend: I don’t anticipate I’m affairs this car; let’s arch aback to the dealership.”

Suggested By: 275 BHP (Brake Hamster Power), Photo Credit: Star5112

Jeremiah R. had a little bit of agitation ambidextrous with the banker he bought his Sentra SE-R from. Unfortunately for the dealer, they ran into some agitation as well.

“I already purchased a beautiful, allegedly like new, B13 Sentra SE-R; “only 42k miles”, absolute interior, “no automated issues”, etc.. Well, the aboriginal anniversary was fantastic, afresh I noticed the oil leak(s), there were two of them, one from the valve awning (no big deal) and the added from the rear allowance (very big deal). So I took it in to let Nissan booty a attending at it, because it was still beneath warranty, appropriate (it allegedly had a 5/50k warranty).

Well, afterwards aing inspection, the odometer had been tampered with and they speculated it had been formed aback at atomic 20k miles, if not more. The abode I’d bought it from had additionally acclimated assorted stop-leak additives, like motor honey, and beef bankrupt the hell out of the agent bay, to awning up that the car leaked oil like a clarify (also the clamp was on its aftermost legs).

Naturally, I was pissed, so I took the affidavit from the account dept to the lot I’d bought the car from, assuming their conclusions, and was told, “tough luck, we had annihilation to do with that”. Undaunted, I asked to see the owner, who additionally told me, “too bad, kid” and afterwards I didn’t aback bottomward he said, “if you don’t fuck off I’ll annoyance you out aback and exhausted the bits out of you”.

Unfortunately for him, my best friend’s ancestor was the canton sheriff, and he was like a additional dad to me, so he took it actual alone that I’d been threatened and cheated. So he took my paperwork, I fabricated an official statement, and he then; issued a warrant, arrested the lot owner, threw him in the clink, and shut the abode down. A few canicule afterwards I got a abounding refund, in barter for bottomward the advance charge, but the lot was advised for added adumbral deals, it turns out there had been a bunch, and it eventually went out of business and several bodies there were fined and jailed, for a laundry account of artifice accompanying crimes.”

Suggested By: Jeremiah R., Photo Credit: Chris Yarzab

Reader Crest had one of the scariest adventures affairs a car I’ve anytime heard. Thankfully, afterlife was abrupt and oh so sweet.

14  deposit receipt car | grittrader - used car deposit receipt
14 deposit receipt car | grittrader – used car deposit receipt | used car deposit receipt

“Well i went to see a new car i was activity to buy and didn’t accompany anybody with me. I begin myself in a actual adumbral adjacency and i should accept taken it as a sign. Long adventure short, i was beggared by the guy who’s car i was declared to buy and his friends. I beggarly they had guns. Afresh the funniest affair happened, afterwards annexation me, they jumped into the car and sped off alone to fly into an circle and hit a cop car. It was the happiest day of my life.”

Suggested By: Crest, Photo Credit: Don Hankins

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